Dr. Westin Childs Wholesale Program For Certified Professionals

Wholesale Program FAQ

Are you a practitioner or business owner interested in offering our supplements in your store, clinic, or office?

If so, our wholesale program has been designed just for you!

We’ve spent the last 8 years developing products that are designed specifically for thyroid patients and the troubles they face.

These supplements have been tested and proven to be effective on over 80,000 people to date.

By placing our products in our office, you are demonstrating:

  • That you have an understanding of thyroid disease far beyond the standard provider.
  • That you recognize the importance of natural therapies and their place in the treatment of thyroid-related diseases and weight loss resistance.
  • That you pay attention to new and emerging research as it relates to hormone management.
  • That you are aware that not all thyroid patients can be treated with a cookie-cutter approach.

Wholesale program overview:

  • Receive up to 40% off MRSP on our specialty thyroid support supplements and weight loss supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our wholesale program allows healthcare practitioners to provide our best-in-class supplements in their offices and to their patients.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Apply to become a wholesaler.

Step 2. Allow us to verify your credentials.

Step 3. Login to our wholesale portal to see your discounted pricing.

Step 4. Create your cart and checkout.

Step 5. Recommend our products to your patients when they are in your office.

It’s that easy.

Only licensed/credentialed healthcare practitioners, health businesses, and businesses with brick-and-mortar locations can apply for wholesale pricing.

A list of licensed/credentialed professionals may include:

  • MDs
  • DOs
  • NDs
  • PAs
  • DCs
  • NPs
  • Pharmacists

If you own a gym, supplement store, or other brick-and-mortar storefront, you are also welcome to apply.

You can apply for our wholesale program by going to this page.

As a wholesaler, you will be required to place an order for a minimum of 6 bottles of any given supplement.

The quantity can be higher but the system will not allow for wholesale pricing if the quantity is less than 6 of any individual product.

Please allow us 3-5 business days to review and confirm the information submitted in your wholesale registration form.

Our team will verify your credentials, business, and location prior to approval so the more information you give us, the faster this process will be.

Once approved, you can see your wholesale pricing discount by navigating to the wholesale login page.

Simply log in to your account here and it will redirect you to the shop page where you can create your cart.

You can log in to your wholesale account by going to this page.

At this time, we only allow our supplements to be physically sold in your brick-and-mortar office.

As part of our wholesale agreement, you agree not to provide our supplements online.

Wholesale orders are not eligible for returns. All orders are considered final.

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