NP Thyroid Facts: What you should know before using it

NP Thyroid Facts: What you should know before using it

Is NP Thyroid Any Good? 

If you don't know much about NP thyroid then you are in the right place. 

We are going to be talking about FACTS that you should know prior to using this medication. 

If you don't know what NP thyroid is then let me fill you in.

NP thyroid is a type of natural desiccated thyroid medication that is used to treat LOW thyroid function. 

It falls within the same class as Armour thyroid and Nature-throid but it is different and unique. 

Learning and understanding about NP thyroid is important nowadays because there have been several changes and reformulations to other brands of NDT making some less reliable. 

This means the thyroid medication landscape has changed and you should be aware of what separates these medications from each other so you can find out what YOU should be using. 

5 NP Thyroid Facts you should know (before using it)

NP thyroid, while not necessarily a "new" medication, is still somewhat less known compared to other more popular brands of NDT

Below you will find what I think are the MOST important things you should know about NP thyroid (preferably before using it). 

These facts range from information about the ingredients found inside of NP thyroid, how it compares to other thyroid medication formulations, why it's good for weight loss, and how it compares in terms of cost. 

Let's jump in...

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#1. It is an NDT formulation. 

The first thing you should know is that NP thyroid is an NDT formulation. 

NDT, as I mentioned earlier, stands for natural desiccated thyroid and refers to an entire GROUP or CLASS of medications. 

Medications that fall into this group are all created in the same basic way. 

They all contain similar active ingredients (we will touch on these in a minute) but they differ in their INACTIVE ingredients. 

These inactive ingredients, as you will soon find out, can make all of the difference for certain people. 

We don't want to forget about the active ingredients, however, because they are also important (probably the most important). 

So what is NDT? 

NDT is a way of creating medication from certain animals (usually pigs). 

It is created by taking thyroid glands from pigs (usually) and drying them up and then desiccating them (smashing them up into tiny pieces) and then standardizing the HORMONE content in each 'grain'. 

This is then formulated into a tablet which is then provided to you as the patient from a pharmacy. 

Each grain of NDT (which includes NP thyroid) contains the same active ingredients of T4 and T3 (both of these are thyroid hormones). 

But NDT also contains additional ingredients which are VERY beneficial. 

These additional ingredients include calcitonin (a hormone secreted from the thyroid gland), T1 thyroid hormone, and T2 thyroid hormone. 

These ingredients may not sound like much but they are actually a big deal. 

No other thyroid medication contains these ingredients (unless they are in the same NDT class of medications)!

The medications you are probably aware of (like levothyroxine and Synthroid) contain only ONE thyroid hormone which is T4. 

This is what separates NDT brands and formulations from other thyroid medications (and part of the reason why they are so special and effective). 

Unfortunately, what sets them apart is also what makes doctors hesitant to recommend them. 

Many doctors believe that it is somehow negative or a problem that the hormones are derived from an animal. 

They think this even though the hormones are BIO-IDENTICAL or BODY-IDENTICAL (meaning they are an exact match to those that your thyroid gland produces naturally). 

NP thyroid falls into this class of NDT medications which means it has all of these beneficial properties. 

#2. NP vs Armour thyroid (they are NOT the same). 

The next thing you should understand is that even though both NP thyroid and Armour thyroid are BOTH medications that fall into the NDT class they are NOT the same

I repeat, they are NOT the same medication. 

What does this mean?

It means that certain people will do better on NP thyroid and others will do better on Armour thyroid. 

It does NOT mean (though it may) that you can switch to one from the other and back and forth and not experience any issues. 

This does happen but it is typically the exception rather than the rule. 

So how do these medications differ?

They differ in their INACTIVE ingredients. 


I already said that NDT medications have several things in common but where they differ is in their inactive ingredients. 

And these inactive ingredients can make all of the difference, at least for some people. 

You can find a complete list of ingredients for BOTH medications below. 

COMPLETE list of ingredients found within NP thyroid:

COMPLETE list of ingredients found within Armour thyroid:

  • Triiodothyronine
  • Thyroxine
  • Calcium stearate
  • Dextrose
  • Microcrystalline cellulose
  • Sodium starch glycolate
  • Opadry white
  • T1, T2, and calcitonin

The first thing you should see is that NP thyroid has exactly 1 fewer ingredient than Armour thyroid making it slightly more "clean". 

I am using clean in the sense that it contains FEWER inactive ingredients and dyes. 

But you can also see that they are, in fact, quite similar. 

The main difference is that Armour thyroid contains Opadry white and cellulose while NP thyroid contains maltodextrin (1) and mineral oil. 

Again, these minor differences may not sound like a lot but they can actually be the difference between whether your body absorbs and uses the medication or it doesn't. 

If one is not working for you don't be afraid to switch between them! 

#3. NP vs Levothyroxine & Synthroid (Which is best?). 

What about the difference between NP thyroid and levothyroxine or Synthroid?

Is NP thyroid better?

And I think the best, and easiest, way to say this is...

Most likely, yes, and probably. 

A bit ambiguous, I know, but the truth is that MOST patients who switch to NP thyroid from levothyroxine will probably prefer this medication over what they were previously using. 

How can I make such a statement?

Well, I have my own personal experience to draw from but I also have research studies to draw from as well. 

From these studies (1), we know that approximately 50% of people who switch from levothyroxine to DTE (desiccated thyroid extract - another way to describe NDT medications) prefer the DTE or thyroid extract. 

join 30,000 plus thyroid patients

This doesn't GUARANTEE that it will happen in you, after all, there are about 50% of patients who didn't notice a difference. 

But I would argue that doses being equal, you will most likely do better on NP thyroid over levothyroxine. 

