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birth control side effects you should be aware of

Birth Control Side Effects You Should be Aware of (Cancer, Weight Gain & More)

Birth control pills are widely recommended for a variety of conditions beyond their use as a contraceptive.  Many women take birth control to help ‘balance’ their hormones, stop acne, or treat menstrual irregularities.  And while the pill may help with some of these conditions you always have to be aware of HOW they are working and what …

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the best menopause test

The Best Menopause Test: How to Confirm you are in Menopause

Are you suffering from depression, weight gain, hot flashes or menstrual irregularities? Are you approaching the age of 50?  If so, then these symptoms may be attributed to the decline in important sex hormones which is seen during the menopause transition.  You can easily identify if you are in menopause with some very simple tests.  In this guide, you …

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How and when to use estrogen blockers for men

How & When to use Estrogen Blockers for Men

Do estrogen blockers really help to get you shredded or cut? Is high estrogen the bane of your TRT existence? In this post we will discuss the benefit of estrogen blockers including who should consider using them, how they should be used and other signs and symptoms associated with estrogen problems: Read more

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