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The Right Way to Use HCG For Weight Loss Not the HCG Diet

The Right Way to Use HCG For Weight Loss (Not the HCG Diet)

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This guide is part 2 in a series I am writing about how to properly and effectively use weight loss medications (including dosing, duration of therapy, and titration). Part 1 contains information and dosing on Victoza which you can read about here.  HCG is often misused and misunderstood by patients, especially when it comes to …

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6 Reasons to avoid the HCG diet and how it damages your metabolism

Is the HCG Diet Safe? How it Damages your Thyroid & Metabolism

Are you thinking about doing the HCG diet for weight loss? If so you are probably wondering… Is the HCG Diet safe? Will it harm my metabolism? Will it cause thyroid damage or make my thyroid function worse? ​And you are right to ask these questions before you undergo the treatment! The truth is that …

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