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About Dr. Westin Childs

**Please note that Dr. Childs is no longer accepting new patients**

My Story

Dr. Childs practices functional medicine in gilbert arizona

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? 

I've been there before and I know how it feels...

During Residency I burned out my health, developed all sorts of gastrointestinal problems and ended up with the kind of fatigue that made it difficult to get out of bed and function. 

I was getting weekly migraines with aura, sensitivities to chemicals (using toothpaste would result in apthous culers in my mouth) , chronic irritable bowel syndrome and extreme fatigue. 

It probably didn't help that I was drinking on average at least 2 energy drinks per day (not including copious amounts of Dr. Mt Dew that was on tap in my hospital), living off of sugary sweets (personal favorite was Haagen-Daz ice cream), not exercising and under a tremendous amount of stress. 

It doesn't take a genius to know that this is a recipe for disaster and yet I wasn't really able to stop. 

With all of these issues and problems I looked for help in the only place that I knew... conventional medicine. 

I ended up empty handed with no explanation for my symptoms except it's "normal" to feel this way during residency. 

Determined that this answer wasn't going to work for me I started digging, reading, researching and searching for answers. 

This led my on a journey of hundreds of hours of research, watching videos, self experimentation until I found what was actually causing my problem: ​

I finally was able to "diagnose" my problem - I had a combination of extreme Adrenal Fatigue (thank you Residency and Medical school), Gluten and dairy intolerance, Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and a number of basic nutrient deficiencies. 

Once I corrected these problems I felt better than I have ever felt in my entire life: I lost weight, had more energy and didn't have any sign of irritable bowel syndrome.

I'm still experimenting on my own health (even today) and happy to report that I'm much better. 

But this experienced opened my eyes to another world and a way of approaching health care and management. 

No longer was I focused on simply diagnosing a disease through the symptoms it presents with but I was looking for the "root cause" and attempting to treat THAT problem. 

It changed the way I looked at patients, the questions I asked and how I approached management. 

It also made me question some of the basic things that I had been taught. 

This lead me to a specific practice style which has still been evolving: 

Evolution of Thought

I truly believe in the practice of individualized medicine.

That is to say that each patient is highly unique and therefore each patient will need a different plan than the patient before them. 

This sounds so simple and so obvious but it really isn't the way that medicine is practiced or taught right now. 

Many treatments follow a simply algorithm with "if that, then this" branches which makes the practice and application of medicine quick and effective. 

This applies to chronic disease states such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol and so on. 

Yes there is some variability in treatment among people but not a lot, not enough. 

Doesn't it make sense to base your treatment on the individual - their genetics, their environment and then form a treatment plan specific to that person?

Well that's what I started to do and the results were amazing! 

I noticed that by taking this approach most patients would start to experience improvement in almost every facet of their life. 

Even if they came in for weight loss they would report more energy, better sex, improved mental clarity and so on. 

Because of this unique approach people often seek to find a physician who practices in the same way. 

I wish I could refer you to someone who does and if I had a list of those types of providers I would happily provide it!

The truth is that physicians who want to practice this way must make a big change in how they operate their practice. 

Due to time constraints for insurance companies and so forth it's not always feasible to make this happen. 

RestartMed is Born 

Why I Focus on Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Hormone Imbalances

Ever get the feeling that your doctor is missing something?

Well that same thing happened to both my mom and my wife…

They both had thyroid problems, but they went misdiagnosed for YEARS - bouncing around from doctor to doctor. 

​I personally watched them suffer from debilitating fatigue that leaves you stuck in bed every morning to bouts of recurring depression. 

Because of what I watched them go through I spent hundreds of hours learning and reading about Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's. 

​Finally I was able to help them get their life back. 

The crazy part was, I noticed that these symptoms and conditions were ALL too common among other people.

It was then that I realized how many Thyroid patients were being under treated and misdiagnosed. Since that time I've devoted my time and energy to helping thyroid patients get their life back. ​

On my website you will find a tremendous amount of information designed to help people with thyroid related issues. 

Weight Loss, Weight Gain and Weight Loss Resistance

Dr. Westin Childs teaching a class

As I further began to study hypothyroidism and thyroid related issues I also found the connection between thyroid, insulin, leptin and weight gain.

As I treated thyroid patients they all began losing weight AND feeling better and these were patients who traditionally weren't able to lose weight.

I then adapted these treatment protocols for people without thyroid disease and found just how effective they were.

From this experience I was able to create a new approach ​to weight loss that focuses on hormone balances rather than caloric balance and the results have been impressive. 

By focusing on hormones such as leptin, thyroid hormone and insulin resistance many patients can lose weight and improve the quality of their life.

​What are my Credentials?

I am a Doctor of Osteopathic medicine, D.O.

I originally planned and was accepted into radiology residency (before my eyes were opened!) but quickly found out that it wasn't a great fit for me.

I then transferred residency to Internal Medicine to gain a solid understanding of medicine, hormone and other organ systems.

This helped build my foundation of knowledge as I began to dig deeper into integrative, functional and personalized medicine.

Now my approach to medicine is completely different than how I was trained.

Instead of focusing on algorithms and protocols for disease, I focus on the individual and learn and grow from each case. 

Conventional medicine takes a reductionist view on treatment and patients. They want to "label" you with a disease or disease state because then they can treat you with a medication. 

My approach is to find the CAUSE of your problem and attempt to treat that. 

Sometimes this treatment requires supplements, other times it requires medication, but in every patient it will require changes to dietary patterns, lifestyle changes and exercise. 

By using this approach I've been able to dramatically improve the quality of life of many patients who have "failed" conventional medicine. 

I'm not a miracle worker, but it feels great to be able to help people who have never been able to get help previously. 

​Because of my amazing patients and great word of mouth referrals my practice was filled in a matter of months and I'm currently not accepting patients due to having a full practice. 

I always plan to create blog posts to try and help everyone, though and will do my best to answer questions.

In the beginning I was able to respond to almost all the questions of this blog, but as it has grown, I haven't been able to get to them all - and I'm sorry for that. 


If you have any questions please refer to my contact page.

If you have any comments, critiques or just want to get in touch please use that link.

Please realize that I can't offer any medical advice through email or on this blog, however, but I always want to hear from you.