Essential T2 - Bioidentical T2 Hormone (3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine)

Essential T2 | Bioidentical T2 Thyroid Hormone (3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine)

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Essential T2 contains bioidentical T2 thyroid hormone designed to provide your body with an exact replica of the same T2 thyroid hormone it would create in a healthy state. This supplement can help you create a more comprehensive thyroid hormone replacement regimen, one that mimics what the body produces naturally. Each capsule provides 100mcg of 3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine.

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Taking Thyroid Medication? Use T2 Thyroid Hormone For a More Complete Thyroid Profile

T2 thyroid hormone is the only thyroid hormone available over the counter and is something that most thyroid patients aren’t even aware exists.

This is unfortunate because T2 thyroid if used correctly, can provide your body with benefits that you simply can’t get elsewhere.

And because very few medications contain T2 (only NDT formulations contain a small amount), it’s something that most thyroid patients simply aren’t getting enough of.

When your thyroid gland is healthy it naturally produces T2 thyroid hormone along with the others you already know about including T4 and T3.

The body creates T2 by converting T3 into T2 and we already know that many thyroid patients don’t have enough T3 at baseline because they can’t convert T4 into T3.

How do you expect to create T2 when you aren’t creating enough of the thing you need to make it?

You won’t be able to!

When you are in a hypothyroid state, when you are taking thyroid medication, or when your thyroid has been removed, ablated, or damaged as in Hashimoto’s, your thyroid is no longer able to produce this important hormone effectively.

T2 supplements provide you a way to put back in the thyroid hormone that your body can’t produce and bring you back closer to a state of healthy thyroid function.

It gets even better, though.

T2 thyroid hormone can be used with all thyroid medications and all thyroid supplements.

And because it’s a unique ingredient, there’s a very small chance (pretty much zero) that you are getting it from another source.

Why is T2 so important? Check out how it works in your body:

Benefits of Essential T2

While there is still more to learn, we know that T2 thyroid hormone is not some inactive thyroid hormone as we originally thought.

Doctors and researchers used to believe that T2 thyroid hormone was just a byproduct of thyroid hormone metabolism.

When your body was done using T3 and T4 it would create T2 as a byproduct which would then get recycled by the body.

We now know that this isn’t the case.

Not only does T2 perform its own functions, but it also helps T4 and T3 thyroid hormones work more effectively.

Here’s how it helps your body and thyroid:

  • Regulates basal metabolic rate*
  • Activates detoxification enzymes in the liver*
  • Activates brown adipose tissue*
  • Increases cellular ATP production*
  • Regulates cholesterol production*
  • Assist muscles in burning fat and maintaining muscle health*
  • Protects kidney function*
  • Assist in the regulation of blood sugar*
  • Help determine muscle tone*
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Why Dr. Childs Recommends It

“Most thyroid patients are aware of T4 and T3 but they forget about T2. This is a big mistake because T2 thyroid hormone is necessary for optimal thyroid function!

Taking T2 thyroid hormone can provide your body with a more natural thyroid hormone profile and help with persistent low thyroid symptoms while on other thyroid medications.

Used by over 80,000 people who have left over 11,000 reviews

Ingredients That Work

Ingredients and dosages are thoughtfully chosen, relentlessly tested, and continually refined.

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All formulas have been created by Dr. Westin Childs based on his clinical experience and evaluation of peer-reviewed scientific research.

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Our supplements are proudly made in the USA, with globally sourced ingredients, in a GMP-compliant facility and shipped from Mesa, Arizona.  

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Every single supplement lot is third-party tested for heavy metals, microbes, mold, and contaminants by an ISO-accredited lab testing facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine is the official medical name for T2 thyroid hormone. Each thyroid hormone has a name based on the number of iodine atoms found bound to it.

T4 thyroid hormone is known as thyroxine, T3 thyroid hormone is known as triiodothyronine, and T2 thyroid hormone is known as 3,5 diiodo-l-thyronine.

Don’t let the name confuse you, though, it’s just another way to say T2 thyroid hormone.

If you are a thyroid patient then there’s a good chance you can benefit from taking T2 thyroid hormone. Here’s why:

Your body creates T2 thyroid hormone in the natural and healthy state. When you take thyroid medications (of any type) including levothyroxine, you are shutting down the natural production of thyroid hormones from your thyroid gland.

This is both a good and a bad thing. Good because it is providing you with the hormone that you desperately need but bad because it’s also shutting down the production of other thyroid hormones such as T3 and T2 in the process.

We don’t know as much about T2 thyroid hormone as we do about T4 and T3 but what we do know suggests that T2 thyroid hormone is an important part of thyroid hormone regulation and plays an important role in several different areas.

In cases of complete thyroid gland destruction (such as radioactive iodine ablation), complete thyroid removal (such as thyroidectomy), and end-stage Hashimtoo’s then using T2 thyroid hormone is a no-brainer because your body is no longer producing it.

