The Complete Guide to using Naturethroid: Dosing + Weight loss & More

Is Naturethroid the missing link to helping you FINALLY feel better?

The short answer: Maybe...​

Like most things in life the answer is never straightforward!

And that's why I've created this guide. 

I will show you which patients do best on Naturethroid, when you should consider switching to Naturethroid and what to do if Naturethroid isn't enough for your body. 

​But first we need to dive into some basics...


What Is Naturethroid?

Naturethroid is a medication used to treat Hypothyroidism

It contains a combination of T4 and T3 hormone which is why many people feel it is better than T4 containing medications (like Levothyroxine or Synthroid). ​

Naturethroid stats

One of the reasons you may have found this article is because you're currently being treated with Levothyroxine and you have heard that Naturethroid or Armour thyroid might be a better option for you. 

​And that may be true for many people...

​But we need to discuss why: 

Is Naturethroid better than Levothyroxine?

Many people actually do better on Natural Desiccated Thyroid hormone instead of T4 containing medications. 

Not only is that popular opinion on the internet, forums and blog sites - it's also been confirmed in research studies:

NDT vs Levothyroxine patient satisfaction

​Many patients actually prefer to be treated with NDT (Naturethroid, Armour thyroid, WP thyroid, etc.). 

They also noted an increase in weight loss and quality of life: 

NDT causes more weight loss than levothyroxine

​So why is that?

​Naturethroid (and other forms of Natural Desiccated thyroid) contain a combination of T4 and T3 thyroid hormone. 

Remember that T3 is the ACTIVE thyroid hormone while T4 is the INACTIVE thyroid hormone. 

​So most Doctors give patients T4 only medications (Synthroid and Levothyroxine) hoping that the body will convert it to T3 on its own. 

That turns out to not be the case in many individuals so many patients feel terrible on T4 only medications. ​

Patients who should consider switching to Naturethroid

If you are one of the many patients who feels terrible on T4 only medication you're probably wondering right now if Naturethroid will help you feel better...

And for many patients that turns out to be true (though not everyone!). 

Certain patients tend to better than others, but not everyone does best on Naturethroid. 

In my experience patients who fall into these categories tend to do best on Naturethroid or other forms of Natural Desiccated thyroid:

  • Patients who have not felt better on T4 only medications like Synthroid, Levothyroxine or Tirosint
  • Patients with mild weight problems (defined as 10-20 pounds overweight)
  • Most patients who have not been on thyroid medication before (or are newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism)
  • Patients with low free T3 and low free T4 levels but with relatively normal Reverse T3

If you fall into one or more of the categories above there is a good chance that Naturethroid may be right for you.

Switching form Levothyroxine to Naturethroid

​If you're on Levothyroxine and would like to try switching to Naturethroid there are a few really important things you need to know. 

​By making sure you follow the steps below it will ensure that you've given Naturethroid a proper chance at working...

1. Titrate SLOWLY

When switching from T4 ​only medication it is VERY important that you start out slow with your dosing. 

T3 containing medications (Like Naturethroid) can be VERY stimulating to patients who have never been on them before.

Which means it's best to start with LESS medication compared to the equivalent T4 dosing in the beginning. 

Thyroid diet 4 week plan side bar

During this transition you may feel slightly worse until the dose gets ramped up as your body acclimates to the new medication. 

If you find that Naturethroid is too stimulating for you it may be best to split your dose in half and take it at different times of the day.

This allows for less T3 hormone in your blood stream.

Symptoms of too much T3 in your body include:

  • Increased anxiety or agitation
  • Heart palpitations or rapid heart beat
  • Heat intolerance or hot flashes
  • Uneasy feeling or overall feeling worse
  • Increased fatigue
  • Dizziness or the sensation of being light headed

​If you have any of these symptoms it doesn't necessarily mean Naturethroid is NOT for you, instead it might mean you titrated too quickly. 

Starting dose may be as low as 16.25mg to 32.5mg taken at ​morning and/or in the afternoon. 

If you experience the symptoms above they may resolve over time, or they may not - if they persist beyond 2-4 weeks, it's like that they will stay. ​

2. Get the Right Dosing

Dosing is also very important when switching medications.

Any time you add T3 containing medications the TSH will always drop very quickly.

Because of this many Doctors will under-dose thyroid patients when switching to NDT or Naturethroid and then use that as an excuse that the medication doesn't work.

​When switching medications it's important to start low and titrate slow. 

That means a starting dose of 16.25-32.5mg with an increase every 10-14 days unless you experience symptoms of too much T3 (stated above). 

Instead of basing dosing off of the TSH, dosing with T3 medications should be based off of a combination of the following: lab tests (free t3/reverse t3/sex hormone binding globulin), subjective symptoms, body temperature and heart rate.

Using standard dosing recommendations with the TSH will generally result in under treatment for many patients. ​

3. Monitor your Symptoms

Whenever you switch to T3 containing medications I recommend that you follow both your resting heart rate and basal body temperature. 

Both of these will increase when taking T3 containing medications (direct effect from thyroid hormone) and tracking them will help prevent accidentally dosing yourself too high. 

In addition make sure to track your symptoms of Hypothyroidism (but don't base dosing off of these alone). 

The rise in body temperature and heart rate usually indicate an increase in metabolism (this is what everyone wants).

The rise in body temperature stems from an increase in energy production from improved mitochondrial function.

This is from the effect of T3 on your mitochondria. ​

Will Naturethroid Help you Lose Weight?

Many people want to know if Naturethroid will be the magical medication to help them lose weight. 

The answer to that is almost always no. 

While it is true that Hypothyroidism can damage your metabolism, at most this usually leads to an excess of 10-20 pounds of extra weight.

If you have gained more than that amount of weight it is almost always due to another hormone imbalance. ​

To explain this effect further I've elaborated on the combination of hormone imbalances that occur in hypothyroid states which contribute to thyroid weight gain. ​

Having said that some patients will experience some weight ​loss while switching medication. 

Patients more likely to experience weight loss usually are patients who don't have problems with T4 to T3 conversion or who have relatively low reverse T3 levels.

Generally the higher your reverse T3 levels, and the more metabolic damage you have (from calorie restricted dieting) the less likely naturethroid will help you lose weight.

That doesn't mean it won't help you feel better - because even if it doesn't help with weight loss it still is more likely to help reduce your symptoms when compared to levothyroxine or synthroid.

But the magical weight loss you are looking for may not occur unless you hit certain measures. ​

For tips on how to lose weight with hypothyroidism please see this post. For tips on how to lose weight with Hashimoto's please see this post.

​Low thyroid hormone does lead to an increase in insulin resistance, leptin resistance and sex hormone imbalances that usually contribute significantly to weight gain. 

How to get Naturethroid

While many patients stand to benefit considerably from switching to naturethroid (or other forms of NDT), unfortunately it can be difficult to get. ​

​Most Endocrinologists and Primary care providers are not comfortable prescribing Natural Desiccated thyroid or Naturethroid.

Part of this reason has to do with the fact that NDT contains T3 thyroid hormone (and they aren't comfortable prescribing T3).

In addition they also erroneously think that NDT results in unstable thyroid levels and concentrations throughout the day.

The current standard of care and treatment paradigm within the insurance model is to treat hypothyroidism (and hashimoto's) with T4 only thyroid medication and base dosing off of the TSH.​

Unfortunately this treatment usually results in persistent symptoms of hypothyroidism, consistent weight gain among hypothyroid patients and overall a reduction in quality of life. 

This means unless your Doctor is willing to work with you, you will need to find an integrative/holistic/functional medicine physician to provide this medication for you. 

Finding this kind of physician to help you may be difficult but is certainly worth the wait.

In my opinion you can't put a price of finally feeling healthy and getting your life back and the single most effective thing you can do is find someone to help guide you along the way.

Managing your thyroid is very complex and involves multiple hormone systems, so figuring this out on your own is likely impossible. ​

Consider these resources to help find someone who may be able to help you further: 

Note: I generally recommend against the use of a Chiropractor for managing your thyroid. They are unable to provide hormone treatment and this represents the crux of thyroid treatment. 

How much does Naturethroid Cost?

Compared to other forms of Natural Desiccated thyroid Naturethroid is very reasonably priced as you can see below:

Naturethroid comparison table

If your insurance will not cover Naturethroid you can use Goodrx.com to find the cheapest cash price near you. 

Goodrx.com will provide you with a coupon you can use to take to your pharmacy to get a cash "discount" on medications (most medications).

​Simply go to the website, type in naturethroid:

goodrx naturethroid

​You will then be brought to this screen which will show you where the medication is cheapest and how to get your coupon for the discount:

Naturethroid discount on goodrx

​You can even use goodrx for other medications (including armour thyroid, levothyroxine, etc.). 

What is in Naturethroid?

Are you a sensitive person that reacts to fillers/dyes/etc.?

Naturethroid has a very limited amount of ingredients as you can see below:

Naturethroid ingredient list
Complete naturethroid ingredient list

It's important to note that it is gluten free and safe to use if you have Celiac's or non celiac gluten sensitivity

​It's also important to note that WP Thyroid has even fewer ingredients, so if you react to Naturethroid you may want to consider WP thyroid as an alternative.

What to do if Naturethroid isn't Working

While Naturethroid may be enough to alleviate the majority of your symptoms and issues it may not be enough to get you back to 100%. 

If you fall into the following categories Naturethroid may not be enough for your body:

  • High levels of Reverse T3 ( >15 ) or signs of thyroid resistance
  • Leptin resistance (Leptin level > 12) 
  • Diabetes, prediabetes or insulin resistance
  • Extremely low body temperature despite being on Naturethroid or NDT
  • Personal history of bipolar disorder or a strong family history of mental health disorders
  • Personal history of Fibromyalgia or Chronic fatigue syndrome
The right thyroid medication for your body

​In these instances it may be beneficial to consider adding T3 hormone (Cytomel or Liothyronine) to your Naturethroid or NDT. 

​Cytomel is a medication that contains pure T3 thyroid hormone. 

​Unfortunately finding a Doctor to prescribe cytomel in addition to NDT/Naturethroid can be difficult, but in some patients it is necessary to feel optimal. 

Use Caution if you have Autoimmune Thyroiditis or Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Any patient with autoimmune thyroiditis ​or a known diagnosis of hashimoto's thyroiditis should be careful when using Naturethroid or any other form of natural desiccated thyroid. 


Because NDT is porcine based, meaning it comes from a different animal.

Even though the hormones themselves are bio identical (meaning they are the same hormone your body would have produced naturally), components of the animal still remain in the formulation.

Like any piece of foreign tissue it is possible for your body to create an immune response to it.

For this reason (and many others) some patients may actually feel worse when switching to naturethroid and feel like their symptoms come back even though their TSH may be low at the time.

This leads patients and providers to believe that the medication doesn't provide stable thyroid levels and this isn't necessarily true.

It doesn't mean you shouldn't take naturethroid if you have Hashimoto's or autoimmune thyroiditis, but you should take this into consideration when switching medication and if you feel worse during the switch. 

thyroid metabolism reset poster for side bar

If this does occur to you, you can check your thyroid antibody levels to determine if they raised in correlation with starting naturethroid.

If this occurs you may need to stop the medication (temporarily) and put your focus on your GI tract.

