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Estradiol Medication (& Hormone) Guide for Menopause & Low Estrogen

Are you suffering from hot flashes, weight gain, depression or other symptoms of low estrogen?

Have you considered using the medication estradiol to help reduce these symptoms?

If so, this is the article for you. 

We are going to discuss the importance of estradiol in the female body, how it interacts with other important sex hormones, the symptoms associated with low estradiol and how to supplement/medicate with this hormone

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How to Stop & Prevent PCOS Hair Loss By Balancing Your Hormones

Do you have both PCOS and hair loss or hair thinning?

Have you been unable to stop your hair from thinning or growing slowly?

The reason you may have trouble is that you are focusing on the wrong issue. 

Hair loss in PCOS is driven predominately by your hormones. 

Learn how to stop and prevent PCOS hair loss in this guide. You will learn which hormone imbalances lead to hair loss and how to stop them. 

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Complete List of Low Estrogen Symptoms + Treatment Options

Are you worried that your estrogen levels may not be normal?

Are you getting older and experiencing weight gain or other changes that you know are not normal?

Are you younger but having issues with fertility, mood or menstrual issues?

If so, then estrogen imbalance may be an issue for you. 

Learn more about the symptoms associated with low estrogen, how it negatively impacts your body, the difference between high estrogen and low estrogen, how to test for low estrogen and what to do about it in this post

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PCOS Diet Guide for Weight Loss & Hormone Balance

Do you have PCOS?

Did you know that changing your diet may be the first step in treating and managing PCOS?

But which diet is the best for PCOS? How do you determine what you should or shouldn't be eating?

This post will help guide you understand the importance in treating PCOS with diet, which diets are most effective, which foods you should be avoiding, which foods you should be eating, and how to lose weight if you have PCOS

Let's jump in: 

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The Complete List of Menopause Symptoms + How to Diagnose it

What do hot flashes, fatigue, weight gain and decreased sex drive all have in common?

They all may be the result of a condition known as menopause. 

But these are not all of the symptoms associated with menopause. 

Learn more about menopause symptoms including why they occur, which ones are most common, how to treat them and how to test to determine if you really are in menopause in this guide

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