Hashimoto’s Bundle | 5 Supplements to Manage Hashimoto’s

Hashimoto’s Bundle | 5 Supplements Designed for Autoimmune Thyroiditis

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  • Includes: Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex, Hashimoto’s Ab Rx, Thyro ADK, Thyro Biotic, and T3 Conversion Booster
  • BONUS DOWNLOADS: 10 foods to avoid if you have Hashimoto’s, 5 Hashimoto’s friendly smoothie recipes, 5 additional Hashimoto’s natural therapies, and Hashimoto’s video bundle

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Will my Hashimoto’s bundle kick your thyroid and immune system’s butt so hard that your disease goes into remission without any other treatments or therapies?

Definitely not!

But it does contain research-backed ingredients that have a solid track record of helping patients with Hashimoto’s feel better by targeting and supporting immune health, thyroid function, inflammatory pathways, and adrenal function.

I should also probably mention that this bundle has been used successfully by thousands of patients with Hashimoto’s over the last 5 years and has been my most purchased thyroid bundle.

And when you purchase any product formulated by Dr. Westin Childs, you get the added benefit of knowing:

  • Every product is relentlessly tested and formulated using a combination of clinical experience and research.
  • Every single lot is third-party tested for pathogens, mold, toxins, and bacteria ensuring you get the best possible product.
  • Every product and order is backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee.
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Why Dr. Childs Recommends It

Hashimoto’s doesn’t have to be a disease that controls your life and causes you long-term problems. You can take steps to control your disease state. The earlier you start the better!

I’ve found that many patients with Hashimoto’s suffer from many nutrient deficiencies. Replacing these nutrients can help support normal thyroid function, normal immune function, and help you manage your symptoms.”

I’ve never met a patient with Hashimoto’s who didn’t also have issues with their adrenals.

Because of that, Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex is included in this bundle.

Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex contains a blend of adrenal adaptogens and adrenal glandular which serve to target the thyroid-adrenal connection.

These ingredients nourish and support adrenal and cortisol health while using blends that work best for thyroid patients.

This blend contains everything you’d expect in a supplement designed for the needs of thyroid patients including things like:

  • Stress reduction ingredients – Vitamin C, Rhodiola, adrenal gland, and B vitamins help improve how well your body tolerates stress and how you manage stressful situations.
  • Pre-methylated B vitamins – B vitamins that come in their pre-methylated form for easy absorption and utilization by the body. These versions are also safe if you have MTHFR genetic mutations.
  • L-tyrosine – Directly support thyroid hormone production by providing the building blocks of thyroid hormone.
  • Zinc – Support T4 to T3 conversion and immune function.
  • Anti-inflammatory blend – Reducing inflammation can indirectly improve thyroid function through thyroid conversion.
  • Detoxifying ingredients – Detoxification helps improve your thyroid by clearing up the liver.
  • Immune support blend – Immune support is a must-have for anyone with Hashimoto’s.

It’s no secret that the underlying mechanism of thyroid gland destruction in Hashimoto’s is due to inflammation from the immune system.

And that one of the best ways to improve outcomes in patients with Hashimoto’s is to stop that immune attack.

Well, Hashimoto’s Ab Rx was designed to do just that.

It features a cold-pressed non-GMO black seed oil with standardized concentrations of all active ingredients including 3% thymoquinone, <0.1 carvacrol, 1% P-cymene, and <2% free fatty acids.

That may sound like gibberish but what you really need to know is that there have been studies showing that the ingredients found in black seed oil may have a pro-thyroid effect, a thyroid antibody-lowering effect, and a weight-balancing effect on thyroid patients.

Given that there are so few natural ingredients with studies like this backing their use, this makes black seed oil a clear winner for anyone with Hashimoto’s which is one major reason it made the cut.

My Hashimoto’s Ab Rx has taken the existing data and research and supercharged it by standardizing all of the active ingredients normally found in black seed oil and titrating the dose of each individual ingredient to get the highest anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefit possible.

