NP Thyroid vs Armour Thyroid: What's the Difference?

NP Thyroid vs Armour Thyroid: What’s the Difference?

NP Thyroid is a thyroid medication which is similar but slightly different than Armour thyroid. 

Will switching from Armour to NP make a difference in your body? Will it help with weight loss? Will it prevent hair loss?

The answer is maybe and it has to do with the difference between these medications. 

The difference is not big, but sometimes a small difference can manifest as a large change in your symptoms.

This article will help you decide whether or not you should switch medications. 


What is NP Thyroid?

What exactly is NP Thyroid?

NP Thyroid is a relatively new thyroid medication which is available. It has become more popular as it has become harder and harder to get other forms of Natural Desiccated Thyroid medications such as Nature-throid and WP Thyroid

It's important for you to understand that NP thyroid is another formulation of Natural Desiccated thyroid hormone and medication. 

What does that mean?

thyroid hormones in NP thyroid

It means that it contains the same active ingredients as Armour thyroid but it differs in the type and amount of inactive ingredients. 

Both medications are considered natural and both are sourced from animal thyroid glands (porcine-derived). 

Both Armour thyroid and NP Thyroid are dosed in the same way with equivalent doses. 

That means 60mg of Armour thyroid is equal to 60mg of NP Thyroid. 

Each grain of NP Thyroid contains 38mcg of T4 thyroid hormone and 9 mcg of T3 thyroid hormone which is similar to other brands and formulations of NDT (*this is also true of Armour thyroid). 

Does that mean that you will react the exact same way if you switch medications?

Not exactly and that's part of the point of this article. 

In fact, sometimes simply switching from one type of thyroid medication to another (even if it's in the same class of medications) can dramatically improve your symptoms. 

Much of this has to do with how your body tolerates the inactive ingredients and how well they are absorbed into your bloodstream from the intestines (1). 

NP thyroid has fewer inactive ingredients when compared to Armour thyroid which may influence this absorption. 

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What's the Difference Between NP Thyroid and Armour Thyroid?

NP thyroid is worth considering especially if you are currently using Armour thyroid due to several important reasons:

#1. It is slightly cheaper when compared to Armour Thyroid

And #2. It contains fewer inactive ingredients than Armour Thyroid

The number and type of inactive ingredients found inside of medications are actually quite important because some medications contain starches or plant produces that can cause digestive issues. 

Other medications (such as Synthroid) contain lactose products (2) which can cause reactions if you suffer from lactose intolerance!

So how does Armour Thyroid differ from NP thyroid? 

Ingredient list of Armour Thyroid includes:

Armour thyroid contains 2 active ingredients (thyroid hormones) and 5 inactive ingredients.

The two inactive ingredients that may cause issues for most people include the starch and microcrystalline cellulose. 

natural thyroid supplements version 2

These can be difficult to digest in some individuals, especially if they suffer from low stomach acid or other digestive issues. 

I've had many patients who simply switch from one brand of NDT to another and find that they get almost immediate relief from their symptoms. 

This doesn't happen in everyone but it's always worth considering.  

NP Thyroid Ingredient List

Ingredient list of NP thyroid includes:

NP thyroid has a total of 2 active ingredients and 4 inactive ingredients. Even though NP and Armour differ only by 1 inactive ingredient that may still cause quite a bit of difference in certain people. 

If you react to the inactive ingredients then you may suffer from unexplained side effects such as dizziness, headaches, rashes, stomach pain, gas or bloating after taking your thyroid medication. 

These symptoms can be confusing, especially if you aren't sure if you are being dosed correctly, but they may be a sign that you are reacting to the inactive ingredients in your medication. 

Cost of NP Thyroid

The cash price of NP thyroid is right around $14 - $15 per month. 

Most insurances will cover it but in case yours doesn't you can use a tool like to help reduce the price by using cash coupons. 

I generally compare the cash price of medications here so that you get an idea of what they cost on a monthly basis. 

The prices of medication will vary slightly based upon your location but it shouldn't be much more than $15 per month of the 30mg tablets (1/2 grain). 

cost of NP thyroid for a 30 day supply

How does that compare to Armour Thyroid?

The cash price of Armour thyroid is almost double with a monthly cost of $26 - $27 for a 30 day supply of 30mg tablets. 

cost of armour thyroid for a 30 day supply

If you find that your prescription cost is climbing steadily over a period of months to years then it may be a good idea to consider switching from Armour to NP thyroid. 

NP Thyroid and Weight Loss

Does NP thyroid cause weight loss and will it help you?

The answer is that it really depends. 

If you are already on Armour thyroid and interested in switching to NP thyroid then it probably will not help with weight loss significantly. 

If, on the other hand, you are taking Synthroid or levothyroxine and you want to switch over then it might help. 

Why is that?

It has to do with the thyroid hormone content in each tablet of medication. 

NP thyroid contains a combination of both T4 and T3 in the ratios described above. 

The real benefit of using these medications stems from the fact that T3 is included in them. 

Studies have shown that weight loss, especially in thyroid patients, is heavily influenced by both the free T3 and total T3 levels. 

The higher your free T3 and total T3, the more likely you are to not only lose weight but to also keep it off (3). 

Np thyroid can help with weight loss due to the t3 content in it

The easiest way to increase both your free T3 and total T3 is with the use of thyroid medications which contain pure T3. 

This includes NP thyroid but also other medications such as Cytomel and liothyronine. 

Another strategy to increase your free T3 is by using natural therapies which can help enhance thyroid conversion. 

Therapies such as certain supplements, managing inflammation, and taking botanicals can help. I've written about how to do this naturally in this 8 step guide which you can learn more about here

NP Thyroid Side Effects

All thyroid medications can potentially cause negative side effects. 

Most of the time, though, these side effects are self-limiting and dose-dependent. 

What does that mean?

It means that if you reduce your dose these side effects tend to go away. And some side effects tend to go away on their own even without manipulating your dose. 

