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how hypothyroidism can change your face

8 Ways Hypothyroidism Can Change Your Face

Most thyroid patients are well aware that changes in thyroid function can lead to problems like weight gain and depression but did you know that hypothyroidism can also impact your physical appearance and change the shape and structure of your face? It’s true!  Your thyroid impacts and regulates just about every tissue in your body so it should come as no …

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how to build your own natural desiccated thyroid blend

How to Build Your Own Natural Desiccated Thyroid Blend

There were a ton of thyroid patients that were hit in the proverbial face when Nature-throid and WP Thyroid were taken off the market.  These thyroid medications went from being some of the most sought-after thyroid medications to being completely unavailable in a very short period of time.  Not only did this cause a lot of …

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Adthyza Thyroid Medication Review_ Should You Use it

Adthyza Thyroid Medication Review: Should You Use it?

There’s a newish thyroid medication on the block that’s trying to make a name for itself.  Meet Adthyza.  It’s a porcine-derived prescription thyroid medication that, based on how it’s marketed, is supposed to be a cleaner alternative to the other thyroid medications on the market.  But does it live up to the claims? Is it worth trying if …

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thyroid hormone resistance syndromes: how common are they

Thyroid Hormone Resistance: What is it & How to Diagnose it

Thyroid hormone resistance gets a lot of attention from thyroid patients for one very important reason:  Because it has the potential to explain why so many thyroid patients continue to feel poorly despite taking thyroid medication and despite having thyroid lab tests in the normal range.  While this is true, the assertion that thyroid hormone resistance …

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Do you have to take thyroid medication for life

Do You Have to Take Thyroid Medication For Life Once You Start?

If you were to ask your doctor how long you need to take thyroid medication the answer you would probably get is forever.  That’s a pretty scary thought for many thyroid patients and it causes them a lot of hesitancy in even starting the medication in the first place.  After all, wouldn’t you think twice …

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hypothyroid supplements for women

Hypothyroid Supplements for Women: My Top Picks

Hypothyroid Women Have Specific Needs Believe it or not, hypothyroidism hits women differently than men.  The symptoms you will experience as a woman with hypothyroidism will be very different from the symptoms that a man will experience.  Sure, there will definitely be some overlap.  Symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, and even hair loss will occur …

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how thyroid supplements work and why they help you feel better

How Thyroid Supplements Work & Why They Help you Feel Better

Do Thyroid Supplements Help Thyroid Patients Feel Better? If you were to ask an endocrinologist or another conventionally trained doctor if thyroid supplements they would tell you “no”.  They would also tell you that the only way to improve thyroid function is by taking thyroid medication such as levothyroxine or Synthroid.  But is this actually …

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6 ways selenium benefits the thyroid

6 Ways Selenium Benefits Thyroid Function (+ How Much To Use)

Selenium Deficiency & Thyroid Problems Selenium is up there with iodine and zinc in terms of how important it is for your thyroid gland.  What happens if you don’t have enough selenium in your body? For starters, it increases your risk of developing autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis), may increase inflammation in your entire body and …

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