Thyro Biotic | 3-in-1 Thyroid Supporting Probiotic

Thyro Biotic | 3-in-1 Thyroid Supporting Probiotic (30-Day Supply)

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Supporting your gut has the potential to improve thyroid conversion, enhance the absorption of your thyroid medication, and increase the nutrients you are getting from your diet. Thyro Biotic was designed to provide thyroid patients with the perfect probiotic for the unique conditions that thyroid dysfunction causes in the gut. This triple combination probiotic formula (the equivalent of taking 3 different probiotics at once) contains therapeutic doses of soil-based organisms, beneficial yeast, and lacto & bifido strains. This low-allergen formula can be taken with overgrowth syndromes like SIFO and SIBO.

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Increase Thyroid Function by Up To 20%

It’s been estimated that up to 20% of thyroid conversion occurs in the gut which is both a scary and encouraging statistic.

Scary in that your gut may be limiting your thyroid function without you even realizing it but encouraging in that there’s something you can do about it.

This provides you with an opportunity to capitalize on your physiology to potentially improve your thyroid symptoms.

So, will taking Thyro Biotic automatically increase your T3 levels by 20%?

Definitely not.

But it will help provide your gut with a well-researched blend of probiotics designed specifically for the unique needs of thyroid patients that is both safe and effective.

Does it have the potential to indirectly improve thyroid function? Absolutely because anything that improves your gut health can do this, but there’s so much more to be gained from the use of quality probiotics.

Additional potential benefits include:

  • More regular bowel movements (great for constipation)
  • Better control of mood-related symptoms like depression
  • Enhanced immune system regulation (perfect for those with autoimmune thyroiditis)
  • Improved absorption of nutrients from the food you eat and the supplements you take
  • Enhanced absorption of thyroid medication (make your thyroid medication more effective)
  • The ability to better fight off gut pathogens like H. pylori.
  • The ability to better fight off overgrowth syndromes like small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and small intestinal fungal overgrowth.
  • Restoration of tight junctions (leaky gut)
  • Better oral health (decrease pathogens that cause cavities and gingivitis)
  • Better cognition and reduced brain fog
  • Deeper sleep
  • Help you better tolerate dairy, and gluten, and handle seasonal allergies
  • Better skin health

And when you purchase any supplement from Dr. Westin Childs you get the added benefit of knowing:

  • Every product is relentlessly tested and formulated using a combination of clinical experience and research.
  • Every single lot is third-party tested for pathogens, mold, toxins, and bacteria ensuring you get the best possible product.
  • Every product and order is backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee.

Key Probiotics in Thyro Biotic

You can think of Thyro Biotic as a 3-in-1 formula that contains 3 different classes of probiotics all in one.

Each serving provides you with a therapeutic dose of soil-based organisms, beneficial yeast, and bifido & lacto strains for full comprehensive gut support.

Each of these is typically sold separately as different probiotics which means you’d need to purchase 3 different probiotic supplements to get this broad range of probiotics all in one.

The reason for such a powerful combination is simple:

Thyroid patients suffer from many gut-related issues including low stomach acid, decreased intestinal microbiome diversity, overgrowth syndromes, increased risk of gut-related infections, decreased intestinal motility, and more.

These conditions stem from two major problems:

Low stomach acid (due to low thyroid function) and decreased bowel movement (due to low thyroid function).

These conditions set up thyroid patients for a host of gut-related issues that can impair thyroid function, the effectiveness of their thyroid medication, and the effectiveness of thyroid-supporting supplements.

This cascade of problems can be treated and reversed but it requires much more than just the standard type of probiotics you’d find in the grocery store.

Research shows us that the best way to handle these complex gut problems is with multi-species probiotics.

I’ve spent the last 8 years researching and testing to find what works best for thyroid patients which is why I’ve included these species in Thyro Biotic:

Soil-based organisms, or SBOs for short, are some of the hardiest bacteria that we know of. They can withstand harsh environments in the body which means they don’t die off when introduced to stomach acid.

These organisms are naturally found in the soil and we know that our ancestors would have come into regular contact with them through the harvesting of food and the drinking of well water.