And the reason is simple:

As I mentioned earlier, NP thyroid contains BOTH active thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) as well as minor amounts of the lesser active thyroid hormones T1 and T2. 

The net result is that most people who make the switch not only feel better but also experience more energy and slight weight loss. 

If you are thinking about making the switch then I would recommend that you go ahead and give it a try. 

But, before you do, you should be aware that MOST doctors tend to underdose NDT medications and this DOES impact how you feel on it. 

It's not fair for you to switch from a high dose of levothyroxine to a small dose of NP thyroid and then to make your assessment on whether or not it works based on that experience. 

That's why I said that all things being equal (meaning your dose) you will probably prefer NP thyroid. 

But in order for that statement to be true, your dose MUST be aligned. 

You can learn more about converting between NDT and levothyroxine in this detailed guide which I explain how to actually do it. 

#4. NP Thyroid & Weight Loss. 

Another question that people frequently ask is whether or not NP thyroid will help them with weight loss. 

And I kind of already alluded to the answer above, but the answer is yes, it has the potential to help with weight loss (more-so than levothyroxine). 

Making the switch doesn't guarantee that you will lose weight, however, as that depends on many more factors than just your medication. 

But it does provide much more of a chance than run-of-the-mill medications such as levothyroxine and Synthroid

The key here is that it contains BOTH active thyroid hormones including the MOST active thyroid hormone T3. 

T3 is what is responsible for managing your metabolism, helping provide you with energy, and helping you burn more calories. 

The higher your T3 is the more likely you are to lose weight. 

I mentioned earlier that there were studies that showed that patients who switched from levothyroxine to DTE preferred the switch. 

Well, one of the reasons was because people that switched experience weight loss in the process! 

And this weight loss occurred without the use of exercise/dieting, etc. 

It just happened naturally with the change in medication. 

Again, the reason for this is most likely because NP thyroid contains T3 whereas levothyroxine and Synthroid do NOT. 

If weight loss is high up on your priority list AND if you are feeling poorly on Levo/Synthroid then it would be wise to consider making the switch to NP thyroid. 

But remember:

Weight loss on NP thyroid will be dose-dependent

You can't expect to make the switch and shed pounds if your doctor underdoses you during the transition. 

#5. Cost of NP Thyroid. 

What about cost?

Is NP thyroid affordable?

Well, actually, yes it is, especially when compared to other formulations of NDT. 

In my experience (and based on pharmacy prices) NP thyroid is usually the cheapest of ALL NDT thyroid medications. 

Again, this isn't a hard and fast rule as your mileage may vary but for most pharmacies this is true. 

Why isn't it always the cheapest?

You have to remember that pharmacies are just third party sellers of prescription medications and they are in the business of making money. 

Most people don't realize but pharmacies will set their own prices and those prices can vary drastically from location to location even among the same type of pharmacy. 

For instance, a CVS pharmacy 2 miles away from you can charge more than a CVS pharmacy 10 miles away. 

But it's up to you to figure out which one is the cheapest and to do that you need to do a little bit of research. 

You should also be aware that it can sometimes be cheaper to pay the cash price instead of the price that your insurance wants you to pay. 

I know this goes against everything you've probably ever heard but it is absolutely true. 

If you are ever picking up a medication you should always ask your pharmacist or pharmacy what the cash price is for the medication WITHOUT using your insurance. 

Your pharmacist may give you pushback on this but you would be surprised to know that, in some cases, the cash price is actually cheaper than your insurance price. 

Don't just assume that your pharmacy is doing these calculations for you and giving you the best deal. 

Don't forget that you as the consumer have the option to shop around! 

Here in Arizona, the cost for NP thyroid (cash price) ranges from around to $20-$30 (depending on which pharmacy you use). 

You can compare this to Armour thyroid cash price which is often $30 to $50 per month. 

I often recommend that patients use a cash coupon service such as which can help you price out prescriptions of pharmacies near you. 

Should you use it? 

So, what's the verdict?

Should you use NP thyroid or should you look for something different?

My recommendation to you is that if you are feeling poorly or if you feel that there is significant room for improvement in your health and your symptoms then YES you should consider a TRIAL of this medication. 

I'm a huge advocate of using multiple thyroid medications to try and find what works for YOU before you settle down on one. 

I have personally run patients through 5+ thyroid medications before we land on one that works for them. 

It can be frustrating to do this but it's the best way to find out what works for you. 

Don't be afraid to give NP thyroid a try if you are using another brand of NDT such as Armour thyroid or Nature-throid. 

Lastly, there have been reports that NP thyroid has changed their formula and that it is no longer working. 

While it may true that some of the suppliers have changed which may influence the inactive ingredients, the primary ingredients remain unchanged. 

The FDA regulates the concentration of hormones found within medications so the T3 and T4 concentrations cannot be altered in these medications (at least not without telling everyone). 

What's more likely is that the INACTIVE ingredients have been slightly altered which impacts certain individuals. 

But NP thyroid still certainly has the potential to work and still does work for many people. 

Now I want to hear from you:

Are you currently using NP thyroid?

Is it working for you? 

Do you want to switch to NP thyroid?

Which thyroid medication are you currently taking?

Leave your comments or questions below to keep the conversation going! 

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np thyroid: does it actually work?

Dr. Westin Childs

About Dr. Westin Childs

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103 thoughts on “NP Thyroid Facts: What you should know before using it”

  1. Hello shirley here thyroid loved it but its properties has changed and now my symptoms are back and hives so went off currently looking what do I do now synthroid is a no been there …any suggestions

      • I am using Nature Throid been sime what satisfied,post thyroidectomy due to graves disease. Have an ongoing GI problem can nature throid cause that?

    • I had hives and learned I have histamine intolerance. Was not because of medications. But hives could be because of medications. You have to cipher it out.

