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What You Can Expect From Me

Dr. Childs practices functional medicine in gilbert arizona

"My mission is to provide you with actionable information that will help you take control of your health, live a long and healthy life so that you can spend it doing the things that you love and get the most out of life."

I strongly believe that the best way to do this is by understanding your body and your hormones (especially your thyroid)...

If this is your first time to restartmed.com then welcome!

I'm Dr. Westin Childs (Osteopathic physician) and I research and write all of the blog posts, videos and podcasts you see here. 

I want to provide YOU (the patient) with information and tools to help you improve thyroid function in your body and by balancing your hormones. 

What you can expect from me and my website:

  • A unique approach to hormone management and a new, fresh, approach to thyroid management
  • Claims that are backed by scientific literature and scientific papers
  • My opinion based on what I've used on myself, other patients or my family members
  • Recommendations for high-quality supplements which I personally use
  • Open discussion about topics which are still being researched and discovered

I've been creating these blog posts for just over 3 years now and I've spent the last 10 years in medical training, using myself as a guinea pig and testing these therapies and ideas on hundreds (now thousands) of patients. 

The journey has been an amazing one and I'm thrilled to see that the information on this website has helped so many people. 

Another passion of mine is to research and curate high-quality supplements designed to help those with thyroid-related issues. 

I've known for some time, and I truly believe, that nutritional supplements can help augment existing therapies such as hormones, dietary intervention, and exercise routines to better help people get back to their "normal". 

I've also found that this field is fraught with misleading claims, over-hyped marketing, and low-quality ingredients which limit their ability to function and help you. 

There's none of that here. 

My bold claim:

My supplements are the best on the market for helping you balance your hormones and improving thyroid function and will become the standard moving forward

I personally use my own supplements every day (my wife and family members do as well) and wouldn't want to provide you with something that I wouldn't use myself. 

You can learn more about them here

My Story & Purpose

How did I get to where I am?

My journey started with a decline in my own health. 

During residency, I experienced extreme burn out, intestinal problems, migraines, and fatigue. 

I sustained myself with the use of energy drinks, caffeine and plenty of sugar (a recipe for disaster!). 

I exhausted all forms of conventional treatments and I was left empty-handed (and a diagnosis of depression). 

Sure I was depressed, but it was because of my health (not the other way around)!

It wasn't until I started to look into alternative treatments that I realized just how effective these therapies can be. 

I accidentally stumbled across the work of Chris Kresser and some of that information rung true to me. 

You know when you hear something that is true even though it's the first time you've heard it?

From that point, I took a risk and plunged into therapies which included changing my diet up drastically (I cut out gluten and dairy), started taking supplements (probiotics, adrenal supplements, herbal antibiotics and so on) and made an effort to improve my sleep. 

In about 2 months I felt better than I ever could remember and, even though I was happy, I was left frustrated. 

Why didn't I hear about this information from my Doctors? After all, I was friends with hundreds of Doctors in all specialties. 

Most Doctors know that diet and exercise are important but they spend most of their time prescribing medications. 

What gives?

It was then that I realized I wanted to share this information and incorporate it into my practice of medicine. 

I started to use these therapies on my patients and I began to see incredible results.

At the same time, I started to write about my thoughts on this blog and everything started to grow and that's where we are now. 

And this experience, my personal experience, and experience with others led me here:

My goal is to provide YOU with the same information that I've learned during my journey and share the insight that I've learned from treating many patients

If you can learn, without making your own mistakes, and by informing YOUR Doctors, then I will have done my job. 

I've taken this knowledge and attempted to condense it into articles, podcasts, and videos for easy consumption. 

My purpose:

#1. Change the current treatment paradigm for thyroid-patients.

I feel that the single biggest challenge for thyroid patients is getting the RIGHT treatment. No doubt you will find information here which runs counter to the current treatment paradigm for hypothyroidism, but I truly believe that the treatments I recommend here will become the norm in the next 10-15 years. 

But, 10-15 years is too long to wait if you are suffering NOW which is why my #1 purpose is to help accelerate this change to get thyroid patients the help that they need here and now. 

I am going to do this by helping you become an advocate for yourself (please see my free downloads and resources here), by providing information that you can take to your doctors to educate them, and by being a voice of reason for this change. 

#2. Help over 1 million people improve their hormones, quality of life and take back their health

I'm only up to maybe 10,000 as of writing this (so I have some work cut out for me) but with the help of blog posts, podcasts, and videos (and you) I think this is absolutely doable and something that HAS to be done. 

In my practice, I've seen amazing changes in both men and women...

Whether it be the woman with hypothyroidism who lights up with the right dose of thyroid medication or the man who loses 20 pounds and regains his confidence with the use of testosterone, I want to provide all people with this information. 

I want these changes for you. 

#3. Provide up to date information on thyroid hormone testing, management, and medications

It's my belief that the field of hypothyroidism, including treatment and management, is about 20 years behind where it should be. 

There are many reasons for this but the fact is that it has to change and I want to be that driving force. 

With up to 10% of the population suffering from this disease there are so many people that would benefit from new and up to date information and it is my belief that treating this condition properly would dramatically improve their quality of life. 

#4. Help reform the alternative and integrative supplement industry

Supplements should be used as just that... supplements. 

They are not designed as medications or isolated treatments! They should also not include substances, fillers or dyes that you wouldn't want to be put in your body. 

I want to set the new standard for medical supplements by teaching you how to use them in conjunction with other therapies such as changing your diet, using hormones, exercise AND your existing medications. 

Taking this approach will help you understand the benefits (and limitations) of medical supplements while helping you know what to expect by using them. 

You can expect to my supplements to contain therapeutic dosages of the right ingredients, scientifically backed nutrients and formulations, no exaggerated claims or marketing all with a solid refund policy that you can trust. 

Credentials (Dr. Westin Childs)

I am a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, D.O. and I graduated from Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine. 

More details:

I've also spent hundreds of hours researching, practicing and writing about hormone imbalances, thyroid disorders, and metabolic dysfunction. 

About Me Personally

What else?

I'm a family man (husband of 1 and father of 3) and I love my family more than anything. 

I'm active in my church, love playing ultimate frisbee and drink way too many smoothies.

I'm always experimenting with my own body to test new supplements, new diets and so on. 

Some of these make an appearance on the blog and some don't!

My Practice

I have closed down my personal practice in 2017 to focus on educating physicians, formulating new supplements, providing blog posts, and researching new topics. 

My passion is in helping people and helping improve my own knowledge, this is what brings me joy. 

I loved treating patients and helping them grow but I have more passion (and more reach) in providing more on this website. 

Questions or Want to get in Touch?

Each week I spend hours and hours responding to questions that I get on this blog and on youtube. 

I think that Doctors should be in the trenches with patients, talking and encouraging discussion about these topics. 

That said, I can't answer every single question or comment (But I will do my best) so please don't be offended if I don't get to your question!

To increase the chances of your question being answered please follow these rules:

  • Avoid asking medical questions about your own health. Even though I am a Doctor I can't treat you over the internet!
  • Please avoid posting your lab results and asking for my opinion or how you should proceed with treatment. I can't give you that kind of advice!
  • Please search my website for articles surrounding your topic using the search bar. I have over 200+ articles on topics about hormone balance, thyroid disorders, and how to lose weight. 
  • I can't coach or treat you but I have provided plenty of resources for you to take to your Doctor to help guide your own treatment. 
  • Please keep your questions short and concise and limit them to one question. The more questions you ask (and the more complicated the question) the less likely I will be able to answer them. 

Want to get in touch? Please use my contact page.

If you send an email or a comment please allow us a few days to respond! 

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