The most concerning side effects, from a patient perspective, include increased hair loss and heart palpitations. 

Both of these tend to be dose-dependent, but hair loss may be directly related to the medication itself. 

If you have hair loss while using NP thyroid then you may need to switch to a different medication entirely as this side effect may not go away. 

You can learn more about managing hair loss with thyroid disease here

Potential side effects of using NP thyroid include:

  • Hair loss
  • Heart palpitations
  • Weight loss
  • Tremors
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea
  • Migraines
  • Stomach pain

If you experience any of these side effects you should reach out to your prescribing Doctor and get your blood drawn. 

More serious but rare side effects on NP thyroid include (usually related to a very high dose):

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Bone loss
  • Heart enlargement

These side effects are quite rare and tend to occur only in susceptible patients. If you experience any of these then you should seek medical attention immediately. 

Is NP Thyroid Considered Natural or Synthetic? 

NP thyroid is considered to be a natural thyroid medication because it is derived from animal thyroid glands. 

The hormones contained in this medication were created by the thyroid gland of animals and not in a lab. 

Natural thyroid medications (Armour thyroid, Nature-throid, WP thyroid, and NP thyroid) should be differentiated from synthetic medications (Synthroid, levothyroxine, Cytomel, liothyronine, and Tirosint). 

Just because NP thyroid is natural does not mean that it is superior to other forms of thyroid medications, however. 

Some people do quite well on clean T4 only thyroid medications such as Tirosint, especially when combined with T3 only thyroid medications.

The benefit to using these medications separately is that you can easily titrate your T4 and T3 dose. 

If you've tried all of the different types of natural thyroid medications and you still aren't feeling well then you may want to give a cleaner T4 + T3 thyroid medication combination a try. 

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

If you are wondering whether or not you should switch from your medication to NP thyroid then I would consider the following questions:

Are you currently happy with your medication? (If the answer is no then you may want to consider switching)

Do you feel that your medication is helping reduce your symptoms? (if the answer is no then you may want to consider switching)

Are you experiencing symptoms which may be related to inactive fillers or binders? (if the answer is yes then you may want to consider switching)

Are you happy with the current price of your medication? (if the answer is no then you may want to consider switching)

Depending on how you answered these questions you may want to consider altering your medication. 

As long as you switch our your medication for an equivalent dose (which is easy if you are on Armour thyroid) then there shouldn't be a problem with the transition. 

If you don't experience any positive benefit after a 2 month trial on the new medication then you can simply switch back. 

But, on the other hand, if you experience a positive change then it may be worth sticking with it.

Not everyone will experience a positive change when or if they switch, but it's always worth a shot, especially when your health is on the line. 

Now I want to hear from you:

Are you currently taking NP thyroid?

Are you considering switching from whatever you are taking to NP thyroid?

What is holding you back?

Leave your questions or comments below! 

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Armour thyroid vs np thyroid

Dr. Westin Childs

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121 thoughts on “NP Thyroid vs Armour Thyroid: What’s the Difference?”

  1. I don’t take NP thyroid because I can’t take pork-derived medications for religious reasons 🙂 I’m Muslim.

    I have a question for you, Dr. Childs, which I’d love an answer to (even if it’s just speculation). Does starting thyroid medication for the first time inhibit, in any way, the ability of the thyroid gland to produce thyroid?

    In one of your articles, you said: “…once you introduce thyroid hormone into the system exogenously (from the mouth) you have changed the dynamics of the system.”

    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Hi Anona,

      Yes, once you start thyroid medication your body immediately starts to produce less thyroid hormone (this isn’t speculation, this is just human physiology). That’s how the feedback system works for all hormones in your body including thyroid hormone.

      • So does that mean once you start thyroid meds, it’s unlikely you can successfully ever stop taking them?

        I’m 20, and my thyroid levels fluctuate. But I’m scared to start medication!! (I haven’t gotten my labs checked in more than a year)

        • It’s very possible to get off of them, but most conventional doctors won’t try. So the chances are high that if you start the medication you will be on it for a long time.

  2. I was switched to Nature Throid about two years ago from Armour. I did GREAT on Nature Throid until the past year, where I’ve had my medication doubled slowly over the past year from 1.5 grains to 3 grains. I’m still having symptoms of low thyroid, however, including a super low TSH (0.04 recently) and super low FT3 and FT4. Super strange! I recently have changed physicians, paying out of pocket, so I can get RT3 tests and thyroid antibody tests, among other blood work to get a full picture of my thyroid or related and possible autoimmune factors. I’ve actually been looking into NP Thyroid, but I’m not certain if it’s gluten-free and dairy-free. I also have concerns that NP Thyroid is made by Big Pharma, which I really don’t desire to support. I’m digging into these things.

  3. I am on NP thyroid, 15 mcg.
    Recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. My thyroid antibodies are 296. My TSH has been between 5.96-11 over past months. My question is can NP thyroid cause weakness and aching in lower legs, ache in tailbone area?

    • Hi Kathy,

      NP thyroid should probably not cause those symptoms, but I suppose it’s possible they could be related to your thyroid in some way.

  4. I’ve been taking armour thyroid for about a month now and doing well. A few years ago I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid. I tried some medication but stopped because my symptoms of got a lot better from just eating more of a Paleo diet. Soy definitely has a negative impact on my thyroid so I’m avoiding it. My question is, is it okay to take armour as needed and not everyday? My tsh is good and in rage.

    • Hi Kendra,

      It’s probably not a good idea to take thyroid medication intermittently as it may negatively impact your normal hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis.

  5. I’m taking 45mg of Armor, down from 65 because of bad palpitations and chest heaviness. I feel better but I would like to take something that doesn’t have colors and additives, they aren’t good for me. I had Graves back in 2002 and had radiation. Is it possible that my thyroid can be regenerated? I had a reiki session and the therapist said she felt scar tissue in the thyroid area and she did energy work to begin healing it. How can I tell if my thyroid is beginning to work again? Is it possible the palpitations came because the healing therapy is working and I needed to lower my dosage? I am all about natural healing modalities and believe it can work. BTW, I appreciate you! Thank you for helping us!

