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What To Expect After Radioactive Iodine Treatment

What To Expect After Radioactive Iodine Treatment

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What is your life going to be like after radioactive iodine treatment? Will you be able to lead a normal life? Will destroying your thyroid gland have long-term consequences? Will it cause you to gain weight?  These are just a few of the questions that I want to answer in this article.  You can obviously …

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How Methimazole may cause weight gain

How Methimazole Leads to Weight Gain & What to Do About It

Methimazole, the antithyroid-blocking medication used to treat hyperthyroidism, can lead to weight gain in certain individuals. But how does this work? How can you gain weight if you have hyperthyroidism? The answer has to do with how methimazole works in the body and how it blocks thyroid function. Learn more about methimazole, how it can …

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Graves disease diet guide

Graves’ Disease Diet Guide: What to Eat with Hyperthyroidism

Can your diet change the course of Graves’ disease? Do certain foods make hyperthyroidism worse? Do certain foods make it better? Can you lose weight by eating certain foods if you have this disease? The truth is that changing your diet can certainly impact the progression of Graves’ BUT you must be doing it the …

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7 hyperthyroid supplements you should be taking

11 Supplements to Help Manage Hyperthyroidism

Certain supplements have the potential to reduce inflammation and treat autoimmunity.  This is extremely important for hyperthyroid patients when you consider that, in most cases, hyperthyroidism is caused by an autoimmune condition known as Graves’ disease.  Learn more about how to supplement for hyperthyroidism and what you can do to take control of your symptoms …

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how hyperthyroidism causes weight gain

How Hyperthyroidism Can Lead to Weight Gain & What to do about it

Hyperthyroid patients can and do gain weight! You are NOT crazy if this is happening to you and it can be explained perfectly with science.  Believe it or not, weight gain in hyperthyroid patients is actually quite common with reports showing as many as 50% of patients who deal with this particular issue. We need …

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