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Please note that Dr. Childs is no longer accepting patients. 

Dr. Childs has a limited number of coaching calls available through his hormone reset guide you can find more information about here

We also do not have any referrals that we can give you for Doctors that practice like Dr. Childs in your area. All of the information and the way that Dr. Childs practices is a result of research, iteration and his specific practice style. As a result we do not know any other physicians that practice like Dr. Childs. 

If you have other questions or comments please direct them to (please note that Dr. Childs cannot answer specific medical questions): [email protected]

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Guest posting for Physicians, Coaches and Health Professionals:

Dr. Childs would like to set up guest posts to help direct patients and other people that desperately need help to other professionals.

This allows you to get in front of people that need help while sharing your extensive knowledge on certain topics. 

If you are highly dedicated and extremely knowledgable then we would love to have you guest post for​

Topics should be related to weight loss, hormone balance or functional medicine in general. 

The minimum article size is 2,000 words of high quality information with citations to all of your claims. 

If you are interested please email us at [email protected] with your topic, a sample of your writing and a link to your current page (social or website). 

​We are serious about keeping the quality of our content very high and very actionable, we will not accept low quality work. 

Please see this page for more information on guest posting