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new treatments for hashimoto's 2024

New Treatments for Hashimoto’s 2024

Despite being the #1 most common cause of hypothyroidism in developed countries, there are very few approved treatments for Hashimoto’s.  Why? Because, as far as most doctors are concerned, it’s an autoimmune disease with an easy solution:  Prescription thyroid medication.  But there’s one problem:  While thyroid medication can definitely help you feel better by supporting …

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how much weight does hashimoto's make you gain

How Much Weight Does Hashimoto’s Make You Gain?

How much weight will you gain if you have Hashimoto’s? The short answer:  On average around 5-15 pounds.  The longer answer:  It could cause as much as 50 pounds or more, depending on specific risk factors. Don’t let this bring you down, though, because it’s absolutely possible to maintain a normal weight even if you …

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How Much Selenium Should You Take For Hashimoto's

How Much Selenium Should You Take For Hashimoto’s?

Taking the right amount of selenium can protect your thyroid gland and help reduce your antibodies (1).  Taking the wrong amount can make your thyroid symptoms worse and may even increase your risk of diabetes.  Want to make sure this doesn’t happen?  Here’s how much you need to take:  Patients with Hashimoto’s should aim to …

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