Due to changes in how we manage water and the harvesting of foods, we no longer naturally get exposed to these probiotics which are felt to be one reason why we see massive increases in autoimmune diseases (like Hashimoto’s and Graves’ disease).

The use of soil-based organisms, as a therapy, is both safe and effective and provides thyroid patients with a way to get back to their roots, so to speak, and expose their microbiome to the same environment that our ancestors were exposed to.

Research backs the use of these SBOs which have been documented to help in the following conditions:

  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal pain
  • H. pylori treatment
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Nausea

These probiotics are unusual in that, unlike other species of probiotics, they have the potential to colonize the digestive tract which means that they result in long-term beneficial effects.

Don’t let the name freak you out! Yes, Saccharomyces is a yeast, but it’s not a pathogenic or harmful yeast like Candida species.

Saccharomyces is considered a beneficial yeast that acts more like a probiotic than anything else.

It is genetically different from the type of yeast used for brewing and from the type of yeast that results in overgrowth syndromes in your gut.

Research has shown that Saccharomyces can impact gut health by:

  • Reducing pro-inflammatory markers and promoting anti-inflammatory signaling effects
  • Acting as an immune stimulant
  • Inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and parasites
  • Its antitoxin effect by blocking toxin binding to receptors
  • Cross-talking and communicating with healthy bacteria species
  • Stimulating the growth and repair of intestinal tissue
  • Improving short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs)

Bifido-lacto strains have become the norm in probiotics for good reason:

They are safe, effective, well-researched, and powerful tools for improving gut health.

While they are not as hardy as SBOs and beneficial yeasts, they provide a complementary function to these other organisms.

Unlike SBOs which may populate the gastrointestinal tract and become a part of your microbiome, these bacterial species typically do not stay around for long.

They exert their effects on contact with various portions of your GI tract by influencing the growth of other bacterial species and activating various receptors.

Their benefits are considered to be more short-term whereas the SBOs and beneficial yeast exert longer-term benefits which is why they complement one another perfectly.

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Why Dr. Childs Recommends It

“Improving gut health is one of the easiest ways to improve thyroid function and one of the easiest ways to improve your gut health is with a probiotic.

Targeting your gut has the potential to increase T3 levels, enhance the absorption of your thyroid medication, balance your immune system, and much more. For these reasons, probiotics make the list of my top supplement recommendations for thyroid patients.”

Used by over 80,000+ people who have left over 10,000+ reviews

Ingredients That Work

Ingredients and dosages are thoughtfully chosen, relentlessly tested, and continually refined.

Physician Formulated

All formulas have been created by Dr. Westin Childs based on his clinical experience and evaluation of peer-reviewed scientific research.

Made in the USA

Our supplements are proudly made in the USA, with globally sourced ingredients, in a GMP-compliant facility and shipped from Mesa, Arizona.  

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Every single supplement lot is third-party tested for heavy metals, microbes, mold, and contaminants by an ISO-accredited lab testing facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The recommended dose is 2 capsules per day, taken with or without food, and at least 30-60 minutes away from thyroid medication (if you take any).

2 capsules will yield about 60 billion total CFU of probiotics.

Probiotics are generally very well tolerated but some people may notice some changes in bowel function when they first start using them.

These changes may include symptoms like changes in bowel function, initial bloating, a temporary increase in gas production, the sensation of your stomach churning, and changes in the color of your stool.

These symptoms do not always occur and, when they do, typically resolve within about a week or so of daily and consistent use.

They stem from the changes that occur to your microbiome as your body adjusts and adapts to the introduction of new species.

Most people who take Thyro Biotic will not experience any negative symptoms but, instead, will see a positive improvement in their overall gut health.

Each person will experience different benefits when taking a probiotic because no two people are alike, especially when it comes to gut health.

Most people will have a pretty good idea if it’s working because they will notice an improvement in their gut-related symptoms.

This could be something like a reduction in gas, a reduction in bloating, normalization of bowel movements, better mood, clearer skin, clearer thinking, or a general sense of wellness.

It’s hard to predict or pinpoint how any one person will react to probiotics because they have such a broad range of benefits.