  6. Hi, my DR is thinking of switching me from levothyroxine to NP thyroid. I have been on levothyroxine for 15 years but over the last few years my hair has been falling out more. I have had extension labs and most things are normal. She is thinking it my be the levothryoxine itself and that is why she wants to switch me. I am concerned but I read that hair loss is a side effect of NP thryoid and I really not want to risk more hair loss. Any suggestions or thoughts. How do patients generally do in regards to hair loss? Thanks

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I would take a look at this post which outlines hair loss and how to fix it:

      Both levothyroxine and NP thyroid can potentially cause and worsen hair loss, but it’s much more nuanced than that. It’s also just as likely (if not more likely) that using NP thyroid will improve your hair, but that largely depends on dosing and other factors.

  7. I’ve tried all the meds…just started NP. My last time on Armour I got very strange labs: a hyper TSH, but still below normal T3s and mid range T4. If this happens can you explain why? Right now after being on a T4 only drug my TSH is 1.44, T4 is high end of normal and T3s still not high enough plus elevated RT3. Adrenals look good from saliva test. I can’t lose weight! I don’t feel rested after sleeping and my cycle is terrible with major mood swings with each phase.

  8. Is it possible for NP thyroid to cause extreme skin itching and welt- like marks? I have been experiencing these symptoms on and off the past few months, often beginning in the early morning shortly after taking my 60 mg dose of NP Thyroid. I have not taken a dose for two days now and the itching has lessened considerably. I’m afraid to stop completely but am waiting for a call back from my doctor. The itching is usually on my trunk, on my sides, under arms and in groin area. Areas that seem to retain heat. I’ve been on Armour and WP thyroid for years, but was switched to NP due to a lack of availability of the others. While I see NP has less fillers than Armour, wondering if I might be allergic to a filler in the NP, such as mineral oil? Its driving me crazy!

    • Hi Alison,

      As a general rule of thumb (and this extends to all medications, not just thyroid medication) virtually any prescription medication can cause almost any reaction. What you are experiencing is not common, but there’s always a possibility that it could be related to your medication in some way.

    • Hi Alison,

      I switched from Naturethroid to NP last August after Naturethroid changed dramatically. I had been doing extremely well on Naturethroid for 5 years prior to that. I have been doing okay on NP thyroid, but not great. What I have noticed is extreme itching on my back, which feels like a rash. So you are not alone in having this itching reaction to NP. I never had this on either Armour or Naturethroid.

    • This happened to me as well on NP Thyroid. Uncomfortable itching on my hands and feet for a few days then an episode of welts on the lower half of my body.

    • I just got switched to NP thyroid from Armour Thyroid two months ago, and I am reading this article because I am experiencing the same symptoms as Alison!! I never had any problems with my Armour Thyroid, and lately I’ve been developing a mystery rash, wondering if it’s related to some ingredient in the NP thyroid I’m allergic to!

  9. Hi there,
    I’ve had a TT about a year ago. I’m on Armor now but I have terrible joint pain in my hands, knees, feet and shoulders. My primary Dr. thinks I have rheumatoid arthritis but the symptoms only came after taking these medications. I’m wondering if I should try NT . My body feels “fuzzy” all over. I’ve changed several medications due to this feeling. Armor was good for a while but now it’s beginning again.

    • My Dr has just increased my Armour to 120 mg from 90.
      I also have a bad muscle reaction when the dose is wrong. So far the aches have got better, see your Dr to increase dose. Get your thyroid tested, good luck. Hope the fuzzy feeling gets better, and definitely muscle aches. Mine are now recovering on higher dose.

  10. I currently take np thyroid 15 mg. I started on Levothyroxin when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s this past spring. I could not tolerate Levothyroxin … neuropathy in hands, feet.. very painful. I have had some improvement in my tsh, t3, t4, although my antibodies are still rather high. The problem on the np thyroid is constant post nasal drip, tight chest, some air hunger. Would I do better taking Armour? I have read on Web MD of lots of people having negative side effects on NP thyroid vs. Armour…

    • Hi Kathleen,

      Some people do better on Armour thyroid and others on NP Thyroid. The only way to know for sure is to try both and see how you feel!

  11. This article mentions NP Thyroid and Armour Thyroid. I would like clarification on a third called NP Armour which was prescribed for my fiance. Is NP Armour the same as Armour Thyroid or not, or is it something else? I’m confused (a position easily attained by me on many occasions).

    • Hi Bob,

      To my knowledge, there is no such medication called “NP Armour”. If you are seeing that my best guess would be that they are trying to suggest that NP thyroid is the generic for Armour Thyroid. If you look on her prescription it should clearly state which medication it is.

  12. I currently have a prescription for Nature-throid 2 grains daily. However, I’ve had a really hard time getting this filled the last few months and I’m currently out and can’t locate any pharmacies that are able to fill the prescription. Do you have a recommendation regarding whether Armour or NP Thyroid would be a more similar alternative? Also, do you know if there are issues getting either of those two filled? Thank you!

    • Hi Jamie,

      Your ability to tolerate thyroid medication has more to do with your body than the medication itself. You’ll find that many people do well on one and not the other. And Nature-throid was on backorder for a long time, and even though it is currently being produced, it may take pharmacies a long time to get it back in stock. I would check out this article for more info on how to stock up on your thyroid medication to prevent this from happening in the future:

  13. Hi, I was doing well on Naturethroid and then they had problems with supply and since they rolled out their new supplies, it seems that the formula of Naturethroid has changed. A lot of my hypothyroid symptoms have returned and I’ve read about others reporting the same thing. I’m thinking of swapping to either Armour or NP. Not sure which one to go for. I’d probably say the one with the least amount of fillers. Your article is interesting, in that it gives info on this. So I’m thinking perhaps NP would be a better bet. I’m in the U.K., so availability is extremely limited here. Very hard to source NDT. I’m so upset that I’m having to find a new medication. I just cannot fathom why Naturethroid seems to have stopped working for many patients, so suddenly!