  2. I have been taking NP Thyroid for two years now and SO much better than Levo. Took Levo for @ 1.5 years before I requested an NDT and been on NP ever since. I went on Levo after my TT in 2015 so I don’t have a thyroid anymore. I felt an NDT would be a better option with the breadth of hormones rather than just T4. I feel normal now where I was draggy and not well with just the levo. I love the NP Thyroid but do need to find someone here in Oregon who is willing to work with me on testing dosage. NP tablets come in limited mgs and I feel my current 90 is a bit high but 60 may be too low.

    • Hi Marjorie,

      There is a 15mg dose that you can use. Alternatively, you might be able to split the 30mg tablet in half as well.

    • Hi Marjorie…..I’ve experienced the 90 mg is to high but 60 would be to low. So we’re trying a 60 mg along with a 15 mg to equal 75 mg. To see if I feel better. I’m currently hyper on the 90 mg. This is my first time on NP thyroid after being on Nature Throid for 4 years & doing extremely well on that. But Nature Throid is now recalled. I can’t take Synthroid as it made me very very sick for the 4 years I was on it.

  3. I currently take both NP and levo. I have a large nodule and my endo is trying to suppress the growth, so I am on a high dose between the two. I am trying to postpone a full thyroidectomy for as long as possible. I originally started on synthroid, then switched to armour, but years ago they had a lull in production and then changed their formula so I switched NP. After a while on NP my endo encouraged I take levo because I don’t convert well, and my T4 was still low. I was very, very hesitant because I had so many problems on Synthroid, but luckily the combo of the two seems to be working better than previous modalities. I’ve had hasi’s since I was 12, and 28 years later, I still feel like I haven’t found the sweet spot yet.

    • Hi Brandy,

      I’m not a huge fan of using NDT + T4 meds but it may be necessary in some situations, especially if your doctor doesn’t really know how to dose NDT.

  4. After being on levothyroxine and having an allergic reaction, I found a doctor that would prescribe natural meds. I’m now on one grain of Nature Throid and the lowest dose of Tirosint, which is 15. It’s working fairly well, but I’m not able to lose weight at all and have developed a “gut”. Granted, I’m 64 years old, but until hashimoto’s got me, I was very active. Now, I find I’m constantly battling tiredness.

    • Hi Barbara,

      Have you had a recent full-panel thyroid test run? Sounds like you’re still hypo or could have adrenal issues. I found that the weight I gained with my hypo (17 lbs) stayed on due to insulin and leptin resistance that tends to come with hypo… even after my thyroid was doing much better. Intermittent fasting has helped me to gradually lose 14.5 lbs so far, and my fasting insulin and leptin numbers are much better now.

  5. Hi
    I take levothyroxin 112 mcg and 30 min later armor . What is the dose for going natural ?
    I have noticed that I’m so tired by afternoon and I’m in bed by 9 and I wake up frequently in the middle of the night often . I see a endo every 3 months with no change on my meds?
    Thank you !

  6. I have Hashimotos. Will it increase my antibodies if I change? I’ve got them down to 30 right now with diet change.

  7. I’m taking nature thyroid 97.5 1 1/2 grain. I just started cutting it in half taking 1/2 in morning 1/2 in afternoon. Is there a deprecate T3 I could add to help in some weight loss. You indicate the higher the T3 the more likely the weight loss
    Thank you

  8. I’m currently taking levothyroxine and compounded T3 – I have sever SIBO and don’t convert T4 to T3 very well. Do you have any thoughts on taking these 2 instead of NDT? Thanks!

    • Hi Maryanne,

      They can work fine for some people but many people have issues with them. I would probably try to optimize your dose first before thinking about switching to NP thyroid, though.

  9. You are soooo right about doctors underdosing. I went thru a lot of issued due to Breast Implant Illness and as a result after I explanted; i have been dealing with antibodies and a looottt of issues that look like hashi even though my tsh, t3, t4 and reverse t3 labs say nothing is wrong. My doctor decided to put me on Armor 15 and i have felt almost no difference health wise but my antibodies have dropped 44 points in 3 months. I asked my doctor if he can give me a higher dose because at this rate it will take years for my antibodies to drop more and in the mean time i still feel like crap!
    I dont know what to do.. im gluten free, dairy free and soon to be corn free and my body is just still not wanting to get better after my 6 month explant anniversary. What am I doing wrong? Help!!

    • Hi Linda,

      You should be evaluated for heavy metals, chronic viral infections, and other hormone imbalances. That would be a good place to start.

  10. I’m on Tirosint now after being switched from straight Cytomel and I’m losing a lot of hair. Doctor switched me as she thought my TSH was too low. I had a thyroidectomy due to cancer. What should my TSH level be and would switching to NDT stop hair loss? Thanks.

  11. I have been using NP Thyroid for about 8 months. Somewhat prior to the change. I am currently taking 180mcg. (Total TT die to thyroid cancer) I have noticed that my RT3 is all of the sudden creeping up quite high. Could that be from the formulation change.

  12. Thank you for a very informative article! Wish I would have read about NP Thyroid a year ago! I had a very difficult time getting Nature-throid due to a hurricane that impacted Puerto Rico where the pig farms are that are used for making this medication. My Dr. switched me over to NP Thyroid telling me it was a similar drug. It threw my entire body off, but I didn’t realize it was the NP Thyroid until I had taken it for a good part of a year. I went through major hair loss and skin breakouts. The only good thing was some weight loss as my T3 was very high on the NP, and after reading your article I understand the weight loss now. Thankfully I am now able to get the Nature-throid again. Long story short, switching over to the NP Thyroid was a nightmare for me. I totally get it now what and why that happened.
    QUESTION: I have been taking your T3 conversion Booster and Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex supplements because I am hypothyroid. Is it possible that they are causing insomnia at night? I feel better but have had a hard time sleeping through the night as I feel wide awake. Thanks! pb

    • Hi Peggy,

      Yes, they can keep you up if you take them too late in the day. Take them before noon each day at the latest and if you are doing that already then cut back to 1 capsule per day of each. It may be that you are just sensitive to the normal dose and need to start out a bit lower (not uncommon for certain people). You can probably increase up to 2 capsules per day in a month or so once your body adapts.