Taking T2 thyroid hormone in conjunction with T4 and T3 thyroid medications provides you with a more comprehensive thyroid profile similar to what the healthy thyroid gland produces naturally.

Essential T2 features a synthetic source of T2.

Thyroid patients sometimes assume synthetic thyroid hormones are automatically bad just because they are synthetic but that isn’t the case.

All thyroid medications are bioidentical, where they differ is the source.

Natural Desiccated Thyroid medications are considered “natural” because they come from animals (usually pigs).

But just because something comes from animals doesn’t mean it’s automatically safe, either!

We know from studies that horse hormones, for instance, can cause problems in humans.

We also know that animal proteins (such as those found in NDT) can exacerbate and flare up the immune system in humans.

What’s more important than the source is whether or not the hormone is bioidentical and Essential T2 contains bioidentical T2 thyroid hormone.

Yes! Essential T2 can be used with other thyroid medications.

And, just like other thyroid medications, you will want to treat T2 thyroid hormone in a similar way.

That means taking Essential T2 on an empty stomach, away from food and drink, and at least 30-60 minutes away from other supplements and medications.

It is also likely that T2 thyroid hormone will help both T4 and T3 thyroid medications work more effectively.

Unfortunately, right now there isn’t a readily available way to test your free T2 level.

The testing for T2 exists but right now it’s primarily used for research purposes.

Even though you can’t directly test your T2 level, there are still ways to indirectly assess whether you have enough.

Here are a few:

#1. You can estimate your T2 level by looking at your T3 level. This works because the major source of T2 in the body is from T3 to T2 conversion. If your body is low in T3 then you know you lack the substrate to make T2.

#2. You can look at proxy measurements of your metabolism such as your resting heart rate and basal body temperature. These are not perfect measures of your metabolism, but they can track with your thyroid status (but not always).

#3. You can look at your thyroid symptoms. If you are still experiencing low thyroid symptoms even while taking thyroid medication (and other factors have been ruled out), then it’s likely your thyroid hormones are not optimized. In a perfect world, you should optimize T2 levels like you would optimize T4 and T3 levels.

For best results, take 1-2 capsules in the morning, on an empty stomach, and at least 30-60 minutes away from other supplements. Can be taken at the same time as thyroid medication.

Because Essential T2 contains thyroid hormone, you will want to take it in a similar way as your thyroid medication (if you take any).

It’s best to start out with 1 capsule per day (which provides 100mcg of T2) and increase up to 2 capsules per day after a few days as long as you can tolerate the 1 capsule dose.

Essential T2 can be used indefinitely (forever if you want)!

Why? Because it’s bioidentical to the thyroid hormone that your body produces naturally.

In a healthy state, your thyroid would be producing T2 continuously throughout your life.

This is not the case in many hypothyroid patients, though, so Essential T2 serves to replace that lost thyroid hormone via supplement form.

When used at the correct dose, Essential T2 should not have an impact on thyroid lab tests.

This is based on studies that show that using doses of up to 300mcg per day does not significantly impact TSH, free T3, and free T4 levels.

Whenever you are trying to improve your thyroid function, though, whether that be through natural therapies or with the use of thyroid medications, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your thyroid lab tests.

If you notice a change in how you are feeling then rechecking your thyroid lab tests (with a complete thyroid lab panel) would be a good idea after 6-8 weeks of continuous use.

With physician supervision, if you see changes in your thyroid function then you can make appropriate changes to your thyroid medication at that time.

Essential T2 is generally very well tolerated when used at our recommended doses.

Patients have reported side effects which range from more energy, a better quality of life, higher metabolism, weight loss, improved sleep, reduced brain fog, and many others.

Because your thyroid influences just about every cell in your body, the side effects that you may experience when improving thyroid function are variable.

In other words, the benefits you obtain from using it might be different from the next person and so on.

Thyroid medications like levothyroxine and Synthroid contain T4 thyroid hormone in the form of thyroxine.

Thyroid medications like Cytomel and liothyronine contain T3 thyroid hormone in the form of triiodothyronine.

The only prescription thyroid medication that contains small amounts of T2 are medications in the Natural Desiccated Thyroid family which include medications like Armour thyroid, NP thyroid, and Nature-Throid.

T2 thyroid hormone is the only thyroid hormone that doesn’t require a prescription medication because it is not as powerful as the other hormones mentioned.

There are no standard tests available for testing free T2 levels, unfortunately. Assays are currently being developed, though, and T2 testing will likely become a regular part of thyroid hormone testing in the future.

There will likely come a time when thyroid patients receive all thyroid hormones as part of their thyroid medication regimen including T4, T3, and T2.

Yes, not only can you use it in this situation but it would also be a great idea to do so!

The reason is simple:

Once your thyroid gland has been removed it can no longer produce any thyroid hormone including T2.

