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the problem with optimal thyroid lab tests

The Problem with Optimal Thyroid Lab Tests: Fact vs Fiction

Among thyroid enthusiasts, there is often a big push to help people understand the difference between optimal thyroid lab tests and normal thyroid lab tests.  This way of viewing thyroid lab tests has led to improved outcomes in many patients over the years.  But there’s one big problem: It’s not the right way to look …

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Why free T3 and total T3 are the most important thyroid lab tests

Why Free T3 & Total T3 are the Most Important Thyroid Lab Tests

The free T3 and total T3 lab tests are among the most important for evaluating thyroid function in your body.  These tests give vital information as to how your body is processing thyroid hormones.  And they give you information about the hormone which is responsible for activating your cells and turning on your genes.  These …

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How to increase free T3 levels naturally (1)

How to Increase Free T3 Levels Naturally: 8 Step Guide

Free T3 levels are THE most important measure of thyroid function. Why? Because T3 is the active thyroid hormone in your body, it does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to thyroid function.  Everyone wants to have “normal” free T3 levels because that’s how you optimize thyroid function and feel better.  But the …

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