  13. Dr Westin,
    I’ve been taking Naturethroid 1.25 grains for over 3 years, having changed from Synthroid. I feel better on the Naturethroid but it makes my joints sore. I know it has that effect because if I leave it off for 2 days my joints stop aching and moving/walking get much less painful. Shoukd I try to get my Dr to try to get changed to NP Thyroid?

    • Hi John,

      NP thyroid would be a reasonable swap, yes, especially if you are symptomatic but there are still plenty of other options if NP doesn’t work.

  14. I have been taking thyroid medication for twenty five plus years, I’m approaching 50, in this timeframe I have taken both NDT and synthetic, the more perfected thyroid medication was use of Armour,
    Perfected up until I began to constantly ache with 120mg in daily use, when I expressed my discomfort, My GP switched me to NP Throid, Aching worsened as if I had severe flu, I have been switched to Levothyroxine 112MCG, to still ache in my arms and body, it’s difficult to get out of bed with use, I’ve reduced to 60mg on NP, and 88 mcg Levthro. Still have a miserable aching. I recently discussed the aching and extreme fatigue with my dr. She stated I needed to take the Thyroid medication anyone, (what benefits are in aching and fatigue combined) I have extreme fatigue, the only way I can potentially function is additional use of Vyvance for focus which helps aid fatigue somewhat. I’m a desperate case, I need answers and have no idea how to treat, other than prayer and B12 patch I’m now wearing daily.

  15. Here’s my thought: When NP changed, I literally had chemical burns in my alimentary canal. What once was a great thyroid medication turned into a nightmare. Acella finally stated they changed their porcine source to “Europe”, but people in Europe are stating that can’t be right because they don’t have NDT like we do in the West. The pills themselves seem to be tainted with some kind of ammonia (“cat pee smell”). It’s not just smell/taste. It’s causing serious injuries now. Dr. Child, I respect your education, please do more research about this.

    • Hi V,

      I’m aware of the changes in smell and various other reports but it still doesn’t change any of the facts:

      #1. If you aren’t feeling well on NP thyroid it makes more sense to switch to a different medication and put your energy into that.
      #2. There are still plenty of people who are doing great on NP thyroid (including those in the comment section here).
      #3. Thyroid medications (and medications in general) have always been altered and changed over time so it’s just something that thyroid patients need to get used to and be aware of.
      #4. Just because NP thyroid doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean none of the others will.

      For these reasons and many others, I can’t really find the time or energy to get worked up about it.

  16. I am currently on 68mg of Naturethroid. I still have fatigue, weight gain, hair loss, depression. What dose should I ask my doctor to prescribe to switch NP thyroid medication? I have low T3.

    • Hi Mary,

      You can but it sounds like you are underdosed on your current regimen anyway so it would probably be best to optimize that medication before swapping over. That being said, you could still do the swap first if you really wanted to.

  17. I have not had the privilege to have a physician that truly understands the ins and outs of my hashimotos but my GP listens well and will try other options if I ask. I have been on levo + armour thyroid combo for many years on recommendation of a Previous Dr to add armour. It helped tremendously. With diet and essential oils, I was gradually getting my TSH low enough until my dosage needed reduced several times. After a major surgery (whipple) and 30 day hospital stay, my required medication dosage doubled to get my TSH back in control (it was 50 in hospital). Three years later I am still at .125 tirrosint and 30 mg armour. Am I a good candidate for switching to NP? I have continually changing food intolerances..longer I consume I become intolerant, now to cellulose that is in armour. Thanks.

    • Hi Donna,

      I don’t really think of people in terms of their candidacy for certain medications as these markers are not very reliable. You could certainly give it a try if you aren’t feeling well on your current regimen.

  18. I was taking 150 mg of NP Thyroid until they switched their supplier. I decided to try an OTC Bovine supplement. Long story short, I had to keep reducing my dose due to heart palps and other symptoms of being over medicated (this would occur after about 2 weeks on the dose).

    Four weeks ago I decided to give NP another try. I have had very mild palps (which I had before) but no other symptoms of being over medicated.
    I have an appointment for a physical, including blood work in 1 1/2 weeks. We’ll see how I’m doing.

    • Hi Susan,

      Remember, when it comes to your thyroid your symptoms are almost always 100% dose related. So don’t blame the medication until you dial in on your dose.

  19. I used to take synthroid only—could not take any of the generics. Caused muscle problems and hives.
    I tried many of the NDT but suffered from supply problems for about a year. I originally took Nature-throid. Then had to take Armour— did not like—weird symptoms. Finally found NP Thyroid but to take my dose I take 2-15mg plus a 120 mg to get the right amount of 150. I have been very satisfied with this regimen. Still hard sometimes for the pharmacy to fill. Doctors are very hesitant to prescribe for me.