This is exactly why I also included a low dose of vitamin D3 in the formula because studies indicate that the synergy between the active ingredients of black seed oil and vitamin D increases its anti-inflammatory effects by up to 8 times.

If you are looking for a supercharged black seed oil that is incredibly potent and that was specifically designed just for thyroid patients then this is the supplement for you.

Just about every patient with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is vitamin D deficient and this means trouble for your immune system.

Low vitamin D levels increase your risk of developing an autoimmune disease and can weaken the immune system.

The exact opposite thing you want to occur if your own immune system is actively destroying your thyroid gland.

Taking vitamin D is, therefore, very important for patients with Hashimoto’s.

But using the right amount and in the right form matters.

Thyro ADK comes provides you with 2,500 IU of vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol (the most usable form of D3) in every serving.

Vitamin K2 is included in Thyro ADK to work synergistically with vitamin D to help shuttle calcium to where it needs to go.

On top of these 2 ingredients, you’ll also receive 2,000 mcg of Vitamin A.

The combination of these three ingredients helps support thyroid hormone cellular sensitivity.

So on top of immune health, you are also getting pro-thyroid benefits.

Vitamin D3 is a must-have for anyone with Hashimoto’s or autoimmune disease.

My Hashimoto’s bundle isn’t complete without supporting the most important thyroid hormone in your body: T3.

T3 conversion booster contains all of the ingredients necessary to support the most important thyroid process in your body.

T4 to T3 conversion.

The process why which your body takes inactive thyroid hormone (T4) and turns it into active thyroid hormone (T3).

Why is this included in my Hashimoto’s bundle?

Because inflammation and damage to your thyroid from Hashimoto’s impair thyroid function!

The reason you feel so poorly is a direct result of LOW thyroid hormone levels.

If you can increase thyroid hormone function you can manage these symptoms and feel better.

It’s important to focus on your immune system but not at the expense of thyroid function.

In addition, many of you reading this have some element of permanent thyroid damage from Hashimoto’s! If you fit into this category you need additional thyroid support in order to make up for that damage.

Your gut is the site of at least 20% of T3 production, it’s where your thyroid medication gets absorbed, its the site of the absorption of nutrients from supplements and food, and it’s a primary regulator of your immune system.

So is it really a surprise that Thyro Biotic makes an appearance in my Hashimtoo’s bundle?

It shouldn’t be!

Thyro Biotic is not just any probiotic, either.

It was specifically formulated to contain the most potent and well-researched probiotic species that thyroid patients need the most.

Each serving provides you with 3 completely different probiotics (along with multiple species) in the form of soil-based organisms, beneficial yeast, and a blend of lacto and bifido species.

The result is a comprehensive gut-resetting probiotic designed for long-term and short-term benefits.

Once you take it you’ll see why thyroid patients love it.

Supplements can go a long way to treating and potentially reversing Hashimoto’s, there’s no question about that.

But I would be lying if I said that they are a cure-all or a silver bullet.

These supplements serve as just that: supplements to your lifestyle.

They absolutely can and do provide your body with the ingredients it needs to support immune function, improve gut health, support adrenal health, improve thyroid function, and more.

But don’t neglect the other inputs that also have a powerful impact on your health and immune system like how much you are sleeping, what foods you are eating, and many other important factors.

If you are serious about managing and potentially reversing Hashimoto’s then you need to be serious about these other areas as well.

That’s why I’ve included bonus downloads when you purchase my Hashimoto’s bundle.

In addition to the supplements, we’ve also talked about you will also receive the following PDFs and downloads:

  • 10 foods to avoid if you have Hashimoto’s – These 10 foods have been shown in various studies to cause problems for people who have Hashimoto’s. Make sure you avoid these foods if you have Hashimoto’s and especially when using my bundle!
  • 5 Hashimoto’s friendly smoothie recipes – Designed specifically to be used in conjunction with Functional Fuel DETOX, these smoothie recipes are filled with natural ingredients and whole foods. Learn how to use smoothies to get additional nutrients into your body, help manage your appetite, and improve your metabolism.
  • Additional natural therapies that can be used in addition to my supplement protocol – Did you know that there are other therapies that can be used to treat Hashimoto’s? This list of therapies can be added to my supplement bundle and has been shown in various studies to help different aspects of Hashimoto’s.
  • My Hashimoto’s video bundle is jam-packed with additional information on Hashimoto’s that you won’t hear from your doctor – It probably won’t surprise you that you know more about Hashimoto’s than your doctor. My video series takes this even further by providing you with additional information and helpful videos to help you better understand Hashimoto’s and what it takes to treat this condition.