The benefits you see will also depend on why you are taking it.

For instance, if you are taking it for general health and gut maintenance then you probably won’t experience any significant benefit because there wasn’t anything wrong, to begin with.

In this setting, you are just insuring that your gut will remain healthy through the ups and downs of life.

If, on the other hand, you are dealing with all sorts of intestinal problems then you should notice changes to your general bowel health, bowel movements, and bowel function.

When determining how Thyro Biotic is helping you, make sure you take into account the length of therapy.

Your gut health is not something that will turn around overnight but is something that will require consistent and daily care to improve.

Some people do notice an almost immediate improvement when taking probiotics but it can take up to 90 days to see a difference for others.


Thyro Biotic is not a weight loss supplement, but it is well known that improving gut health may allow for easier weight loss.

Having said that, I wouldn’t recommend using Thyro Biotic solely for weight loss but instead as part of a comprehensive thyroid wellness program designed to improve your overall health and thyroid function.

When you use it in this setting it is very possible that you will lose weight and feel better but it would be hard to contribute that weight loss directly to the use of Thyro Biotic.

If you plan to use Thyro Biotic as part of a comprehensive weight loss program then here are a few tips:

  • Make sure you are eating a healthy whole-food diet, fasting consistently, and exercising regularly.
  • Take 4 capsules per day of Thyro Biotic instead of the recommended 2. Higher doses of probiotics tend to work better for weight loss.
  • Combine Thyro Biotic with my other weight loss supporting supplements like Berberine 500+, Essential T2, Leptin Resistance Rx, GlucoSlow Fiber, and Thyro Fuel.
  • Make sure you are also optimizing other hormones like insulin, leptin, thyroid hormone, and cortisol.
  • Consider using my 60-day weight loss guide which is included in my weight loss supplement bundle.

No! Thyro Biotic is considered heat stable which means it doesn’t require refrigeration.

With any probiotic, there will be degradation of certain species over time.

The soil-based organisms and the beneficial yeast are more hardy compared to the bifido-lacto strains, but neither of them requires refrigeration.

It is best to store the probiotics in a cool place, however, which will slow down the degradation of the various species over time.

No therapy (aside from thyroid medication in some cases) is technically required if you have hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s but it would be a very good idea to consider using probiotics if you have either condition.

Few thyroid-supporting therapies have the potential to help in so many different ways as probiotics which makes them a no-brainer for anyone with thyroid disease.

Some of these potential benefits include enhancing the effectiveness o your thyroid medication by increasing absorption, helping increase how much T3 your body produces from T4 to T3 conversion, and enhancing the nutrients you absorb from food that your thyroid needs to function.

These benefits in combination with their potential to help resolve gut-related symptoms like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and abdominal pain makes them an ideal supplement for anyone with thyroid-related problems.


Thyro Biotic is considered a thyroid-supporting probiotic but it will not make your thyroid function worse if you have Graves’ disease or hyperthyroidism.

Probiotics will have a balancing effect on systems in your body which will act to normalize your physiology.

This means if you are hyperthyroid, normalizing your physiology will seek to bring your thyroid function down.

And if you are hypothyroid, normalizing your physiology will seek to bring your thyroid function up.


Like all of my supplements which have been designed specifically for thyroid patients, it can be used with thyroid medication as well as thyroid-supporting supplements.

Like any supplement, though, you would not want to take Thyro Biotic at the exact same time as your thyroid medication.

It’s best to separate the two by at least 30-60 minutes.

When it comes to thyroid-supporting supplements, they can be taken at the same time or away, depending on what works best for your schedule.

Each person is different so it’s very hard to predict what or how soon any one person will see changes.

When it comes to supporting your thyroid or gut with Thyro Biotic, you should plan to use it consistently for 90 days before determining if it’s working.

Having said that, there will be some people who see an improvement in their symptoms after their first dose.

This is not common, but it can happen.

Others will need to use it consistently for 90 days to see changes.

Yes, Thyro Biotic will be replacing my previous probiotics Ultra Biotic x100 and Gut Bomb 350 Billion for the time being.