  20. In the DENVER area, if you are looking for a doctor, feel free to email me for a reference. Rrernst0 at gmail dot com. That is a zero after RRERNST0

  21. I had many nodules that multiplied over the years. I was on synthroid for 30 or so years, endo thinking it would prevent more nodules from growing, not the case. Finally a new endo did extensive testing and said there could be a 15% chance there could be cancer. This frightened me so off to a well known thyroid surgeon at Yale who said “we have to get this baby out of there” I had a complete thyroidectomy. There was no cancer. I was told I would feel the same after surgery since I was on synthroid all those years. Well, after a couple of months I felt horrible, my hair was falling out, I was losing a lot of weight and went into deep depression. I visited several different endocrinologists who couldn’t get me better. Finally, after being sick for about 8 months I found an MD who trained in natural medicine who prescribed Armour Thyro and other hormones. Finally I felt like myself again. I couldn’t continue to afford to see this doctor so now I am seeing an aprn who helps patients like me and is able to prescribe my thyroid meds. I was on Armour but because it wasn’t available at my pharmacy I was switched to NP. I didn’t feel any different. I have now been taking NP 120 for a couple of years. I always wonder if the dose is ok. My last labs: TSH .51, T4 free 0.8, T3 free 3.2 I would like to lose 15 pounds but I feel that most of the time I have plenty of energy. Do you have any suggestions?

  22. Thanks Dr. Childs, I have been telling friends about your site. Today, this info was relatable for my grandmother who also has dementia. Thanks for this website!

  23. Thank you for your informative article. I recently switcbed from 100 mcg Levothyroxine to Armout Thyroid. Labs were good on Levo but not feeling my best. Started on 30 then 60, now 90 mcg Armour. Feeling worse and have gained 15 lbs in 3 months. I would appreciate your comments.

  24. Hi everyone!
    After decades of problems with hypothyroid i just realized that i deserve to feel better and have a great dr and i am committed to change this. So i found this website, bought a book, many supplements and now trying to find a good dr in my are. Anyone know a very good functional/naturopath dr in South Florida. Im in the east coast, Fort Lauderdale area. Thank you so much.

  25. I have been on NP for three years since my lobectomy. I like it but seems as if something has changed I’m starting to have hives again, weight gain, dry skin, insomnia and heart palpitations. Went to my endocrinologist and my labs were still good. Dr stated that I could switch meds if I would like. I’m thinking of giving Armour a try. Is anyone else having issues? Looking for some suggestions.

    • Hi Leslie,

      Some people are having similar issues. The only solution I know of is to switch to a different type of medication.

  26. First of all i want to say thank you for all your wonderful information. I wish you were my thyroid doctor! I have been on NP and i always get high reverse t3 when i try to get optimal. The naturalpath that i use does muscle testing and NP doesn’t test well. Tiroset actually tests strong. I know this is just a t3.

  27. Dr Childs, I am on 30mg of Armour Thyroid. I also take your ARC II and Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex. I have long term joint pain and insomnia and dry skin. Can diet change this situation? Help.

  28. I have been on NP Thyroid for a little over a year after being on Nature -throid for many years. The Nature-throid became problematic and impossible to get and actually threw me all out of whack after being stable for several years.

    Just recently, the past week or so ,I have been sluggish, with some mood swings and I am afraid I am going back to being unstable again. When I ran into this article , I wondered if NP will begin reacting like Nature-throid.

    I am in Colorado and my Dr. is in TN ,so I will check labs in a week when I return.

    So, I do have a question. It has been extremely cold and lots of snow. Does that effect thyroid meds? Also, I am Thyroidless just for your information.


  29. Dr. Childs,
    I had been on Naturethroid 1/2 grain for about 2.5 years, then it became unavailable. So I was switched to 1/2 grain NP Thyroid. I took it for about 10 months. Last October I received a distinctly different batch of NP and complained to my pharmacist. Then I spoke to Acella about it. Nothing. I continued to take it and developed a dozen symptoms that I never had, even before I started on NDT! I was literally being poisoned by the changed. Acella has now been closely in touch with me over this. They admit to changing their source of the hormones. They’ve sent me different batches through my pharmacist at no charge to me. I’m not taking them. I am now taking Tirosint 13mcg and Liothyronine 5mcg. It’s not great. Everytime I’ve tried to go to 3/4 grain of the NDT I get palpitations. My TSH, FT4 and FT3 hardly ever change no matter what I do. Am I underdosed on these synthetics? I’m one of those people who’s always had thyroid hormone levels within normal range but at lower end for FREE T3 (before NDT) but experiencing mild symptoms of hair loss, low energy, etc. I have the genes that predispose to T4 to T3 conversion issues with lowered deiodinase. I’m very thin and cannot gain weight. I wonder if I even need thyroid meds. Your thoughts…

  30. I have heard that with Hashimotos you need to take synthetic thyroid due to antibodies being present in NDT. Is this true? Maybe this is why my antibodies are not going down? I have been taking NP Thyroid for many years. TPO Ab stay around 300. Thanks!

    • Hi Deborah,

      And nope! Not true at all 🙂 Be careful where you get your information from because it sounds like the information you got is incredibly inaccurate.

  31. Hello Dr. Westin Childs. First I would like to tell you that I have learned more from you then I have in last last 10+ years of reading studies, blogs and etc. I are very straight forward and leave out all the filler words along with medical terms that unless you have a medical degree of some sort you get lost in the articles. Thank you for providing your information in a much simplistic manner. Now to answer your questions:
    Are you currently using NP thyroid? No

    Is it working for you?

    Do you want to switch to NP thyroid?

    Which thyroid medication are you currently taking?
    Levothyroxine 0.075MG (75MCG) 1per day along with
    liothyronine 5MCG 2per day, meaning (10MCG) per day.
    I was being treated by my family physician until approximately 2yrs ago I switched to a Endo doctor. In the beginning I seen a slight change I. Feeling better but then quickly rollercoasters back to feeling awful again. At this point I feel that my thyroid has not improved and is effecting my entire body and I mean my entire body from tired all the time to body and joint pain to brain fog some times I feel that I am in a cloud and can not get out. Well here’s my sort story along with the answers to your questions. I look very forward to hearing back from you. Thank you and have a good day!