Treating any GI related issues like low stomach acid can improve your digestion and absorption of naturethroid and reduce any antigenic stimulus from the medication. ​

Naturethroid vs Armour thyroid​

Even though armour thyroid and naturethroid are both forms of natural desiccated thyroid they are NOT the same medication. 

Believe it or not, I've had many cases of patients who have simply switched from one form of NDT to another and have had all of their symptoms resolve spontaneously.

I want to provide a word of caution to you, especially if you fall into this boat.

Don't assume that ALL forms of NDT (naturethroid, wp thyroid, armour thyroid, etc.) won't work for you if one of them isn't currently working for you.

Much of this tolerance is likely due to the various fillers and binders used in each medication.

While all forms of NDT do contain the same amount of bio identical thyroid hormone, they differ in these inactive fillers and binders.

In the case of armour thyroid, the formulation was recently changed which reduced the amount of dextrose and increased the amount of methylcellulose in the formulation.  ​

Ingredients of armour thyroid

This change either dramatically improved or worsened the tolerance of the medication in many patients. 

For some patients they had an immediate return in their hypothyroid symptoms.

The binder methylcellulose acts like a "glue" in the body and delays absorption of the medication. 

This is the same binder that compounding pharmacies use for sustained release T3. ​

This ​example really highlights the importance of these fillers and binders and helps to explain why some people do very well on certain types of medications. 

​If you are on armour thyroid and it isn't working for you, then it would be worth a trial of switching medication to see if the switch improves your symptoms. 

You can find more information about armour thyroid here. ​

Heart Palpitations with Naturethroid​

​One of the more concerning symptoms that patients may experience while taking naturethroid is the sensation of a rapid heart rate otherwise known as heart palpitations. 

These palpitations result from the T3 that is inside the medication.

Recall that naturethroid contains a combination of both T4 and T3 thyroid hormones, compared to levothyroxine or synthroid which contains T4 only.

T3 is the active form of thyroid hormone in your body and it activates certain receptors in all tissues in your body. 

In your heart T3 acts different than it does ​elsewhere by directly activating calcium channel pumps. 

This may lead to increased force ​of contraction of the heart combined with an increase in the heart rate. 

​Because serum levels of T3 usually spike around 2-3 hours after ingestion of thyroid hormone, this is usually when patients experience the heart palpitations. 

These palpitations don't necessarily indicate that the medication is harmful for your body, but it may mean that you are getting too much T3 too quickly.

You can combat these symptoms by changing how you take the medication.

Simply spacing your dose (take half in the morning and half at night) may be enough to alleviate many of these symptoms.

Alternatively, taking your complete thyroid medication at night may improve your symptoms dramatically due to absorption and other hormone changes.

​Many patients report heart palpitations in the middle of the night (usually 2-3am) which likely stems from changes in cortisol levels and other hormones. 

Taking thyroid hormone in the evening can help reduce those symptoms.

You can learn more tips and tricks on how to take your thyroid medication in this article. ​

Quick Recap

​Naturethroid is a medication that contains both the inactive T4 and the active T3. 

Because of the active T3 and combinations of other thyroid hormones (listed above) many patients actually do much better on Naturethroid instead of T4 only medications like Synthroid and Levothyroxine.

​If you are considering switching to Naturethroid (especially if you are switching from T4 only medications) make sure to start LOW and titrate SLOW. 

That means starting at a lower than normal equivalent dose, but increasing your dose slowly every 10-14 days.

Doing this will prevent unwanted side effects from the T3 in the medication. ​

And remember that Naturethroid is not a magic weight loss pill, but it can help some individuals lose up to 10-20 pounds.

I want to hear from you!​

Are you currently taking Naturethroid? Did it work for you? Why or why not?

Leave your comments below and I will personally respond.

Dr. Westin Childs

I'm Dr. Childs and I write these posts. I'm a physician that specializes helping patients lose weight, have more energy and FEEL better. My practice focuses on hormone imbalances, thyroid issues and weight loss resistance. My goal is to provide the BEST information out there on the internet that is both actionable and trustworthy. Get my free ebook: Hashimoto's Diet Guide here. You can also find more about my personal journey back to health here.

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Amy - July 12, 2016

Will it help with hair growth?

Amy - July 13, 2016

Hi Dr. Childs,

I found your site last night and have been glued to it ever since. I’m fascinated with all your posts! You are the first doctor I have encountered that has a different mindset and who truly has an understanding of what sufferers go through instead of thinking it’s all in our heads.

One question about Reverse T3. I’m looking at my labs and can’t find Reverse T3 on there. Would it be called something different on my labwork? I see Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum; Thyroxine (T4) Free, Direct,S; Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab and then my thyroglobulin levels were also checked.

My second question is this. I had a TT almost 7 years ago so I’m always technically considered hypo. Do these posts about people suffering with hypothyroidism also apply to someone who has had a TT?

Thanks so much for all this information!!

    Dr. Westin Childs - July 14, 2016

    Hey Amy,

    I’m glad you have enjoyed the posts!

    1. Reverse T3 is labeled as Reverse T3, so it’s unlikely that anyone has ordered it for you thus far.

    2. Yes, these posts still apply to those without a thyroid. T4 still must be converted to T3, reverse T3 levels still matter, etc.

Eileen - July 13, 2016

I take 97.5mg of Nature-Throid and still have symptoms. I read that having low cortisol (which mine is very low), decreases the T3 from enter into the cells. It effects the receptors. Is this true?

    Dr. Westin Childs - July 14, 2016

    Hey Eileen,

    Cortisol can definitely impact thyroid function and conversion. It’s also possible your dose is insufficient or you need a different medication.

Marti - July 14, 2016

I have been on Levothyroxine (currently 125 mcg) for 20+ years. I’ve been feeling lousy the past few months with fatigue, muscle/joint aches, hair loss, brain fog, etc. My Dr. did labs and said my levels were perfectly “in range”. However, my TPO is at 224. I’m so frustrated! Your thoughts please??

LB - July 22, 2016

I was on compounded thyroid when the dr decided to pulse the dose 70% very quickly. Of course I had every symptom you mentioned above. I stopped immediately. Is it possible to keep the numbers and symptoms in check strictly by diet. I feel that I screwed up my thyroid. I was able to lower my antibodies significantly by being gluten, dairy, sugar and soy free. Also what’s the best way to wean off of ndt?

    Dr. Westin Childs - July 22, 2016

    Hey LB,

    Some people can manage their thyroid function with lifestyle changes alone, but many cannot. I wouldn’t recommend weaning yourself off of NDT without physician supervision to prevent any negative side effects.

      Suzie - February 23, 2017

      My Doctor asked me to come off NT To retest my bloods , I asked did I need to ween off it ? She said no just stop The medication right away?

        Dr. Westin Childs - February 27, 2017

        Hey Suzie,

        I can’t comment on why your physician made those recommendations, but as a general rule it’s better to slowly wean off of medication as opposed to coming off of it abruptly.

Sandra - July 24, 2016

Am on Naturethroid X 8 months after a disastrous trial of Levo that left me feeling worse with increased fatigue and hair loss. Gradually titrated up t0 3.5 grains of Naturethroid and initially looked and felt great with nice weigh loss and cessation of hair loss with FT3 at 6 but FT4 unchanged. TSH suppressed as expected. In recent months I have been feeling symptomatic again with fatigue & ++ hair loss- FT3 has dropped to 4.6 again and not sure why? Reverse T3 has never been tested- the GP says she has never heard of this? Any ideas gratefully received.

    Dr. Westin Childs - July 24, 2016

    Hey Sandra,

    Happens all the time. Your body uses thyroid hormone like it does other hormones in the body – more during times of stress/illness/etc and less at other times. Demand for thyroid hormone is NOT static, it is dynamic. You could have an increased demand due to a variety of reasons or an increased amount of reverse T3 secondary to stress, etc.

      Sarah - October 11, 2016

      Hi Westin,

      This is interesting. If demand for thyroid hormone is NOT static then how do we manage symptoms with a prescription that is inherently consistent? If I have a week of high stress and my symptoms return because my current prescription is not sufficient for the increased need, I don’t have time to go through the process of seeing my doctor, getting tested and raising my dosage, which for that matter, may not even be needed after the week or two of stress passes. Is self-dosing the answer? This inability to adapt to the unavoidable waxing and waning of life seems like a major flaw in the paradigm of thyroid treatment. Please advise.

        Dr. Westin Childs - October 12, 2016

        Hey Sarah,

        The best patients are intuitive and understand their body. They dose based off of demand, stress and other variables in their life and use a combination of sustained release + immediate release formulations. It’s similar to the basal/bolus method of dosing insulin in type I diabetics.

lisa - August 10, 2016

I get a constant headache when taking 1 grain or higher on NDT – I have only tried Armour and Nature-Throid. Seems to be worse with Armour. Does this mean I cannot take NDT at all?

Thank you.

    Dr. Westin Childs - August 10, 2016

    Not necessarily, but some people do get headaches with T3 – I see it more commonly with liothyronine, but I have seen it with both armour and naturethroid. You could consider WP thyroid instead.

Lynne Bunte - September 9, 2016

On Nature-throid for years and works well. Hashimoto symptoms returning and Dr. will not increase dosage because of my age (69). Currently taking 162.5MG. She is giving too much attention to THS 0.05. Says it is too suppressed. Since when do we pay attention to THS? Afraid I will have heart problems.

Your opinion and any studies I can refer to.?

    Dr. Westin Childs - September 9, 2016

    Hey Lynne,

    Most doctors ONLY pay attention to the TSH, that’s the “standard”. I’m not really sure which studies you are looking for?

      Lynne Bunte - September 9, 2016

      I guess I had the wrong impression of you. TSH is useless but thanks anyway.

        Dr. Westin Childs - September 9, 2016

        I think you’re confused… I don’t treat based off of the TSH, but I’m telling you that most Doctors do which means you need to find a new Doctor willing to help you out. To say that the TSH is completely useless is certainly not accurate, however using it to base dosing recommendations is obviously not a wise decision.

        The TSH has the most value in determining the sensitivity of a patient to thyroid medication and with the initial diagnosis of hypothyroidism if it is > 2.0, but beyond that it’s not very helpful in management.

        I think your problem is with your Doctor and their management, not how I look at and treat patients. If your goal is to take studies showing that the TSH isn’t helpful to your Doctor to hopefully “convince” them to change their mind, you are most likely wasting your time.

          Lynne Bunte - September 9, 2016

          I have a doc that follows your ideas but…. I have been experiencing same ole Hashi symptoms and wanted a small increase in dosage. Doc said no because I am old (69) and could have a heart attack because TSH is suppressed. I have never had a heart problem and no history in family. How can I convince her to increase dosage?

          I think her rationale is stupid as I have done research and can find no coherent finding to suggest an increase in dosage for an older person with no heart history and suppressed TSH would be detrimental.

