Supplement Guide - Find Out Which Supplements You Need

How to Find the Right Supplements for Your Body

Are you ready to start using supplements to help boost your thyroid, lose weight, or balance your hormones but aren’t sure where to start?

You’re in luck because this page is designed specifically for you!

Before you dive in just remember that we are always here for you. If things get confusing or you want our help in picking out the best supplements for you then email us at and give us some simple information like your major symptoms and any known thyroid diagnoses. From there we can help you pick what is best for your body.

If you prefer to figure out what you need on your own then read on…

Here you will find all of the information you need to find the BEST supplements for your body. 

Over the last 8 years, I’ve heard just about every question you can think of from thyroid patients. 

What supplements are best for me? Can I use these supplements if I don’t have a thyroid? Can they be taken with my thyroid medication? Is iodine safe if I have Hashimoto’s? 

All of these questions and more will be answered below. 

The best way to identify WHICH supplements you should be taking is to focus on your primary symptoms and the main thyroid condition that you are dealing with. 

You do NOT need to check your lab tests before using my supplements. 

I’ve done the hard work for you by testing my supplements on thousands of thyroid patients already. I know what works best for which condition and I’ve put all of that information below. 

All you need to do is identify what problem you have (for instance, are you trying to lose weight? Are you trying to improve your thyroid? Are you trying to improve your gut health? Are you trying to fix your adrenals? etc.) and then go down to the list of supplements below and use any from that list. 

You do NOT need to use all of the supplements in any given list but the more you use the better you will feel. 

And, yes, all of my supplements are designed to be used with each other so stacking supplements are perfectly safe and quite effective, I might add. 

Low Thyroid Support Supplements (Supplements designed for anyone with LOW thyroid function AKA hypothyroidism)

These supplements help to support various aspects of thyroid function. Each supplement does something a little bit different which is why they can all be safely used with one another. 

You may see some overlap in the supplements that can be used for low thyroid, Hashimoto’s, and post-thyroidectomy. This is because thyroid function is important in ALL cases. 

  • The Hypothyroid Bundle – My 4 supplement hypothyroid bundle for patients with hypothyroidism. Perfect for getting everything you need with hypothyroidism with a built-in 10% discount.
  • T3 Conversion Booster – Designed to help you create more T3 by providing you with the most important nutrients and ingredients required for T4 to T3 conversion.
  • Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex – Combination adrenal and thyroid support designed to support the thyroid-adrenal connection.
  • Thyroid Glandular+ – Multiglandular supplement designed to support the thyroid gland and pituitary gland directly.
  • Thyroid Daily Essentials – 32 in 1 complete thyroid support multivitamin.
  • Thyro Fuel – 4 in 1 thyroid-supporting plant-based protein powder with 30+ whole foods, a vitality blend, an enzyme blend, and a vegan protein blend.  

Hashimoto’s Support Supplements (Supplements designed to help those with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis/autoimmune thyroiditis)

These supplements help support Hashimoto’s by targeting BOTH thyroid function and immune function. 

By targeting immune function you may be able to HALT the progression of your disease and prevent destruction of the thyroid gland. 

  • The Hashimoto’s Bundle – My recommended 5-supplement combo for Hashimoto’s patients with a 10% built-in discount. Start here if you have Hashimoto’s!
  • Thyroid Glandular+ – Glandulars help provide enzymes, protein, and hormone complexes not found in any other supplement. 
  • T3 Conversion Booster – Even those with Hashimoto’s need T4 to T3 conversion support!
  • Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex – Those with Hashimoto’s also tend to have issues with adrenal problems just like those with hypothyroidism. 
  • Hashimoto’s Ab Rx – Hashimoto’s Ab Rx features a specialty standardized black seed oil formula. The ingredients in black seed oil have been shown to help reduce thyroid antibodies and improve thyroid function.
  • Thyro ADK – Thyro ADK features fat-soluble vitamins A, D3, and K2 in an organic extra virgin olive oil base.
  • Thyro Biotic – Treat the gut-thyroid connection with this 3 in 1 probiotic designed specifically for thyroid patients.
  • Thyro Fuel – Stay on track with your diet and healthy eating with my plant-powered 4 in 1 protein powder. Ideal for all thyroid conditions including those with Hashimoto’s.

Supplements for Those Without a Thyroid or Those Who Have Had Radioactive Iodine Ablation 

No thyroid? No problem! 

I got you covered with these supplements which can all be used for anyone without a thyroid and for those who have had their thyroid irradiated with radioactive iodine. 

