Functional Fuel ENERGIZE - Weight Loss Protein Powder with IgG

Functional Fuel ENERGIZE – Weight Loss Protein Powder with Bovine IgG


  • Caffeinated protein powder designed to support metabolism and weight loss* (contains 80mg of caffeine in each serving).
  • Contains bovine-derived IgG to support immune function and cytokine balance*.
  • Plant-based protein powder for easy absorption and utilization by the body*.
  • 30 scoops per container (2 scoops = 1 serving)

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Energizing Protein Powder for Metabolic Support

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Functional Fuel ENERGIZE is one of my favorite protein powders because it contains a blend of ingredients designed to help support weight loss efforts and provide immediate energy with coffee fruit extract and a medium-sized dose of caffeine in each serving.

This protein powder was specifically designed to help support weight loss by targeting your metabolism (with caffeine), your intestinal tract (with bovine IgG), and inflammatory levels (with glucoraphanin).

It also provides a healthy blend of vitamins and nutrients AND highly absorbable plant-based protein powder (pea and rice protein).

The combination of these nutrients means that Functional Fuel ENERGIZE attacks weight at 3 different levels:

  • Your Metabolism
  • Your Gut microflora
  • Your immune and inflammatory pathways

Each serving of Functional Fuel ENERGIZE contains 21 grams of plant-based protein, 80 mg of Caffeine, 2.5 grams of bovine-derived immunoglobulin concentrate, 1 gram of arabinogalactan (prebiotic), 30mg of Glucoraphanin (broccoli extract), and an array of essential vitamins and minerals.

This complimentary blend makes Functional Fuel ENERGIZE my preferred protein powder for weight management.

Functional Fuel ENERGIZE & Weight Loss

How exactly does Functional Fuel ENERGIZE help with weight loss?

Through several important pathways:

#1. It contains plant-based protein powder.

Plant-based protein powder is highly absorbed and quickly utilized by the body, providing you with an immediate source of energy.

Protein also helps regulate your appetite and help you feel full for longer.

#2. It contains an energizing blend of caffeine sourced from whole coffee fruit extract.

Caffeine is a known stimulant to the metabolism and it also helps regulate appetite.

The natural sources of caffeine (from green coffee bean extract and KonaRed coffee fruit extract) in Functional Fuel ENERGIZE help prevent crashes associated with high dose caffeine and help maintain steady energy throughout the day.

This source of caffeine is different from pure caffeine anhydrous because they contain chlorogenic acids which have a positive impact on both cytokine balance and inflammation.

You also have the option to titrate the dose of caffeine (between 40 and 80mg per serving) to fit your needs.

#3. It contains bovine-derived immunoglobulins and prebiotics.

The gut plays a big role in maintaining your metabolism, regulating your appetite, and helping your body balance hormones.

Immunoglobulins and prebiotics help regulate gut flora (through a similar mechanism as Gut Bomb 350 Billion) which can help improve beneficial gut bacteria while reducing inflammation which promotes hormone imbalance and unhealthy bacterial proliferation.

These three reasons make Functional Fuel ENERGIZE optimal as part of a weight loss program and can be paired perfectly with other therapies including probiotics, fish oil, appetite modulators, and other weight loss supplements.

Bovine IgG For Gut Health, Weight Management, & Immune Support

IgG is an immunoglobulin that plays an important role in regulating your immune system.

This product contains an array of compounds including growth factors, sialic acid, lactoferrin, proline-rich peptides, oligosaccharides, and gangliosides. Each of these compounds provides benefits to your immune function, gut health, bacterial concentration in the gut, and

Immunoglobulin supplementation has also been shown in several studies to support natural passive immunity by providing your immune system with extra support.

This means that ENERGIZE is great for those people who suffer from gut disturbances, autoimmune disease, inflammatory conditions – all of which are associated with excess weight gain.

IgG can also help strengthen the endothelial lining of the gut and treat conditions such as leaky gut*.

Functional Fuel ENERGIZE contains 2.5 grams of bovine-derived immunoglobulin concentrate and 1 gram of Immunoglobulin G (IgG).

In addition, it also contains Arabinogalactin and glucoraphanin.