Stephanie - September 15, 2016

Hi, I am a 52 year old female.
I have been on cytomel 5mg. for about 11 months. I experienced terrible hair loss. It is to the point that my scalp shows and causing major anxiety/depression. I recently had my labs redone by two different doctors. Labs were taken within 2 weeks of each other.
Labs came back:
TSH 1.720
T4 free – 1.6
Reverse T3 – 16.4
Triiodothyronine, Free, Serum – 2.4
Dr. originally wanted to up the dosage but I expressed my concern about hair loss. Dr. also noticed major hair loss and suggested stopping the meds for two weeks to see what happens. I have been off of the meds for 5 days now.
Second lab results from Gyno.
T3 Free – 2.8
TSH – 0.900
Total T4 – 7.50
Thyroid Perox ab – Less than 10

Second dr. suggests taking Westhroid 65 Mg.
I am scared to death that the Westhroid might cause additonal hair loss. Have also seen some people have good results with hair recovery on this med.
Not sure why one dr. would suggest one and the other suggest something different.
Labs also indicate High Ferritin level and both indicate low b12 and low vit. D. May main concern is the massive hair loss. More like a hair shed.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks so much for you time!

    Dr. Westin Childs - September 15, 2016

    Hey Stephanie,

    Both scenarios might result in additional hair loss, if possible you need to figure out what is causing the issue prior to making changes.

      Stephanie - November 30, 2016

      Can you give me any insight on hair loss? All dr.’s I have been to say they do not deal in hair loss. Not sure if it is caused by thyroid meds, not enough thyroid, or low hormones.
      Have been on the WP Thyroid now since September. Labs are still in the same range as above.
      Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Jan - September 17, 2016

Hi Dr. Childs. I was on 162.5 naturethroid & found it was too high a,dose .can I go back to the 130 dose I used to be on to get the numbers normal or should it be gradual & start w the 146.25. which my new doctor just put me on.
Thank u for ur time.

Kathy Carson - September 20, 2016

I started Nature Throid 32.5 three days ago. I stopped levothyroxine .100mg at that time. Today I feel tired and some heart palpitations. Is this a good amount to start with? Do I need some time to adjust? My doctor said take this for 28 days, then increase to twice that much after that.

D - September 21, 2016

Does anyone have a doctor reference in Chicago for me? I was just diagnosed with Hypothyroid and put on Levothyroxine 3 weeks ago and have insomnia, headaches and an appetite that won’t quit. I would like to try Naturethroid. My Endo won’t prescribe. Thank you!

    Dr. Westin Childs - September 21, 2016

    Hey D,

    Unfortunately I don’t know anyone in that area.

    Kelli - January 30, 2017

    Hi. I am in Chicago area and see Dr. Rowena Chua in Evanston. She’s pretty amazing. Has me starting on Nature Throid .. I don’t have her number on hand but do look her up.

      Dr. Westin Childs - January 30, 2017

      Hey Kelli,

      Thanks for your comment. I obviously can’t speak to the treatment that this physician provides but if you are out of options it would certainly be worth a look. I would caution against providers who use NDT (such as naturethroid) in isolation without giving thought to T3 or reverse T3.

    Anna - February 4, 2017

    Dr Alicja Poleszek in Elmhurst. She is amazing and she is family medicine doctor but she also treats patients with autoimmune disease and thyroid disease. She prescribed WP thyroid for me.

sandy - September 27, 2016

I have been on naturethroid for 3 months an my tsh keeps going up instead of down it is 23.I have no thyroid. Can you help me figure this out. My anxiety is horrible.

    Dr. Westin Childs - September 27, 2016

    Hey Sandy,

    You may need more T3.

      Lindsey - October 4, 2016

      I am fixing to start taking nature-thoid from my doctor,because of my low T3 levels.. this may sound minor, but I have read many things on the web about hair loss when taking this supplement. Is this true for many ??

      sandy - October 5, 2016

      My Dr. put me back on synthroid because all my levels were so bad on naturethroid. Now being back on that I don’t know what else I should take. Any help with be great. I am tired of feeling so bad. I do take mag. and vit d and b12 Thank you

      sandy - October 5, 2016

      After being on naturethroid for almost 4 mos. my levels were tsh 23.45 free t4 .02 free t3 2.40 I had thyroid removed 13 years ago for cancer with 3and a half parathyroids removed also,I have severe anxiety and have never felt good because they can’t get my numbers right. I don’t know what else to do. They just put me back on 100 synthroid because of bad levels.

sandy - September 27, 2016

Why is my tsh going up being on naturethroid It is up to 23

Cristina - October 7, 2016

Hi Dr. Westin,

I’ve started on Nature Thyroid in June with 1 pill of 65 mg and then increased the dose slowly to 1 pill and 1/2 of 65 mg. I did my lab tests 1 month ago and my results are:
Tsh – 0.11 L
T4 Free – 1.0
T3 Reverse – 17
T3 Free – 3.3

My results are better but I still feel exhausted and I would like to increase the dose to 2 pills. The dr that prescribes them is my family doctor and she usually prescribes Sythroid and I convinced her to try the Nature Thyroid.

I would really like your opinion about it and if I should increase dose, what are the arguments for doing that with my dr. Unfortunately I live in a small town and I don’t have other doctors to go to.

Thank you,

Cathy - October 11, 2016

I started Nature Throid (65mg) 3 months ago. Just had a follow up test and my TSH is 18.85 ! (range 0.27 – 4.20). Is this normal to have skewed results while to Nature Throid? My T4 free is 0.9 (range 0.9 – 1.7)

    Dr. Westin Childs - October 12, 2016

    Hey Cathy,

    No that is not a normal response, most likely you are under dosed.

      Cathy Sykora - October 12, 2016

      Thank you for your response the endo I saw today was no help and wants me to stop the Nature Throid and go back on levo, which I took for 15 years wasn’t working for me. And to add Cytomel.
      Instead I’m going to go back to the doctor that prescribed the Nature Throid initially and hopefully she will up my dose.

Cristina - October 12, 2016


If you have time, do you mind taking a look at my message above? I would really appreciate your feedback.

Thank you,

Widalys - October 15, 2016

I have been on Naturethroid for the past 3 years. I started on 1.5grain and then went up to 2.5 grain and was wondering about raising the dose to 3grain or 4 grain and see how I feel because I am fatigue and brain fog. I do take mag/vit d3/with k2.

I know I don’t have my numbers here but wanted to know your input

Thank you

    Dr. Westin Childs - October 15, 2016

    Hey Widalys,

    I would never recommend the titration of medication without at least following lab testing. You shouldn’t base dose off of labs alone, but you also shouldn’t neglect them completely.

Crista - October 18, 2016

hello! First off thank you for the best article I’ve ever read on thyroid meds. Very helpful! I just started naturethroid this week. I’ve been on synthroid for 20 years after a diagnoses of hashimotos. In the last year I’ve developed a lot of food allergies which trigger my hashimotos and my heart rate goes crazy. I have a temperature of 96.9 to 97.4 depending on the time of day. Im losing my hair and I’m tired. A lot. I was on 150 mcg of synthroid and my dr put me on 165 of naturethroid. My heart rate goes up quite a bit as soon as I take it so tomorrow I’m going to take your advice and split it in 2. Smart. How long should I try this dosage – after reading your article it seems she might have started me on too much. Oh I’m a 40 year old woman – single mom of 5 kids. Thanks!

Lisbeth - October 19, 2016


My Doctor sent me to order nature thyroid because I have my T3 a little low on 2 and she wanted to increase to 4, I want to know in what grain I should start.


Mandy - October 31, 2016

Hi, help!! Need your opinion: 4 weeks ago I switched from Levo to desiccated thyroid. I feel horrible (the fatigue is debilitating, my skin has broken out, and brain fog is bad). I was on 150 mg of Levo and when I stopped my doctor said I was in a hyper state. Now on the desiccated thyroid I just did my blood test and my TSH is 6.5. I started on 30 mg of the desiccated thyroid and worked up to 45 mg, 60 mg, 75 mg and now at the 4 week mark I am now at 90 mg (taking 60 in the am and 30 in the afternoon). I know it’s still early in the process but I feel so awful that I am wondering if I made a huge mistake switching medications and I am wondering how long of a chance I should give this? I switched from Levo because I thought that maybe I could feel optimal on the desiccated thyroid. I saw in your article that I may feel worse before I feel better on desiccated thyroid. Is there a typical timeframe that I can look forward to that will be around when I should start feeling my best? I literally feel like my body completely crashed as I went from hyper back to hypo in 3-4 weeks. My doctor has never prescribed desiccated thyroid so there is a bit of a learning curve, but I feel like giving up and going back to feeling semi okay on Levo than terrible on desiccated thyroid. Am I giving up too soon? I am just shocked at how drastically my health deteriorated in a month as I thought I would see subtle improvements each week.

    Dr. Westin Childs - October 31, 2016

    Hey Mandy,

    I can’t say because I don’t know your situation, some people just don’t do well on NDT and others do quite well it just depends.

Romina - November 6, 2016

I was wondering if you’d come accross anyone who experiences dizziness/balance issues upon starting Naturethroid? I started three days ago. Day one I felt fine, day two and theee I can’t stand without holding onto something so I don’t fall. I’m not doing anything else different, so I will assume it’s the Naturethroid. Another thing, my heart rate won’t drop below 100, even while resting. I am only taking 32.5 (as I was on 50mcg of Levo before this). My anxiety has also increased and My throat feels right, as if I had a balloon in my thiroat. Seems like a lot of symptoms for such a small dose. Please advise.

    Dr. Westin Childs - November 7, 2016

    Hey Romina,

    You will have to take those symptoms to the Doctor who prescribed the medication, plenty of side effects can occur when starting a new medication and I don’t understand the intricacies of your case.

Lisbeth Marrero - November 10, 2016


I want to know if I can take two pills of 1/2 grain to make 1 grain of NatureThroid, or I need to take the one grain pill?


    Dr. Westin Childs - November 10, 2016

    Hey Lisbeth,

    You will have to take that question to the provider who prescribed you the medication, I don’t know anything about your history so I can’t comment.

Julie - November 16, 2016

I been taking Nature Tyroid for 8 weeks now a half grain in morning and I think it makes me more tired and exhausted. Any advice??

    Dr. Westin Childs - November 16, 2016

    Hey Julie,

    You will have to talk to the Doctor who prescribed it to you, I can’t direct you further if you aren’t my direct patient.

Sheila - November 20, 2016

I’m 45 Y/woman, diagnosed with Hashimoto and taking Synthroid for last 7 years.
My new endocrinologist gave me nature thyroid and I took it this morning for the first time. around noon I felt horrible but then i got better till tonight that I couldn’t sleep, heart palpitation, very dizzy that couldn’t walk. it’s 1:00 AM and i just took my Synthroid to call the doctor on Monday.
I would like to split it in half, as you recommended but the symptoms were so strong that i don’t know if i can even switch….

    Dr. Westin Childs - November 20, 2016

    Hey Sheila,

    Some people don’t tolerate NDT for a variety of reasons, it’s hard to say why you reacted the way you did without more information.

Grace - November 30, 2016

Hi Dr. Childs,
I switched from Levo to Naturethroid back in September because I was shedding hair and it had become very dry. My doc went from 75 mcg Levo to 65 mcg Naturethroid. Lost weight and had heart palpitations, so we scaled back to 48.75 in October. While weight has stabilized and I don’t have heart palpitations, It is almost December, and my hair loss continues. However, I am also seeing some new growth and my hair seems less dry. I don’t know whether to stick with Naturethroid at this dose, go higher, or go back to Levo. Any suggestions for next steps would be great. Thanks so much.

