Lactose: Why Nature-throid & WP Thyroid Aren’t Working

Lactose: Why Nature-throid & WP Thyroid Aren’t Working

Over the years we’ve seen more and more formulations of NDT fall out of favor with patients. 

Thyroid medications such as Nature Throid and Armour thyroid used to be widely considered as some of the best thyroid medications on the market but now more and more people are having trouble with them. 

And by trouble, I’m talking about people who were feeling great on them only to find out that the medication is no longer working for them. 

A pretty big deal if you are a hypothyroid patient who finally got control of your symptoms. 

But why is this? 

What is causing these medications to suddenly stop working? 

That’s exactly what we are going to explore today. 

We are going to look at two types of NDT formulations, Nature Throid and WP thyroid, and talk about some recent changes to these medications which may render them INEFFECTIVE for many of you out there. 

This information is important if you are currently taking them or if you are considering using them in the future. 

Let’s jump in…


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Lactose Monohydrate in Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid

Before I talk about some of the changes to these formulas I want to take a second just to lay some framework here for those who aren’t familiar with NDT medications. 

NDT stands for Natural Desiccated Thyroid and NDT is a broad term used to describe a class of prescription thyroid medications which all share similar characteristics. 

These medications all come from crushing up animal (usually pig) thyroid glands and then drying up the formulation to produce a thyroid medication that humans then consume. 

These medications are considerably more potent than thyroid medications such as levothyroxine and Synthroid because they contain the active thyroid hormone T3 in addition to T4 (T4 is the only hormone found in levothyroxine/Synthroid). 

For a long time, these medications were the preferred thyroid hormone replacement for thyroid patients. 

Anecdotal evidence, as well as medical research, shows that this is the case as patients who use NDT medications experience more weight loss and experience fewer thyroid symptoms compared to those who use other medications. 

But one by one these medications have started to falter such that they are no longer working as well as they used to. 

The exact reason for this is unclear, especially as many pharmaceuticals deny major changes to the medication formula, but patients continue to experience negative side effects after these changes take place. 

When it comes to Nature Throid and WP Thyroid, one reason that these medications no longer work as well as they used to probably comes down to 1 single ingredient. 

Lactose monohydrate. 

Lactose monohydrate is found in both Nature Throid and WP thyroid formulations per their own ingredient lists which you can read below:

Lactose monohydrate was recently added to the thyroid USP ingredient which forms the backbone of both of these medications (and other NDT formulations, by the way). 

Thyroid USP is the desiccated thyroid component and the part which contains the active thyroid hormones T4 and T3. 

And recently the United States Pharmacopeia changed the formula of this important ingredient to include lactose monohydrate in the diluent. 

Why does it matter? 

Because lactose monohydrate, exactly as the name implies, contains the ingredient lactose. 

And lactose can negatively impact thyroid medication (more on this below) in several key ways. 

How Lactose Impacts Thyroid Medication

Lactose may not seem like a big deal to many of you but it actually has a profound impact on thyroid medications. 

In fact, I believe that one of the main reasons that Synthroid and levothyroxine are so poorly tolerated is for exactly this reason. 

They both contain lactose monohydrate (3) (see ingredient list below) and you can probably attest to how well these medications “work” if you’ve ever used them before. 

Why does lactose cause such a big problem for thyroid patients?

For several reasons:

#1. Lactose, even in small amounts, can cause inflammation and damage to the intestinal tract. 

We know from research that up to 65% of adults have a problem digesting lactose (4) to one degree or another! 

That’s 65% of the entire population which is literally billions of people. 

So if you think that this doesn’t impact you, think again. 

Furthermore, we know that when these people come into contact with lactose, and if they are not able to digest it appropriately it will cause any or all of the following symptoms (5):

  • Abdominal pain
  • Gas production
  • Gas pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea

And these symptoms can then go on to impact your intestinal microflora, the ratio of good to bad bacterial in your gut, inflammatory markers in your gut, and more. 

Consuming lactose, if you are intolerant, is obviously not advisable whether you have a thyroid problem or not. 

#2. Thyroid medications are notoriously difficult to absorb, even without intestinal problems. 

The symptoms listed above become even more of an issue for thyroid patients because ALL thyroid medications (except for Tirosint) are very difficult to absorb in the intestinal tract. 

This is why doctors recommend that you take your thyroid medication on an empty stomach, why you shouldn’t take your supplements at the same time as your medication, why you should avoid taking your medication with coffee, and so on. 

join 80000 thyroid patients

All of these impact your ability to ABSORB your thyroid medication in the GI tract. 

Imagine adding an ingredient to the medication you are taking which makes this process even MORE difficult. 