This means your only method of obtaining T2 thyroid hormone is via supplement form or through medications like Armour thyroid.

Many thyroid patients without a thyroid are not taking these medications, though, which means they are not benefitting from T2 thyroid hormone.

This same concept applies to those who are post radioactive iodine ablation and those in end-stage Hashimoto’s.

Thyroid function is slow to respond when compared to other hormone systems in the body.

It takes 6 weeks of daily use of any thyroid hormone or thyroid support supplement before your body will reach a steady state which means it will take this long before it completely enters your system.

It’s usually around this time that you will start to see changes in how you are feeling but I recommend using any thyroid support supplement or medication for at least 90 days before determining whether or not it’s working for you.

The most obvious way will be to assess your symptoms or how you are feeling!

T2 thyroid hormone shouldn’t have a big impact on your thyroid lab tests (which is by design) so the best way to assess if it’s working is based on your symptoms.

Most people have an intuitive sense of how they are feeling and can tell if thyroid support supplements are working based on that alone.

If you are having a harder time keeping track then I recommend keeping a journal or record of things such as your daily energy level, how you are sleeping, the quality of your sleep, your body temperature, your resting heart rate, your body fat percentage, your body weight, and a general sense of your mood.

These are all indirect measures of thyroid function and can help you determine how Essential T2 is helping you.

Yes! I created Essential T2 with both thyroid medications and thyroid supplements in mind.

It wouldn’t be a very good thyroid support supplement if thyroid patients couldn’t use it with other thyroid medications or thyroid supplements!

It can safely be used with all of my other thyroid support supplements and will become a part of certain thyroid bundles in the future because I believe it is that important for healthy thyroid function.

Good question and yes! Formulations of natural desiccated thyroid such as Armour thyroid contain some amount of T2 thyroid hormone which is why this question comes up.

The dosing of T2 in NDT is variable and is not felt to contribute significantly to the effectiveness of these medications.

Aside from the active ingredient (3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine), Essential T2 contains hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, and Nu-Flow Rice Fiber.

All of these inactive ingredients are considered very safe and should not cause any issues.

They are included in this supplement to ensure consistent dosing of the active ingredient so that you know you are getting as close to 100mcg per capsule as possible.

Essential T2 is not considered a weight loss supplement. It is considered a thyroid support supplement that was designed to provide thyroid patients with a more balanced thyroid hormone profile.

Having said that, studies that evaluate the effect of T2 thyroid hormone on the metabolism have been positive.

It’s clear that T2 thyroid hormone does have some impact on both metabolism and the T3 receptor.

One animal study showed that using 300mcg/day of T2 caused a significant increase in resting metabolic rate (metabolism) with a corresponding decrease in body weight over several weeks (6).

These benefits were seen without altering free T3, free T4, and TSH levels.

When used correctly, and in conjunction with healthy lifestyle changes, it’s possible that weight loss may be a positive secondary side effect of its use.

I don’t recommend using T2 for the primary purpose of weight loss, though.

It’s best used to provide your body with normal thyroid hormone regulation and if the result of that is weight loss, then that’s great.

But the potential for abuse is too high which is why it should only be used by those who need it (those with thyroid dysfunction).

If you are a thyroid patient who is struggling to lose weight, optimizing your thyroid function is a necessary step as it controls and regulates your metabolism.

When using any thyroid support supplement, including Essential T2, combine it with a healthy whole-food diet, regular exercise, and intermittent fasting for the best possible results.

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Customer Reviews

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Kay W.
This is what I've been missing.

This is what I've been missing. It only took 72 years.

J S.
T2 Thyroid Hormone

It has helped with reducing the inflammation in my body and regulate my thyroid. It is the most helpful product I have used.

Rebecca H.
Best I’ve felt in a long time.

Dr. Westin’s products have helped me feel better than I have in a long time. I had been on Levothyroxin for about 10 years. But always fwlt like I was still having Thyroid issues. I’m so grateful to have found these supplements.

Jill F.
Seeing Results

I'm seeing a difference in reduced fatigue and some weight loss. I know the process is slow, but I do feel better.

Jeanne M.
Tried T2

I take a compounded thyroid medication. After reading about the T2 and how it helped many people I decided to give it a try myself. One of my biggest concerns was my temperature even though the doctor said the medication was perfect for me. My oral temperature before getting out of bed ranges anywhere from 95.6 to 97.2. I was hoping that this would help because a low temperature also affects your immune system. I do have chronic limes disease so that’s always an issue too however, I have been treated with Homeopathics and supplements and have been doing pretty well.
I plan to order another bottle and maybe increase it to two a day. I did notice that my temperature did go off degree so I was happy about that. It would be nice not to be cold all the time.

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Essential T2 | Bioidentical T2 Thyroid Hormone (3,5 Diiodo-L-Thyronine)
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