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Delivery and Orders

Is your shipping free? 

Yes! If you live in the United States then your order will be shipped for free regardless of order size. 

Why? Because I hate paying shipping fees and I don't want you to pay them either. 

The only exception to this rule is for international orders. We charge shipping on these orders because it can be difficult to get products to certain countries. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive? 

Orders placed in the United States typically arrive within 3 to 5 business days. Rarely, orders can take up to 7 business days to arrive. 

International orders take longer but are usually delivered within 7 to 14 business days. 

I put my address in incorrectly, what do I do now?

If you catch it before we ship it out please let us know and we can adjust your address! If your package has been shipped already, don't worry. 

Just give us an updated address and we will re-ship out your package to the correct address. 

Ordering online should not be stressful so don't stress about making any mistakes. We got you covered. 

Will I get a tracking number? 

Yes! You should receive an email confirming that your order has been shipped. This email will contain a link that you can use to track your package. 

If you lose this or can't find it, for whatever reason, just reach out to us via email and we can re-send it to you 🙂 

I only received part of my order. Where is the rest?

We will do our best to ship out your entire order in one package when possible. Sometimes we need to split your order either because a product is on backorder or because we think splitting your order will result in you getting your products faster. 

Don't worry though! We will make sure that you get all of the products that you ordered. If you don't get your full order within 1-2 days please reach out to us and we can help you out. 

What's your return policy?

It's simple! You can return any product purchased from us, for whatever reason, within 60 days of when it was received. 

We don't make you jump through hoops or play games to get your refund, either. Just reach out to us via email and we will give you the information you need. 

Some products may need to be shipped back to us and others may not, it depends on the order and the circumstance but either way you will get a refund if you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase! 

My order shows delivered but I haven't received it. Why?

It's not uncommon for some orders to be marked as "delivered" even though they are 1-2 days away from actually being delivered. 

If you see that your package was "delivered" but it wasn't, don't worry! Please allow 1-2 business days for it to arrive. 

99% of the time it will show up 🙂 If you are one of the 1% where it doesn't, we will take care of you and re-ship out your package. 

Will I have to pay customs fees?

It depends on which country you live in! Some countries require different fees or taxes to get goods into their country. We completely cover the cost of shipping when we ship out an international shipment but we don't know if/when these extra charges will be added on. 

Because of this, I recommend that you check with the customs department of your country before ordering so you aren't hit with any surprises! 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship to most countries. All international shipments are sent out via UPS economy mail innovations.

For orders sent out via UPS, once they arrive in your target country they are handed off to your local post office for final delivery to your address. 

Do you ship to all countries?

We are happy to ship to all countries but not all countries are happy to receive our products!

The following countries may cause issues so please beware if you live in any of them: Mexico, Germany, Austria, Norway, and Sweden.


Do you have an autoship program?

We do not have any autoship programs! Any order that you place is only a one time order.

We may add subscribe and save to some products in the future but you will never be forced into an automatic payment option. 

Do you have any samples that I can try?

At this time we do not have any samples to provide! We are working on providing some samples but don't have any plans for the immediate future. 

In the meantime, you can take advantage of our 60 day money back guarantee! Either my products will work for you and you will feel better or they won't and you can get your money back.

It's the next best thing to free samples. 

Can I change my order after it's been placed?

Usually not. All of our orders are automatically pushed to be fulfilled but if you need to make any changes please email us and we will work to help you out! 


Do you have any discount programs?

We have a free rewards program that you can sign up for either when you purchase or without purchasing here

This rewards program provides you with a 5% cashbach discount that can be applied to future orders. 

Periodically, we also have bonus reward points on certain items/products. Sign up for our email list to be notified when these products go on double rewards! 

Double rewards allows you to get up to a 10% cashback discount in the form of reward points on subsequent purchases. 

This program is 100% free to sign up for.


Do you have FAQs on individual products?

Yes! Each product has a product video (created by me) directly on that product page. 

This video outlines exactly what is in the supplement and how it works for your body. 

You will also find a TON of additional information about each product there including a comprehensive FAQ.

I have a medical condition. Can I still use your products?

Short answer is probably, the long answer is you will need to check with your doctor. 

I design my products with both efficacy and safety in mind but I can't account for every medical condition out there. 

It's best to check with your doctor if you have an uncommon illness/condition. 

You can also email us and we can let you know if anyone else has tried our products with a similar situation but this information is purely educational and should NOT be taken as medical advice. 

Always double check with your doctor when in doubt! 

I'm pregnant. Can I use your products?

A few of my products contain ingredients which should not be used in pregnancy. These include ingredients like Vitamin A and ashwagandha. 

There's a lot of conflicting information about natural ingredients and how they impact pregnancy so it's best to always touch base with your ob/gyn or midwife before using any supplement/product. 

I can tell you that many pregnant women have used my products over the years without any issue but always run it by your doctor first!

Can your products be used while breastfeeding?

Most of my products can be safely used while breastfeeding but please check with your doctor about your specific situation before using any over the counter supplement. 


How do I know that this isn't a scam?

I can tell you that my products and website are certainly NOT a scam 🙂 I've been producing supplements and information over the last 5 years and over 45,000 people have used my products during that time. 

If this doesn't help you to convince you then you can also check out the 4,000+ reviews left by those people over the years. 

If that doesn't convince you then I'm not sure what will!

Can I use more than one of your products at a time?

Yes! All of my products are designed to be used with one another. 

There is some overlap in terms of ingredients on some products, though, so if you have any specific questions please reach out to us via email at and we can help you out.