Yes, even those without a thyroid may still benefit from thyroid supplements, and here’s how: 

  • The Thyroidectomy & RAI Bundle – 4 Supplement combo designed for those post-RAI and post-thyroidectomy with a 10% discount built-in. 
  • Thyroid Glandular+ – Thyroid glandulars can still be effective for those without a thyroid by supplying proteins, enzymes, and hormone complexes that other cells can utilize. 
  • T3 Conversion Booster – T4 to T3 conversion is even more important if your thyroid is missing! Everyone without a thyroid must be on thyroid medication and that thyroid medication must still be converted by the body into T3. 
  • Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex – Even without a thyroid you still have adrenal glands and those adrenal glands are still subject to adrenal fatigue just like everyone else. 
  • Thyroid Daily Essentials – 32 in 1 thyroid multivitamin designed to replace the nutrients thyroid hormone needs to function. 
  • Thyro Fuel – Thyroid-friendly vegan protein powder that can be used for those without a thyroid. 

Supplements Designed for Weight Loss (Supplements that target fat-storing hormones, insulin, leptin, and your appetite)

Is it possible to lose weight by using supplements? Yes!

These supplements work by targeting hormones that influence fat storage, appetite, and fat liberation. 

They also may indirectly work by reducing inflammation and by influencing your appetite. 

For best results make sure you use my weight loss supplements with dietary changes (whole food-based diet), regular exercise (at least 2-3x per week), regular sleep (8 hours per night), and intermittent fasting (at least 1-3x per week). 

  • My Weight Loss Bundle – 4 supplements that I recommend for weight loss with a built-in 10% discount. 
  • Leptin Resistance Rx – Leptin resistance Rx contains a special blend of GAGs which have been shown in some studies to help sensitize the body to leptin while also reducing inflammation. 
  • Berberine 500+ – Berberine may help improve lean muscle mass, reduce appetite, help your body burn more fat, and sensitize your body to insulin. 
  • Thyro Fuel – My thyroid-supporting protein powder can assist you in your weight loss goals by helping to increase muscle mass, provide you with a healthy meal replacement, help you stay on track with your diet, and boost your metabolism.
  • Hashimoto’s Ab Rx – Don’t let the name confuse you here, black seed oil has been shown to help reduce fat mass, adipose tissue, and weight in several studies through its effect on inflammation.

Supplements To Treat Hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease

Is your thyroid too high? Don’t worry, I have you covered. 

These supplements can all be used if you have hyperthyroidism (from any cause) or Graves’ disease. They work by helping to balance immune function, reduce inflammation, and support additional organs/systems that become affected by the hyperthyroid state. 

**Very important note** These supplements are ideal for those people who have ACTIVE hyperthyroidism or Graves’ disease. If you have had your thyroid REMOVED or ABLATED (with RAI) then you are considered hypothyroid and the hypothyroid bundle or thyroidectomy bundle is best for you. 

If you are taking methimazole (or another anti-thyroid medication) then these hyperthyroid supplements are ideal for you: 

  • The Hyperthyroid Bundle – This 4 in 1 bundle contains the supplements that I recommend to anyone with Graves’ or hyperthyroidism who is interested in getting their thyroid under control.
  • Thyro Fuel – Thyro Fuel helps you stay on track with your diet and provides you with over 30+ anti-inflammatory whole foods.
  • Thyro ADK – My triple fat-soluble vitamin ADK complex will help support thyroid function and balance the immune system.
  • Hashimoto’s Ab Rx – Don’t let the name confuse you! Even though it has the name Hashimoto’s in it, it’s still very effective for Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism.
  • Thyro Biotic – Improving gut function may naturally improve immune and thyroid function. Probiotics are key here! 

Supplements for Managing Adrenal Problems (adrenal fatigue, adrenal insufficiency, low and high cortisol)

Want to just target your adrenals? These supplements are for you. 

These supplements contain various combinations of adrenal glandulars, adrenal glandulars, and other ingredients that the adrenals need to function optimally. 

All of these products can be used with both high and low cortisol (though some are slightly better based on the situation which I will expand upon below): 

  • Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex – Combination adrenal glandular and adrenal adaptogen support for adrenal function. Ideal for LOW energy adrenal fatigue and for low cortisol (can also be used with high cortisol, however). Contains Rhodiola as the primary adaptogen. 
  • Thyroid Glandular+ – Combination adrenal and thyroid support that is more heavily weighted to thyroid support. Does not contain any adrenal adaptogens but does contain adrenal glandulars, pituitary glandulars, adrenal gland, and thyroid gland. 

