WP Thyroid Weight Loss: 55 pounds over 6 months with Before/After pictures

Is your thyroid making it impossible to lose weight?

I want to introduce you to Sharilyn: ​

sharilyn wp thyroid weight loss before after

She was having multiple issues related to your hormones (including her thyroid) that were resolved when she undertook a thorough treatment plan that included WP Thyroid. 

What you need to know is this:

Weight loss if you have hypothyroidism IS possible but it takes the RIGHT approach. ​

In this article I'm going to talk about just that...

The treatment plan it takes for this kind of weight loss.

Why and how to choose the right type of thyroid medication.

What other medications you may need for weight loss and how to put it all together. ​

Sit tight and let's dive in: 


WP Thyroid vs Naturethroid vs Armour Thyroid

If you want to get similar treatment (and see the exact same program that this patient used to get these results) check out my Hormone & Weight loss Mastery guide - which includes ALL treatment therapies + so much more to get you started. 

Are all thyroid medications created equal?

While all of the various combinations of natural desiccated thyroid contain the same amount of thyroid hormone, they differ in the fillers and binders that they contain.

One of the questions I get all the time is this:

Which is the best thyroid medication?

And there really isn't a simple or easy answer.

Instead of focusing on which thyroid medication is "best" you should instead be asking yourself: which thyroid medication is "best" for MY body?

So when would someone consider using WP thyroid over naturethroid or armour thyroid?

Since they contain the same amount of thyroid hormone, the answer really comes down to what is inside each of them.

You can find a list of ingredients below:

Naturethroid comparison table

​WP thyroid has the fewest amount of inactive ingredients which theoretically means people should react better with this medication versus other forms. 

It isn't quite that simple in reality, but you can use some of this information to help figure out which medication is best for you.

I generally recommend using WP Thyroid in patients who have 1 or more of the following:

  • Intestinal issues like SIBO/SIFO, IBS, chronic constipation or acid reflux
  • Low levels of SHBG despite increasing dosage of thyroid hormone
  • Poor reaction to other forms of Natural desiccated thyroid hormone
  • Hair loss with Naturethroid or Armour thyroid

In order to get the most benefit from thyroid hormone you really need to make sure you are both absorbing the medication and that the medication is getting into the target tissues. 

Since the GI tract is involved with the digestion and absorption of thyroid hormone it's important to make sure that is functioning optimally.

The more binders/fillers/cellulose etc. in the inactive ingredients of the thyroid hormone the more difficult it is to absorb.

hormone mastery guide

The actual conversion of thyroid hormone takes place in the body, so various factors like inflammation, hormone imbalances, etc. seem to alter tissue concentrations more than absorption.

In patients with chronic GI issues, or difficulty with other forms of NDT it is worth a trial of WP thyroid to see if issues resolve.

​If you fall into one of these categories above (especially if you've just been switched from T4 or levothyroxine) then it's definitely worth asking your physician about WP thyroid before switching back. 

The absorption issue is why I believe many patients do so well on Tirosint vs Levothyroxine and Synthroid.

The fewer ingredients = the better absorption (generally).

​But to answer the question if one of these forms of thyroid hormone is superior than the other - the answer is probably not...

It just depends on you. ​

For more information on armour thyroid and weight loss see this post. ​

​Does WP Thyroid cause Weight Loss?

The answer to this question is actually more complex than you might think. 

I'm showing you a case study of Sharilyn who was able to lose weight while being on WP thyroid, but I wouldn't give WP all the credit for her weight loss in this case. 

Weight gain in hypothyroid patients is usually due to multiple hormone imbalances and I don't mean low thyroid hormone.

Most patients and Doctors get "thyroid tunnel vision" and wrongly believe that EVERYTHING is related to their thyroid.

While the thyroid may be the cause of your fatigue, hair loss, cold extremities, etc. it is most likely not the main reason you can't lose weight.

I will show you exactly what helped Sharilyn lose weight down below, so if you can't wait for that you can jump down now...

Now back to WP Thyroid:

Getting on the right type of thyroid medication will certainly help improve your symptoms but it will most likely not lead to significant weight loss by itself.

I bring this up because I don't want you to wrongly believe that simply switching to WP thyroid from naturethroid or armour thyroid will suddenly cause you a significant amount of weight loss.