J - December 5, 2016

Dr Westin,
About 2 months ago, my regular doctor took me completely off my naturethroid (I was on 32.5) cold turkey, and within 6 days I began experiencing pins and needles and burning in my feet and sometimes my hands. Found an endo who put me back on medication – 50mg of Synth and 12.5 of liothyronine. It has been just over a month. The symptoms have not gone away. Original labs were taken on 10/25/16 before the endo put me on the synthroid and liothyronine, and my numbers were TSH – 3.34, Free T4 1.12, Free T3 3.1, and Reverse T3 was 21. I am at a loss and not sure what to do. Of all the research i have done, it seems as if I am not getting enough T3 into my cells because of the RT3. I dont know what to do – my endo said she does not want to touch my meds and I am beyond frustrated.

    Dr. Westin Childs - December 5, 2016

    Hey J,

    You will probably need to pay out of pocket to find someone willing to give you more T3. I can’t really overstate the importance of having someone knowledgeable helping out on your case because no matter how much research you’ve done there’s a big chance you are missing something.

Lyn - December 6, 2016

After switching to WP Thyroid I see hair growth back and overall feel better, however I am becoming insulin resistant. I use an insulin pump and have had to increase my basals by 10 units per day since going on WP. I also tried Naturethroid with side effects of rash at hairline. Why is WP causing increased blood sugar?

Diana - December 9, 2016

Hi. I saw for the first time a Naturophatic doctor, after being seen with so many doctors with no answers. The Naturophatic doc did a thyroflex test. The results were 153. She said is hypothyroidism. She gave me Nature Throid 65mg. But does this means Im hypo? I already have lost a lot of weight, and have tachycardia every single day, low and high blood pressure, headaches and fatigue. I haven’t started the nature throid. Will it help in my case?

    Dr. Westin Childs - December 9, 2016

    Hey Diana,

    You will have to take that question to your provider, too many variables can impact how your body reacts and I don’t have the information to answer it for you.

Diana - December 9, 2016

Hi. My Naturophatic gave me Nature thyroid after doing a thyroflex test. The results were 153. Is this means Im hypo? Im still waiting for labs results. I haven’t started nature thyroid. Should I take even though I don’t have my labs results. Im scared its first time they found hypothyroidism. I already have lost a lot of weight, have tachycardia every day headaches fatigue dizziness. Please reply back. Thanks.

Cindy - December 10, 2016

WOW was this interesting reading, I saw an integrative doc, wow amazing doc, I am a mess and hopeful. I am taking Nature Thyroid 1gr morning/ 1/2 afternoon, and am having tight throat, lite headache, lite weird breathing which started immediately when I began 2 weeks ago after taking synthroid for 9 years, I have a goiter and Hash. I am hanging in there and hoping I adjust. I am excited to find a real doc. THANK YOU for this blog, wow have I learned a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda - December 11, 2016

I have been on Nature-Throid for years, I recently developed dizziness and I believe its attributed to this medication.
after taking it in the am I begin to feel dizzy? Does this make sense?

Ingrid - December 16, 2016

Is it dangerous to take a little T-3 25mcg Citomel along with the NatureThroid if you feel like your Naturethroid is not enough? I don’t have the money to see the doc again to get a higher dose, so can I use one Citomel in addition to the Naturethroid (I have Citomel left over from a previous doctor)… if I monitor my symptoms closely?

Shala singer - December 21, 2016

Hello, I am currently taking 125mg synthroid and 15mcg compounded t3. I am wanting to switch to 2 grains of the WP thyroid. I know you say titration slowly, however since I’m already used to t3 do I still need to do that?
Thank you

    Dr. Westin Childs - December 21, 2016

    Hey Shala,

    I can’t give recommendations over this medium, but I approach each situation differently because each patient is unique. Some people react negatively to certain medications so I generally recommend slow titration.

Kari - December 22, 2016

I am currently taking 1.5 grains of Naturethroid and am experiencing vertigo/dizziness on a daily basis since I raised my dose. I still have hypo symptoms and my doc refuses to believe it’s thyroid related. How long should I wait this out? It’s been well over a month.

    Dr. Westin Childs - December 22, 2016

    Hey Kari,

    Many conditions can create thyroid like symptoms, it’s possible you are either under dosed or attributing some of these symptoms to your thyroid when they are related to something else.

Norma Matthews - December 23, 2016

I’ve felt bad on naturethroid and synthroid. I’ve gained 40 pounds since I started naturethroid. I’ve been on 2 1/2 grains. I feel awful. I have blood sugar problems. My legs are weak and I have heart palpitations especially at night. Now I’m so depressed. I’m trying to lower but that is hell too! Please help!
Thank you for any help!

    Dr. Westin Childs - December 23, 2016

    Hey Norma,

    The best thing you can do is find a provider locally who can help you sort through your symptoms to figure out where they are coming from. Not everyone does well on NDT in general and some reactions like you are experiencing are quite common – you just need someone who knows how to deal with the symptoms to help guide you.

Tina - December 23, 2016

Hello Dr. Childs:

I started out on 65 mg and not take double the dose. Why is it that the dose has to be increased increased over time? I switched from synthroid and had to increase the dose as well. Does it mean my thyroid function is deteriorating over time? I have hashimoto’s.

    Dr. Westin Childs - December 23, 2016

    The main reason to start out slow is to allow your body to acclimate to the higher doses of T3 and to ensure that you don’t react negatively to the medication (including the inactive fillers). It isn’t necessarily a reflection of native thyroid function, though that may also play a role depending on the person.

      tina - December 23, 2016

      I also meant to ask why do I have to keep going up on the dose every so often due to symptoms of hypothyroidism. For example, I started on 65 mg which was fine then my free t3 and free t4 dropped and had to inc the dose and had symptoms. If that happens does that mean my thyroid function is reduced to the autoimmune attack? My last anti TPO were 292.

carol voss - December 24, 2016

after a thyroidectomy I was put on levothryroxine for past three years. felt awful on and off and switched to naturethroid two weeks ago. I had also been suffering from sudden gastric problems, which I thought to be viral about a month ago and am confused about what has been happening to me since I started taking nature throid as I don’t know if my current symptoms relate to switching medication or to something else I need to get checked .could it just be coincidence I feel worse than I’ve ever felt and have face and gum pain, and a rash has come up on my forehead and my face is a bit swollen and puffy. I was put on a dose of two grains of nature throid daily to be increased to 3 in a week’s time. please advise.

Helene Lepkowski - December 26, 2016

After almost 2 years of juggling medications, I am now on .75 mcg of tirocint and 1,25 of SR T3 and I do feel great!. The only concern is that the t3 is not covered by insurance(because it is a compound) and it iS $130/month. My doctor is all for starting me on NP thyroid and so am I but I am very nervous about the dosing. I don’t want to feel awful again until we get it regulated.. What is the closest dose to what I am taking presently.
Thank you for your assistance.

    Dr. Westin Childs - December 26, 2016

    Hey Helene,

    I probably wouldn’t recommend changing medications if you are feeling great. The risk of doing poor is too high for minimal reward, you can always find a different pharmacy with cheaper prices for the SR T3.

Heather Buring - December 26, 2016

How much do you increase your NatureThroid after taking half of a 65 mg for 10 days?

    Dr. Westin Childs - December 26, 2016

    Hey Heather,

    It really depends on the person, what they were on before, what symptoms they have, what other hormone imbalances they have, etc. there really isn’t a cookie cutter answer because each person is so different. I would seek further assistance with whoever prescribed you the medication (hopefully they know and understand how to titrate it correctly).

Tina - December 30, 2016

My natropath started me on 16.25 mg of Wp in July this year. My main concerns prior to starting were my hair loss/breakage and low end free t3 . She upped slowly..and now in December I’m on 1 grain well mybhair has never improved in fact it worsened in the months in Wp. Is it possible Wp isn’t for me? I didn’t have any thyroid symptoms prior to starting Wp other then the hair and after 5 months the hair is scary worse. High rt3 and antibodies now. Both of which I was fine with before Wp. I want to go off altogether but everyone says that’s impossible. Seeing my np in January but she isn’t much help wanted to know if it’s possible to come off Wp altogether and work on my high cortisol

Lisa - January 1, 2017

I switched to naturthroid about 45 days ago after being on synthroid for about 21 year. My Synthroid dose was 0.112mg. My Nature-Throid dose is 113.75 mg. I received my blood work results and my TSH is low at 0.06, T4, free 1.27
T3 free is high at 8.7.

My gynecologist was the physician who wrote my RX to switch brands because my internist disliked any brands other than Synthroid. I need to change the dose but I don’t think my gynecologist has knowledge of how to regulate it properly. Can you provide me with assistance on correct dosage since thus far it hasn’t been managed very well?!



    Dr. Westin Childs - January 1, 2017

    Hey Lisa,

    There is no way to accurately “guess” how much thyroid hormone a person will need, it takes a combination of lab tests, hormone levels, body weight, energy levels, metabolic rate, etc. The best thing you can do is find someone to help guide you through this process because it can be difficult (almost impossible) to figure it out on your own.

Reba - January 3, 2017

Have you found a link between low thyroid and hyperplastic gingivitis?

carol voss - January 5, 2017

I’ve just been put on nature throid having taken levothyroxine for past four years (150) following a thyroidectomy. started two weeks ago with 2 grains nature thyroid daily which upped to three a few days ago. have felt ‘spaced out’ and slighty queasy after taking and only noticeable difference so far is i’m sleeping longer at night.
also unsure if I need to leave time before and after eating when I take 2nd and third grains during the day.

where I live in England endos are like hen’s teeth and few gp’s know anything about nature throid. it’s been a pretty rough ride so far and i’d had frequent hypo symptoms for years.

    Dr. Westin Childs - January 5, 2017

    Hey Carol,

    Each person reacts different to thyroid medication so it does take some degree of trial and error to figure out how/when to dose your medication.

Deb - January 6, 2017

I’m currently taking Naturethroid and my last test shows my TSH at .934, free t3 is 2.5 and freet4 is .87. Some are saying my freet3 is too low and I should add cytomel. Would this help? I’m still always tired, skin very dry, etc. thsnks!

    Dr. Westin Childs - January 6, 2017

    Hey Deb,

    You might benefit from the addition of T3 but it’s not as easy as determining by looking at lab tests alone so it’s hard to say with that information.

lisa - January 6, 2017

I started on 65 mg which was fine then my free t3 and free t4 dropped and had to inc the dose to double just to feel the same. Why would I need a higher dose just to feel the same at half the dose over a period of 2-3 months. If that happens does that mean my thyroid function is reduced to the autoimmune attack? My last anti TPO were 292.

    Dr. Westin Childs - January 6, 2017

    Hey Lisa,

    Much like other hormones in the body the demand for thyroid hormone changes based on multiple variables. You don’t ever need just a “static” amount of thyroid hormone throughout the day. Your body would naturally produce the amount based on numerous factors such as stress, hormonal changes, etc. Your demand may reflect any or all of these variables (including gland damage from autoimmune attack).