Arabinogalactan is a prebiotic which helps support the growth of specific types of beneficial gut bacteria while glucoraphanin is a powerful antioxidant found in broccoli sprouts.

How to use Functional Fuel ENERGIZE

  • As part of a weight loss program – Take 1-2 scoops DAILY in combination with Gut bomb 350 billion and Leptin Resistance Rx (continue until you reach your weight loss goal).
  • As a Coffee Replacement – Take 1-2 scoops daily (1 scoop = 40 mg of caffeine and 2 scoops = 80 mg of caffeine) in the morning in place of your cup of coffee. This will provide you with a more sustained release of caffeine and more stability for your adrenal glands.
  • Daily use – You can also use Functional Fuel ENERGIZE as your preferred protein powder (it’s safe to take daily) which is how I prefer to use it. I typically use 1 scoop per day on days that I need more mental focus and attention. You can play around with the dosing to help you improve your daily tasks, keep your gut healthy, and manage your weight.

Functional Fuel ENERGIZE can also be combined with my other protein powders (Functional Fuel COMPLETE and Functional Fuel DETOX) in a mix and match way.

I will occasionally use 1 scoop or ENERGIZE and 1 scoop of Complete (and so on).

Ingredient List

  • Vitamin A 560mcg
  • Vitamin C 62.5mg
  • Vitamin D3 50 IU
  • Vitamin E 33.5mg
  • Thiamin 5mg
  • Riboflavin 5mg
  • Niacin 16mg
  • Vitamin B6 5mg
  • Folate 100mcg
  • Vitamin B12 2500mcg
  • Biotin 250mcg
  • Pantothenic acid 50mg
  • Choline 9mg
  • Calcium 45mg
  • Iron 4mg
  • Iodine 25mcg
  • Magnesium 25mg
  • Zinc 3.25mg
  • Selenium 25mcg
  • Manganese 0.125mg
  • Chromium 125mcg
  • Molybdenum 12.5mcg
  • Sodium 350mg
  • Potassium 345mg
  • IgG 2000 CWP (bovine-derived immunoglobulin concentrate) 2.5 gram
  • Immunoglobulin G (IgG) 1 gram
  • Arabinogalactan 1 gram
  • Proprietary energizing blend (whole coffee fruit, caffeine anhydrous typically yielding 80mg of caffeine) 585mg
  • Glucoraphanin (broccoli extract) 30mg
  • Mixed tocopherols 18mg
  • Inositol 9mg
  • PABA 3.25mg
  • Vanadium 187.5mcg
  • Other ingredients: Vegan protein blend (Dr. Westin Childs’s propriety blend of pea protein concentrate, pea protein isolate, taurine, rice protein concentrate, L-glutamine, and glycine), natural flavors (no MSG), inulin (from chicory), dried cane syrup, sunflower oil, cellulose gum, xanthan gum, medium-chain triglyceride oil, aminogen fungal proteases, guar gum, stevia leaf extract, and silica.
  • *Contains: Milk

Frequently Asked Questions

Functional Fuel ENERGIZE is a great option if you are trying to lose weight and want to try my weight loss protocols.

I have a unique approach to weight loss that targets hormone imbalances, gut health, and thyroid function.

ENERGIZE hits several of these areas and can be combined with my other weight loss supplements.

You can also use this protein powder for regular everyday use (this is how I prefer to use it).

Each serving (which is 2 scoops) contains 80 mg of caffeine sourced from whole coffee fruit extract and caffeine anhydrous.

The caffeine in Functional Fuel ENERGIZE provides a more sustained and stable increase in energy compared to energy drinks and coffee.

You can also take 1 scoop per day which provides 40mg of caffeine.

You can play around with the dose to find what works for you. My wife uses 2 scoops per day and I use 1 scoop per day (only on certain days).

Functional Fuel ENERGIZE is sweetened with organic dried cane syrup and stevia leaf extract.

Each serving contains only 4 grams of added sugar which is negligible and offset by the metabolic enhancing effects of the ingredients found within.

Each of my protein powders contains the same basic ingredients (including the same plant-based powder and basic vitamins/nutrients) but differ in their additional ingredients which help differentiate how they are to be used.