    • Hi Michelle,

      The unfortunate truth is that thyroid medications are always changing (medications have changed significantly over the last 20 years). But, in addition, people and their needs and tolerances are always changing as well. As a thyroid patient, you should not expect that you can find a single dose or single medication that will work for you forever. It certainly does happen, but in my experience, it is not the norm. It can be frustrating, but this is the reality of the situation.

  14. I was diagnosed with hypothyrodism in late September 2017. My doctor had me on 50 mcg of Levothyroxine for 2 months and my energy levels did not improve, I gained 4 pounds and developed an itchy rash all over my legs. She switched me to 30 mg of NP thyroid and after a month the rash seems to be going away but I have gained 2 more pounds. I am concerned that this is not normal on NP and wondering if I should just give my body more time to adjust or if I possibly need a higher dose?

  15. I have been having a difficult time finding naturthroid. I was switched to armour a month ago. I noticed symptoms such as increased appetite, cold extremities, digestive issues,fatigue, hair loss,depression etc.
    How can I get my drs attention to help keep find the proper med for me?

    • Hi Pattie,

      I think your best bet would be to explain your symptoms and then to start calling pharmacies looking for Naturethroid. Once you identify a pharmacy you can ask your doctor to write the prescription directly to that pharmacy.

  16. Hello Dr. Childs,
    I have the Compound Heterozygous MTHFR gene mutation. I have been diagnosed with Hydrogen type SIBO. I have taken Xifaxin once to remediate and supplement Methyl B6 and Methyl B12 and Vitamin D3 according to my recent nutrition test results. Last checked my homocysteine levels are normal. However, my health is not improving. I continue to have all of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism. According to functional medicine norms my TPO/TgAb numbers are consistently too high and while my T4 and T3 levels are low normal my Free T4 and Free T3 are consistently too low. While I test in the normal range for fasting blood sugar. I always test right on the boarder for too high. Right at 99 after a 12 hour fast. I tried Armour Thyroid and had a horrible reaction. Migraines, shakiness, racing heart, etc. I was bad after one dose and flat on my back after dose number two. Had to stop. I’m not sure what’s next, but I can’t continue to feel like this and my weight is not healthy. All around my belly and nowhere else. I was even checked last year for Cushings disease, but my cortisol levels are normal including 24 hour urine tests for cortisol. Although saliva testing indicated a slight rise in cortisol in the evening instead of a steady decline. I have spent so much money on doctors not covered by insurance and tests not covered by insurance and I have not met with the help I need. I know you can’t treat me as a patient, but can you offer suggestions or things to try to investigate? Further questions I should be asking now? I also worked 9 months with functional medicine nutritionist on an intense step by step elimination diet. A few months later my extensive IgG panel showed elevated levels to all of the food she told me to eat. It seems I will react to whatever I eat on a regular basis. I now take LDN to help with inflammation, but had to stop at 3.0mg since the side effects were too intolerable at 4.5mg. I still have systemic inflammation symptoms at this dose, but it’s at least slightly reduced. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you so much! ~Megan

    • Megan, have you been checked for histamine intolerance and fructose malabsorption? It looks like you have experience with elimination diets. It would be easy for you to eliminate all fructose for two weeks and check your symptoms. You may need a doctor’s help for histamine intolerance.

  17. I’m on 3 grains (90+90mg) Np thyroid after nature throid/WP went south last year. I still have my own thyroid, no Hashimoto’s, just run-of-the-mill hypo. About to go on week 5 with it, & having the worst insomnia, “wired but tired” feeling all day, even if I skip caffeine & I take the medication in one lump dose at 5am in the morning (which my dr. suggested.) Some heart palps also, but otherwise okay. Just wondering how likely this stuff will go away? Seems like I’m really sensitive to it and I noticed it doesn’t really “kick in” fully for me until about 8 hours later, so I must also be a really slow metabolizer! Afraid to split the dose/take it at night, because of the insomnia/what if it decides to kick in sooner…advice please, Dr. Childs?

    • Hi Amy,

      It sounds like you need to re-check your labs (including free thyroid hormone levels) to get a better understanding of what is happening. Some of your symptoms suggest that your dose may be too high.

  18. Hi – So glad I found this site/article. I’ve been hypothyroid for about 20 years. The first 15 were treated with levo, Synthroid, and then Tirosint. On Tirosint, I experienced my first crippling anxiety. Was switched back to Synthroid (in retrospect, the doc wasn’t familiar with Tirosint and prescribed it at the same dose as Synthroid). I’ve now been through NatureThroid, Armour, and now NP Thyroid. The switch to NP was completed at the same time as a dosage increase. My anxiety, which had been well managed for about 18 months, went through the roof again. Could the NP Thyroid be working better/stronger and my dose should have stayed the same? Thanks!

    • Hi Jessica,

      It’s certainly a possibility, but there are plenty of other factors which can trigger anxiety outside of your thyroid medication.

  19. Hi – I just switched from NatureThroid to NP Thyroid because I couldn’t find the Naturethroid anymore. I’m on 60 mg per day. I found your article looking for info on the side effects. After two days, I have stomach pain and intestinal distress. It’s not horrible so I’m going to see if it goes away. I guess this is somewhat normal?

    • Hi Molly,

      I wouldn’t say that’s normal but some people do experience side effects when switching (though not the majority).

    • Hello, I have been switched from 25mcg of Liothyronine to 30mg NP thyroid, and I too am having stomach pain, extreme gas and bloating. Was wondering if your symptoms went away after some time or did you switch to another medication?

  20. I have been taking 45mg of Armour. Apparently, the Armour was unavailable, so I was given NP Thyroid. I’ve been taking it about a week now. I feel awful. I have ongoing headaches, stomach cramps, nausea, and shortness of breath. My doctor just said stop taking the med. I’ve never just quite a med cold turkey. I’m really confused as to what to do. Any advice? Thank you.