Jennifer Gillett - January 7, 2017

Hi Dr. Child’s,
I was diagnosed with Hashimotos about 7 years ago. For the past 5 years, my TSH has been consistently in the normal range by taking 75 mg of Synthroid once a day for 6 days and then taking double the dosage on the 7th day. I have battled fatigue the entire time and have some brain fog, so my doctor has switched me to 65 mg of Nature-throid once a day. After two months on the medication, I have begun having a racing heart, sleeplessness, some shakiness in my hands and weight loss. The brain fog seems much worse. I went to my doctor thinking perhaps my dosage needed adjusting. We thought due to the symptoms I might have become hyper. When the blood work came back it was the opposite. My TSH levels were high again. Are palpitations and a rapid heartbeat a known side effect of Nature-throid or the transition from Synthroid to Nature-throid? Is there any way to get rid of the brain fog regardless of what type of thyroid medication I take? Any advice you have would be so appreciated.

    Dr. Westin Childs - January 7, 2017

    Hey Jennifer,

    What you just described happens all the time. Providers switch patients from levothyroxine to NDT (or other T3 containing medications) and generally under dose them because they aren’t familiar with the medications. Usually they then say that the medication didn’t “work” because your TSH elevated. In reality they just switched medications and dropped your total dose.

    The answer to your question is complex because palpitations could be a side effect of hypothyroidism, or secondary to the T3 or a combination of both. Because of the nuances involved in switching and managing medications I almost always recommend you seek out someone knowledgable to help guide you through the process.

Alex Wallace - January 9, 2017

Hi. im getting switched over to Naturethroid from Synthroid. My Doc told me to just switch right over to 162.5mg and not take it slow because i do not have a thyroid. Do you agree with this??


    Dr. Westin Childs - January 9, 2017

    Hey Alex,

    I’m not really in a position to agree or disagree with your provider because you aren’t my patient and I don’t know your history. Having said that, you may react negatively to that dose of T3 if you aren’t used to it – but you might also be fine, it really just depends.

Dr Gregory Gomori - January 9, 2017

I am a physician that fad a large acoustic neuroma. I gave had t3 surgeries, spinal fusions etc. I am on narcitic medication. On bad days I take more for pain, but then become more hypothyroid. Yitrsting my medication is very hard. I’m on armor thyroid. Would any of the other medications benefit me more then at our. I have had to take a beta blocker for adverse effects of pvcs and pac s on armour thyroid. Can you help?

    Dr. Westin Childs - January 9, 2017

    Hey Dr. Gomori,

    Thanks for stopping by. As you correctly suggest the combination of beta blockers + narcotics will be blunting your native T4 to T3 conversion, but at least the narcotics will be necessary due to the chronic pain you are suffering from. The problem with armour thyroid in this setting is the inability to dose the T4 and T3 separately. One of the first things I would consider is adding Sustained release T3 and dropping your total dose of armour thyroid. The sustained release component will take demand off of your cardiac tissue (decreasing the need for beta blockers) and will decrease the substrate for T4 to reverse T3 conversion. This should help both areas at once.

      GregoryGomori - January 10, 2017

      Thank you for your answer. I apologize for the errors in my post. Tried to resend it. Is nature thyroid better then armour in terms of cardiac side effects? Second, what would you use as a sustained T3 medication. Would cytomel be acceptable. I don’t see endocrinologist for six months. There are few here. Very busy. I change doses via a family practioner, and do monitor lab. On synthyroid, I was getting terrible cold sweats. They were so bad, ruinined my life. When I switched to armour, they disappeared. It was a miracle. Now they have returned intermittently, not sure why. I try to stay on same dose of narcotic, but it is nearly impossible. Good and bad days. Was wondering if armour had run its course. Never had cardiac effects on synthyroid., was on it for 19 years with the last year being terrible. So much time in bed, lethargic, with those awful sweats. I will try a t3 med, and reduce dose of armour. Any suggestions as to which would be best? Thank you so very much.

        Dr. Westin Childs - January 10, 2017

        Naturethroid is generally tolerated better than armour thyroid, but I usually prefer WP thyroid over other NDT formulations. Sustained release T3 is cytomel that is compounded to methylcellulose (usually) to delay GI absorption. Cytomel is rapidly absorbed which can lead to high serum levels and cardiac issues. In terms of which will be best for you personally it’s hard to predict and requires some degree of trial and error used in conjunction with lab tests.

Chris g - January 12, 2017

Dear Dr, I did get my physician to switch me to nt from levothyroxine, and my dose of Lego was 100 mug daily and now he put me on 97.5 of naturethroid. I feel better but in the pm after dinner my ears start ringing and I feel a bit dizzy should I have added it in slowly like 50/50 and is that even possible?

Jim K - January 15, 2017

I am hypothyroid and take 50mcg of Levo each morning. My MD says my TSH is now in range and that is all that matters although I still have many symptoms of underactive thyroid. But I also have an issue with keeping weight ON – which is not a typical hypo symptom. Would Naturethroid possibly help someone with a weight loss issue? Thanks.

    Dr. Westin Childs - January 15, 2017

    Hey Jim,

    If your symptom is due to a deficiency in thyroid hormone then naturethroid may help, but it’s impossible to predict at this point and without further information.

      Jim K - January 23, 2017

      Dr. Childs,
      What additional info would help you understand my situation?

        Dr. Westin Childs - January 23, 2017

        Hey Jim,

        Unfortunately even if I had the information I wouldn’t be able to offer you any sort of medical advice unless you are a current patient of mine. The best thing you can do is find someone who understands the information in this article to help you further.

Karin - January 21, 2017

Hi Dr Childs
Can I ask you a question please. Does an autoimmune thyroid condition react badly to ndt replacemnet. ie does immune system see ndt as the same baddie as it does the thyroid, and produce more antibodies to eliminate it? Would love to hear your opinion. Thank you.

    Dr. Westin Childs - January 21, 2017

    Hey Karin,

    Some people seem to react negatively to NDT with hashimoto’s and other autoimmune diseases. This is likely due to the fact that the medication is porcine sourced and may be antigenic to the body due to GI related issues.

Rosalie - January 21, 2017

I have been taking naturethroid for 4 years and it has been great – Blood tests never showed a problem so I tested myself with temperature test, and realize needed help. Went to alternative medicine and got naturethroid. Found I have multiple nodules but have ot increased in size and monitor with ultra sound once a year by a thyroid surgeon. Recently my eyelashes started getting sparse, and at first I thought the mascara, but with weight gain (no change in diet or exercise), drying and brittle hair, and sluggishly sleepy I realized it may be thyroid. My general dr down in the area I snowbird in took a blood test and it showed that thyroid levels fine. I don’t trust those tests, and wonder if am taking too much or not enough. How do I get an accurate reading?

    Dr. Westin Childs - January 21, 2017

    Hey Rosalie,

    The best thing you can do is find someone who is knowledgable about thyroid function and other hormones to help guide you. You should also get a full comprehensive thyroid panel (the one I recommend on my site) as a starting point.

R - January 25, 2017

Dr. Childs,

I am 64 year old female and have been on desiccated thyroid (except for a 6 month period on Synthroid) since age 26. I have had several heart tests this year and after the heart catherization experienced palpitations, supraventrical tachycardia. I have a heart monitor on now. I am questioned about my thyroid since my TSH is suppressed 0.02. I respond that the free T3 and free T4 are in normal range, but they think I am over-medicated. I cannot say if the SVT is thyroid related. My dosage is 1.5 grain or 97 mg Nature-throid. I noticed with the monitor that I am sensitive to chocolate. Could I have developed a sensitivity to the Nature-throid. I really do not want to risk the fatigue, depression, sluggish thinking that return when my thyroid is not at right dose. Can I assume the SVT will resolve itself? I will reschedule with my functional physician, but wanted to hear your thoughts. Thank you in advance.

    Dr. Westin Childs - January 25, 2017

    Hey R,

    I can’t comment on your situation because I know nothing about you or your health history, but in terms of thyroid and SVT in general – it needs to be evaluated and T3 can aggravate nodal pathways that may trigger and make worse the condition. In terms of myocyte activity, some patients seem to be particularly sensitive to serum levels of T3 which probably has to do with genetic differences in activity of calcium channel pumps.

Madelaine miller - January 27, 2017

I will be without my nature thyroid for 2 days. Is that going to be a problem?

Hope - January 28, 2017

Two days ago I asked my doctor to switch me to NT from Synthroid/Lio and it seems to be to high a dose as I am getting jittery, racing heart, sweaty. I am getting a new lower dose tomorrow. If I am coming from 88mcg of Synthroid and 5mcg of Liothyronine-and my doctor said my tsh levels are still to high and needs to be reduced. She started me on 81.25mg NT and is giving me a lower dose. Is there a dose you recommend to start at? Thank you for all the information and guidance you provide, it is a blessing! I have not been happy with Synthroid and after reading all of your info I see it contains gluten which I’m not supposed to have and am very pleased to see NT doesn’t have all the “extra’s” that I need to avoid. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Michele - January 29, 2017

Hi Dr. Childs,

This is the 2nd time I am trying Naturethroid. I am starting, like last time, at 16.25. Last time, I stopped after a week due to increasing headaches. This time, prior to starting, I supplemented my iron due to low ferritin levels. I am not getting a headache, but I am feeling odd and dizzy. Is this something that will resolve?

Felicia - February 2, 2017

I had been on synthroid for 22 years and recently switched bec was experiencing extreme hair loss and bloatedness. I had been taking armour thyroid for a month still not right. I have now been on nature throid for 3 weeks on 65 I have been experiencing acid reflux and my cycle is 12 days late. My dose of synthroid was 100 so same dose but switched a lot. I don’t have much hair loss but am exhausted still. Are those symptoms related to nature throid?

Gayle - February 6, 2017

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 6 years ago after gaining some 30 lbs – after a lifetime of never gaining an ounce and I’m a senior citizen. I was put on a synthetic but I felt worse than before and after research, convinced my doctor to switch me to Armour thyroid. That worked until they changed their format and I went to Naturethroid – 65 mg one day and 32.5 the next. I just received my test results on the tests that Medicare would allow them to run – TSH 1.02 – FreeT4 0.87 – FreeT3 – 230. I’ve not had the FreeT3 run before – was just the TSH and FreeT4.

I still have dry skin, thinning hair, and weight gain. Because I’m only 5’3″ and have arthritis in leg joints as well as myasthenia gravis (some 30+ years), I need to lose weight so the muscles and leg joints have less to carry around. I can’t find anything on line that gives information on test results while on medication – only to help diagnose it. My doctor says the results are good as long as they fall between the numbers the lab gives. Do the recent numbers indicate that the dosage is in a range that would appear to be appropriate since I still have symptoms and can’t lose weight no matter what I do.

    Dr. Westin Childs - February 6, 2017

    Hey Gayle,

    Thyroid dosing should be based off the approximation of tissue levels of thyroid hormone and that isn’t clear from standard thyroid lab values.

Alice - February 8, 2017

Dr. Childs,

Thank you for your work! I feel like I have a handful of problems that all need to be fixed a bit.. and I am not sure which comes first…

I am a 43 old female.

I am estrogen dominant. Seems to be getting worse, at least from symptoms. Haven’t had recent testing.
I have HPA Axis dysfunction – Hypercortisolism. I follow the healthy daily cortisol rhythms but my cortisol is just a little high.
I have low functioning Thyroid (TSH: 3.74, freeT3: 2.8, freeT4: .98, ReverseT3: 5.96)
I do not have any Thyroid autoimmune antibodies.
p.s. had gut dysbiosis and small yeast overgrowth – fixed both with antimicrobial supplements.
also – taking supplements for compound heterozygous MTHFR.

