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Busting NDT Thyroid Medication Myths What Doctors Get Wrong

Busting NDT Thyroid Medication Myths: What Doctors Get Wrong

NDT is an acronym for a class of some of the most popular thyroid medications that exist.  You’ve heard of these medications, even if you don’t know them by this name.  This class includes medications like Armour Thyroid, NP Thyroid, and the newest, Adthyza.  By the way, Nature-throid and WP Thyroid are also on this list, but they remain unavailable so we will just ignore them …

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Levothyroxine Ingredient List What's Actually Inside

Levothyroxine Ingredient List: What’s Actually Inside

Levothyroxine is consistently one of the most commonly prescribed medications in the United States beating out medications for common conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol every single year.  And yet, many people taking it have no idea what they are getting.  Today that changes because you’re going to learn exactly what each dose of …

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5 Tips for weight loss after thyroidectomy

5 Tips for Weight Loss after Thyroidectomy – What your Doctor is Missing

Almost every patient gains weight after having a thyroidectomy.  In fact, it’s considered normal to gain 20-30 pounds and most doctors just shrug it off as “normal”. ​When you consider that thyroid hormone controls the metabolism of your entire body and that after removing it most patients gain 20-30 pounds, shouldn’t we at least consider …

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