  21. Hi Dr. Childs!
    I just got diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, and I’ve always struggled with weight. I was wondering, what medications should I ask for to See the greatest result in weight loss? Thank you!

  22. Thank you for the information you’ve provided here. I’ve been on Armour Thyroid for many years (Hashimotos) and just filled a new Rx at a different pharmacy and they substituted NP Thyroid. As a RN, changing this when I’ve been doing so well makes me a little nervous. Hopeful from this site that all will be ok. Finding balance was hard for me….Armour worked so well. Fingers crossed!

    • Hi Pam,

      You can force the pharmacy to fill the Armour Thyroid if you desire. I don’t see the reason to change if it’s working for you, especially given the small chance that it may not work.

  23. Hello. I have a similar situation. I have been taking Armour for 10 years and was given NP because they were out of Armour. Is it okay to switch for a month? Armour is working great for me. Thanks!

  24. Hello….I’ve been on different thyroid meds since I was 14 yrs old, but constantly the last 20 years. I’m now 65 and have taken Synthroid, levothyroxine, switched to Nature Throid 2 years ago and for those 2 years felt not myself. I’ve just started 90mg NP Thyroid 2 weeks ago due to unavailability of Nature Throid and I’ve never felt better. I hope this continues cause I didn’t realize how miserable I was till now. Happy camper. If NP helps take off a few pounds I gained while on Nature Throid, close to 2o lbs. I would be ecstatic!!!

  25. I sure hope this website does not share my email address since I gave you the only one I really use, the other is filled with junk!!!

    I have been on 75 mg of Armour Thyroid for 10 years give or take, 1 60mg and 1 15mg. My Dr. Just switched me to Thyroid NP.I am extremely tired all the time now. I also was prescribed Adderall over 10 years ago. It’s almost like the generic adderall which i’ve always used is a placebo which I know is impossible but that’s just how tired I am. Can this be just from the thyroid brand switch? Thank you for any help you can provide!!
    Sincerely, Katrina

    • Hi Katrina,

      We don’t share or use your email address, it’s just so that you can be notified of follow-up answers.

      And yes, the change in your thyroid medication can certainly account for some or all of your new symptoms.

  26. My new doctor wants me to switch from Armour to NP. I didn’t realize that inactive ingredients can make a difference. I would love to see if NP works better but I don’t like the idea of maltodextrin or mineral oil. I don’t suppose companies can alter ingredients for patients?

      • Hello Dr. Childs,

        I have TSH of 4.32 & Free T3 of 3.1 & Free T4 of 1.3. My functional doctor says I’m not optimal but normal and I shouldn’t take medicine just yet because then I can’t get off it as my thyroid will rely on the medicine. I have symptoms and believe it would be best to start taking medicine but afraid of being permanently stuck taking it. I’ve tried herbs and my numbers won’t budget. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  27. Hi,
    I’m 66 and have been on NDT for over 15 years, the past year and a half on NP Thyroid (75 mg 5x a week and 60 mg 2x a week).
    I don’t have too many symptoms other than sluggish around 3pm and some hot spells. My recent blood test: FT3 6.30, FT4 1.03 and my doc suggested I lower 75mg to 4 days a week.
    Have you seen any correlation between thyroid issues and high cholesterol? My cholesterol had been 220 after menopause and the last two tests have me up to 239. Went back to NO beef after the first time it went up and started taking Niacin but the last test came up at 239 w HDL 58 and LDL 165.
    Any ideas?
    BTW I ordered and received your Thyroid/adrenal reset complex. It should be OK for me to start using correct?
    Thank you for your help

    • Hi Ana,

      One of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is low cholesterol so if your thyroid is not treated adequately then your cholesterol will likely be raised.

      And it doesn’t seem like you should have any issues in taking that supplement based on the information here but if there is any question you should touch base with your current doctor.

  28. My endo had me reduce my NP Thyroid to 90mg because my TSH was very low .05–. Felt horrible and couldn’t function. My internist raised me to 105 and feel somewhat better, but TSH is .02 and Free T3 above normal range. I still have brain fog, extreme fatigue, etc. At one time I was on 180 and felt good but had heart problems (very rapid heart rate). What to do!

  29. Hi, I was Armour thyroid for 3 months & switched to Np thyroid & now have severe leg pain. I’m switching back to see if It helps.

  30. Hi Dr Child’s,

    I have been on Armour thyroid for a long time. I’m currently on 90mg. I have been feeling exhausted, brain fog, no energy/motivation, can’t lose weight, etc for a while now (maybe a year?). I just had recent labs done and my results were TSH 0.293, T3 at 3.8, T4 at 0.85 and reverse T3 at 6.7. My antibodies are a little higher than the last time I Had my labs done last year but they aren’t high enough to be alarming or at Hasimotos level. I’m wondering if I would Benefit most from going up on my Armour dosage? Or switching to another med like NP? Or maybe it’s something else that is causing me to feel this way? Thank you so much! I have been listening to all of your podcasts lately and I love them!

    • Hi Michele,

      In order to figure out what is going on you really need a comprehensive history and physical and extended lab tests. Without that information, it’s really hard to say what is happening because it could be all of the things you’ve listed here.

    • I was put on WP thyroid due to the Naturethroid shortage and then put back on Naturethroid in June 2019 and preceding to lose about a 1/3 of my hair and had joint pain and fatigue. I was switched to NP thyroid in August and the hair loss stopped and the other symptoms got a little better. Beginning September 1st I started a new refill which smelled very bad (like cat urine) and the symptoms got worse again. I’ve seen online about multiple people having this challenge and Acella says it normal for their medicine to look and smell different but have not commented on the return of symptoms/new symptoms. What do you think is going on? Is this medicine safe?