Lastly, my most recent CBC showed my SHBG to be 143.8. Two doctors didn’t know what to make of that number being out of range and told me not to worry about it. You are the first person that has mentioned that could be related to Thyroid health. What do you think of this number being high?

Because of my Thyroid panel, My doctor put my on Naturethroid, starting with 1/4gram. After a week (two days ago), I moved up to 1/2gr.

I am not feeling any better – still sooo sluggish.
How soon would I start to feel better?

I know you cannot comment on my specific situation but when you see patients with the above symptoms, what would you suggest they attack first?


Jill - February 9, 2017

Hi Dr. Childs-

Wow how frustrating this is. And, after my last blood test results I’m really concerned. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos 15 years ago.I was on Synthyroid for years. I was finally tired of being sick and tired and feeling like crap so I requested that my new Endocrinologist change me over to Nature-Throid. Of course he’s another one of those “only treat via blood work results” kind of guys. I’ve been on 32.5 MG of Nature-Throid and.5 Cytomel for the past 15 weeks and when I received the results of my more recent blood work I couldn’t believe how high my TSH was.
Results were;
TSH 22.37
Free T3 2.37
Free T4 0.40
Reverse T3 5.0
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 93.8
He raised my Nature-Throid to.65 and said to continue the .5 Cytomel however I don’t feel that’s the right call. Since I’ve raided the Nature- Throid my hair is starting to fall out. I’m at a complete lose with what to do.
What is your take on this?
Thanks so much

    Dr. Westin Childs - February 9, 2017

    Hey Jill,

    The best thing you can do is seek out someone who is knowledgable about thyroid management and NDT/T3 thyroid hormone replacement. You also need a more complete panel including nutrient testing to manage your other symptoms.

Beverly Druskis - February 10, 2017

Dear Dr.

My head has been shaking for two years or more-I take Armour Thyroid 60.mg made by Actavis-and 15mg. made by Forest. I stopped taking the 60.mg. made by actavis and simply took five a day of 15.mg. made by forest-my head shaking has stopped-I’v been doing this for over a month–however-in tome my pharmacy will run of Forest products-should I wish to Natur-thyroid?

Before 2008 I was fine on Armour made by Forest- os should I have a compound pharmacy make up the 60.mg using the Forest formula?
Thank you very much . Sincerely,[email protected]

    Dr. Westin Childs - February 10, 2017

    Hey Beverly,

    I would recommend you take that question to your current provider, I don’t have all of the information necessary to help you.

Mike - February 11, 2017

Switched to naturethroid last summer and seemed to work very well … lost 10 pounds and a craving for sugar. Labs showed I might increase dosage which we did but I felt worse and Dr and I are now playing around with levothyroxine/naturethroid combination … which seems to be working ok. Next labs in 3 weeks.

I read this morning on several websites I have been in error because I’ve been taking levothyroxine in morning with my cups of coffee (I take naturethroid in afternoon, usually with a coffee as well). I drink about 4-5 cups a day, 2 when I wake up, 1 at morning break and 1 about 3 pm.

3 questions:

What are your thoughts on taking combination of natural and synthetic?

Do you think taking a natural and synthetic at the same time or diffferent time would be best?

Ibuprofen. How much time before and after dose?

After years at rigid kaiser I’ve found a doc willing to work with me and seems open and knowledgeable. Your thoughts most welcome. Thank you for your post and information.

    Dr. Westin Childs - February 11, 2017

    Hey Mike,

    Taking synthetic medication is fine, but I generally recommend against the combination of NDT + T4 due to the static T3 dosge in NDT.

      Mike - February 11, 2017

      Thank you. I will discuss with my doc. Does coffee negatively affect the thyroid meds as I’ve read?

Valerie - February 13, 2017

I started taking Naturthroid on 1/14/17 after two years on Levo/Synthroid(88mg). I took half a pill for a week and started taking the whole pill each day after. I’m on 65mg once a day. I noticed about two weeks ago I started getting a red looking rash on my left breast, it seemed like it was only after a shower but now it is worse and is spreading but only on my torso and chest area. The only thing I’ve changed in the past few weeks was this medicine and I’ve started eating a hard boiled egg for breakfast, usually a good 3-4 hours after taking my Naturthroid. I’ve never had issues with eggs before so I can only think it would be the Naturethroid. Is this something to be concerned about or will it go away as my body gets used to the medicine? It doesn’t itch or seem to bother me, except for the fact that it is getting worse. I do not want to call the doctor quite yet because I don’t want him to make me stop taking it because I’m starting to feel better on it than with Levo. Thanks.

Ali - February 13, 2017

I recently started Naturethroid. I understand it should be taken at the same time every day and at least an hour before I eat.

To keep the time I take it consistent (I wake up at different times each day), can I wake up at the same time, take the medicine and fall back asleep? I don’t mind doing this but is there any harm in doing that?

Also I was told to wait an hour before eating to increase absorption of Naturethroid. Is it okay if the amount of time I wait before eating varies – some days it is 1 hour before I eat but some days is 3-4 hours before I eat (especially if I took it and then fell back asleep)?

Thanks so much!

    Dr. Westin Childs - February 13, 2017

    Hey Ali,

    You will have to take those questions to your current provider because multiple factors can influence absorption such as supplement routines and/or medications, etc. I don’t know your story/history/symptoms, all of which influence how I recommend patients take thyroid medication.

Neena - February 15, 2017

I’ve been on levothyroxine for 30 yrs. My dose before switching to nature thyroid was 137mcg. My naturopath converted my dose and I began taking 1 and 1/4 grain. I developed insomnia so she backed up my dose to 1/2 grain x 5 days, 3/4 grain x 5 days. I started to sleep again at 1/2 grain but now I’m stuck at 3/4 grain with insomnia again and feel unable to titrate up. Ive also gained 8 lbs since starting the nature thyroid. I initially started converting about a month ago. Ive never had enough energy on levo alone and I notice the change in energy levels and dont want to give up. Are we ramping up too fast? Would it help to see where my levels are at now before proceeding with a dose change? Do some patients need a combination of levo and natture thyroid?

    Dr. Westin Childs - February 15, 2017

    Hey Neena,

    I never put any patient on the combination of NDT + levothyroxine because you have much more flexibility with T4/T3 combinations compounded. The best thing you can do is find someone knowledgeable to help guide you because 10+ factors may be influencing your current symptoms.

Beverly Druskis - February 16, 2017

Dear Dr. Childs, When I was on Forest Armour Thyroid-I was fine-then when Actavis took over my head started to have tremors-so for the last month I’ve been using up my 15.mg armour thyroid produced by Forest -instead of taking the 60mg. Actavis armout thyroid-i must have about 300 pills of the 15mg-so I take four to five a day-my tremors have stopped-so apparently the Actavis tablet did not agree with me-the pharmacy has always given me 60mg. of Actavis and 15mg. armour thyroid made by Forest-If I change to Nature -thyroid would that be better or should I have a compound pharmacy make up Armour thyroid using the Forest recipe?
I have never told my Doctor about the tremors-he isn’t one to prescribe medicine –
Thank you for any response.

Jayson - February 20, 2017

Dr. Westin Childs,

Great article although it seems most people have a difficult time on T4 only and/or switching to NDT (myself included) which is very frustrating. I have been on Levothyroxine (175mcg) for about 7 years and never felt good. I tried NT once but the side effects almost put me in the ER. I don’t think that particular Dr knew what he was doing. I have found a new Dr that is willing to try NT with me once again but I am nervous about the transition. When I tried NT in the past I had all the symptoms mentioned above. I recently did an adrenal saliva test which came back normal but my reverse T3 was above normal. (on T4 only)

My main question would be, should one slowly wean off Levo while slowly adding NT? If my body is used to 175mcg of T4 daily, to simply cut that off and replace with an initial low dose of T4/T3 seems counterproductive. If I go 2 days w/o 175mcg of T4 I will crash hard and be extremely sick. Since even 1 Grain of NT has only 38 mcg T4, how do people transition properly and with the least amount of issues. I understand one will most likely be worse before they get better, but having the, “do I need to call 911” conversation is not an acceptable transition.

Thanks in advance for your insight.

    Dr. Westin Childs - February 20, 2017

    Hey Jayson,

    There are many ways to do this correctly but deciding which avenue to use depends largely on the patient. For your information, as long as you transition correctly, you really shouldn’t feel worse in the process.

Denise - February 25, 2017

Dr. Weston Child’s,
My doctor prescribed Nature-Throid one grain after my TSH was high on two different tests(15). After being on that amount for two months, I just got results of new blood test. Wow, the TSH went down to 2.27, which seems great. However, my total T4 went down from 5.8 to 5.5, and the free T3 went down from 2.7 to 2.2. Shouldn’t those numbers have gone up to mid normal ranges instead of dropping? Even though basal temp has improved, it is still low. Also my bowels are more sluggish than before. I do feel better when I arise each morning. I believe an increase in the meds would be helpful, but I haven’t heard from doctor’s office yet.
Could you tell me if this result is good? Will my T4 and T3 go up as I continue on this dosage over time, or Would a higher dose be beneficial? I want to understand, and I want to feel energetic and be as healthy as I can be. The lower numbers on thyroid hormones concerns me.
Thank you ahead of time for your suggestions.

    Dr. Westin Childs - February 27, 2017

    Hey Denise,

    Individual thyroid lab tests should be looked at in conjunction with other lab tests. Like other hormones in the body, thyroid lab tests change each day, which means that if you checked your lab tests 1 hour later or 1 hour earlier they would be different. Because of this (and other reasons) it’s more helpful to look at trends than individual lab values.

Ashley Gerlach - February 27, 2017

Good Evening. I am 22 years old and have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s almost 11 years ago now. I was taking 120 mcg of Levothyroxine, then switched to Armour Thyroid and now I am on 130mg of Nature-Throid. I am gluten free and have a very limited dairy intake. I feel hopeless in this whole endeavor as my symptoms have gotten drastically worse. On my current dose of Nature-Throid I am experiencing the following symptoms: I am overweight by 10-20 pounds, thyroid gland is physically hurting even without touching it, fatigue, body aches and joint pain,and brain fog. I am concerned that I am doing something wrong, since my medicine doesn’t seem to be working. Are there any specific labs you suggest for me to ask my doctor to order to ensure that I am on the right medication as well as the right dose. I am supposed to go on my honeymoon in June and it sure would be nice to finally feel well after all this time.

Kim - February 27, 2017

Very interesting! Thank you for this info. I started on Nature throid 65 mg and none of my symptoms improved. My physician then added Levorhyroxin 25. After a few months I felt better than I had in years. Muscle aches, gone. Energy, back. Clear thinking, improved mood, off the charts. My T3 levels at that time were on the high side but she left me at that dosage for 10 weeks. Over the last 3 weeks my symptoms have started to return. Especially muscle aches, lack of energy and moodiness. We just rechecked my levels and my T3 is now in the “normal” range. Based on how I am feeling, I was much better in the “high” range. Thoughts?

    Dr. Westin Childs - February 27, 2017

    Hey Kim,

    Thyroid levels change throughout the day, so unless you can account for every possible variable it’s not necessarily helpful to look at individual thyroid lab tests. Also, T3 by itself is not the best way to evaluate your thyroid function and base your dosing on.