Used by over 80,000+ people who have left over 10,000+ reviews

Ingredients That Work

Ingredients and dosages are thoughtfully chosen, relentlessly tested, and continually refined.

Physician Formulated

All formulas have been created by Dr. Westin Childs based on his clinical experience and evaluation of peer-reviewed scientific research.

Made in the USA

Our supplements are proudly made in the USA, with globally sourced ingredients, in a GMP-compliant facility and shipped from Mesa, Arizona.  

Third-Party Tested

Every single supplement lot is third-party tested for heavy metals, microbes, mold, and contaminants by an ISO-accredited lab testing facility.

Free Domestic Shipping

Every order (regardless of price) placed in the U.S.A. will ship free with USPS.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t love your supplements then you can return them for a full refund! No questions asked and no hoops to jump through. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Hashimoto’s bundle works by targeting both inflammatory pathways and thyroid function in your body. It works because you are getting several different supplements that target and work at different levels of thyroid function while targeting the nutrient deficiencies that all Hashimoto’s face.

It’s not possible to target all of these pathways with 1 supplement.

Using all of these supplements helps support thyroid hormone conversion, immune function, thyroid hormone production, thyroid hormone cellular sensitivity, gut-related activation of thyroid hormone, detoxification, and the adrenal-thyroid connection.

Each product lasts a different amount of time (depending on how much you use) but you can expect each product to roughly last this long:

  • Thyro ADK will last 3 months (each bottle contains 90 servings)
  • Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex will last 2 months (if using 2 capsules per day)
  • T3 conversion Booster will last 2 months (if using 2 capsules per day)
  • Hashimoto’s Ab Rx will last 30 days if using 2 servings per day (the recommended dose is 2 servings per day)
  • Thyro Biotic will last 30 days (if using 2 capsules per day)

After purchasing, you will receive a download that includes all of this information but you can also find it here:

  • Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex – Take 2 capsules each day before noon and at least 30-60 minutes away from your thyroid medication (with or without food).
  • Hashimoto’s Ab Rx – Take 1ml (full dropper) twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening, with or without food, and at least 30-60 minutes away from your thyroid medication.
  • Thyro ADK – Take 12 drops each day, morning or night (with a fatty meal), and at least 30-60 minutes away from your thyroid medication.
  • T3 Conversion Booster – Take 2 capsules each day before noon and at least 30-60 minutes away from your thyroid medication (can be taken with Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex).
  • Thyro Biotic – Take 2 capsules each day, with or without food, at least 30-60 minutes away from thyroid medication (can be taken with other supplements).

Nope! All 4 products are free of these ingredients.

The short answer is maybe, the long answer is that it depends. Whether or not you need to remain on thyroid medication depends on your personal situation, how long you’ve had thyroid disease, whether or not the cause of your thyroid disease can be reversed, and whether or not you’ve experienced permanent damage from that condition. Generally, the earlier you catch your thyroid disease the better and you have a higher risk of reversing the issue and getting off of thyroid medication. There are some people, however, that will never be able to get off of their medication.

Please do not attempt to adjust your thyroid medication without physician supervision!

Thyroid function is slow to respond when compared to other hormone systems in the body.

It takes 6 weeks of daily use of any thyroid hormone or thyroid support supplement before your body will reach a steady state which means it will take this long before it completely enters your system.

It’s usually around this time that you will start to see changes in how you are feeling but I recommend using any thyroid support supplement or medication for at least 90 days before determining whether or not it’s working for you.

