Supplement Policies | Westin Childs (Returns, Shipping, Etc.)

Supplement Policies (Returns/Refunds, Shipping, Costs & More)

Please read through this information prior to your purchase of supplements. 

We strive to do our best to provide you with the best customer service experience. If you ever have any questions or concerns please reach out to us and we will do our best to help you. We believe that as we treat our customers fairly that they will, in turn, treat us fairly. 

We understand that finding the right products to support your health can take time and an element of trial and error. 

If you feel that you are experiencing a negative side effect or adverse reaction which you believe is a result of our supplement then please reach out to us and we can attempt to help you (though we cannot be held liable for them). We recommend that you seek the guidance of a medical professional prior to using any supplement and for help determining which products and doses are safe/suitable for you to use. 

Is There a Return Policy for Supplement Purchases?

We stand behind our 60-day money-back guarantee

If you don’t love your supplement you can return the supplement to us for a free return/refund. 

You have 60 days after delivery of your product (based on the tracking #) to ask for a refund, requests outside of this timeline are not accepted

There is no charge for returning your supplement but you will be responsible for return shipping costs back to our facility. 

Restart Medical is not responsible for lost or stolen return packages. We recommend that you insure your return package and obtain a tracking number. 

To initiate your return please confirm that it is within the 60-day period, once you have confirmed that you can reach out to us at to approve the return process. 

Returns sent to us which are not approved first will not be accepted.

Once your item is received please allow us 2 business days to process your refund. You should then receive your money within 2-3 business days depending on what form of payment you used to purchase (some vendors are faster than others). 

Refunds provided amount to only the price of the product on your original order and do not include coupons/discounts used at the time of the purchase. 

To initiate this process you can reach out to us via email at 

Please ensure that your shipping address is correct when you checkout as we cannot be held responsible for undeliverable items that occur due to an incorrect address. At the time of checkout please double check your shipping address as we operate under the assumption that this address is correct (even if it is different from your billing information)

If your product is returned to us due to an incorrect or undeliverable address then we will provide a full refund for the product minus the cost of shipping.  

Partial Returns of Supplement Bundles

Our supplement bundles come with a built-in 10% discount on the regular price of each supplement. 

If you return a portion of any bundle then you lose this 10% discount and you will pay the full price of any remaining supplement that was purchased in the bundle. 

This will be reflected in your refund price and will be automatically calculated at the time of return. 

Supplement bundles include:

  • The Hashimoto’s Bundle
  • The Hypothyroid Bundle
  • The Thyroidectomy & RAI Bundle
  • The Hyperthyroid Bundle
  • The Weight Loss Bundle

Returning the Same Supplement More than Once

Please note that a request to return the same supplement more than one time will be denied. 

This policy is in place to prevent fraud on our end and to prevent someone from purchasing and refunding the same product over and over again. 

This policy does not apply to first-time orders in which you may have ordered more than one of the same product. 

When Will I Get my Supplement?

Shipments are shipped out within 24 hours of purchase (unless you purchase on the weekend). Shipments are sent out each day (including Saturday) but orders received late Saturday or Sunday will be sent out on Monday. 

The free shipping option will be sent via USPS first class mail. 

You can upgrade to USPS priority mail which guarantees delivery within 3 days after shipping if you prefer at checkout. 

All supplements are shipped from Arizona so if you order from the East Coast it may take 3 days to reach you. 

Orders to the west coast will arrive much faster due to their proximity to Arizona. 

You can read more about shipping information here

How Long Until my Shipment Arrives?

Shipments typically take 3-5 business days to arrive so please plan accordingly. All products are shipped via USPS first class mail by default unless you upgrade to priority mail at checkout. 

You will receive an “Order Complete” email when your shipment has been shipped along with a tracking # so that you can track your package. 

We ship from Arizona so purchases on the west coast will arrive much faster than those made in the midwest/east coast. 

In the event of a delayed delivery please email us and we can provide further help!

What if my Product Comes Damaged? 

If your product comes damaged please reach out to us at and we will happily send you out another product or refund your purchase at our expense! We stand by our products 100%. 

What if I receive the wrong product or supplement? 

If you receive the wrong product please reach out to us and we will happily ship you the correct item!

We may ask that you return the incorrect item to us and if we do we will provide you with a prepaid return label. 

Do you Ship Internationally?


We now ship internationally to all countries. 

International orders are sent via economy mail innovations by UPS. 

You can qualify for free shipping on your international order if your shopping cart exceeds $250 USD. 

If your cart is less than $250 then shipping charges are based on weight and the distance they must travel. Our API will provide you with the cost of shipping at checkout.

International orders are batched and shipped out once per week, usually on Monday or Tuesday. 

Most international orders are received within 2-3 weeks of shipment but sometimes they can be delayed by customs which may prolong the delivery time. 

Please also be aware that we are not responsible for shipments that are held up or lost in customs. 

Due to current global conflicts, we are seeing delays in international shipping times with packages taking up to 6 weeks to arrive and up to 8 weeks in some cases. 

Please check with your country and customs prior to ordering! 

If you refuse your product and it gets returned to us we will only be able to refund the full price of the supplement (minus the original shipping charges). 

How do you deal with Backorders?

We do our best to avoid backorders but they do occasionally happen (we apologize for that!). 

Before you purchase a product you will be shown if it is on backorder or not. 

We will do our best to ship out your supplement which is on backorder as soon as possible. 

If you have ordered multiple supplements we will ship out what we have available and ship out your backordered supplement when it arrives. 

You can find an update on when we expect our backordered products to be back in stock on the product page at the top. 

Terms & Conditions

Please find more information on our terms and conditions here

NSF Certification and Quality Standards

Please read more about our quality control measures and what makes our products great here

How do I contact you?

We can be contacted via email at or via phone at (480) 331-9431.

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