      Kim - March 11, 2017

      My new labs show everything is in balance except my T3. Prior to meds I was at 2.9, with the combination in Dec I was at 4.5 – which is when I felt great. Now, same meds, I’m back down to 3.2 with similar symptoms as at 2.9. Dr. is at a loss of what to do…
      Suggestions? I’m not a physician but it appears to me that we need to find the underlying reason if all my other labs look good.
      Thanks so much, love the info you provide on this site.

AAnda bates - February 28, 2017

I am new to hypothyroidism. Have recently started naturthroid. I’m about 2 1/2
Months in and my anxiety has shot through the roof. I’m also on Bioidenticals for hormone replacement. Could the anxiety be related to the thyroid med?

Cyndy - March 6, 2017

Hello Dr. Childs, I’m a 59 year-old female. I’ve been on Levothyroxine since I was 27yrs old. I’ve finally have a Doctor who is willing to change my meds to naturthroid. I’ve been on a dose of 65mg and I do exactly what you mentioned earlier I cut it in half through out the day to not feel jittery. It seems to be working the only thing is my OBGYN has taken me off of my estradiol and I’m getting night sweats & some day ones too. Can you recommend something natural for my sweats.
Thank you!!!

Betty - March 7, 2017

I have been on Naturethroid since 11/2016. Started on 32mg have increased to 97.5 this week. Feel terrible, sluggish, no stamina or energy, no motivation to do anything. My Reverse T3 was 19.3 in November. I am beginning to think this is the problem. Am I on the right track?

    Dr. Westin Childs - March 7, 2017

    Hey Betty,

    Possibly, it’s hard to say for sure without a complete evaluation but a high reverse T3 isn’t something you want to ignore.

Katie Taylor - March 7, 2017

I switched from Levo to NDT (Nautrethroid) about 7 months ago. At that time I had an amazing “honeymoon” period of a month. I felt incredible increase in energy and mental clarity. At this same time, I went gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free and mostly dairy-free. So, I assume both contributed to me feeling better/different. My dose has increased to currently fluctuating between 113.75 to 130 (2 grains) per day. I also have MTHFR and started high doses of Vitamin D and Iron due to a deficiencies. However, over the last couple of months, I have noticed an increase in “new” symptoms and I have been writing it off to a general progression of my Hashimotos or peri-menopause. My TSH remains super suppressed (0.03) but the T3 and T4 have remained in normal ranges (reverse T3 was 17 in AM), although my TPO slightly increased & my
TSI increased from 1.3 (12/15) to 4.4 (last month) after steadily decreasing since 2011.

I’ve read that a small percentage of Hashi patients who experience their immune systems attacking the porcine/thyroid glandular and actually making more antibodies. The most concerning symptoms are dizziness, anxiety, and eye pressure/super light sensitivity (as well as startling easily) for about two plus weeks now. I am wondering if I need to decrease my NDT – or – if there is an “average” dose is you see patients do well on? Are the symptoms I am experiencing from being overmedicated. I see a DO and he suggested RAISING my NDT, I am uncomfortable with that.

Denise Jones - March 8, 2017

Hello my questions are for months ago my hormone doctor put me on armor thyroid 60 mg I don’t believe it worked I still felt like crap and I was always extremely cold . They recently changed me to nature thyroid aid 65 mg. I actually feel a lot better I have more energy the way is slowly coming off a little bit more but I am so cranky irritable and can’t sleep is that normal ? I thought maybe the dust was too high but that is the lowest one so I started cutting them in half to try to get used to it is that OK any suggestions to help that would be wonderful .

Amanda Garza - March 9, 2017

A couple of wks ago my gynocoligist put me on Naturethroid. She said results of my bloodwork showed my thyroid is low. I am not educated on the subject of thyroid to know how low it even is, so I went along with it. 130 mg 2x a day, Basic Nutrient 2x a day, ADK10 and Iodine is what she prescribed. The Naturetrhoid bottle said once daily but paper from Dr said 2x a day. Pharmacist said 130 mg is not lowest dosage & not us usally prescribed 2X a day, insurance will only cover 1.5 a day. She called Dr to explain about ins., Dr said keep it 2x a day. I don’t have any follow ups w/ Dr. After doing a little research I am a little concerned that I should be somewhat monitored. I am nervous about taking the amount of medicine, especially if I don’t need it. I am thinking I should go see an endocrinologist.

    Dr. Westin Childs - March 9, 2017

    Hey Amanda,

    You should discuss these concerns with your current physician because there is always logic behind each decision (but sometimes they don’t explain it to you), but in general I have to say that most pharmacists do more harm than good because they are not clinicians. There are many times when I prescribe medications certain ways that pharmacists don’t understand which leads to questions on their part and confusion for the patient.

      Amanda Garza - March 9, 2017

      Thank for your reply Dr. I will definitely discuss these concerns with her & get a better explanation for her diagnosis & dosgae.

Maria - March 10, 2017

Hello Dr. Childs,

I was taking Amour Thyroid for almost a year (I unfortunately can’t remember the mg dose). I felt better in many ways: about 5 lbs of weight loss, bloated feeling went away and not as tired all the time. However, I was sweating like nobody’s business! During the day, and also at night, which kept me from having a solid night’s sleep. My naturopath switched me to Nature-throid (32.5mg) and my excessive sweating has gone away, and therefore, I am having a better night’s sleep. However, I’ve gained back that 5 lbs (and it’s climbing), am very tired again (despite the good nights sleep), and I have the heart palpitations you mention. So, I’m wondering what you think of this. I’m guessing it’s an easy fix – either back to the Amour, but maybe a lower dose (?), or a different dose of the Nature-throid. My goal is to go back to losing that 5+ lbs, no excessive sweating, sleeping through the night, no heart palpitations and not feeling so tired and bloated all the time. I am on the lower side of things when concerning hypothyroidism, but we thought we’d tackle it before it become more of a problem (both my mother and sister have always struggled with it). I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Thank you so much for your information on this page – it’s a gem!
I will be talking to my doctor again, but thought I’d see what you had to say, as well.
Thanks again!

    Dr. Westin Childs - March 10, 2017

    Hey Maria,

    Some people do better on one version of NDT over another. It’s always worth switching back to equivalent dosages of different versions of NDT to see how you tolerate it.

Katie Curran Taylor - March 11, 2017

Is it safe to stop taking Naturethroid if your T3 is too high (4.8) and are experiencing hyper symptoms? I have both Graves and Hashi antibodies but have been treated for hypo for the past five years. After 7 months on NDT my TSI has increased and I am appearing hyper (TSH 0.001 and T3 and T4 high). My Doc suggested stopping NDT for a few days and resuming at a lower dose. Not sure if I dose was too high – or- I am experiencing a reaction to NDT.

Is it safe to stop NDT abruptly?

    Dr. Westin Childs - March 11, 2017

    Hey Katie,

    Because of how volatile changes to thyroid hormone can be you should make those changes under physician supervision. Generally it’s best to avoid making large changes all at once, but sometimes it is necessary – each case depends on the person and their situation.

Liz Velek - March 13, 2017

Hi Dr Childs –

I’m a 50 yr old woman with a long and complicated medical history. The shortest re-cap I can give is: I received some vaccines in 1995, the day of I became incredibly ill, developed burning rashes on my skin, extreme fatigue, nausea and vomiting, and dizziness upon standing. I had four really sick years and never got a diagnosis. They told me had lupus then went back and forth with a whole host of other conditions and in the end said, yeah, probably lupus, not sure, good luck.
After all that I avoided doctors for years and just have lived my life always being sick.
About four years ago I started lactating (for no reason, I’ve never been pregnant and never delivered a baby) and all my hair has started falling out, plus the fatigue has been overwhelming. At this point I decided that despite the fact I’d be happy to never see a doctor again in my life, I better go in.
Another long story made kinda short I’ve now been diagnosed as narcoleptic and I’ve found out that I’m low in free T3 and T4. My western med doc refused to treat me for the thyroid issues and only wanted to give me some form of medical speed. I threw the speed away and I found a naturopath who is treating me with Nature Thyroid.
My question is: I’m still incredibly tired and I’m rapidly going bald – both things are causing me huge distress and I’m wondering if some people just don’t respond to Nature Thyroid? Are there other supplements I could/should be taking to help with my symptoms? Can Nature Thyroid actually increase the hair loss?
Thank you for whatever response you can give, I know this is a long question and honestly I feel like a hopeless case….

Robin - March 13, 2017

My son (7years old, Down Syndrome, Hypothyroidism) was on levothyroxine for a couple of years. In October we switched him to NatureThroid and we just repeated labs to see about dosing and his TSH is at 3 (we like to see it under 2) but his FT3 was elevated for the first time ever. Historically, his Reverse T3, FT3 and FT4 were always normal. My son is prone to anxiety which can lookalike restless body and sometimes aggression. He takes 32.5 in the morning and 16.25 in the evening. I want to see his TSH lower, but I’m wondering if the NatureThroid could be the reason his FT3 is elevated and does this mean it’s not the right medication for him? Because the symptoms of hypothyroidism can closely resemble the symptoms of DS, and because my son’s ability to articulate “how he feels” at this stage, I am somewhat reliant on labs. Any insight?

Melissa - March 13, 2017

I am currently on 135mg of nature thyroid and I feel awful. I do think my adrenals are stressed but since I’ve switched to nature thyroid 2 years ago I immediately gained 15 pounds and now I’m up to 40. I’m very quick tempered as well. Im wondering if it’s time to switch back to t4 plus cytomel? I’m gluten dairy she refined sugar free… supplementing with probiotics and iron. .vitamin c..selenium.
Thank you so much for ask the info !

Betty - March 14, 2017

I follow your website closely. I started Nature-Throid Nov. 2016. At that time my RT3 was 19.3 and FT3 was 2.4. I followed
the scale of increasing the dose every 2 weeks by 1/4 gr. Cannot tolerate 65 or 97.5 mg. Side effects are terrible. Feel
terrible on 48.75 also. Very tired and no stamina. I have concluded that my problem may be the RT3. Plan to decrease
NDT and add Cytomel. (My doctor is great and willing to help me but is not experience in this. We are following your
information.) How much lower should I decrease the NDT before starting Cytomel. Any suggestions we would
appreciate. thank you.

    Dr. Westin Childs - March 14, 2017

    Hey Betty,

    You may be intolerant to the T3 in the NDT in which case switching to cytomel may exacerbate the problem.

      Betty - March 14, 2017

      Does that mean take a T4 only med? And would that help my FT3 enough with a RT3 of 19.3?

Heidi - March 14, 2017

I just found your article.. So in August my doc put me on 90 mg Armour for sub-clinical hypo. At the 5 week point, I began having panic attacks and the shakes. I stopped the Armour. I then did a saliva for Adrenals and results were very low morning cortisol levels and high eve, plus Dhea almost non existent. I started 20mg Cortef and then my doc put me on 20mg Cytomel. So now around 4-5 months later my Rt3 is low (8.1), Ft4 low (0.75), and Ft3 should be higher (2.5). It’s like it did nothing for me… Now doc is having me start Nature Throid. Is this what you would do? I read most people have problems with high Rt3, but not much is mentioned about when it is low.. Any insight is much appreciated. Blessings, Heidi

    Dr. Westin Childs - March 14, 2017

    Hey Heidi,

    Your reverse T3 is low because you were on T3 only thyroid medication, it will always do that. There aren’t any articles on low reverse T3 because it’s not felt to be a problem by itself.

