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Are Goitrogens Dangerous? How to Protect your Thyroid Gland

Do goitrogens really cause thyroid problems? Do you really have to avoid healthy foods like broccoli if you have a thyroid problem? All of these questions and more will be answered in this post.  We will go over what a goitrogen is, why you probably don’t have to worry about eating healthy foods which contain goitrogenic compounds, why …

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Gluten Intolerance Test – Signs, Symptoms & When to Get Tested

Is it possible to be gluten intolerant but not have Celiac disease? Yes! And normal serum blood tests may miss this condition.  Removing gluten from certain people who are gluten intolerant may help reduce both intestinal and systemic symptoms.  Learn how to identify this condition by using the best gluten intolerance test and by combining these tests with your …

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3 Reasons to use Organic Protein Powder + Which one to use

Using protein powder can act as a powerful supplement to help improve gastrointestinal function, promote weight loss and normalize appetite.  Most people are very familiar with protein powder and have been using it daily for years! But are all protein powders created equal? Not by a long shot.  It turns out that the best protein powders are the ones …

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Graves disease diet guide

Graves’ Disease Diet Guide: What to Eat with Hyperthyroidism

Can your diet change the course of Graves’ disease? Do certain foods make hyperthyroidism worse? Do certain foods make it better? Can you lose weight by eating certain foods if you have this disease? The truth is that changing your diet can certainly impact the progression of Graves’ BUT you must be doing it the right way. In this …

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The hashimotos and gluten connection

The Hashimoto’s and Gluten Connection: Do you Have to Go Gluten Free?

Do you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis? Are you considering going gluten-free? Maybe you are wondering if going gluten-free will even be helpful, or if it is some sort of fad diet. Maybe you’ve gone gluten-free and it just isn’t helping like you thought it would. If so, you are in the right place.  It turns out that going gluten-free may be …

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6 Reasons to avoid the HCG diet and how it damages your metabolism

Is the HCG Diet Safe? How it Damages your Thyroid + Metabolism

Are you thinking about doing the HCG diet for weight loss? If so you are probably wondering… Is the HCG Diet safe? Will it harm my metabolism? Will it cause thyroid damage or make my thyroid function worse? And you are right to ask these questions before you undergo the treatment! The truth is that the HCG diet CAN cause damage …

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Leptin Diet Guide: How to Treat and Reverse Leptin Resistance with Food

High Leptin levels lead to weight loss resistance, a ravenous appetite and constant weight gain (yes it can make weight loss almost impossible).  That’s the bad news… The good news is that you can influence leptin levels through your diet (and other ways that we will discuss later). One of the big problems with Leptin Resistance is that …

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Hypothyroidism diet guide (foods to eat and foods to avoid)

Hypothyroidism Diet Guide: The Best Diets for Low Thyroid

Diet is one of the most important parts of treating your hypothyroidism.  Not only can it help you lose weight, diet also plays an important role in reducing symptoms. That means eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong ones can impact how much energy you have, your waistline and help you to feel better. And before you …

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50 pound weight loss with naturethroid

Hashimoto’s Weight Loss Success Story: Over 50 Pounds Lost

If you have Hashimoto’s or Hypothyroidism and weight loss feels impossible, then you need to read this patient case study. This is a case study from my office and I want to share it with you guys so you know that feeling better is NOT impossible.  It’s not uncommon for me to receive emails like these:  But …

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