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list of leptin resistance supplements

Leptin Resistance Supplements: What’s Working for Weight Loss

Treating Leptin Resistance Naturally Here’s the deal: Most people (physicians and patients alike) who know anything about losing weight and keeping it off, the right way, know about leptin.  They know that if you want to lose weight and keep it off you must target leptin levels.  But there’s one big problem: Leptin is notoriously …

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leptin levels: high vs low and what they mean for your weight

Leptin Levels: High vs Low & What it Means For your Weight

Leptin The Primary Fat Loss Hormone By now you’ve probably at least heard of the hormone leptin.  Leptin is a hormone secreted by your fat cells which are pri​​marily responsible for helping your body regulate your body weight (1) and your metabolism.  It is the single most important hormone when it comes to managing your weight, …

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3 stages of leptin resistance and how they impact weight loss

3 Stages of Leptin Resistance and How They Impact Weight Loss

Why Staging your Leptin Resistance Matters Already know a little bit about leptin resistance? Want to take your knowledge to the next level?  If so, then you will find the information in this article incredibly helpful! Today, the topic is all about leptin resistance and staging your serum leptin level.  Why does this matter? Because …

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Prescription medications used to treat leptin resistance

The Best Prescription Medications for Treating Leptin Resistance

Leptin resistance is a major and seriously underappreciated cause of weight loss resistance and weight gain.  The good news is that there are many ways to treat this condition which is very common among obese people.  The bad news is that your doctor isn’t likely to know much about it which leaves it up to …

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how to diagnose leptin resistance

How to Diagnose Leptin Resistance Using Lab Tests & Symptoms

The inability to lose weight despite reducing your calories and exercising excessively, an increase in your appetite even after just having had a large meal, hair loss, and cold body temperature.  What do all of these findings have in common? They are frequently seen in the condition of leptin resistance.  And in this article, I’m …

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advanced victoza dosing guide for weight loss & insulin resistance

Advanced Victoza Dosing Guide (& More) for Weight Loss & Insulin/Leptin Resistance

This guide is part 1 in a series I am writing about how to properly and effectively use weight loss medications (including dosing, duration of therapy, and titration). This post is primarily designed for those who have an understanding of Victoza (the medication) and understand generally how it is used for weight loss in this …

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5 ways saxenda help with weight loss

5 Ways Saxenda Helps with Weight Loss & How to use it Safely

Saxenda might be one of the best weight loss medications that exist on the market right now.  But just because it might work doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right for your body. Saxenda works because it alters many hormone systems in your body that tend to interfere with your appetite, metabolism, and even other hormones.  In …

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Do Leptin Supplements Work Which Ones to Use and Which to Avoid

Do Leptin Supplements Work? Which Ones to Use and Which to Avoid

Most leptin supplements don’t actually work… ​Don’t worry though, there are still some supplements that can help you lose weight which we will talk about later but just keep that in the back of your mind for now. Why don’t most leptin supplements work? They almost always target the wrong imbalance. By the time leptin …

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Leptin Diet How to Eat For Leptin Resistance

Leptin Diet: How to Eat For Leptin Resistance

High Leptin levels lead to weight loss resistance, a ravenous appetite, and constant weight gain (yes it can make weight loss almost impossible).  That’s the bad news… The good news is that you can influence leptin levels through your diet (and other ways that we will discuss later). One of the big problems with Leptin …

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9 step guide to reverse leptin resistance

9 Step Guide to Reverse Leptin Resistance & Thyroid Resistance

Are you having trouble losing weight? Or, better yet… do any of these sound familiar?  You can’t lose weight no matter how much you exercise You are constantly gaining weight even though you haven’t changed your exercise or diet routine You feel like your metabolism is unusually slow or damaged You’ve tried 4+ different calorie-restricted …

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