  • Functional Fuel COMPLETE – The complete protein powder is an everyday use protein powder that contains high-quality plant-based protein powder.
  • Functional Fuel ENERGIZE – ENERGIZE contains all of the same ingredients in Functional Fuel COMPLETE but also contains additional ingredients such as natural sources of caffeine (coffee fruit extract), bovine IgG, arabinogalactan, and glucoraphanin (ideal as a pre-workout protein powder, a replacement for coffee/energy drinks, or as a weight loss protein powder).
  • Functional Fuel DETOX – DETOX contains all of the ingredients, vitamins, and nutrients that COMPLETE has but also contains several important nutrients which help promote detoxification pathways including MSM, turmeric, ginger, quercetin, betaine, watercress, and NAC.

An easy way to determine which supplement to start with is as follows:

  • Use Complete if you want an everyday healthy protein powder and you want a clean protein powder that is plant-based and does not contain dairy, gluten, or soy, and if you are interested in weight loss.
  • Use ENERGIZE if weight loss is your primary goal, you want a healthy and clean pre-workout protein powder, you need a coffee replacement, you want a clean and sustained source of energy, and you have gut-related issues.
  • Use DETOX if you have inflammation or autoimmune disease, you suffer from leaky gut or other intestinal issues, want to clean out your system or use detox to jump start your health or weight loss routine, know that you need to get rid of chemicals/toxins or other endocrine disruptors, or just want a healthy clean protein powder.

Yes! But do NOT take this protein powder at the same time as you take your medication. Because it contains caffeine, you should wait at least 60 minutes before taking your thyroid medication after you use it.

For instance:

If you take your thyroid medication at 7:00 am in the morning then you shouldn’t take ENERGIZE until 8:00 am.

The duration of therapy depends on how quickly you lose weight and why you are using it.

If you are using it for weight loss then you should use it while you are losing weight.

If you are using it for everyday use and for stimulation or mental cognition, then you can use it indefinitely.

You should not experience negative side effects while using Functional Fuel ENERGIZE.

If you are sensitive to caffeine then you should start out with 1 scoop per day for 1-2 weeks before attempting to go up to 2 scoops per day.

1 scoop per day still provides plenty of benefits, however, so you can stay at this dose if that is your preference.

Nope! This product does NOT contain Wheat, gluten, yeast, soy protein, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, artificial colors, or artificial sweeteners.

All product orders to the United States receive free shipping. We ship out within 1 day of your order (unless you order on the weekend) and it takes approximately 1-3 days to reach the destination depending on how far you live away from Arizona.

We offer international shipping as well! You can calculate the price of shipping at the checkout page (we do not mark up the cost of shipping) and currently we ship to all countries.

All of my products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. I’m confident that my products will work for you but, in case they don’t, for whatever reason, you can return them for a full refund within 60 days. It makes purchasing them a no-brainer!

You can find more information about our return and refund policy by clicking here.

Yep! Every single batch of supplements undergoes third-party testing for heavy metals, pathogens, ingredient profile, and purity. In addition, my products are produced in a GMP-compliant facility in the United States.

Don’t hesitate to reach out! Please email us at and we will do our best to get back to you within a day or so! You can also call us here: (480) 331-9431.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**Results may vary.

Questions about our quality standards? Please see this article for more information.

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Customer Reviews

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Dorothy B.

I still did not receive the product.

The magic ticket

Since I’ve started using Dr Childs energize and thyroid management supplements I feel like a whole person again! It’s been life changing for me. I stumbled on a video a while back and it was like he was talking to me. I definitely recommend!

Donovan M.
Functional Fuel

I really like this stuff. It gives you plenty of energy! Weight loss not so much. I will continue to use it though. Price is a little high!!

Lorrain D.
Function fuel energize

I love this shake. I have lost 20 pounds and feel amazing. I highly recommend this. It’s been a life saver for me.

Congratulations on your hard work! Glad the shake is helping and it also shows you are making many good lifestyle decisions.

Walter P.
Weight loss

I do not have a thyroid gland. Since I began using Dr. Childs' supplements along with my regular Armour thyroid tabs, it appears they work together to help me have more energy & to lose some extra weight.

Sounds like a win-win! More energy is always welcome, and hopefully will continue to help you keep your weight in check.

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