  31. I started taking NP Thyroid several months ago because it was getting harder for my pharmacist to order Nature-throid (shortage). I’ve had several thyroid labs done but can’t seem to get the dosage on NP Thyroid dialed in and now have experienced hair loss. My hair did great on the Nature-throid… My NP dosage is 1&1/2 Gr tablets of 90 mg daily. Here are the results of my latest labs:

    Free T3 – T3 Free 5.6 pg/mL (High)
    T4 Free – 0.88 ng/dL (Low)
    • TSH- 4.130 uIU/mL
    My Dr. said it is too hard to get the dosage dialed in anymore because it is a natural medication. My other symptoms are fatigue, poor sleep, feeling overly heated and sweating easily.

    Please Dr. Childs advise me on what I need to do for especially stopping the hair loss. I’m ready to quit taking the NP Thyroid and checking if I can get back on the Nature-throid. Would there be another type of thyroid med that would work better for me? Should I have more extensive thyroid labs done?

    Thank you!

  32. Morning Dr. Childs,
    Do you know any physicians in the Jacksonville, Florida area,
    that have your expertise and perspective on how Hormones affect Weight and weight loss.
    I can not seem to get any doctor MD or DO to prescribe the diagnostic tests that you endorse. The last one I went to, two
    days ago. Just laughed at the written list of tests that you had suggested. Can you help me? I’m at my wits end!!
    Thank you so much, Alexis

  33. Dear Dr. Childs
    Something has drastically changed with the formulation of NP thyroid over the last 6 months. I have returned to all the old hypothyroid symptoms even with an increased dose of NP thyroid. I am on numerous Thyroid sites and this same thing is being reported over and over again.
    Accella needs to come clean with what they have done to the formulation of NP thyroid. People are getting very sick. There doesn’t seem to be an NDT that is working any more as each reformulates.

    • Hi Judy,

      Reformulations can be a problem but if you are very symptomatic after a reformulation change that speaks more to other factors as opposed to the medication itself. The medication is just bringing out a deeper problem that hasn’t been resolved.

    • Hi Susy,

      Some people are having issues but the majority are fine. If you are having issues due to the changes then your medication was most likely not optimized prior to the change or there is some bigger issue that is being missed.

  34. First Thank you Dr Westin Childs for all the great work you do,
    your articles and supplements have made a huge difference in my life…

    Just to add to all the comments, my pharmacy changed my prescription from Armour to NP Thyroid, although I had told them before I did not want the generic, long story short, I started to experience a lot of hair loss, being more tired and on top of that also started to experience heart palpitations, same dose as Armour.
    So called the Pharmacy, and they are putting a note on the chart, again, to not give me the generic version any more…

    • Hi Shanti,

      You can prevent this issue from occurring by having your doctor write “Dispense as written” on your prescription. This forces the pharmacy to use the prescription medication on the prescription and doesn’t allow them to make any changes.

  35. Hi Dr. Childs:

    Could you please tell me the safety of using mineral oil as an inactive ingredient in NP Thyroid? Some online sources say that it is possibly carcinogenic. What is your take on this? Thanks.

    • Hi Kathleen,

      Even if it was carcinogenic (it depends on what is actually in the mineral oil), the small dose found in NP thyroid is negligible and it’s not something that concerns me.

  36. You should mention the changes that occurred in NP in spring 2019 which created problems for many people including myself. I went experienced tachycardia for 12 hours. We reduced my dose as a result. Then it happened again in August and we reduced it again and then I just happened again in December and now I’m switching to Armour as NP is not consistent and I’m done with tachycardia. My labs were great in late October but something is not right with NP.

    • Hi Sandie,

      I have other articles that outline those changes and my thoughts. The bottom line is that this isn’t something new and it’s been happening to thyroid medications for the last 20 years (including other NDT brands). Patients who are doing poorly on NP thyroid now will have to switch to find what works for them but there are still many people who do great on it.

  37. Taking np thyroid raised to 60mg doctor just checking tsh only saying it fluctuates. I think she should check t4 and t3 levels and maybe free t3 and t4 levels each time please answer.

    • Hi Sherri,

      You are welcome to your own opinion but I disagree completely 🙂 There are still thousands of people who take it and do very well on it.

  38. Hi Dr. Westin,

    I am considering switching to NP Thyroid from Synthroid after 10 years. I am concerned with the possible side of effect of the NP Thyroid causing viral infections. This is one of the stated side effects.

    Can you elaborate on this possible side effect?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Crystal,

      There is really no physiologic way that NP thyroid could result in a viral infection. I’m not sure where you are reading that but it’s not something to worry about.

  39. Hi Dr. Childs,
    Are there people more at risk for experiencing hair loss with NP than others? Reason I’m asking is I’m currently on 125mcg of Tirosint and started that at the beginning of the new year and have experience terrific hair loss from it and it hasn’t slowed down. Prior to tirosint I was on levo for 12 years. Never felt right and REALLY don’t feel right on tirosint. My doc is willing to switch me to a t3 t4 combo but now I”m scared I’m gonna lose my hair even more.
    Also, I suffer with chronic hives and I take 2 ranitidine daily to help control them and worry that this may play a role in my hair loss due to it relieving stomach acid which I know us thyroid sufferers aren’t in abundance of to begin with. Thoughts?

  40. Do you have patients that feel better on a combo of synthetic T4 and a little NP Thyroid added in? For a few weeks I was taking 90mg NP Thyroid. I tried different ways of taking it but couldn’t seem to figure out a way for it to work for me. I tried 30mg 3Xdaily(too tired), then 90mg(neck pain) all at once in the morning, lastly 60mg in morning and 30mg in afternoon(crashed in the evening.) I also tried only 60mg(too tired) for a week as well as 120mg(couldn’t sleep) for a week. None of those have worked. I had zero appetite the whole time on NP Thyroid and that was a real problem. I took 88mcg of generic for 10 years before. Today I decided to take half of my Unithroid 50mcg and one 30mg Np Thyroid and I feel more normal. I’m used to getting that big dose of T4 in the morning and perhaps I just needed a little T3 and not as much T3 that is found in the NDT. Is it unusual to take it this way?

