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cyanocobalamin vs methylcobalamin: which is best?

Cyanocobalamin vs Methylcobalamin: Which Version is Best?

B12 Deficiency is Very CommonB12 deficiency is incredibly common among people of all age ranges.  And despite the fact that we fortify B12 in just about every type of energy drink or “energy” supplement imaginable, B12 deficiency still rears its head.  Why is that? It has to do with how difficult it is for the body to absorb …

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how to test for inflammation in your body

How to Test For Inflammation (Order These 3 Tests)

You need to start caring about inflammationInflammation is one of those things that we all know is bad but, even then, it’s not something that we always pay attention to.  Inflammation, in any of its forms, causes serious problems for your health.  It increases your risk of developing all kinds of diseases including serious diseases such as …

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6 ways selenium benefits the thyroid

6 Ways Selenium Benefits Thyroid Function (+ How Much To Use)

Selenium Deficiency & Thyroid ProblemsSelenium is up there with iodine and zinc in terms of how important it is for your thyroid gland. What happens if you don’t have enough selenium in your body?For starters, it increases your risk of developing autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis), may increase inflammation in your entire body and in your thyroid …

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zinc deficiency symptoms - do you need to supplement

Zinc Deficiency Symptoms (How to Tell if you Need To Supplement)

Understanding Zinc Deficiency and Sub Optimal Zinc LevelsZinc is considered an essential mineral for the body.  This means that you cannot live without zinc, it is ESSENTIAL or REQUIRED for life! This means that if you do not have a sufficient amount of zinc in your body, you will feel it in the form of certain symptoms.  The …

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how to test for vitamin b12 deficiency

How to Test for Vitamin B12 Deficiency (Order These 4 Lab Tests)

Doctors Miss Vitamin B12 Deficiency All of the TimeVitamin B12 might be one of the most important vitamins in the body because every single cell in your body needs it.  And if you are deficient in this important vitamin you may start to experience problems in energy production, nerve cell growth, and other areas.  Low vitamin B12 …

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how much vitamin b12 should you take for your thyroid?

How Much Vitamin B12 Should you Take for Your Thyroid?

The Relationship Between Your Thyroid and Vitamin B12 StatusWould it surprise you to know that a great many thyroid patients are vitamin B12 deficient? Or that the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency can closely mimic hypothyroidism? The truth is that any thyroid patient who suffers from LOW thyroid (including those with hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, those who are post …

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selenomethionine - the best form of selenium?

Selenomethionine – The Best Type of Selenium?

Selenium vs Selenomethionine: What’s the Difference? Selenium is an essential (read required) nutrient that your body MUST have.  It’s part of several very important pathways that we will talk about in a second.  But what you need to know here is that if you don’t have enough selenium in your body then you will suffer symptoms ranging from …

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how to use glucomannan for weight loss

How to use Glucomannan For Weight Loss (+ Which one is best)

What is Glucomannan?Glucomannan may just be one of the best unknown weight loss therapies around (1).  It’s just not that popular despite the fact that it can help with a number of health conditions including cholesterol management (2), weight loss, appetite control, blood sugar control, and more.  But what is it? Glucomannan is a soluble dietary fiber. But it’s really …

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signs and symptoms of selenium toxicity

Signs and Symptoms of Selenium Toxicity – Are you Taking Too Much?

Serious Selenium Toxicity is Rare but Minor Excess Is More Common Than you ThinkSelenium is one of the most important micronutrients in your body when it comes to your thyroid.  Selenium also plays an important role in regulating enzymes that help protect your cells from free radicals.  These enzymes are known as selenium-dependent enzymes (1) and they are …

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