Lab Testing and Analysis with Dr. Childs

Lab Testing and Analysis with Dr. Childs


This program is designed to help you better understand your labs and help you get on the right track. 

Through this program, you will have the opportunity to have a 45-minute phone call with Dr. Childs in which he will go over your lab results, and your history, answer any questions that you may have and help make recommendations that you may need. 

Please note that this program is not ideal for everyone! It was made in mind for those people who are seeking extra help regarding their health, have hit a wall in terms of their progress, or just aren’t sure how to proceed even after starting the right medications. 

Dr. Childs specializes in hormone management, thyroid care, weight loss resistance, and more. 

During your appointment you will have the opportunity to ask any questions regarding your health and Dr. Childs will help you determine those things which you may be missing. 

This program was created out of demand for patients who are having trouble with their current doctor. 

If you’ve been following Dr. Childs’ work and believe that he can help you get started on the right path then this is the program for you. 

How Does the Program Work?

After purchasing the program you will be sent a welcome email that includes all of the information you need to get started. 

Please allow up to 20 minutes to receive this email. If you don’t receive it within 20 minutes please email us at and we will be sure to get it to you!

Once you have the email you will be instructed to send us your lab results via email prior to your appointment. 

You will also be given the information you need to schedule your appointment. 

Please allow a few days for Dr. Childs to get your labs and review them prior to your appointment. 

Please send only the last two sets of labs that you have available and come prepared for your appointment with any questions you might have! 

Dr. Childs talks fast so you should be able to get all of your questions answered in the 45-minute time period. 

If you would like to get a fresh set of labs ordered then please see the section titled ‘Which labs do I need?’.

What kind of Recommendations will Dr. Childs give me? 

Dr. Childs will give you recommendations based on all aspects of your labs and advice on what is necessary to help get you started on your journey. 

The recommendations that you receive will be specific to your body, your labs, and your history but may include some or all of the following:

  • Weight loss advice/recommendations
  • Advice on which medications/dosages to use
  • Advice on which hormones/thyroid hormone/sex hormones and dosages your body needs
  • Advice on which medications that may be limiting your progress or weight loss
  • Advice on what to do about your diet (how much you should be eating, what foods you should be avoiding, how frequently you should be eating, what diet is best for you, etc.)
  • Advice on which supplements your body is lacking based on your labs
  • Advice on how often/how much you should be exercising
  • Advice on how to manage stress
  • Advice on how to deal with issues such as adrenal fatigue, sex hormone imbalances, gut issues, etc. 
  • Information on which advanced tests you may need in the future
  • Whatever else Dr. Childs feels is necessary based on your labs

Each person is different and your needs may differ from what is listed here. If you simply want to ask questions or get Dr. Childs’ opinion on your health then that is fine as well. It’s your time and it can be directed how you desire. 

Lab Testing & Analysis Program


  • 45 Minute phone call with Dr. Childs to go over your lab tests, answer your questions, and get guidance regarding treatment. 
  • Recommendations and directions as indicated based on your symptoms and lab tests. 
  • Recommendations include: weight loss protocols, hormone management (dosing, types of medication, etc.), medication management, which supplements your body will do best on based on your labs, dietary advice, exercise advice, and more…
  • Access to premium weight loss programs & videos

Payment Options:

This program is currently sold out.

 Please note that this program is non-refundable after purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about this program please read the FAQ below. 

If you would like to talk to someone about this program please feel free to email us at

This program is not for everyone, but it may be very beneficial for certain people! 

Which Labs do I Need? 

Dr. Childs will be able to work with the lab and other information that you have available but he recommends that you have the following:

  • Strongly recommended lab tests include:
    • TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone)
    • Free T3 (triiodothyronine, free)
    • Free T4 (thyroxine, free)
  • Optional but recommended lab tests include:
    • Reverse T3 (triiodothyronine, reverse)
    • serum cortisol (8 am)
    • serum iron
    • serum leptin (12-hour fasting)
    • ferritin
    • vitamin B12
    • vitamin D
    • estradiol
    • free testosterone (testosterone, free), total testosterone (testosterone, total)
    • progesterone
    • serum insulin (12-hour fasting)

What is Included in this Program?

This program is a digital, long-distance program (meaning it is all done online and through the phone/skype). 

Included in the cost of this program is your phone call with Dr. Childs and his recommendations and answers to your questions. 

If you need medications, supplements, or other therapies those will need to be purchased and are not included in the program. 

If necessary though, you will have access to all of our current programs and materials as they pertain to your case .

If Dr. Childs recommends any medications, it will be up to you to get those medications from your local physician. 

What if I just Want to Discuss my Case with Dr. Childs and I Don’t Have any Labs?

If you fit into this category and simply want Dr. Childs to give an opinion on your case then this is the best option for you. 

Many patients fit into this category and sign up for this program for that reason. 

How you choose to use the 45 minutes is entirely up to you. 

Do I need a Doctor to Prescribe the Medications and Hormones if They are Recommended?


Dr. Childs will not be prescribing medications as part of this program. 

If Dr. Childs recommends certain medications/dosages/etc. then it will be up to you to find a physician willing to work with you. 

If this is your goal then we recommend that you seek out a physician prior to purchasing this program. 

What if I Live Outside of the United States? 

Dr. Childs has helped people in various countries and would love to help you as well. 

Please realize, though, that you will need to provide your own set of labs for interpretation. 

So far we have worked with patients from India, the United Kingdom, Egypt, Australia and more. 

Will Insurance Cover the Cost of The Labs?

Many patients want to know if they get a new set of labs for this program if their insurance will cover it. 

The answer is it depends on your insurance company but most of the time labs should be covered. 

We recommend that you call your insurance company before you get the labs drawn, however!

If possible, we recommend that you get these labs drawn through your primary care physician to reduce the cost and increase the chance that insurance will cover them. 

You can alternatively pay out of pocket for private labs if that is your preference as well. 

In terms of this program, it doesn’t matter where your labs come from. 

Is This Program Refundable? 

This program is non-refundable after your appointment. 

If you purchase the program but don’t go through with your appointment then we are happy to provide a complete refund. 

Can Dr. Childs Prescribe me Medications?

This program does not include prescription medications (the cost or the prescription for the medications). 

If Dr. Childs recommends medications then you will need to get these from a local physician. 

Does This Make me a Patient of Dr. Childs?

No, this is considered a coaching program and does not make you a patient of Dr. Childs. 

What if my Question Wasn’t Answered?

Please email us at and we would be happy to clarify any questions you may have!

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