Kim - March 15, 2017

I recently had my blood work done and all my numbers look good although TSH was very low. I have been taking naturethroid for a few years now and was currently taking three grains. I mentioned to the nurse practitioner that I had had some heart palpitations so she wanted me to decrease my dose to 2 1/2 grains. I took the lower dose today and felt awful not myself….rough day at work. Could that have made a difference so quickly just in one day, one dose? I think I might try what you mentioned in the above article about splitting my dose in half and continue on the three grain like I have been. For the most part I have been feeling pretty good

    Dr. Westin Childs - March 15, 2017

    Hey Kim,

    Changes in your energy level could be due to a bad nights sleep or a hundred other things including your thyroid dosing. I wouldn’t base your decision to change thyroid dosing on one day of symptoms. If this continued for several days to weeks then that would be a different story entirely.

Betty - March 15, 2017

Dr. Childs, If I have an intolerance to T3 would a T4 only med be enough to manage my T3 levels if my FT3 is 19?

Andrea - March 17, 2017

Help! I started naturethroid about 2 months ago and increased my dose about to weeks ago to 48.75 mg. Since then I’ve felt so exhausted, all I want to do is sleep. I’ve also gained about 8 pounds since starting this medication. I was hoping for the opposite 🙁 Any idea what could be going on?

heres some numbers:

Pre treatment: free t4: 1.10 (.93-1.7)
TSH 1.090 (.27-4.2)
free t3: 2.54 (2.0-4.40)

Four weeks into treatment (she increased after this)
free t4: .96
TSH 1.17
free t3 2.63

margie - March 19, 2017

If I am currently taking 100mcg of synthroid, what would be the appropriate dose of naturethroid?

thank you very much for taking time to address my question

    Dr. Westin Childs - March 20, 2017

    Hey Margie,

    There is not an “appropriate dose” necessarily, but generally dosages may range from 65mg to 130mg depending on tolerance, adrenal function, reverse T3 levels, etc.

JanVM Uk - March 20, 2017

2012 -Hyper
2013 – RAI removal of thyroid
Treated with Levothyroxine not very effective and lots of symptoms : constantly falling asleep, aching limbs, brain not always properly operating and steady weight gain (28 lbs). In addition a cardiac “event” resulting in two stents placed in cardiac arteries. Refused offer of 80mg Lipitor. T3 never tested by labs.
2016 October Had private full blood test. T3 at bottom of range. No T3 prescribed In UK. Decided with learning support from ThyroidUK forum to go it alone on Nature Throid which I import privately from NZ.
Started by combining 100 Levo with 1/4grain carefully reducing Levo and upping N T every two weeks. Now have been on 2 + 1/4 grains for 3 months. Feel normal again, have lost 10lbs and T3 is 5.8 (3.1-6.8) range.Thank you for this report. We amateurs need all the help we can get!

Tracy ferrara - March 22, 2017

I’ve been hypothyroid for 20+ years. I had a thyroidectomy 2 years ago.(non cancerous nodules) Been taking naturethyroid for 1+ years. My TSH levels have been 0.59 – 1.02 last few lab draws. I can tell when my levels are off. I get my levels checked with self pay through Sonora Quest labs, since my doctor only does it once every 6 months. Todays level was 5.69. ??? I have taken my Naturethroid consistently. I take 195 mg 5 days a week, and 162.5mg 2 days a week. Gained 5 lbs this month! always a bit heavy….
I have had a lot of joint pain, hunger, low energy, heart palpatations, hot flashes in the last 2 months. How can my level jump that much? My endocrinologist is pretty useless, so I’m asking you instead. Sounds like you know your thyroid stuff. I take no other meds. Supplements I take: fish oil, VitD, daily multivitamin, biotin, occasional naproxen (joint pain..tendonitis), advil. Would appreciate insight.

D.Clarke - March 25, 2017

I have been taking Naturethroid for 8wks started with 1 grain for two weeks and was definitely undermedicated,then increased to 1 1/4 grains as advised by my Endo did have some palpitations and jittery spells so eased off for a day.My sleep improved and body temp however my Tsh had risen to 5.9 ! Endo advised increase to 1 1/2 grains for two weeks then 1 3/4 grain however I am struggling on 1 1/2 grains hot flashes, palpitations so should I go back to 1 1/4 ? I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

Renee - March 31, 2017

Hello, I was diagnosed by my endo as hypo due to Hashimoto thyroiditis after my internist said labs showed Tsh of 30. After 6 weeks on Nature Throid my labs were 0.38. I’m feeling better overall however I do feel bloated & weight will not budge despite watching what I eat & frequent exercising. I have noticed my appetite has increased since being on NT & have to carefully watch everything I eat. Actually my weight is at an all time high. Endo said hormones are to blame since I’m (fingers crossed) 1 month shy of reaching menopause. I have chosen not to take prescribed estrogen & only take chaste tree & Endo really had no other suggestion. I’m very tempted to go the phentermine route (which she would not prescribe) but with a history of anxiety & panic attacks am hesitant to try. Any suggestions for additional supplements to curb appetite/weight loss or help with my hormones would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Margie - April 1, 2017

I just was switched from Synthroid 50 mcg to WP Thyroid 16.25mg. It has only been five days but my symptoms of dizziness and tiredness has seem to return. I am uncertain if I have not gave the medication long enough or my dose might be to low. I am just looking for guidance before consulting my physician if I should just give it more time. Thank You for your response.

SUSAN E EASTON - April 9, 2017

Hi, I am currently alternating 32.5mg & 48.75 mg Naturthroid monday thru friday, & saturday & sunday 32.5 mg.
Is it good for the body to have an alternating incease & decrease?
Thank you,

susan mccoy - April 10, 2017


I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue in feb 2015 and was only able to tolerate thyroid meds starting aug 2016 (without getting heart palps). Nature Throid (currently at 48.75) seems to lower TSH and raise T4 but Free T3 continues to go down. Added Cytomel 5mcg AM and Free T3 went down again to 2.2, it is now the lowest it has been. TSH=1.34 Free T4=1.10.

Tried adding another 5mcg of Cytomel at lunch time and got heart palps and stopped that dosage.

Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated.

Anna Oake - April 10, 2017

Hello, Thanks for the article 🙂

My mum has just been taken off Naturethroid 3 grains and Nutri adrenal 300mg daily for 6 weeks (with a referal to an endo and blood tests at 6 weeks) as she ended up with atrial fibrillation in A&E twice where they batteled to get her heart rate down.. BP was ok. Shes been off them for 2.5 weeks now and is starting to feel very hypo again (although palaptations and atrial fib have gone), i’m wondering if Naturethroid leaves the body more quickly than Levothyroxine?
I’m also concerned that her referral will take much longer than 6 weeks to come through and she is completely untreated hypo all this time.. She has Bi-polar too. i read in your article that T3 only is preferable for Bi-polar Px.. Why is this? If i manage to get her on T3, is it likely she will see a return of AF and assoc symptoms? She was on Levothyroxine for 2 years with no improvement and has a dysfunctional cortisol cycle.. low in morning, high at night, often leaving her awake for much of the night. Thanks

Trish - April 11, 2017

My thyroid issues started 17 yrs ago with Graves. 9 months after diagnosis, RAI Followed by 15 yrs of synthroid, lexoyl, etc. Never felt great switched to armour for just under a year, not great, doc switched to nature thyroid, numbers are in good range, but I’m experiencing massive amounts of hair loss. Gained 10 lbs too. Doc thinking back to synthroid and adding T3. Any thoughts?

William - April 11, 2017

Hi Doc,

I’m totally on board with Nature throid looking at T3 supplementation. I have patients though that have low normal T3 and TSH (ie, a current patient with a 0.9 TSH, 0.8 T4, 2.6 free T3. She is a weight loss patient. Is it possible to start her on Nature throid and not throwing her ito hyperthryoidism as her TSH drops?

    Dr. Westin Childs - April 12, 2017

    Hi William,

    Yes, the vast majority of patients do well on NDT, but some patients will need smaller doses of T3 only medication. You will have to use trial and error to figure out who needs what (based on labs, symptoms, etc.)

Lelia Smith - April 13, 2017

I recently was on Armour thyroid and changed to Naturethroid. Since taking Naturethroid, I have headaches every day. Is this normal? 65 mg tablet. Thank you.

lbg - April 14, 2017

Hi Doctor Childs: So grateful for time and guidance in all these questions.

I was treated successfully on Armour 180 mg. Due to huge price increase, my doc switched me to Naturethroid- 195 mg. 5 months ago. Having eye pain and muscle cramps, hair loss, fatigue and 5 lb weight gain over the past 2 months- had been fine on it until then.
Now TSH is .008
T4 .079
T3 2.4

Doc wants to cut dose in half without weaning down.I am doing that with headaches and fatigue. Do you recommend a safer weaning down schedule and any comment on the normal T3 level with everything else being overtreated?

Thank you very much.

    Dr. Westin Childs - April 14, 2017

    Hi Ibg,

    Each person is different and may require different amounts of T3 and T4. Armour thyroid and other NDT preparations are static in their dosing schedule so they don’t work for everyone.

Rene - April 17, 2017

I started out with a TSH of 200.0 I was on Levothyroxine for 7 years and my hyp symptoms have never resolved I have gained 50lbs and since starting Naturethroid 2 months gained 5lbs. I was started to high and had the heart palpatations I also when my TSH was non existent on Levothyroxine I also had the heart palpatations. I am guessing my adrenal glands are shot I have not done a cortisol saliva test es. I suffer from Insomnia and also at times have been so tired unable to funtion I am a nurse and work pm’s and nights. Do you have any suggestions? or recommendations? My theraputic holostic MD just left I will be seeing a NP. Thank You

Gypsy - April 18, 2017

Hi, my doctor raised me from 2-3 grains with 15mcg of cytomel. They did the big jump bc I am pregnant and my levels were low. Now I have high t3, rt3 and feel awful. My t4 is finally in the low end of the range. How can I safely regroup and get balanced while pregnant? We’ve dropped the cytomel down, but should I also reduce the nature thyroid? I have a mix of hyper and hypo symptoms.

Traci Oliver - April 24, 2017

Hey Dr. Childs…

I have read so much since finding your sight today…I currently take 2grain Naturethroid… it is the only med in 17 years that has made me feel better…synthroid etc… never worked… I want to fly to AZ to meet with you and discuss my needle aspiration I had due to nodules…. Are you taking patients? seriously… I went to a practitioner who put me on a low calorie diet…I lost 114 lbs but now i have hashimotos and I have gained 80+ back…please consider an appointment with me. Thank you. Traci

Artie Elliott - April 25, 2017

Tues.April 25
My integrative medicine Dr switched me from synthroid .100mg to naturethroid 5 days ago, 32.5mgincreasing one tablet every 3 days until I reach 4 tablets daily. I am experiencing nervousness, irritability, more rapid heart rate & fatigue. I am researching appropriate conversioncharts, came across your informative site. I am waiting for my Dr to return my call. ThankYou for your reply, Sincerely Mrs. Artie


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