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the best menopause test

The Best Menopause Test: How to Confirm you are in Menopause

Are you suffering from depression, weight gain, hot flashes or menstrual irregularities? Are you approaching the age of 50?  If so, then these symptoms may be attributed to the decline in important sex hormones which is seen during the menopause transition.  You can easily identify if you are in menopause with some very simple tests.  In this guide, you …

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The complete list of menopause symptoms

The Complete List of Menopause Symptoms + How to Diagnose it

What do hot flashes, fatigue, weight gain and decreased sex drive all have in common? They all may be the result of a condition known as menopause.  But these are not all of the symptoms associated with menopause.  Learn more about menopause symptoms including why they occur, which ones are most common, how to treat them and how …

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Natural estrogen supplements to balance your sex hormones

Natural Estrogen Supplements & Pills to Balance Sex Hormones

Dysregulation of estrogen levels is incredibly common among women.  High and low estrogen levels contribute to conditions such as low sex drive, weight gain, PMS/PMDD, depression, mood changes, and even other hormonal problems. The good news is that there are targeted supplements that you can take to influence and manage your estrogen levels. Use this guide to help …

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