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does taking thyroid medication cause high blood pressure

Does Taking Thyroid Medication Cause High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)?

Thyroid hormone absolutely does impact both your blood pressure and heart rate.  But what are you supposed to do if you feel good on your thyroid medication but you still have high blood pressure? How can you manage high blood pressure on medications like Cytomel, liothyronine, or Armour thyroid (which are actually amazing for thyroid …

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synthroid overdose: signs you are taking too much thyroid medication

Synthroid Overdose: Signs & Symptoms You’re Taking too Much

Are you concerned that your dose of Synthroid is too high? That may be the case, especially if you are experiencing symptoms such as hair loss, heart palpitations, and heat intolerance.  The good news is that Synthroid overdose can be easily treated by simply reducing your dose.  This article will outline the major side effects associated with taking …

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Is Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) the Best Thyroid Medication?

Is Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) the Best Thyroid Medication?

Natural desiccated thyroid is a thyroid medication that comes from pigs!

This medication contains a more "complete" profile of thyroid hormones when compared to almost all synthetic thyroid medications out there. 

This has lead many people to tout NDT as the "best" thyroid medication. 

In this article, we are going to explore this claim while also discussing the pros and cons of this medication. 

You'll learn who should use this medication, who should avoid it and the pitfalls of using it

Let's dive in: 

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Side effects of stopping thyroid medication abruptly

Side Effects of Stopping Thyroid Medication Abruptly (& Why it isn’t Safe)

Is it safe to stop taking thyroid medication? In most cases, if you stop taking your medication cold turkey, you will experience many negative side effects.  In this post you will learn more about why you shouldn’t stop taking your thyroid medication (without physician supervision), the side effects of stopping thyroid medication abruptly, reasons why it isn’t …

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How Methimazole may cause weight gain

How Methimazole May Cause Weight Gain & What to do About it

Methimazole, the antithyroid blocking medication used to treat hyperthyroidism, can lead to weight gain in certain individuals. But how does this work? How can you gain weight if you have hyperthyroidism? The answer has to do with how Methimazole works in the body and how it blocks thyroid function. Learn more about Methimazole, how it can cause weight gain, …

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synthroid vs levothyroxine

Synthroid vs Levothyroxine: Are They Really The Same?

Even though Synthroid and Levothyroxine contain the same active ingredient, they may not be tolerated equally among all patients. This means that certain patients do better on one medication compared to the other! Learn how to identify if you are taking the right type of medication and when to consider switching in this post:Read more

Armour thyroid vs synthroid: Conversion, dosage and weight loss

Armour Thyroid vs Synthroid: Conversion, Dosage & Weight Loss

Whether you realize it or not thyroid patients have options when it comes to thyroid medications.  If you are taking a medication and it isn’t working for you then you owe it to yourself to learn about ALL of the options available to you.  This post will take a deep dive into the difference between Armour Thyroid …

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Liothyronine and t3 tyroid medication user guide

Is Liothyronine the Best Thyroid Medication? When To Use it

Liothyronine is a special type of prescription grade thyroid hormone, it’s also the most powerful thyroid medication that exists.  People taking liothyronine (especially over traditional medications such as levothyroxine) report significant improvements in their hypothyroid symptoms and quality of life.  These benefits range from weight loss to reduced rates of depression and more.  Learn who should consider using …

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5 benefits of using t3 medication

5 Benefits of using T3 Medication

Many patients on levothyroxine or Synthroid stand to benefit by simply adding a small amount of T3 medication to their regimen.  T3 is metabolized in the body in a different way than T4 which makes it special. It’s also the strongest and most powerful of all the thyroid medication BUT it must be used correctly. Learn about the …

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the best t3 supplements and t3 medications

The Best Natural T3 supplements + Prescription T3 medications

Are you looking to boost your T3 thyroid hormone levels? Maybe you know that T3 is responsible for managing your energy levels, or maybe you know how important it is for your metabolism.  Either way, there are several T3 supplements that you can use to increase your T3 levels in your serum.  Use this guide to help you …

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