    • Hi Janiece,

      I don’t think I’ve ever put anyone on T4 + NDT but I have plenty of people on T3 + NDT. There is probably a place for using NDT + T4 but it’s certainly not common.

  41. Hi Dr. Child’s,
    I sadly have a very complicated medical history and am extremely frustrated and confused. I was first diagnosed with Hashimotos at age 14 and placed on synthetic and did not do well, at 27 I was diagnosed with IBS, Candida, MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), multiple food allergies, and gluten intolerance. Then at 40, I was diagnosed with AIP Porphyria, shortly after my hashimotos switched to Graves Disease and due to my Porphyria I could not tolerate the medications to slow down my thyroid so my Dr. shut it down with radioactive iodine. Then the disease attacked my eyes which was Graves Orbitopathy and I had 10 eye surgeries over a 3 year period at Jules Stein Eye Institute to save my eye which left me with medical PTSD and general anxiety disorder, then as I was in therapy and trying to heal I was given the additional diagnosis of Celiacs as well as IC (Interstitial Cystitus). I’m 61 and I’ve been sick my entire life, I’ve tried so hard to heal but nothing works, what is recommended for one problem aggravates another! I don’t know what to eat, I am severely food restricted, I’m currently eating low Fodmap combined with restrictions for Porphyria, and IC. Do you know of any new food allergy tests that actually work and do you have any advice for me? I realize that my situation may be hopeless but I desperately want to feel better. Grateful for any thoughts, Jenny Rose

  42. Good morning!
    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s a few years ago and once I started taking medication, I started to have hair breakage… mostly at the crown. I’ve tried Armour and NP and still have it. It starts at the back of my head and works up to my bangs. Some of my hair doesn’t grow more than 4-6 inches then either breaks or dead ends occur. Again, I don’t have hair loss but dealing with breakage. Can this become worse the higher the dosage you take?

  43. Hi Dr. Childs,
    Thank you for providing such valuable information. I have been on levothyroxine for many years with no real relief. My OB just switched me to NP Thyroid. I am going from 100 mcg levo to 90mg NP Thyroid, according to the conversion charts that I have found, I am thinking this transition may not be smooth. I would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you, Be safe.

  44. Hi Westin,

    You mentioned in your nature thyroid video that Nature Thryoid is not the best NDT available. I’m curious what NDT do you find to be the best? Thanks, Amy

    • Hi Amy,

      I will make a blog post about that topic, it’s a surprisingly complicated topic with all of the changes to these medications.

  45. Dear Dr. Childs
    Greetings from Ireland. My endo has recommended I change from eltroxin 50 ml a day Mon- Fri & 25 ml Sat & Sun. to 30 ml daily, Amour thyroid or NP thyroid, As they are not licenced here they are expensive £50 Euro for a months supply of Amour thyroid or £38 euro for NP thyroid. My concerns are I have osteoperosis & had a severe reaction to prollio medication for it last year. Can these thyroid medications interfere with osteoperosis? I would really appreciate your input. with thanks Enjoy the July 4th celebrations,Theresa Green.

  46. Dr. Childs,
    I had my Thyroid and Para Thyroid removed years ago due to a goiter and it just stopped functioning. I was on Synthroid and Levoxyl didn’t do well due to joint pain, hair loss, weight gain, stomach pain etc. I switched to Armour and all the symptoms went away and then a new Dr. told me I had a toxicity to it and had to go on the Synthetic again. I actually felt fine on Armour Thyroid, but yeah okay your a Dr. and know best. So I did. I Had all the old symptoms and went on NP and now my hair is continuing to fall out and is getting even thinner. Ive been on it for 8 mo. I just had it grown back after Chemo from breast cancer 2 years ago and prior to synthetic thyroid med., and it is worse than ever. Could it be the NP Thyroid causing the hair loss and thinning and I also get stabbing gut pain since I went on it. The only new med., I’m taking only for a few weeks is Gabapentin for the severe neuropathy in my feet from chemo, I’m thinking, I should go back on Armour Thyroid? I also have Celiac Disease (runs in the family). I have the gut and the skin version of CD so I have to be very careful. I was wondering if Saw Palmetto is safe to take for women and how much. I have 160 mg. caps I would like to try a couple a day to see if that helps my hair. Your input would be appreciated.

  47. I have been on Armour for years because of Thyroidectomy. My dose went from 120 mg To gradually decreasing after 30 years to 75mg. The problem is my T4 is in the normal range but my T3 is always so high (Our I’d range) and they want to continue decreasing my dose but I’m not comfortable with that. Any suggestions on how to bring my T3 down without switching to Synthroid? Thank you.

  48. I left a message on another topic for Thyroid when I was a new thyroid patient, soon after my total thyroidectomy and Dx of PTC. I love reading your articles on this subject, I learn so much, and am able to approach my endocrinologist with an informed presentation.

    When I first started this unplanned journey, I was put on the traditional Levothyroxine, the “cookie cutter” treatment. I soon developed severe side affects of this medication that prevented a good quality of life. Switched to Synthroid, and QOL improved but still something missing. Cytomel was added, and created side affects same as when on Levothyroxine. So, back to just Synthroid, and feeling like only half a person.

    Then I learned about Armour Thyroid, and other Natural hormone replacements. That they are in fact used for folks like me who lost their thyroid to cancer, etc. I approached my Endocrinologist with this information that I’d like to try a natural thyroid replacement, adding a T3, and have my labs at optimal level rather than just good.