    • Hi Velvet,

      Most people believe that endocrinologists are better than other doctors at treating the thyroid but they are usually sorely mistaken. There’s nothing better about an endo versus any other physician so find whatever one is willing to work with you to help you feel better!

    • Hi Velvet,

      Search for Integrative Medicine in your area. Have you had a full thyroid panel done, including Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3? You may find that you only need T3 or at least much more of it. 5mcg 2x/day is normally just a starting dose.

  32. Hi Dr. Childs,
    Dr. Alexander Haskell (author of Hope for Hashimoto’s) and Dr. Mark Starr (author of Hypothyroidism Type II), report that for some patients, natural thyroid formulations from animal thyroids, such as Armour®, may perpetuate the autoimmune attack due to them containing thyroglobulin and thyroid peroxidase, and they only recommend compounded and synthetic thyroid medications for people with Hashimoto’s.
    Please, why do you disagree with this information? Thank you so much.

    • Hi Deborah,

      I report the same thing but it doesn’t occur with sufficient frequency to suggest that all patients with Hashimoto’s avoid NDT formulations. Also, if you really wanted to poke a hole in that theory all you would need to do is start looking at the incidence of Hashimoto’s among hypothyroid patients and then find the incidence of patients with Hashimoto’s who are taking NDT without any issue.

  33. In my large thyroid group we are seeing that NP is no longer working with many of us doing fine on it up till about Aug last year when they changed formulation. T3 levels and t4 going below range and this has been overwhelming – even on 5 grains – when normally on 2.5. So many of us have had to go back to synthetic t3/t4 combo and doing well on that . Its a shame because many have done well on this before and would prefer to take NP. I am not just talking about 10 people I am talking about 100’s of us doing well for years and suddenly falling since they changed formulation. Obviously you have some connection with NP do you have any more information about this improving anytime soon??

    • Hi Siobhan,

      I do not have any contact or connection with the makers of NP thyroid but I wouldn’t plan for it to change anytime soon. These sorts of things have been happening for the last two decades to nearly all thyroid medications (including even Synthroid and levothyroxine) and they will likely continue into the future. Changes in pharmaceutical preparation have to do with who supplies inactive ingredients, how lots are processed (processing time), where they are sourced, laws regarding regulation/testing, etc. and all of these things vary based on pricing, availability, current world events, and so on. The net result is that counting on your thyroid medication to stay consistent is not a good solution.

      It’s far better to put your energy into swapping medications or finding other solutions to manage your symptoms because, at the end of the day, neither your doctors nor the pharmaceutical companies that make thyroid medication are invested in your quality of life or how you feel.

    • At least he wasn’t rude to you in your comment. I said something similar and he doesn’t have the time. I think I’m going to cancel my large supplement order.

      • Hi V,

        My response wasn’t meant to be rude, I think it’s hard to interpret intent and meaning behind text versus other modes of communication. I do have sympathy for those who are struggling with NP thyroid but my whole point is that why waste your energy on being upset about something that you have zero control over? In my opinion, it makes more sense to drop NP thyroid and just move on to something that makes you feel better as soon as possible.

    • Hi Siobhan,

      I know this is over a year later, I am just reading it now. I am saddened…reading what you, and your group went through.
      If you did not know, NP Thyroid had a huge recall. I saw the notice and “I” was the one to contact MY pharmacy the day of…I informed my pharmacist because the person that processes their notices was out for the day.
      Anyhow, you can look up the recall on the FDA’s website. ALL those months you were effected, they found the pills only had 90% efficiency!!!
      No wonder we all crashed and felt like crap!!

      I hope you are feeling better now.
      Take care.

      • Hello! I’m so frustrated I have looked on the fda website and under “lot numbers” both my
        Old prescription of 90 mg and the one my dr prescribed 3 days ago (120)are showing recalls. I called the pharmacy and they say it’s fine‍♀️ I feel like doo doo! Did you switch to something else?

  34. Hi Dr Childs, I had hypothyriodism for over 25 years and in July I had my thyroid removed due to it became enlarged and attatched itself to the parathriod and was full of gravel NO cancer but my problem is my levels are still very high 9.1 and I can not use generic drug so I am taking 200mgc of synthroid I was taking 150 before surgery but my levels yoyoed so much that haveing the gland out was my only option if i wanted to feel better, but I still do not feel well my hair is still falling out, cold always, very tired and thirsty no energy dry dry skin can your program help?

    • Tereasa,

      Sounds like you need to fire your endocrinologist. Search for Integrative Medicine in your area. But whatever practitioner you go to, make sure you get a full thyroid panel run, including Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3. You may need to be on T3 only or a T3/T4 combo. (You have stated you’re only on T4/Synthroid.)

  35. Hello Dr Westin, I was on Syntroide for 10 years with tons of symptoms, gained 50 pounds, I was totally ignored by Endo.
    I am hypo, Hashimoto
    Last April ( found a private dr)started NDT ( Efra) , right away felt much better. Currently I am on 90 mg , but my TSH are very suppressed. I decided to lower the dose to 75 mg.
    I lost 24 pounds and need to loose more. ( I am on Aip) and started your supplements for Hachimoto.
    How can I manage my Tsh and continue to loose weight. How long should I take supplements ?
    My private dr is going to retired, I am starting to panic.
    I am patiently waiting a consultation with you. Thanks

    • Hi Inna,

      I really don’t see a reason for thyroid patients to stop supplementing as long as whatever they are doing is working. I’ve seen too many patients start to do worse when making unnecessary changes so if it isn’t broke then don’t try to fix it (as they say!). Or in other words, if what you are doing is working then just stick to that.

  36. I am taking NP Thyroid and it has worked best for me. I was o. Synth roux which made me feel crazy. So glad to have found NP Thyroid and I take 65mg. I feel fantastic and have managed to lose 35 pounds and have kept it off for almost a year.

