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Prescription medications used to treat leptin resistance

The Best Prescription Medications for Treating Leptin Resistance

Leptin resistance is a major and seriously underappreciated cause of weight loss resistance and weight gain.  The good news is that there are many ways to treat this condition which is very common among obese people.  The bad news is that your doctor isn’t likely to know much about it which leaves it up to …

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how to reverse metabolic damage

Gaining Weight to Lose Weight: Fixing a Damaged Metabolism by Increasing your Calories

This is going to sound crazy but there are certainly some of you out there who will ultimately end up needing to gain weight before you lose weight.  And the way that you should do this is by increasing the number of calories that you consume.  This information does NOT apply to everyone but it …

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how long does it take to lose weight safely

How Long Does it Take to Lose 50-100 Pounds (or more) Safely?

Over the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to help thousands of people not only lose weight but to keep it off long-term.  Along the way, I’ve also been able to help a number of people lose between 50 and 100 pounds.  I consider this a bigger accomplishment than helping someone lose just 10-20 …

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how many calories should you eat if you have hypothyroidism

How Many Calories Should You Eat with Hypothyroidism?

You’ve heard it before: If you want to lose weight then you need to count your calories.  I hate to break it to you but counting calories may be one of the worst things you can do if you have a thyroid problem.  Calories do play a role in weight maintenance but they aren’t nearly …

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how to diagnose leptin resistance

How to Diagnose Leptin Resistance Using Lab Tests & Symptoms

The inability to lose weight despite reducing your calories and exercising excessively, an increase in your appetite even after just having had a large meal, hair loss, and cold body temperature.  What do all of these findings have in common? They are frequently seen in the condition of leptin resistance.  And in this article, I’m …

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are you destined to be overweight forever

Are You Destined to be Overweight Forever? (The Answer is No)

This is a question that I’m sure many of you think about. Perhaps you’ve even given up on the idea of getting back to a ‘normal’ weight. The truth is that there is definitely a chance for you to get back to whatever is normal for you, even if you suffer from hormone imbalances such …

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Thyroid Stimulating Exercises That Work to Boost your Thyroid

Thyroid Stimulating Exercises That Work For Your Thyroid Gland

Is it possible to stimulate your thyroid with certain exercises? Are some exercises better than others for your thyroid? The short answer is yes, exercising can absolutely improve your thyroid function.  In fact, several recent studies have shown that exercising can both reduce your TSH and increase free thyroid hormone levels.  This is great news …

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thyroid supplements for weight loss: do they actually work?

Thyroid Supplements for Weight Loss: Do They Actually Work?

Is it possible to take supplements to help you lose weight if you have thyroid disease? Do they actually work? Or will they not work because of your condition? I’ve treated thousands of patients with thyroid disease and I can tell you that while some supplements may help with weight loss they are probably not …

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thyroid friendly protein powder: Which one should you use?

Thyroid Friendly Protein Powder: Which One Should you Use?

Is it safe to use protein powder if you have thyroid disease? Is animal protein better than plant protein? Which one is ideal if you have thyroid disease? How much protein should you consume each day? And will it help you with weight loss? All of these questions are more will be answered in this …

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What causes menopause weight gain and how to treat it

What Causes Menopause Weight Gain & What to do About it

On average women gain around 10-15 pounds during the menopause transition.  But, is there a way to prevent this weight gain? If it’s already happened is there anything you can do to lose weight? If you are struggling with weight gain after menopause then this is the article for you.  We are going to explore …

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