16 Hilarious Thyroid Memes That You Will Relate To

16 Hilarious Thyroid Memes That You Will Relate To

Memes That Only Thyroid Patients Will Really Understand

Look, I’ll be the first to tell you that life as a thyroid patient is not an easy thing. 

From dealing with doctors and other people who downplay your symptoms to feeling like it’s pulling teeth to get the tests that you need, life as a thyroid patient is not a walk in the park. 

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little bit of fun!

These thyroid memes should give you a chuckle. 

If you think someone else might enjoy them then give them a share! I’m going to use these memes to also throw in a little bit of thyroid education so thyroid patients know they don’t have to suffer forever.

#1. When your thyroid doctor just won’t order the tests that you asked for…

your tsh is ready thyroid meme.

EVERY thyroid patient has had this problem at some point in their life. 

Why is this a problem?

Because doctors falsely believe that the TSH is the best thyroid lab test around

They fail to realize that you can really only get a clear picture of thyroid function when looking at free T3 and free T4

If your doctor is NOT ordering these tests then you need to run, not walk, away. 

#2. What thyroid patients feel like with all of the current news surrounding NDT medication recalls…

3 brands of ndt have been recalled this year thyroid meme.

2020 has been quite the year for thyroid medication recalls. 

NDT stands for natural desiccated thyroid. 

And while NDT used to widely be considered the “best” thyroid medication around, it has fallen in grace over the last few years. 

In 2020 alone we have seen THREE brands of NDT get recalled for various reasons. 

Among these medications include NP thyroid (twice), WP thyroid, and Nature-throid

The only brand of NDT available for most people will be Armour thyroid, which, unfortunately, has issues as well. 

#3. When someone insists that levothyroxine is the “best” thyroid medication around…

levothyroxine vs sr t3 thyroid meme.

Doctors (and some patients as well) insist that levothyroxine is the best and only thyroid medication around. 

What most thyroid patients don’t know is that there are MANY different types of thyroid medications available besides levothyroxine. 

Some of the best and strongest medications on the market (Cytomel, liothyronine, and SR T3) are not even in the vocabulary of your doctor/endocrinologist. 

Do some research on these amazing thyroid medications to see if they are right for YOU:

#4. When your doctor is FINALLY willing to switch your thyroid medication…

levothyroxine vs synthroid the office thyroid meme.

You’ve been feeling crappy for YEARS and you’ve been struggling to get your doctor to FINALLY switch thyroid medications only be to given two options:

Levothyroxine OR Synthroid. 

Believe it or not, there actually is a big difference in these medications (more on that in a second) but the downside is that they BOTH only contain T4 thyroid hormone. 

T4 is a weak thyroid hormone and requires activation before it can be used so making the swap between these two doesn’t always make much of a difference. 

UNLESS you are someone who is VERY sensitive. 

In that case, swapping from Synthroid to levothyroxine may actually make a difference. 

But when most people want to switch meds they really want to go from T4 to something that contains T3

#5. When you are savvy enough to know the difference between the 50mcg tablet of levothyroxine and other tablets…

the levothyroxine 50mcg white tablet thyroid meme.

Not many thyroid patients know this but if you are forced to use levothyroxine or Synthroid then you want to use the 50mcg tablet instead of the other versions.


Because the 50mcg tablet of levothyroxine contains the fewest dyes compared to the other tablets. 

You’ll notice that the other tablets come in a variety of colors and this coloring requires dyes that can cause intestinal problems and even inflammation in the body. 

If you HAVE to take levothyroxine then get your dose in 50mcg increments to avoid these dyes! 

#6. When you just aren’t sure whether your natural therapies are working or not…

not sure if my endo hates t3 thyroid medication meme.

Life as a thyroid patient can be tricky. 

Your endocrinologist will do and say anything to try and convince you that whatever you are feeling is NOT related to your thyroid. 

That depression you have? Definitely not your thyroid. 

That extra weight you are gaining even though you aren’t eating more? Definitely not your thyroid. 

The low-energy problems you are having? That’s just you getting older. 

Obviously, this isn’t true but it’s what your endo will tell you. 

The problem is that SOMETIMES those symptoms are NOT related to your thyroid. 

That’s when it can get a bit tricky. 

Use these resources to help you determine where your symptoms are coming from:

#7. When your friend on a thyroid group tells you to “get LDN from your doctor”…

one does not simply get ldn from their doctor hashimoto's meme.

LDN, which stands for low-dose naltrexone, is an off-label medication that can help lower thyroid antibodies, reduce inflammation, and even help with weight loss

The only problem? 

It’s VERY hard to get a conventional endo or family practice doctor to prescribe it. 


Because it was created to treat alcohol dependence and even though it’s very effective at treating Hashimoto’s, your doctor isn’t likely to know much about it. 

So while you will hear people tell you to “get LDN”, it’s not as easy as it might seem. 

