Hashimoto's Bundle (4 Supplements Designed for Autoimmune Thyroiditis)

Hashimoto’s Bundle (5 Supplements Designed for Autoimmune Thyroiditis)


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  • Includes: Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex, Omega Soothe SR, Functional Fuel DETOX, Pure D3 Liquid, and Thyroid Glandular+
  • BONUS DOWNLOADS now included: 10 foods to avoid if you have Hashimoto’s, 5 Hashimoto’s friendly smoothie recipes, 5 additional Hashimoto’s natural therapies, and Hashimoto’s video bundle
  • 5 supplement combo designed to support thyroid function, reduce inflammation, cool down autoimmunity, and help your body manage Hashimoto’s naturally

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Hashimoto’s Bundle Benefits:

This Hashimoto’s bundle contains my best supplements all designed for one purpose:

To help those with Hashimoto’s treat and manage Hashimoto’s. This includes very specific supplements that target both the immune system and thyroid function.

This means that you are getting supplements designed to…

  • Manage the symptoms of Hashimoto’s (weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, and so on)
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Calm down autoimmunity and thyroid gland damage
  • Balance the cortisol and thyroid hormone connection
  • Help your body enhance detoxification pathways
  • Help improve thyroid hormone production from the thyroid gland
  • Boost T4 to T3 conversion
  • Reduce Hashimoto’s flare-ups (before they start)
  • Help calm down a Hashimoto’s flare if you are already in one

These benefits are critical if you are trying to manage Hashimoto’s and they are often missed by other supplements.


Because it’s simply not possible to get all of the vitamins and nutrients needed to manage Hashimoto’s in 1 simple capsule or pill.

This combination includes a total of 3 capsules taken each day, liquid D3 drops (2-4 drops per day), and 2 scoops of high-quality plant-based protein powder which includes an array of detoxification and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

The net result is a system that helps manage both the inflammatory problems associated with Hashimoto’s as well as the thyroid problem that thyroid autoimmunity comes with.

If you are not managing BOTH of these pathways then you are not on the right treatment.

This bundle is designed SPECIFICALLY for those with Hashimoto’s and includes supplements and therapies that they need.

You can use this bundle regardless of how early or advanced your Hashimoto’s is and whether you are on thyroid medication (of any type).

Most cases of hypothyroidism are caused by Hashimoto’s which makes this bundle ideal for 80-90% of thyroid patients.

What’s Included in the Hashimoto’s Bundle?

The Hashimoto’s bundle includes 5 highly targeted thyroid-specific supplements designed to help reduce inflammation, promote thyroid function, enhance thyroid conversion, improve metabolic burn, and more.

This is accomplished through the synergy of the following supplements:

  • Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex (Targeted thyroid + adrenal support with over 300+ reviews) – Take 2 capsules each day before noon and at least 30-60 minutes away from your thyroid medication (with or without food).
  • Omega Soothe SR (sustained-release fish oil complexed with curcumin for increased potency) – Take 2 capsules each day (morning or night, with or without food) and at least 30-60 minutes away from your thyroid medication.
  • Pure D3 Liquid (Highly absorbable Vitamin D3 in a micellized matrix) – Take 2-4 drops per day (2,000 to 4,000 IU’s per day) morning or night (with a fatty meal) and at least 30-60 minutes away from your thyroid medication.
  • Functional Fuel DETOX (Plant-based protein powder which is gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and with 26 grams of protein per serving along with thyroid specific nutrients and 14+ anti-inflammatory & detoxification ingredients/botanicals) – Take 1-2 scoops each day (14-28 day supply) in the morning with juice/water or in a morning smoothie. If you combine 2 scoops in a smoothie then this counts as a meal replacement.
  • Thyroid Glandular+ (Contains bovine thyroid glandulars which include precursor hormones, enzymes, and proteins to help your thyroid function) – Take 2 capsules each day before noon and at least 30-60 minutes away from your thyroid medication (can be taken with Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex).

I recommend that you continue using this combination until you feel that your Hashimoto’s is under control and your symptoms have improved.

FAQ + Other Information

How does the Hashimoto’s bundle work?

The Hashimoto’s bundle works by targeting both inflammatory pathways and thyroid function in your body. It works because you are getting several different supplements that target and work at different levels of thyroid function while targeting the nutrient deficiencies that all Hashimoto’s face.

It’s not possible to target all of these pathways with 1 supplement.

Using all of these supplements helps support thyroid hormone conversion, immune function, thyroid hormone production, thyroid hormone cellular sensitivity, gut-related activation of thyroid hormone, detoxification, and the adrenal-thyroid connection.

How long will this bundle last?

Each product lasts a different amount of time (depending on how much you use) but you can expect each product to roughly last about this long:

  • Pure D3 liquid will last several months (each bottle contains over 1,000 servings)
  • Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex will last 2 months (if using 2 capsules per day)
  • Thyroid Glandular + will last 2 months (if using 2 capsules per day)
  • Functional Fuel DETOX will last 14 days if using 2 scoops per day or 28 days if using 1 scoop per day
  • Omega Soothe SR will last 30 days if using 2 capsules per day and 60 days if using 1 capsule per day (if using this product in my bundle you only need to use 1 capsule per day)

Can this bundle be used with thyroid medication?

Yes! It can be used with all types of thyroid medication (including NDT and T3 thyroid medications).

Can I purchase these supplements individually?

Yes, you are welcome to do that but you will not get the discount unless you purchase the bundle.

Will this bundle help if I have Hypothyroidism?

Yes, absolutely! But if you aren’t sure whether or not you have Hashimoto’s then you should probably consider the Hypothyroid bundle which is more specific to low thyroid function.

Can I use this bundle if I don’t have a thyroid?

Yes, it will help but I have a bundle that is more designed to help those without a thyroid coming out shortly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Hashimoto’s Bundle

Started using the Hashimoto’s Bundle, noticed increase in energy and it seems to have caused some weight loss. I notice a difference in energy after taking the T3 Booster and adrenal support. I love the taste of the vanilla protein shake, it’s the first time I didn’t have an adverse reaction to a protein powder. It also makes a noticeable difference to how my stomach feels and also increases the energy level. Will be getting labs soon and will see if it makes any difference to antibodies.
Plan to take it for at least a year to see any difference. Don’t think I’ll ever stop the shakes.


I haven't lost any weight or feel any better yet.

Very Pleased

I have been taking the Hashimoto's bundle for almost a month now and am very pleased. I have lost 4 pounds (didn't expect that) but more importantly I feel so much better. I have energy, I can think more clearly and I don't have the aches and pains that I had; making it easier to enjoy everyday activities so much more. I will definitely continue. It is so nice to wake up now and feel better.

Already feeling better

I am very happy with the Hashimoto's package. I am already feeling stronger more often than not. Swollen thyroid has gone down slightly. With the change of foods I have applied to my healthy way of life with these supplements in time, I believe I will be back on the road to maintaining good health for the Hashimoto's issues.
I so appreciate your knowledge and tested and tried products that work. My focus and memory has also come back to me in a very noticeable way!
God Bless You!!

Hashimoto’s bundle

I have been consistently tired for years, despite taking thyroid medication and supplements. Since I started taking this bundle, I find myself with more energy and focus - something I haven’t had in years!