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All Thyroid Tests + What They Mean & How to Interpret Them

Are you suffering from the symptoms of thyroid disease but you have "normal" thyroid lab tests?

Maybe you are already taking thyroid medication but some of your thyroid lab tests seem "off". 

Either way this is the guide for you. 

This post will walk you through everything you need to know about thyroid lab testing include the complete list of thyroid lab tests, what they mean, how to interpret them and a frequently asked questions guide to top it off.

Let's jump in:

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What to Look for in a Thyroid Doctor to Start Feeling Better

Does it feel like your current thyroid treatment isn't working?

Have you been reading a lot about your thyroid but now you are more confused?

If you fall into these categories then the answer may be to find the right Thyroid Doctor. 

There is no substitute for an experienced physician who understands the importance of thyroid function and who can guide you through your symptoms, treatment and recovery

The difficult part is finding the "right" thyroid doctor and finding one who can put everything together. 

In this guide I will walk you through some tips and tricks designed to help you find a good thyroid doctor to help you on your path to recovery:

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Thyroid Cancer Symptoms & Early Warning Signs

This post will teach you how to identify thyroid cancer symptoms and teach you what to look out for if you suspect you have thyroid cancer.

It is important to understand thyroid cancer because some thyroid conditions may mimic or cause symptoms which may cause a "thyroid cancer scare".  

Learn more about these conditions and how to proceed if you believe you are suffering from them...

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Benefits of Chromium Picolinate for Weight Loss, Diabetes & More

This post will help you understand the amazing and potential benefits of using Chromium picolinate for weight loss, depression, appetite regulation and for treating insulin resistance and also how to use it safely and effectively.

Chromium is an essential mineral which helps regulate the metabolism of very important macromolecules in your body. 

Chromium deficiency may result in unwanted symptoms and we know from several studies that certain patients are at risk for developing this deficiency. 

With that in mind let's discuss everything you need to know about chromium including how to determine if you should use this supplement

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How Long Does it take for Testosterone (Cream + Injections + Pellets) to Work?

This post will walk you through the ups and downs of testosterone replacement therapy and give you an idea of how long it takes testosterone to work and what to do if it isn't.

Testosterone replacement therapy can be used to help patients lose weight, improve their mood and more - but what if you don't experience those benefits? How long should you wait?

Learn more about how long you should be waiting for results and learn about which factors may be limiting your results in this guide...

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What is Thyroiditis? Types, Symptoms & Treatment (Patient Guide)

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Thyroiditis including the complete symptom guide, how to approach treatment and the various types of Thyroiditis (including how to treat and manage Hahshimoto's thyroiditis).

Thyroiditis is actually just a general term used to describe inflammation localized to the thyroid gland. 

The trick with diagnosing this condition is understanding the various conditions which may result in inflammation in this specific tissue. 

These causes range from autoimmunity (your own body attacking itself) to inflammation from viral infections. 

Learn more about managing this condition and how to diagnose Thyroiditis here: 

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The Complete Hypothyroidism User Guide for Patients (2018 Edition)

If you've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism or you suspect you have hypothyroidism then this is the post for you. 

The world of hypothyroidism can be a confusing and conflicting place. 

Learn all of the updated information relating to hypothyroidism treatment and management in this guide with references to the newest scientific research and studies

This guide will walk you through everything important and relevant to thyroid function to help you become an advocate for your own health and help you discuss your thyroid with your physician.

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