  37. Hi. I’ve been on armour thyroid for 40 year except for 2 years I switched to synthyroid and 2 years I tried to do the “natural route”. Neither worked for me, I ended up with a hurtle cell adenoma and – 1/2 of my right thyroid gland removed and a diagnosis of hashimotos. 4 months ago I had a lump on the other side. My doc took a look in surgery and removed the whole left side because it looked “funny”. It was straight hashimoto tissue with a lump. My 44 year old daughter had thyroid cancer 3 years ago and after gaining a ton of weight on the synthetic hormones my personal doc finally let her try armour. She has not lost weight but has more energy. I feel awful still and my doc has added T3 in afternoon to see if it helps. I am using 4 of your supplements but I don’t see a difference yet. What you suggest if all 3 reading from thyroid test were low? TSH-0237, T3-1.38,T4-.55. I’m on 150mg armour. (A 120mg and 30 mg.). I haven’t been able to sleep for years but it got a lot worse and I started having reactions to my meds to sleep and other issues. Maybe I just wasn’t to see if anyone else is in my shoes. Thanks

    • Hi Marty,

      I would give the supplements more time to work. It can sometimes take up to 2 months for supplements to really impact your thyroid so if it hasn’t been that long then I would hold out for a bit.

      If not then you will probably need to make adjustments to your T3.

    • Hi Marty,

      You may have underlying adrenal issues with high cortisol at night (when it should be low so you can sleep.) Adrenal disfunction can inhibit the thyroid hormones you’re taking from getting into your cells. I would recommend a 4-point saliva test. You can get some guidance on that at

  38. I take 1gm of NP Thyroid every morning. I recently started taking selenium with zinc because I cannot eat Brazil nuts anymore. My TSH went from 2.480 a few months ago to 1.970 last week. Was wondering if that is good and if the selenium is benefitting me or not.

    • Hi Lynn,

      Generally, anything that drives your TSH to the normal range would be considered “good” but a subtle change like that one you experienced could just be due to the standard of error in lab measurement (it’s hard to say for sure without more data).

  39. Dear Dr Westin, I have been using thyroid medication since 1998. I am currently on Eltroxin New Formule 225 microns. I still gain weight. I have extreme fatigue. Do you think I can change to NP thyroid? Is it available in South Africa?

    • Hi Martie,

      It would certainly be worth a try. I’m not sure if NP thyroid is available in South Africa but most countries have some type of NDT which they can get.

  40. I am lost for help. My Endo doctor refuses to even look at NP Thyroid for me. She will not do the complete test panel. What kind of natural doctor should I go to for help. I am up and down all the time and she is always changing my dose of Levothyroxine. I think she is playing around with my health. She is a nice doctor but she is not willing to make a change. Here in Hurricane WVa we do not have natural doctors like some of the other states do.

  41. I do very well on Armour. About 22 years ago the Levo I had been taking for 7-8 years stopped working. This was during the time of my pre-menopause. I suffered and felt horrible for 2-3 years since the endo I was seeing would not change my Levo dose or offer another med. He said my my numbers were fine so it must be something else causing me to feel bad! Then I found a doctor who prescribed Armour and within 2 weeks felt amazing! When Armour was unavailable for awhile about ten years ago I took Nature-throid. It did not work as well for me. I was glad when Armour came back and I started to feel my best again. I never tried NP so at this point I am not sure what the benefit would be? I am on Medicare so my insurance does not cover any NDT. I use Goodrx to save some $.

    • Hi Joyce,

      There really isn’t a reason to switch if what you are currently using is working. If it isn’t then you could make the argument, however.

  42. I’m on Armour thyroid and I’m still gaining weight even though I workout 6 days a week and eat fairly clean. I’ve never heard of NP thyroid but very interested. Does it help with hair falling out?

    • Hi Linda,

      It would like any other thyroid medication, provided it is used at the right dose but the same is also true of Armour.

    • Hi Linda,

      It would like any other thyroid medication, provided it is used at the right dose but the same is also true of Armour.

  43. I was on WP Thyroid for over a year then it became unavailable for almost two years so I was on Nature thyroid. It became available again in Jan 2019 and I’ve been on it since then but I’m always tired and my labs are consistently inconsistent. My current dosage is 97.5 MG (in the morning) along with one Liothyronine Sod 5 McG Tab (T3) in the morning and another one in the evening. The added T3 doesn’t seem to help with tiredness. After doing some research , I opted for WP because of the limited additives but am wondering if I should try the NP as the WP doesn’t seem to be as awesome as it was 3-4 years ago. Any suggestions? NOTE: I never have weight issues – even when I’m in hypo state and I do not have a thyroid (haven’t had one in over 25 years).

    • Hi Patti,

      It’s worth a shot to switch if you think your current dose is optimized. If it isn’t optimized first then you can’t say for sure that the WP thyroid isn’t working.

  44. NP Thyroid was a wonder drug for me until it wasn’t. Switched back to Synthroid in October but this time added T3 (Cytomel). I’m happy to say I’m doing great after tweaking the doses. If you are not doing well on NP and am leery of the other NDTs and their sourcing, consider synthetics but not just T4. Good luck! It’s a constant battle.

    • Hi Joy,

      ‘Synthetics’ have become a four-letter word for many people but I am happy to confirm that they do work for many people and you shouldn’t be afraid to use them if whatever you are using isn’t working for you. Thanks for sharing!

  45. I am taking NP Thyroid by Acella. This is a great company to work with and they will verify ingredients, GF etc. one time my pharmacy filled my rx with something called NP but it looked different. I questioned them but they had no answer. So before I took the product home I called Acella. Sure enough, there is another option out there but it was not what I was supposed to be taking. He said to tell them to fill my rx with Acella brand only. From that point on I’ve never had another problem and I always make sure to check what I’m getting.