Supplements For Supporting Your Gut

Whether you want to support gut function for your thyroid, your autoimmune disease, or some other gut-related issue, these are the products for you: 

  • Thyro Biotic – Thyro Biotic contains 3 completely different probiotic formulas all in one. Each serving provides you with soil-based organisms, beneficial yeast, and a lacto/bifido blend. You would have to purchase 3 individual and different probiotics to get something similar. This blend provides both short-term and long-term benefits to gut health.
  • Thyro Fuel – Thyro Fuel contains 30+ whole foods and an enzyme blend to help assist with digestion and to support inflammation in the gut.

Supplements for Hair Regrowth and Hair Support

Is hair loss one of your primary concerns? If so, you should take a look at these supplements. 

  • Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex – Contains ingredients that are often lacking in thyroid patients to help hair follicles grow. Thyroid hair regrowth complex can be used with all of my other thyroid support supplements AND can be used even if you don’t have thyroid problems.

A Deeper Dive Into My Individual Supplements

Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex – Combination Adrenal and Thyroid Support

Thyroid adrenal reset complex front bottle image 1500 x 1500

Thyroid adrenal reset complex is my go-to supplement for anyone with thyroid problems because it helps both the adrenal hormone system and the thyroid hormone system. 

It contains special ingredients and blends designed to nourish and support both systems. 

For this reason, it can be used with all types of thyroid medications and for all types of thyroid conditions. 

Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex should not directly increase your thyroid hormone levels, so it’s fine to use with virtually any thyroid medical condition. 

It works by helping existing functions do their job and by helping your body tolerate more stress. It also has an anti-inflammatory blend designed to promote thyroid conversion as well. 

This supplement is ideal for anyone with thyroid issues, fatigue, cortisol issues, and known or suspected thyroid imbalance. 

Almost every single thyroid patient has one or more of these problems which is why this is my most often recommended supplement!

Can be used with the following thyroid conditions:

  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
  • After thyroidectomy
  • After radioactive iodine ablation
  • With all types of thyroid medications
  • After treatment for hyperthyroidism
  • If you have thyroid cancer

T3 Conversion Booster | Naturally Support T4 to T3 Conversion (60 Day Supply)

T3 Conversion Booster is designed to provide your body with very specific nutrients to help your thyroid do its job. 

One of the main jobs of your thyroid is to take the inactive T4 thyroid hormone and convert it into the active T3 thyroid hormone. 

This process is known as thyroid conversion or peripheral thyroid conversion. 

Many people have issues with this conversion process due to nutrient deficiencies, high doses of T4 only thyroid medication, inflammation, and so on. 

This product provides your body with very specific nutrients to help your body push more T4 into T3 in a natural way. 

By using this supplement it should NOT give you TOO much T3. Instead, it should allow your body to produce T3 on its own in the amount that you would normally if you didn’t have any medical conditions. 

It works VERY well when combined with Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex and is one of our most purchased combinations. 

By using both of these supplements together you are supporting thyroid hormone conversion, thyroid support, and adrenal support all in 2 supplements. 

Can be used with the following thyroid conditions:

  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis
  • After thyroidectomy
  • After radioactive iodine ablation
  • With all types of thyroid medications
  • After treatment for hyperthyroidism (but not if you are using PTU or methimazole)
  • If you have thyroid cancer

Thyroid Glandular+ | Multi-Glandular Thyroid, Adrenal & Immune Support

thyroid glandular front bottle image high res

Thyroid Glandular+ features a mult-glandular blend of ingredients which makes it unique as far as thyroid support supplements go.

Glandulars are a special ingredient derived from the glands of animals (we use bovine/cow sources).

These glands are taken, desiccated (dried and turned into a powder), and then encapsulated.

Glandular treatments have been used for hundreds of years for various ailments including the treatment of thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, liver disease, and more.

The prevailing thought in the past was that if you had a problem in a specific tissue or organ, that eating that organ or tissue from an animal would improve the tissue you were experiencing a problem with.

So, for instance, if you were having issues with your liver then you’d want to eat liver from an animal.

If you had an issue with your thyroid, then you’d want to eat the thyroid of an animal.

It’s not known exactly why this practice is beneficial but it’s most likely because the glands of animals contain similar hormones, proteins, pro-hormones, and enzymes that our bodies can then utilize when we consume them.

