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The complete list of thyroid tests

All Thyroid Tests + What They Mean & How to Interpret Them

Are you suffering from the symptoms of thyroid disease but you have “normal” thyroid lab tests? Maybe you are already taking thyroid medication but some of your thyroid lab tests seem “off”.  Either way, this is the guide for you.  This post will walk you through everything you need to know about thyroid lab testing …

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High TSH symptoms and causes

High TSH Symptoms, Causes & What it Means

Have you been told, or are you suspicious, that you have a high TSH? If so there are many things you want to consider before pursuing treatment. While your TSH is important for assessing thyroid function it’s certainly not the only test, or the best way, to identify thyroid disease.  We are going to take …

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What your Low TSH means while taking thyroid medication

What Your Low TSH Means With Thyroid Medication & Without

Would it surprise you to know that you can have a low TSH but still be hypothyroid?  This situation is not uncommon and may be occurring in your body right now.  On the flip side, a low TSH can also be an indicator of hyperthyroidism.  Your TSH can be a helpful tool in evaluating thyroid …

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4 Conditions that make TSH Levels Inaccurate

4 Conditions that make TSH Levels Inaccurate & Unreliable

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about TSH including why it isn’t always the best marker of thyroid function in the body and which conditions make the interpretation of TSH less accurate. You will also learn more reliable ways to test thyroid status in your body. TSH might be one …

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