  46. I currently take 100mcg of Tirosint but still have weight gain and weight loss resistance. I switched from Levo about 6 mo ago. I do feel better but can’t lose the weight even though I eat fairly clean -no gluten, no grains and low amounts of sugar. Would you recommend switching to NP? And so I take Tirosint and NP together. I have also noticed I have been very irritable lately.

    Thank you

    • Hi Gina,

      You should check your labs to determine where the issue is before attempting to switch. I wouldn’t make any decisions without looking at that data first.

  47. I am in NDT( Efra)., switched from Syntroide ( 10 yers prior)
    Private Dr prescribed NDT and I feel much better, he is going to retire.
    I visited another Endo , who was horrified from my suppressed TSH and didn’t accepted me as patient.
    ( ostéoporose and heart problems)
    Now I am panicking.
    I was trying to reduce the dose from 90 mg to 75 Mg and divide for 2 intake.
    When could you start the Skype consulting again.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with so many desperate people.

  48. First of all, I can say that I absorbed NP Thyroid very well. Within the hour after taking it my typical hypo symptoms would resolve. I tried Nature Throid and didn’t seem to absorb that stuff because there was no relief of hypo symptoms. I have never tried Armour. NP Thyroid is definitely more pungent but I don’t make habits of smelling my medication. I cannot smell the Nature throid pills and perhaps that’s a part of the reason I don’t absorb them well.

    I gave NP Thyroid a try for four months but I couldn’t seem to level out on any dose and feel normal. I was stuck at 90mg and FT3 was at 2.5 and TT3 at 89, and had remaining fatigue and muscle aches, yet anytime I tried to go up it pushed my TSH from 0.94 to 0.05 and I became severely dizzy, lightheaded and non functional. I’m very sensitive to T3 and even on 90mg every task was labored because I was so overheated, even though my FT3 levels showed low. I found myself not able to engage in my favorite activities like gardening because I was so hot. Low levels of FT4 and sweating from the T3 made me feel lethargic. Despite having hypo I’m petite and thin, not sure if that plays into how people respond to T3.

    I have half my thyroid still and although the conversion started to go down on Levo it’s still producing and converting hormone within the the “normal” range but not optimal and I had hypo symptoms for years without realizing it was a conversion issue, mostly due to my TT3 levels being a low normal and ultimately declining FT3 levels.

    I think that the ratio of T3 in NDT is a bit much for me. For others it may be fine. The 76 mcg of T4 was good yet the 18mcg of T3 was overkill. Personally, I feel better when FT4 levels are in the higher range and higher levels of TT3 but a TSH in the 1-ish range. The highest I’ve ever been able to get my TT3 levels was 112 on 120mg of NP Thyroid but like I mentioned before it came at a cost and ultimately I ended up being non functional at that point.

    I used generic Levothyroxine for ten years by Sandoz (Walmart.) Has it been Sandoz company for the whole ten years through Walmart, I can’t say but I know it has been the same for at least 4-5 years. Could it be that the generic brand was different ten years ago and it worked better for me? Possibly. All I know is that four years ago conversion started to go down hill and the mysterious crashes came on, which most likely caused absorption issues of nutrients making things worse.

    To sum up a long post, NDT did not work for me because I’m sensitive to the ratios of T3 in NDT and that won’t change, however it made me realize that not having enough FT3 and TT3 has been the cause of my symptoms-not fibromyalgia(like Drs kept telling me.) My bones and jaw cracking, body aches, neck pain, finger pain and water retention-all low T3. My Dr could clearly see my FT3 and TT3 were declining yet kept telling me I had fibromyalgia and they even did x-rays on my neck then sent me to a chiropractor. Yes, all of that happened.

    Now I’m giving Unithroid a try and I’ll start to add a little cytomel onto it once I feel less overheated. This is my first day back on a T4 only med and my FT4 and FT3 levels are low due to being underdosed on NDT so the next 4-6 weeks are probably going to be miserable until I’m able to build up my levels. My low T3 levels cause me blood sugar issues after I eat. My inability to switch from the Sandoz generic to a name brand over the past four years is due to the Sandoz product being more potent, even the FDA has stated that it was found to be up to 12.5 % more potent than Snythroid.

  49. After discovering that I have histamine intolerance/mast cell disorder last year, I’ve been on a quest to lower my histamine bucket, as my primary response is AFib! Thyroid Rx is notorious for raising histamine levels. Last month I learned that ALL NDT has DAIRY and IODINE! There it is! I’m also gluten free (CD), and dairy free (casein), so eliminating MANY histamine foods has been very difficult, but coming out with a lower histamine bucket level has been worth it. Changing thyroid Rx has been an important part of this.

    I stopped my NP and switched to 1/2 less WP, and had a thyroid storm for 3 days until I realized what was happening and stopped. I’ve just started generic T4 plus T3. Stunningly, they have less offensive incipients than Synthroid or most NDT’s! I’m doing MUCH better than on NDT – my BP is more stable, my emotions have become more stable, I have more clean energy, no wacky internal temps, sleeping better, better muscles, improved skin, and I’m able to now add in a few histamine foods to perk up my meals. So…it truly is very dependent on individual needs. I had to go back to my NMD to treat my thyroid, as my obgyn wouldn’t budge. So glad I did, even if I have to pay out of pocket for him, it’s reasonable and well worth it!

  50. Thank you for this info on NP Thyroid. I am receiving info lately regarding NP and other NDT’s not being consistent, not working, or being recalled. My lot has not been recalled and is still being supplied by my Humana mail order pharmacy. What can you tell me about these recall issues and if I should be concerned about currently using NDT, especially NP.


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