Thyroid Glandular+ features a multi-glandular blend of thyroid gland powder, adrenal gland powder, anterior pituitary gland powder, spleen powder, and thymus gland powder, all from Argentina or New Zealand bovine.

It’s sole purpose is to provide support in the form of glandulars for the most important systems involved in the regulation of the thyroid:

  • The thyroid gland
  • The adrenal gland
  • The pituitary gland
  • and the immune system

In addition to these glandular components, Thyroid Glandular+ also contains naturally occurring sources of iodine in the form of Irish moss and bladderwrack as well as Selenium to protect the thyroid gland.

Thyroid Glandular+ is ideal for all cases of low thyroid including hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, thyroid removal, and radioactive iodine.

It’s different from my other thyroid support supplements in that its benefits come primarily from the inclusion of animal gland ingredients.

Other supplements, such as T3 Conversion Booster, contain a combination of minerals, vitamins, and botanical-based ingredients.

Thyroid Glandular+ differs from Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex in the composition of glandulars and its focus.

Thyroid Glandular+ provides primary support for thyroid health directly whereas Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex focuses more on adrenal health.

Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex | Hair, Skin, & Nail Support for Thyroid Patients

thyroid hair regrowth complex 1500x1500 reformulated front bottle image

Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex is probably my easiest supplement to understand how it works!

You simply take it if you are having issues with hair loss, skin problems, or nail problems related to your thyroid.

Here’s how it works:

Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex contains the most bioavailable form of silicon known as MMST (monomethylsilanetriol).

Studies have shown that this form of silicon is the most highly absorbed form out of all other available forms, beating out the previous version we used to use by at least 2x.

I’ve found that this ingredient tends to be the missing link in many thyroid patients which is why it’s included in this formula.

Silicon has been shown to help strengthen hair, support hair growth, alter hair strength, and more.

My recent reformulation of Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex has increased the dose of silicon up to 10mg with a dose that is absorbed at two times the rate as the old version making it roughly 4 times more effective.

The great part about Thyroid Hair Regrowth Complex is that it has the potential to help all forms of thyroid hair loss including telogen effluvium, androgenetic alopecia, and alopecia areata.

In addition, it’s beneficial for those without thyroid dysfunction.

It can be used with any thyroid condition and in people without thyroid disease.

Thyro Biotic | 3-in-1 Thyroid Supporting Probiotic (30-Day Supply)

thyro biotic front bottle image 1500 x 1500

It’s been said that all disease starts in the gut and while that may not always be the case, there’s definitely a lot of truth to that statement, especially for thyroid patients.

Improving your gut health as a thyroid patient has the potential to help:

  • Improve nutrient absorption from food and supplements.
  • Improve the absorption of thyroid medications.
  • Enhance T4 to T3 conversion.
  • Allow for better control of thyroid antibodies.
  • Reduce inflammation in the body.
  • Balance mood.
  • And much more…

Improving your gut health should be the foundation of any solid thyroid treatment plan and one way to do this is with the use of probiotics.

But not just any probiotics will do for thyroid patients.

Thyro Biotic features 3 completely separate probiotics all in one.

In other words, you’d need to purchase 3 individual probiotics to meet the variety of probiotics found in Thyro Biotic.

Each serving provides you with a therapeutic dose of soil-based organisms, bifido and lacto species, and beneficial yeasts.

These species and blends have been hand-picked to provide unique support to the gut of thyroid patients.

Soil-based organisms provide long-term benefits while bifido and lacto provide short and more immediate gut benefits.

Beneficial yeast species are included because of their powerful impact on the immune system and their ability to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

Thyro Biotic can be used in all thyroid conditions including both hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

It’s also beneficial for those without a thyroid and for those post radioactive iodine ablation.

Thyro Fuel | 4-in-1 Thyroid Supporting Protein Powder (30-Day Supply)

thyro fuel front bottle image 1500 x 1500

Thyro Fuel is the first of its kind specialty protein powder designed just for thyroid patients.

It features a 100% plant-based protein blend of pea protein, brown rice protein, chia seed protein, and flax seed protein.

This plant-based protein blend is combined with an anti-oxidant and wholefood blend of over 30 different superfoods such as broccoli, onion, apple, tomato, camu camu, acerola, acai, turmeric, garlic, basil, and more.

On top of these wholefoods, I’ve also included a vitality and organic mushroom blend designed to naturally support energy levels, adrenal health, and cognition.

And to top it all off, I added a digestive and gut-supporting blend to ease with the breakdown of the ingredients.