Can your products be used if I am post RAI or iodine ablation?

Yes! People who are post radioactive iodine ablation can still benefit from thyroid supplements!


Is iodine safe to use if I have Hashimoto's?

Ohhh boy, this is a controversial one. The short answer is YES. Iodine is required for ALL human beings. There is no getting around this. You NEED iodine for thyroid hormone production and your body can't create it. 

Thousands of patients with Hashimoto's have used my products with great success over the last 5 years. 

My products are formulated to contain safe concentrations of iodine so as to prevent issues that may occur with larger doses.

Are your supplements safe?

Yes! My supplements are very well tolerated. Most people do NOT have any negative side effects or symptoms while using them. 

Rarely, some people can take some time to adjust to them but they shouldn't cause any big issues or problems during this time period. 

Do your supplements undergo third party testing?

Yes! Each lot that is manufactured undergoes third party testing in a laboratory to check for pathogens (bacteria, molds, etc.), heavy metals, and the ingredient profile. 

This third party testing ensures quality products and it ensures that you are getting what is on the label. 

Are your products produced in a GMP compliant facility?

Yep! All of my products are produced in a GMP compliant facility. 


Will your supplements cause my labs to change?

Not usually but it can happen. 

Sometimes my supplements can be so effective that they impact your thyroid labs. 

This is a GOOD thing, though! Naturally improving your thyroid lab tests means that the products are working. 

Can I take your products with my thyroid medication?

Yes! But not at the same time. 

I've designed all of my products to be used in conjunction with all prescription thyroid medications (even those with T3). 

The key is to use my products at least 30-60 minutes AWAY from whenever you take your thyroid medication. 

Doing this will ensure that you do not impact the absorption of your thyroid medication while still getting all of the benefits of my products.

Can I use your products if I don't have a thyroid?

Definitely! My products can still be used if you don't have a thyroid. 

Even without a thyroid you still need to focus on improving thyroid FUNCTION. The thyroid medication you are taking must still be converted in order to be used by the body. 

Additionally, things like gut issues and inflammation can limit how effective your medication works. 

Supplements targeting these areas may help the effectiveness of your medication. 

Why doesn't your Vitamin D supplement have K2 in it?

I only recommend using Vitamin K2 if you have osteoporosis or cardiovascular disease. If you don't, then the benefit of K2 is very limited. 

I formulated my Vitamin D supplement without it because most people who use my products do not need it. 

But, for those who do, or for those who want to add it, you can safely add it to my Pure D3 liquid.

Weight Loss

Will your products help me lose weight?

The short answer is yes and no!

When it comes to weight loss, supplements are just that. Supplements. 

They are supplemental to other weight loss therapies such as diet, exercise, sleeping regularly, fasting, and managing your stress. 

When used in this way they ARE effective. 

If your plan is to only use my supplements then they will most likely not help. 

Supplements won't help if you are eating pizza, bagels, and fast food.

Why can't I lose weight?

Most people are unable to lose weight because they have hormone problems that are impacting their ability to burn fat. 

These hormone imbalances take the form of thyroid problems, leptin resistance, insulin resistance, low testosterone, and adrenal fatigue. 

It is only when you focus on balancing these hormones that you will be able to lose weight. 

My blog and website have numerous resources to help you figure out which hormone imbalance you have and HOW to fix it. 

Is fasting safe if I have thyroid problems?

It depends. 

Fasting can be a GREAT therapy for weight loss but only if it is used correctly. 

Over fasting, or fasting too much, can actually cause low T3 and thyroid problems. 

Finding the balance of how much to fast is important if you have thyroid problems but it can also be very effective if used correctly. 

Do you have a weight loss program?

Yes! I have a 60 day weight loss program which includes tons of information to help with weight loss. 

Included in this program is information on prescription weight loss medications, a diet guide with menus, private videos that walk you through dosing of medications/hormones, and much, much more. 

Check out the 60 day weight loss guide here

I don't have a thyroid, will your products help me lose weight?

They can certainly help! But you should know that once your thyroid has been removed weight loss becomes very slow and very difficult. 

It doesn't mean weight loss is impossible but it does mean that you have very little wiggle room for error in your diet, supplements, and exercise routine. 

Patients who are successful in losing weight without a thyroid need to take full advantage of prescription medications, thyroid hormones, weight loss supplements, and lifestyle therapies. 

I have a weight loss program which includes all of these and it can be found here


Which products of yours help with weight loss?

If weight loss is your primary goal then these are the supplements you will want to look at:


For best results combine these supplements with a whole food diet, intermittent fasting, regular exercise, regular sleep, and stress reduction techniques. 

Should I use weight loss supplements or thyroid supplements?

Many people with thyroid problems ALSO have issues with weight gain. 

These people often ask me which should they start with first. Should they focus on their thyroid first and then weight loss or vice versa?

My recommendation is to always start with your thyroid FIRST. 

This will help prime your body for weight loss down the road. 

Having said that, we still have plenty of people who focus on their weight first and have success. 

So if your weight is that pressing you can always start there first 🙂

Contact Us

If you have any questions at all about my products or whether or not they are right for you do not hesitate to reach out! We help people every single day and we are happy to help point you in the right direction. Please note that we can't answer your medical questions or give you medical advice but we can let you know what has worked for other people in the past. 

The best way to get in contact with us is via email: or

You can also call us to leave a voicemail here: (480) 331-9431

If you call us please leave a detailed message as well as your email address so that we can email you back. Right now, we do not have phone support 100% of the day so the best way to get in contact with us is via email. This ensures the fastest reply! 

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