#8. How all thyroid patients feel when they find someone local who actually understands the thyroid…

endo's office vs functional medicine doctor meme.

It can be so difficult to find a knowledgeable thyroid doctor that when one pops up in your neighborhood it’s worth being aggressive to get in!

The difference that a knowledgeable thyroid doctor can make in your life is night and day. 

#9. What it feels like to stay with the same endo year after year…

working with my endocrinologist waiting for them to prescribe t3 medication meme.

Let me be the first to tell you that it is HIGHLY unlikely that you are going to change the mind of your endocrinologist when it comes to the thyroid. 

I know thyroid patients who have actually spent YEARS with the same endocrinologist trying to work with them to change their thyroid meds, to up their dose, etc.

If you’ve been with an endo or another doctor for several years and they just aren’t willing to change up your therapy then it’s time to find someone new! 

#10. How thyroid doctors feel about the choices of thyroid medication for thyroid patients in 2020…

when you hear about the ndt recall for the third time in on year thyroid meme.

As frustrating as it is for thyroid patients to hear about the recall it’s just as frustrating for thyroid doctors. 

It can take months to get someone’s dose just right so it’s incredibly frustrating when you find out that the medication your patient was using is no longer available. 

It can be tricky to swap between thyroid medications, even within the same brand, but it’s not impossible!

Don’t lose hope if you’ve had to make a transition in 2020. Just know that it may take some time for you to land on your new dose. 

#11. The enlightenment that occurs when you start to understand the value of other thyroid lab tests and how they can help you…

full thyroid lab panel thyroid meme.

There is a journey that thyroid patients must make when it comes to thyroid lab tests. 

It starts at the TSH.

The TSH is an “okay” lab test but it falls short in many ways. 

Almost every doctor is willing to order the TSH. 

The next step is understanding the importance of thyroid antibodies.

The majority of low thyroid patients in the US have a condition known as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which can be identified by ordering the thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibody tests. 

The next step is getting your doctor to order free T3 and free T4.

Even better than the TSH are the free T3 and free T4 thyroid lab tests which give you far more information about thyroid hormone status and how your body is utilizing your thyroid medication. 

The final step in the journey is using what is known as the free T3 to reverse T3 ratio

This value is obtained by looking directly at the ratio between free T3 and reverse T3. 

This measurement is probably the single most accurate way to diagnose EARLY thyroid disease and yet very few people know about it. 

#12. In case you needed some motivation to NOT take your thyroid medication first thing in the morning away from your breakfast and coffee…

hey girl, you look amazing when you take your thyroid medication correctly meme.

There is a reason you should NOT take your thyroid medication with food and/or coffee!

Your body has a hard time absorbing thyroid medication and any little thing will prevent it from getting into your bloodstream. 

Make sure that you avoid taking your thyroid medication with food!

Another tip that might surprise you is that taking your thyroid medication at night may be better than taking it first thing in the morning.  

#13. When your endo finds out you are looking at other doctors…

thyroid patients looking at doctors that prescribe t3 medication meme.

If you can find a doctor that is willing to prescribe T3 thyroid hormone then never let them go!

It’s very difficult to find doctors willing to think outside of the box when it comes to thyroid management but I can promise that they are out there. 

#14. Every endocrinologist and family practice doctor that keeps telling you that the TSH is the “best and only test you need”…

about the thyroid, I have no idea what I'm talking about meme.

Oh, man. 

Even though your doctor may pretend that they know a lot about the thyroid the chances are quite small that this is actually true. 

Here is some of the misinformation I hear from thyroid patients who were informed by their doctors:

“NDT is dangerous because the dose of thyroid hormone varies in each lot”.

“You can’t take thyroid supplements because they will interfere with your thyroid medication“.

“Taking biotin is dangerous for your thyroid“.

“You should avoid iodine if you have Hashimoto’s.”

Each of these is false but you’d never know it based on how confidently they are asserted by doctors. 

A word of warning to all thyroid patients:

Don’t continue to take advice from an endo or another doctor who has NOT been able to help you feel better. 

#15. First-world problems, sure, but it happens to the best of us… 

just took my thyroid medication and now i have to wait to eat meme.

#16. How it feels when your doctor has told you for the 10th time that your lab tests are “normal”…

when your thyroid lab tests are normal thyroid meme.

This is definitely one of the most frustrating things that a thyroid patient can hear. 

It is possible (and very likely) that your lab tests are anything but normal!

Even if your lab tests are “in range” there is a difference between “in range” and “optimal”.

When your doctor says your lab tests are “normal” what they really mean is that they are “in range”. 

Get a complete thyroid lab test panel and you will suddenly find that your thyroid is not as normal as your doctor claims.  

Share Your Thyroid Memes! 

Do you have any other thyroid memes you want to share?

If so, let me know!

Also, if you know anyone who will get a laugh out of these then feel free to share!

The more attention and awareness we can bring to thyroid disease the better. 

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