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how many calories should you eat if you have hypothyroidism

How Many Calories Should You Eat with Hypothyroidism?

You’ve heard it before: If you want to lose weight then you need to count your calories.  I hate to break it to you but counting calories may be one of the worst things you can do if you have a thyroid problem.  Calories do play a role in weight maintenance but they aren’t nearly …

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symptoms of not eating enough calories

7 Symptoms of Not Eating Enough Calories & 4 Step Treatment Guide

Did you know that not eating enough calories may be limiting your ability to lose weight? Caloric restriction causes a cascade of hormone imbalances that lead to a condition known as weight loss resistance. Contrary to conventional wisdom you must eat ENOUGH calories if you want to lose weight. Luckily, there are several signs and …

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debunking the thyroid obesity myth

Debunking the Thyroid Obesity Myth + 6 Weight Loss Tips & Tricks

Let’s debunk this myth once and for all.  No doubt you’ve heard people claim that their weight gain is due to having thyroid problems. The reply is always something along the lines: “Blaming your thyroid is an excuse for not having self-control or for being lazy”.  But is this really true? Not really, in fact, …

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is hypothalamic obesity disorder causing your thyroid problems?

Is Hypothalamic Obesity Disorder Causing your Thyroid Symptoms?

Are you undergoing thyroid treatment but not getting better? Do you have ALL of the symptoms of hypothyroidism but normal “thyroid labs”? Is T4 making your symptoms WORSE or are you gaining weight while taking this medication? If so, hypothalamic obesity disorder may be the underlying cause of your symptoms.  This condition mimics hypothyroid-like symptoms …

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does progesterone cause weight loss or weight gain?

Does Progesterone Cause Weight Gain or Weight Loss?

When you think of progesterone most of us are conditioned to think that it causes weight loss.  But the truth is that progesterone can cause both weight loss and weight gain, depending on the situation of who is using it. Not only that but how you take progesterone and at what dose may determine if …

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how to use contrave for weight loss

How Contrave Helps with Weight Loss + Who should use it

Is Contrave really a miracle weight loss medication?  Well, it is a newer weight loss medication but it’s far from perfect.  This particular medication helps people lose weight by influencing certain factors in the body ranging from hormonal control to appetite modulation.  Because of this, certain people stand to benefit more from using this medication …

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how hyperthyroidism causes weight gain

How Hyperthyroidism Can Lead to Weight Gain & What to do about it

Hyperthyroid patients can and do gain weight! You are NOT crazy if this is happening to you and it can be explained perfectly with science.  Believe it or not, weight gain in hyperthyroid patients is actually quite common with reports showing as many as 50% of patients who deal with this particular issue. We need …

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5 ways saxenda help with weight loss

5 Ways Saxenda Helps with Weight Loss & How to use it Safely

Saxenda might be one of the best weight loss medications that exist on the market right now.  But just because it might work doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right for your body. Saxenda works because it alters many hormone systems in your body that tend to interfere with your appetite, metabolism, and even other hormones.  In …

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The connection between low thyroid and weight gain

The Connection Between Low Thyroid & Weight Gain & What to do About it

Low thyroid function leads to weight gain but probably not in the way you are suspecting it would. Consider this: If low thyroid leads to weight gain then why does replacing thyroid hormone in your body not lead to weight loss? In other words, why don’t prescription thyroid medications act like weight loss medications? So …

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How to use Berberine to boost weight loss

How to use Berberine to Boost Weight Loss, Lower Blood Sugar & More

Berberine might just be one of the best supplements you’ve never heard of.  Through its powerful effects on insulin and muscle mass berberine can help lower blood sugar levels and reduce insulin levels.  This effect is so strong that it has been compared to pharmaceutical medications (more on that below!).  Beyond its effects on blood …

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