About Dr. Westin Childs

Dr. Childs practices functional medicine in gilbert arizona

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? 

I've been there before and I know how it feels...

During Residency I burned out my health, developed all sorts of gastrointestinal problems and ended up with bad adrenal fatigue.

I was getting weekly migraines, weird sensitivities to chemicals, chronic irritable bowel syndrome and extreme fatigue. 

​I looked for help in the only place that I knew... and ended up empty handed.

I wasn't able to fix my health until I realized what was actually causing my problems. 

Through a combination of trial and error (and hundreds of hours of research) I finally was able to "diagnose" my problem - I had a combination of extreme Adrenal Fatigue (thank you Residency and Medical school!), Gluten and dairy intolerance, Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and a number of basic nutrient deficiencies. 

Once I corrected these problems I felt better than I have ever felt in my entire life: I lost weight, had more energy and didn't have any sign of irritable bowel syndrome.

And that's how I discovered Functional Medicine - which changed how I practiced medicine completely. ​

If you haven't noticed I love writing and discussing these topics, so feel free to look around on my youtube channel or on my podcast to stay up to date on information that I'm discussing here:​

What is Functional Medicine?​

What is functional medicine

Functional Medicine is root cause medicine. It means instead of masking symptoms with medications, the Doctor seeks out the underlying cause and reverses that condition.

You see...

I've found that the body has an absolutely remarkable healing system built into place! You just have to unlock the body's ability to heal itself. And that's what I do now.

Functional Medicine is: 

Functional medicine approach to patient care
  • Preventative - My goal in treating you is to prevent and reverse disease so that you don't need to see me anymore.
  • Evidence based - Treatments recommendations are based on cutting edge research from peer-reviewed medical journals not influenced by outside interests.
  • Holistic - Each patient is evaluated with the idea that every body system is interconnected and part of a larger system.
  • Personalized - Each individual has a unique genetic profile that predisposes them to specific diseases and conditions.
  • Safe - Treatment recommendations have no side effects. Whenever possible my goal is to help you put your body into self healing mode.
  • Participatory - For optimal health you must take an active role in the healing process. Your treatment is highly personalized.
  • Integrative - Combines the best of conventional and traditional medicine while emphasizing the critical role of nutrition, diet and lifestyle.

​Once I embraced this practice of medicine my whole view point on medicine changed. 

I was able to reverse chronic conditions that absolutely destroy people's quality of life. And that feels good. And that's really why I do what I do. ​

But how did I get into treating and reversing Hormonal Imbalances?​

Why I Focus on Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis​

Factors that affect thyroid function

Ever get the feeling that your doctor is missing something?

Well that same thing happened to both my mom and my wife…

They both had thyroid problems, but they went misdiagnosed for YEARS - bouncing around from doctor to doctor. 

​I personally watched them suffer from debilitating fatigue that leaves you stuck in bed every morning to bouts of recurring depression. 

Because of what I watched them go through I spent hundreds of hours learning and reading about Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's. 

​Finally I was able to help them get their life back. 

The crazy part was, I noticed that these symptoms and conditions were ALL too common among other people.

It was then that I realized how many Thyroid patients were being under treated and misdiagnosed. Since that time I've devoted my time and energy to helping thyroid patients get their life back. ​

What Conditions do I treat? ​

Thyroid anatomy image

Part of being a good Doctor and helping people is understanding how the body is interrelated.

It's impossible to look at one hormonal system, or one organ without appreciating the effect is has on the entire body.

So while I focus on hormonal imbalances, specifically Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's, I also treat the entire body.

You simply can't fix someone's thyroid without giving proper attention to the Adrenals, the Gut, the Immune system, the Liver and the other hormonal systems...

​And that requires a working knowledge of the entire body and hormone systems. 

While I can and do treat most conditions I specialize and focus in the following areas:

  • ​Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and other Thyroid Problems
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Hormonal Imbalances like Estrogen Dominance, Progesterone Deficiency, Low Testosterone, Leptin Resistance and Insulin Resistance
  • Reversing Weight Loss Resistance and helping patients lose weight
  • Adrenal Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia
  • Gut Imbalances like Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO), Yeast Overgrowth, Leaky Gut and Intestinal Dysbiosis

Unfortunately these are all problems that conventional medicine doesn't really have good answers for. So patients run around getting sub standard treatment for years before coming to me. 