    HE APPROVED MY REQUEST !!!! I was told that positive results would happen immediately, I was thinking over a couple weeks or so, GOSH! was I pleasantly surprised! The very first morning I took a dose of Armour Thyroid, I felt great! It felt like someone turned the lights on! Brain fog lifted, alertness improved, memory improved, and simply had an all around good feeling about myself. Thoughts of low self worth and self esteem seemed to immediately disappear. I asked if this was normal or if I was in a “mind over matter” feeling. I was told, and the person telling me this had an ear to ear grin, that yes, it is true, it does happen this quickly! Reminding me that I will need dosage changes over a period of time to tweak to a dose that is right for me. I don’t care! I have my life back! I hate that I have to rely on a pill to simply live, but at least now I feel human again! I feel like I have some self worth again! The depression left within the next couple days when I realized it was real, feeling better does happen that quickly!

  49. I am on 30 mg of NP Thyroid, have been on it about six months. my hair is getting thinner coming out by the brush full. Is it the NP, and will Armor do the same thing? My sister takes Armor and her hair came back in.

    Also should the dose be 60 mg by now, I don’t feel any different except for my hair loss.

  50. I was on 120 mg NP thyroid , switched from Armour thyroid about 1.5 Yrs ago and synthroid a few yrs before. Went to NP because of much better price. But just got a recall notice from the pharmacy that my batch might be defective and asked Dr to switch me back. Turns out that batch is fine but I am going to watch to see if feel a difference . I can’t say I felt better with any of these. Any suggestions before I pay so much , if I don’t notice a change. Frustrated to take these for life

  51. Hi there,
    I was taking Levothyroxine for about 4 years and did not feel it was doing anything for me. I then switched to a DO who did some blood work and put me on Armour Thyroid. While I was happy on Armour and felt better for a time, i did have a racing heart at 60mg qd. He then put me down to 45mg. HOWEVER, there is no 45 mg so I had to pay for 2 separate rx’s, a 30 mg and a 15mg. It was just way too expensive and my husband was not happy. I then tried Synthroid but ended up having issues of dryness and sleep issues. Here is my question: I have not been given an RX for DP thyroid for 15mg. I’m worried that it might not be the correct dose, so how would I know if it’s enough where I was on 45mg of Armour?? Thanks, Shay

  52. Hello, I am currently on 65 mg and 97.5mg of NatureThroid. I am having difficulty getting refills because of manufacturers. I am considering switching to another natural thyroid medication. I’ve never taken any other since my thyroid removal in 2016. I will make an appointment with my doctor, but I like to have information in hand before my visit.
    Thank you

  53. Hi,
    I take 90 mg of Armour a day, supplemented with two 5 mg doses of straight T3. Many of my hypo symptoms are improved but weight loss has still been impossible, even with a gluten and dairy free diet. Any advice? Do you think a switch to NDT might help?

  54. Dr. Westin,

    I used to take Synthroid 75 mcg for my Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism and a year ago switched to NP Thyroid. Started with 60mg for 3 months and last 9 months have been taking NP Thyroid 90mg. However, my TSH now is very low at 0.08 and my T4 is also low at 0.85. My doc wants to increase the dosage of NP Thryoid from 90 mg to 120 mg to bring up T4 levels. I have been gaining weight and generally feel lousy/tired when my TSH goes so low (close to or lower than the reference limit of 0.45) and T4 so low as well. I feel increasing to 120 mg of NP Thyroid will worsen both TSH and T4 levels as well weight gain and energy levels. I saw the conversion chart by Acella and it says that 75 to 88 mcg of Synthroid is equivalent to 45 mg of NP and 100 mcg of Synthroid is equivalent to 60 mg of NP. I want to ask my doctor to switch me to 60 mg or 45 mg of NP and retest to see if my TSH moves up higher and if T4 moves up too. I feel better when TSH is above 0.5. Any thoughts or advise you have will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  55. Why does the new formulation of np thyroid taste like male cat spray smells? No I’m not kidding.
    Do better.

  56. I was using Naturethroid 16.25 and doing well. When it no longer became available I tried Armour and didn’t feel good -then tried NP and felt worse – heart palpitations and feeling unbelievable wired and eyebrow and hair loss after one day. I’m now going to try a compounded T3 and 4 medication and really hope it works. No one can tell me when Naturethroid will again be available or if ever.

  57. Dr Westin,
    I was taking Armour Thyroid 45 mcg for several years without any problems and then when the price started increasing sharply, I switched to NP Thyroid 45 mcg. Within 6 months of switching, I started having an extremely dry mouth which has been a problem now for several years (I’m still on NP Thyroid). My dental checkups have resulted in multiple cavities, which I had never experienced prior to switching to NP Thyroid. My question is whether you’ve ever heard of dry mouth being a side effect of NP Thyroid. I can’t find anything on the Internet that ties dry mouth with NP Thyroid, but I’m not sure what else could have caused the sudden change in my oral health.

    • Hi Anne,

      Symptoms related to thyroid medication usually stem from dose issues and are not medication specific. I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of someone experiencing dry mouth but I wouldn’t say it’s outside of the realm of possibility. Even it it were, though, you can fix that sort of issue by focusing on your gut and other natural therapies.

  58. I’m currently on amour thyroid and can save a considerable amount of money if I switch to NP I just wonder is NP the same as amour and you can’t drink/take calcium for four hours after taking the pill?

  59. I was put on NP Thyroid in Feb. 2021. Started with 60mg and then 120mg after 2 weeks. I did lose about 20lbs but my biggest complaint was hand tremors and random heart palpitations. The doctor that prescribed these is no longer practicing and I will have to start over with someone else. I’m not sure it made me feel better but I did lose weight. She also prescribed so many other drugs that my gynecologist was baffled about. Anyways, I have decided to take a break from the NP Thyroid and have been off them for about 4 weeks. I was thinking of trying them again. It is ok to start them up again because I have been picking up my prescription? Is this safe or is it ok to start again? Do I start with 60mg and work my way back to 120mg. And should I be worried about the tremors and heart palpitations if they occur again? Any help would be great since my doctor left me high and dry. Thanks for all your interesting and valuable information.

    • Hi Lesli,

      Heart palpitations are not necessarily a problem but the hand tremors usually indicate that your dose was too high. You can assess this by checking your thyroid lab tests, specifically your free T3 and total T3.


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