Each serving provides you with 20 grams of protein in just 100 calories making it an incredibly efficient source of protein per calorie.

Each blend of ingredients targets a different aspect of thyroid health ranging from inflammation to hormone support to muscle health and more.

Thyro Fuel was designed to be safely used with all thyroid conditions.

It can be consumed as a delicious snack or as a meal substitute during the day.

Thyroid Daily Essentials | 32 in 1 Complete Thyroid Multivitamin (60-Day Supply)

Thyroid Daily Essentials is a 32-in-1 multivitamin specifically designed for all thyroid patients.

It contains the necessary ingredients that not only your thyroid needs to function optimally but also other systems in your body.

I’ve included ingredients that help reduce inflammation, ingredients that support liver function, and ingredients that help protect the thyroid gland from inflammation.

These all come in addition to the regular multivitamin ingredients with specific levels of zinc, iodine, magnesium, vitamin D, and methylated B vitamins that thyroid patients need.

Thyroid Daily Essentials can be used by all thyroid patients including those with hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism and any type of autoimmune thyroid disease.

This supplement does NOT replace the more nuanced supplements such as Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex and T3 Conversion Booster, but it is a great place to start to help replete all of the necessary nutrients that your body may be missing. 

This multivitamin was specifically created to be used in conjunction with thyroid medication (of all types) and with all of our other supplement blends and combinations. 

Essential T2 | Bioidentical T2 Thyroid Hormone (3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine)

essential t2 front bottle image 1500 x 1500

Essential T2 contains one ingredient: 3, 5 diiodo-l-thyronine.

This compound is also known as T2 thyroid hormone and is the most biologically active form of T2 in the body.

The sourcing for my T2 product is synthetic, but the compound is bio-identical to the body (meaning it looks the exact same as T2 that your thyroid would produce in the healthy state).

Unfamiliar with T2 thyroid hormone? You’re not alone.

Scientists and researchers used to believe that T2 thyroid hormone was just a breakdown product of T3 and T4 but we’ve now come to understand that this isn’t the case.

T2 thyroid hormone provides special benefits all on its own including:

  • The regulation of basal metabolic rate.
  • The activation of detoxification enzymes in the liver
  • The activation of brown fat tissue.
  • Enhancement of ATP production.
  • The regulation of cholesterol.
  • The maintenance of muscle health.
  • The protection of kidney health.
  • The regulation of blood sugar.
  • And the regulation of muscle tone.

It’s been suggested that one of the reasons that Natural Desiccated Thyroid hormone medications are so effective is because of their inclusion of T2 thyroid hormone.

There’s also some evidence to suggest that T2 thyroid hormone is more important for regulating the metabolism than T3 thyroid hormone (see relevant research studies on the Essential T2 product page).

T2 thyroid hormone is unique in that it’s the only thyroid hormone that does not require a prescription.

T2 can be used in conjunction with all thyroid medications and it can be used in all low thyroid conditions.

It should not be used in hyperthyroidism or Graves’ unless you are undergoing block and replace therapy (add-back therapy), your thyroid has been surgically removed, or your thyroid has been ablated.

Due to its powerful effects, T2 has become my number-one-selling thyroid support supplement since its release.

Hashimoto’s Ab Rx | Thyroid Antibody Support with 3% Thymoquinone (60 Servings)

hashimoto's ab rx front bottle image 1500 x 1500

Hashimoto’s Ab Rx is a game changer for patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Graves’ disease, thyroid inflammatory conditions, and pretty much anyone with thyroid dysfunction.


It contains a standardized black seed oil compound blend (more on this in a second) and research has shown that nigella sativa (the plant that produces black seed oil) may…

  • Reduce thyroid antibodies.
  • Reduce TSH levels.
  • Increase free T3 levels.
  • Reduce food intake and satiety.
  • Decrease insulin resistance.
  • Decrease inflammation.
  • Reduce oxidative stress.
  • And decrease body weight.

Do any of these benefits sound attractive to you as a thyroid patient? If so, you aren’t alone.

But there are a couple of big problems with standard nigella sativa and standard black seed oil:

  • They contain high levels of omega-6 fatty acids which limit the anti-inflammatory potential of the active ingredients.
  • Their active ingredients (P-cymene, carvacrol, and thymoquinone) are not standardized and vary considerably from plant to plant.
  • It’s difficult to get to therapeutic doses when using nigella sativa powder or standard black seed oil.