Yes! It can be used with all types of thyroid medication (including NDT and T3 thyroid medications). Just be sure to use the supplements at least 30 minutes away from whenever you take your thyroid medication and as outlined above.

It is California law to include a warning label on any product that contains one of 900 chemicals. Even though Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex has this sticker it is still very safe to use!

The threshold set by California is more strict than the safe levels set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The placement of the sticker only states that the product contains one of the 900 chemicals, even if it is found in trace amounts.

All of our supplements with this label are still very safe to consume. Proposition 65 is so strict that two servings of Tuna fish would put you over the limit for lead.

Yes, you are welcome to do that but you will not get the discount of 10% unless you purchase the entire bundle.

Yes, you sure can but I have a bundle designed for those without a thyroid that would be better! That bundle is called the Thyroidectomy & RAI Bundle and it can be found here.

The Hashimoto’s bundle can be safely used indefinitely but I recommend using it for at least 3-6 months. Ideally, you should continue it as long as you find it helpful.

Yes! My products have been used by over 80,000 thyroid patients to date and each lot is third-party tested and verified to ensure that it contains the ingredients we claim.

Yes! It’s a common misconception that iodine is dangerous for patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Iodine is required for all humans and humans can’t create iodine on their own!

This means the only way to get iodine is through your diet or with supplements.

I’ve specifically formulated these products for Hashimoto’s patients to contain zinc and selenium which protect against thyroid gland damage when using iodine.

In addition, iodine is dosed in such a way as to avoid any issues.

Yes! All of my products are manufactured in the United States. Some ingredients are sourced from other countries because these ingredients can’t be grown in the United States but the final packaging, manufacturing, and testing all occur in the United States.

Nope! I’m personally not a fan of auto-ship so I don’t offer it. All purchases are a one-time purchase so you must come back to re-purchase.

You don’t need to worry about the canceling of a membership or autoship when you purchase from my website.

I’m confident you WILL love my products, though, so I’m sure I will see you soon.

The adrenal gland found in Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex is from Argentina Bovine.

Each lot is third-party tested and verified to ensure that they do not contain pathogens, bacteria, or other harmful ingredients.

All domestic orders receive free shipping regardless of price. Orders are typically processed within 1 business day, they are shipped out via USPS Ground Advantage and typically arrive within 1-3 business days.

We also offer intentional shipping to most countries as well! International orders ship free if the order value is greater than $250 USD. Otherwise, the price of shipping is calculated on the checkout page. We primarily use USPS for international shipments.

All of my products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. I’m confident that my products will work for you but, in case they don’t, for whatever reason, you can return them for a full refund within 60 days. It makes purchasing them a no-brainer!

You can find more information about our return and refund policy by clicking here.

Yep! Every single batch of supplements undergoes third-party testing for heavy metals, pathogens, ingredient profile, and purity. In addition, my products are produced in a GMP-compliant facility in the United States.

Don’t hesitate to reach out! Please email us at hello@restartmed.com and we will do our best to get back to you within a day or so! You can also call us here: (480) 331-9431.

Questions about our quality standards? Please see this article for more information.

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Additional information

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**Results may vary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 304 reviews
Linda F.

I reviewed these products with my New Health care person. She put me on LDN, however she thought they were good products and to stay on them

I feel good!

Love the products, I feel awesome , no side effects like I was experiencing on Armour Synthroid.

Nancy M.
Feedback on my first order

I am about to place my second order. I love the products and all the information about the thyroid Dr. Childs sends me. I feel so much better and feel grateful to have found Dr. Childs bundle program

Susan H.
Working so far

I have Hashimotos and so far I’m pleased with this bundle and feel better. The only bad thing is the AB RX tastes horrible and I have to put it in fruit juice like a shot!

Hashimoto Bundle

I began using the Hashimoto bundle about 6 months ago. I have experienced an increase in energy. I am less fatigue and have more endurance than before I began the supplements. Thanks Dr Childs for all the wonderful information that you share and supplements that provide relief and healing from Hashimoto Thyroiditis.

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