In this case there were multiple reasons for this significant amount of weight loss including other medications and hormones: ​

How to Lose Weight if you are Hypothyroid

To do this you need to focus on the underlying causes of weight gain, and to make this easy I think it's best to use examples:

Below you will find a list of abnormal labs that we can dissect to help us better understand what causes weight gain and weight loss resistance. 

sharilyn insulin resistance
sharilyn fasting insulin level
sharilyn thyroid resistance

You can see from the summary of abnormal results she is dealing with multiple issues...

  • High levels of inflammation as evidenced by the elevated platelet count, CRP and high ferritin
  • Insulin resistance as evidenced by the Hgb A1c at 5.9 (pre diabetic range)
  • High fasting insulin resistance and thyroid resistance
  • Thyroid resistance as evidenced by the high reverse T3

​So lets put this story together:

She has high levels of inflammation with a CRP at 2.3, a platelet count at 444 and a ferritin level of 179 (yes ferritin is also an acute phase reactant and can be used as a marker of inflammation). 

You might recall that inflammation reduces T4 to T3 conversion which causes high levels of reverse T3. 

You can see that her reverse T3 is 16.7 which is higher than the "optimal range" of < 15 that we are looking for. 

So you can see right away that inflammation is obviously making her thyroid function worse, but there's more. 

She is also dealing with insulin resistance (based on her high fasting insulin level of 9.5 and her Hgb A1c of 5.9 which puts her in the pre-diabetic range). 

Insulin resistance is yet another factor that can contribute to high levels of reverse T3 and make thyroid function worse.

In addition insulin resistance ​makes weight loss impossible by taking energy from the blood and placing it in the fat cells. 

In this case the combination of thyroid resistance and insulin resistance are leading to the weight loss resistance that she is experiencing. ​

​The next question is, what do we do about it? 

How to put it all together - from Diagnosis to Treatment

This is the important part:

Diagnosis is really just the beginning, what matters is how you approach treatment.

You can ask for all the tests you need to help find the root cause of your problem, but just knowing does nothing for you. 

In order to get results you need to properly TREAT the problem. ​

As I mentioned above we know that we are dealing with both insulin resistance and thyroid resistance. ​

So how did we take her from a fasting insulin of 9 to a fasting insulin of 4.2 and around 50 pounds of weight loss along the way? 

sharilyn fasting insulin after treatment

Complete treatment plan including WP Thyroid:

  • Hormones: Hydrocortisone (5mg) + WP Thyroid titration up to 1.5 grains (previously on armour thyroid 1.5 grains)
  • Supplements: Alpha lipoic acid, Fish oil, Zinc, Vitamin B12, Selenium, Milk Thistle
  • Exercise: Low intensity exercise daily
  • Diet: Whole food diet + Intermittent and prolonged fasting
  • Stress: SMT and mind relaxation techniques

​In this case the biggest barrier to weight loss and feeling better was the insulin resistance and the thyroid resistance. 

​The thyroid resistance was treated with armour thyroid initially and then transitioned to WP Thyroid due to absorption issues. 

Remember that thyroid hormone should always be titrated based on a combination of lab results, symptoms and body temp/resting heart rate.

​In this case the majority of the effort was focused on treating and balancing insulin levels. 

Most people think that treating insulin resistance is as easy as just cutting out carbs.

This approach generally isn't sufficient for the majority of patients:

glucose levels with fasting and low carb diet

​You can see from the image above that just cutting out carbs isn't enough to lower the blood glucose enough to sensitize the cells to insulin. 

It really requires a combination of fasting in addition to cutting out carbohydrates.

This in combination with T3 from the WP Thyroid really helps to reverse those levels and lead to lasting weight loss.

Your Next Step

So what do you do if you are on T4 medication and unable to lose weight or feel better?

The FIRST thing you need to do is find a provider or physician to help guide you along the way.

I don't recommend taking this information to your current Doctor and trying to get them to treat you in this way.

First of all your case is unique to you, and you may need a different combination of dosing/medication/hormones/diet, etc.

But also you really need that help to guide you through the ups and downs of treatment. 

It just isn't as simple as starting hormones or medications and watching the weight shed off. 

It takes a combination of trial and error to get to the root cause of the problem.

So remember:

Thyroid medication, including WP Thyroid can certainly help you lose weight and feel better but it isn't the primary solution to your problem.

Instead of focusing on diet and thyroid medication I want you to look at other hormone imbalances in your body and address those.

Back to you

Are you currently on naturethroid or armour thyroid and still feeling poorly?

Have you been able to lose weight while switching medication and balancing your hormones?

Leave your comments below!

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