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the problem with optimal thyroid lab tests

The Problem with Optimal Thyroid Lab Tests: Fact vs Fiction

Among thyroid enthusiasts, there is often a big push to help people understand the difference between optimal thyroid lab tests and normal thyroid lab tests.  This way of viewing thyroid lab tests has led to improved outcomes in many patients over the years.  But there’s one big problem: It’s not the right way to look …

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Biotin and thyroid lab tests

Biotin & Thyroid Lab Tests: Is it Dangerous to use this vitamin?

Is it true that taking the over-the-counter supplement biotin can interfere with your thyroid lab tests?  The answer is yes.  But there’s a lot more to it than that.  In this article, we are going to explore whether taking biotin is safe if you have thyroid problems, how it impacts your thyroid lab tests, what …

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Why the TSH isn't the Best Test for Evaluating Your Thyroid

Reasons Why TSH Testing Fails as a Thyroid Lab Test

If you’ve been on my website before, or if you’ve read my blog, then you know that one of my major goals is to try and change how doctors think about treating thyroid-related issues.  My personal belief is that patients do not benefit from the archaic treatment paradigm which focuses solely on TSH.  Today I …

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TSH Levels During Pregnancy What’s Healthy & Normal

TSH Levels During Pregnancy: What’s Healthy & Normal?

Pregnancy puts extra strain on thyroid function.  This is especially true if you suffer from thyroid conditions such as hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s.  If you fit into this category then you should pay special attention to your thyroid numbers while you are pregnant.  This article is devoted to that topic.  I want to share with you …

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TRH and TSH How they Impact Thyroid Function & More

TRH and TSH: How they Impact Thyroid Function & More

TRH is an important hormone produced by your brain which regulates thyroid function in your body.  But most doctors aren’t ordering this important lab test! In addition, certain problems can result in reduced levels of TRH which may manifest as hypothyroid symptoms.  Learn more about TRH including what it does, how it works, what causes …

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High TSH normal T4: What does it mean?

High TSH & Normal T4: What Does it Mean? + Other Thyroid Lab Patterns

Are you experiencing a high TSH but normal T4? Are you confused about interpreting these values? Is your Doctor telling you that your tests are normal even though you are experiencing abnormal symptoms? This article will help shed light on this thyroid lab pattern and help you understand what it means.  You’ll learn more about …

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Is having a suppressed TSH dangerous? Learn the pros and cons

Is Having A Suppressed TSH Dangerous? Learn the Pros & Cons

Is having a suppressed TSH dangerous to your body? Will it cause bone loss or damage to your heart? Can the negative side effects be mitigated or avoided with other interventions? In this post, we will discuss the pros and cons of having a suppressed TSH including what potential negative side effects it can cause, …

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Optimal vs normal thyroid levels

Optimal vs Normal Thyroid Levels for All Lab Tests & Ages

Do you have the feeling that your thyroid hormones may not be optimal even though they are normal? Does it make sense to you that each person might have a different optimal level?  Or that maybe your genetics are playing a role in your thyroid function? If you answered yes then this article is for …

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