This new probiotic has been formulated for the unique needs of thyroid patients whereas those previous probiotics were formulated for more general use.

At this time, I am moving all of my supplements over to be more thyroid supporting and this reformulation of Thyro Biotic reflects this change.

That depends on a lot of factors including what type of probiotics you are taking, what you are taking them for, and what other therapies you are combining them with.

Research and personal experience suggest that dosing in the 5-20 billion range is sufficient for most people to obtain therapeutic benefits but higher doses, in the range of 25 to 100 billion CFU, have the potential to provide additional benefits for harder-to-treat conditions like thyroid disease, overgrowth syndromes, weight loss, and more.

I’ve formulated Thyro Biotic with 60.32 billion CFU/serving* for several reasons:

  • It provides therapeutic doses for each individual species.
  • It can be easily doubled to get up to ~120 billion CFU to help with weight loss.
  • It can be easily cut in half for those people who are sensitive or for those who desire to take less.
  • It’s a manageable dose that’s easy to take and doesn’t require much effort on the part of the patient.

In general

*at the time of manufacture.

While the dosing of probiotics is certainly important, emerging research is pointing to the fact that bacteria diversity may be a more important metric to look at so I wouldn’t get too hung up on CFU dosing.

Probiotics are one of those types of treatments that you will want to play around with to see what works best for your body and your schedule.

They can be taken with food, on an empty stomach, right before bed, right when you wake up, etc.

One time of day is not necessarily better than the other because just about everything you do will impact what is also happening in your gut whenever you take your probiotics.

For this reason, I recommend playing around with the time of day that you take your Thyro Biotic to see what works best and to see what kind of additional benefits you can get.

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All of my products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. I’m confident that my products will work for you but, in case they don’t, for whatever reason, you can return them for a full refund within 60 days. It makes purchasing them a no-brainer!

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Yep! Every single batch of supplements undergoes third-party testing for heavy metals, pathogens, ingredient profile, and purity. In addition, my products are produced in a GMP-compliant facility in the United States.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews
Cynthia G.
Very Happy with my Thyro Biotic Results!

I don't know which came first but I'm 71 years young, and I've been having gut and thyroid problems this side of forever. I have been taking the Thyro Biotic, 3-in-1 Thyroid Supporting Probiotic for a while now and I couldn't tell if there were any improvements till about 3-4 months in, and I can certainly tell that it is helping both my gut and my thyroid. Happy Customer here!

Chelsea E.
It helped

It helps me with regularity, which I think could help in the long run with weight lose….but as we all know , with hypothyroidism it’s a long road and weight loss is difficult.

Barbara M.
Thyro Biotic

I have a compromised thyroid due to having had radiation 36 years ago, due to having Hodgkin’s Disease. I have been on Armour Thyroid since I was 27. At 58 I developed Hashimotos and began my journey of special diets, etc. I have had no issues at all for the past 4 years!
1 year ago I began Dr. Westin Childs Thyroid maintenance supplements, as I felt at 62 it could give my compromised Thyroid a helping hand! It has really increased my energy levels and best of all, no more hot flashes. 2 months ago I also added Dr. Westin Child’s Thyro Biotic to my maintenance routine, as I did my research on Prebiotics and probiotics and now know how important it is to maintain a healthy gut. In just 2 months I can feel the difference it makes! My cloths fit me better and my bowels are functioning like clock work! Thank you again Dr. Childs for all your help!❤️ PS. My husband also thanks you!


I finished my first bottle of these at the end of last year - didn't think much was different and wanted to spend the $ on another supplement instead....I realize now how much these were working for me....ordering another bottle tonight. BULK PLEASE!!!!

Christy G.
Thyro Biotic | 3-in-1 Thyroid Supporting Probiotic

I took Thryo Biotic for one month and at a follow-up visit, my Naturopath told me that we don't always need to take probiotics because our bodies change constantly depending upon what we eat, supplements we take, etc. So I believe these probiotics helped put my gut back into a state of homeostasis. I have a bottle on hand at all times to begin using when/if my gut needs it.

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Thyro Biotic | 3-in-1 Thyroid Supporting Probiotic (30-Day Supply)
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