If you have any of these conditions let me be clear:

​You don't have to suffer forever, you can get help. 

What should you expect in getting treated?

In treating my patients I take a very comprehensive approach to care and treatment.

I also require that my patients be very proactive about their health and willing to make changes for the better.

So who should be a patient? 

Who is this for?

  • People who are ready to learn and listen to what may be causing their health problems
  • People who are dedicated and willing to make changes to their diet, lifestyle and sleeping habits 
  • People willing to make an investment in their health in time, energy and money
  • People who are ready to get their life back

Who isn't this for? 

  • People who are looking for a "quick fix" - you will feel better but it will take time and energy
  • People not willing to change their diet or lifestyle
  • People who aren't willing to put time and energy into feeling better and getting their life back

​If you've read the above and you are ready to start this is what you can expect:

1. Comprehensive Health History Review

During this time I will go over in depth all of your medical history and evaluate each organ system and hormone system in your body. 

This initial visit is 60 minutes on average.​

2. ​Lab testing recommendations

With serum testing at minimum, if necessary I will make recommendations about stool, saliva or further urinary testing. 

Serum testing is mandatory at baseline and I will evaluate all major hormonal systems, vitamin deficiencies and organ systems. 

​Salivary testing may be required for further evaluation of Cortisol or sex hormone levels. 

​Urinary testing may be required for further analysis of sex hormones, sex hormone metabolites, melatonin levels and adrenal function. 

Stool testing may be necessary to evaluate gut imbalances as well.

Whenever possible I will not recommend expensive testing unless I feel that it is mandatory for your health. ​

3. ​Medication Recommendations

As part of your healing journey I may recommend prescription medications, Bio-identical hormones ​and other prescriptions.

My goal is never to keep you on medications but sometimes in order to get inflammation under control or start to reverse hormonal imbalances, prescriptions are very helpful.

Some people, especially those with untreated Hashimoto's, may ultimately require prescription medications indefinitely.

When possible my goal is to always get my patients off of medications over time. ​

4. Supplement Recommendations

​Supplements are a huge part of getting your health back. 

Nutrient deficiencies are increasingly common due to poor food choices, chronic stress and inconsistent manufacturing of store bought supplements.

My recommendations for supplements will always be directed at your body based on your lab results. I will never make recommendations for supplement therapy unless your history or lab work dictate it.

Special vitamin Injections may also be recommended, especially if you have thyroid or gut imbalances and issues with absorption. 

5. ​Lifestyle Recommendations

SMT Dr. Westin Childs

​It's simply impossible to get back 100% of your life if you don't create good lifestyle habits. 

As part of your treatment plan I will give you a prescription for Exercise and Diet. But in addition to these it is critical that you also practice good sleeping habits and stress reduction techniques.

I will provide you with the information necessary to accomplish these goals, but you must be willing to take the next steps.

For instance:

If stress is a large part of your condition I may make recommendations for meditation, yoga, or biofeedback therapy.

​If you work a high stress job, you must be willing to take the proper steps to reduce the impact that stress has on your body - or you may not get the results that you desire. 

6. Detox Recommendations

​Due to the ubiquitous nature of endocrine disruptors and heavy metals you will likely receive recommendations for how to either avoid these chemicals or how to detox them from your body. 

This may include therapies designed to help remove these toxins or supplements designed at improving organ and elimination pathways in your body. ​

7. Diet Recommendations

Eating a healthy nutritious diet

Diet is a critical part of the healing cycle. As part of your treatment plan I will recommend a specific diet for you. From there we will adapt and tweak the diet to meet the needs of your body. 

This will include varying the macronutrients that you consume, how often you eat and if intermittent or prolonged fasting will benefit your overall health.

Diets that I may prescribe include:

  • ​Paleo Diet
  • Elimination Diet
  • Low FODMAP's diet, GAPs diet or SCD diet
  • Nutritional Ketosis
  • Plant based diet or Animal based diet
  • Low Histamine Diet
  • Or some combination of the above

Your diet will be highly individualized and specialized to you. 

8. Follow up Recommendations​

​After our initial visit and follow up visit I will make recommendations for how often we need to follow up. Because follow up is so important I have changed my model to a membership model to allow for constant contact via email. 

This allows us to stay on top of supplement changes, hormone changes and your symptoms.