As you might have guessed, Hashimoto’s Ab Rx solves these issues which means that you can get all of the benefits without worrying about purity, potency, or triggering inflammation.

Each serving of Hashimoto’s Ab Rx contains a standardized amount of active ingredients to include 3% thymoquinone, 1% P-cymene, <0.1% carvacrol, and <2% free fatty acids.

This ratio of active ingredients has been tested to provide the maximum anti-inflammatory benefit and synergy with one another.

In addition, I’ve also included a low dose of Vitamin D3 as well as lutein and zeaxanthin to further enhance the anti-inflammatory potential of the black seed oil.

This means you’ll get more of the benefits you want such as improved thyroid function, reduced antibody levels, and thyroid gland protection.

Hashimoto’s Ab Rx can be used in ALL thyroid conditions (including hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism) and in those without a thyroid.

Thyro ADK: Thyroid Hormone Sensitivity Formula | Vitamin A, D & K2 in Organic Olive Oil Base (90 Servings)

thyro ADK 1500x1500 front bottle image

Thyro ADK features a triple combination blend of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and vitamin K as vitamin K2 in an organic extra virgin olive oil base.

This triple combination vitamin support is a no-brainer for thyroid patients.

Here’s why:

  • Vitamin A is required for thyroid cellular sensitivity and skin health.
  • Vitamin D is necessary for proper immune regulation, for the regulation of calcium, and for protecting against vitamin A toxicity.
  • Vitamin K2 helps support bone health, heart health, calcium regulation, and the function of vitamin D3.

While it may not sound sexy, these functions are vital and necessary for every thyroid patient making this triple combination a must-have for all thyroid patients.

Thyro ADK is safe to use for all thyroid conditions.

Leptin Resistance Rx | Leptin Sensitizer with ORALVISC & GAGs for Metabolic Support

leptin resistance rx 60 count front bottle image 1500 x 1500

Tired of not being able to lose weight?

The problem most likely isn’t about your calories or your exercise routine but your hormones.

And one of the most important hormones when it comes to your ability to lose weight is leptin.

Leptin is the hormone secreted by your fat cells which is supposed to signal to your brain that your body needs to lose weight.

This works well in theory but there are plenty of ways that this system can go wrong and one of those ways is a condition known as leptin resistance.

When you are in a state of leptin resistance, your brain becomes resistant to the signal of leptin from your fat cells which leads to symptoms like…

  • Persistent weight gain despite exercising more and eating less
  • A ravenous appetite that is hard to satiate
  • A decline your metabolism and caloric burn
  • Dysfunction in other hormone systems like your thyroid
  • A cold body temperature

Leptin Resistance Rx is meant to combat this very problem by helping your body become more sensitive to leptin.

It features a trademarked ingredient known as ORALIVSC which contains naturally occurring glycosaminoglycans.

These glycosaminoglycans are components of your cells that have been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory effects where they can modulate different markers such as leptin, bradykinin, and other inflammatory cytokines.

ORALVISC is available over the counter in the United States but is considered a prescription medication in some countries around the world.

If you’re interested in approaching weight loss from a different angle then Leptin Resistance Rx is worth looking into.

Berberine 500+ | Berberine HCL & ALA Weight Loss Formula

berberine 500 front bottle image high res

Speaking of weight loss, have you heard of the plant alkaloid known as berberine?

Berberine is a naturally occurring botanical ingredient that has several positive benefits when it comes to weight management.

This is because its been shown to activate an enzyme known as AMPK.

AMPK is the same enzyme that is activated during exercise.

Taking berberine won’t replace your need for exercise, but thinking about all of the benefits you get from exercise can help wrap your head around the benefits that berberine can provide.

These benefits are numerous including its ability to:

  • Improve glucose regulation
  • Sensitize the body to insulin
  • Increase mitochondrial density
  • Increase cellular energy production
  • Enhance muscle growth and function
  • Improve adipose tissue breakdown
  • Lower inflammation
  • Improve gut microbiome diversity
  • And much more…

Berberine 500+ features berberine as berberine HCL which is then combined with alpha lipoic acid and chromium.

Alpha lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant that works synergistically with berberine to enhance its benefit on blood sugar, inflammation, and metabolic function.

Chromium is added to the complex for the same reason.

Berberine is ideal for those interested in weight loss, blood sugar management, insulin control, inflammation control, and better gut health balance.

It can be combined with my other weight loss supplements like Leptin Resistance Rx, Thyro Fuel, and Essential T2.

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