And that’s exactly what is happening with medications like Synthroid and now Nature Throid and WP thyroid

#3. Many people are allergic to lactose and this is even more prevalent among the thyroid population. 

Dairy proteins and sugars, such as lactose, are even more problematic for the thyroid population compared to the regular population. 

The most common cause of low thyroid function in the United States (and most developed countries) is the autoimmune condition Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

Just looking at the numbers, there is about a 70-90% chance you have Hashimoto’s (whether you realize it or not) if you have low thyroid function and if you are taking thyroid medication. 

And these patients tend to have a major problem with dairy, in general, which is why I recommend that they avoid it. 

Dairy seems to negatively impact immune function and because Hashimoto’s is an immune-mediated disease, it seems to play a major role in these patients. 

We also know from medical research that simply avoiding dairy if you have Hashimoto’s is often enough to IMPROVE your thyroid function without any other changes. 

Again, imagine taking a medication designed to help improve your thyroid which also contains an ingredient that is known to cause damage to your thyroid gland as well. 

Seems counterproductive, right?

This problem used to be isolated to levothyroxine and Synthroid but now extends to NDT formulations. 

Does Nature-Throid Still Work? 

Does all of this mean that you shouldn’t use Nature Throid or WP thyroid anymore?

Not necessarily, but it’s definitely something that you should consider before you jump into using it or before you try and swap medications. 

The last thing you would want to do is pressure your doctor to switch you from levothyroxine to Nature throid only to find out that it makes you worse off. 

Having said that, just because it contains lactose monohydrate does not mean that it will not work for you at all. 

Even if you have lactose intolerance AND Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, doesn’t guarantee that you will react negatively to lactose or that it will cause major problems for you. 

I know a number of patients who still do quite well on both formulations even with the lactose. 

Intolerance to medications of this type exists on a spectrum where some people are hit much harder than others. 

So you might be someone who is negatively impacted by lactose but where the positive changes outweigh the small negative changes that you see. 

Because of this, you’ll want to assess your ability to use either on a case-by-case basis. 

But now with the addition of lactose to both of these formulations, it’s hard to recommend either as a preferred NDT formulation

Hopefully, the USP will change the formula for Thyroid USP and exclude the lactose portion in the future. 

What this means for you: 

There are fewer and fewer “clean” thyroid medications available on the market. 

And by clean I am referring to medications that contain ONLY the active thyroid hormones with as few fillers as possible. 

Right now, it looks like the cleanest thyroid medication on the market is Tirosint-Sol (which is a T4-only thyroid medication) which contains only 3 ingredients (1 active and 2 inactive). 

We are coming to a point where it may make more sense to start with compounded T4 and T3 medications instead of starting with NDT medications directly. 

I’m not sure we have quite reached this point, but that would be a major shift for all thyroid patients. 

Again, this doesn’t mean that these medications are useless but it does mean that you should be aware that they might cause problems because of their inactive ingredients. 

Now I want to hear from you:

Are you someone who is currently using Nature Throid or WP Thyroid (WP thyroid is more difficult to get but some people are still on it)?

Have you noticed any changes in terms of how it impacts your body?

Have you been constant or stable on your current dose without the need to change? 

Are you someone who knows that you react negatively to lactose?

Leave your questions or comments below! 






why naturethroid and wp thyroid aren't working

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71 thoughts on “Lactose: Why Nature-throid & WP Thyroid Aren’t Working”

    • I know my thyroid is not working right and for at least two years . I have been on ndt over 40 years. My family doctor only did TSH and that was high.
      You are wonderful ,I have a sick wife and I have put off my lab work since I have to pay and order it.I wondered why my thyroid would act up after all these years and convinced myself it was stress.

    • I was prescribed Nature Throid and I couldn’t take it. It made me dizzy and just off. Clouded thinking. I didn’t feel safe getting out of bed. I was prescribed two tablets, but was supposed to start with one. I couldn’t take it. I tried 1/2 and same problem. I tried 1/4 and same problem.

    • Well that explains why my pain and ibs have been worse in the past 2 years. It’s good information to know, but very frustrating knowing that the Medicine that you need to take is making you ill.

  1. After working really well for me for about five years, my Nature Throid stopped working for me these last several months. My Naturopathic Doctor had to increase my dosage. After a couple of weeks, I didn’t see much of a change so I asked my doctor to increase the dosage. She requested that I give the new dosage some time to work. This is actually the reason I bought Dr. Westin’s hypothyroid bundle. After I finish the two-month regimen, I plan to start taking Dr. Westin’s Thyroid Daily Essentials. Hopefully this will keep my thyroid working correctly. After I finish my 90 day supply of Nature Throid, I’m not sure I’ll be taking it anymore.

  2. Hello,
    I have been taking Armour thyroid for the past 5 years & following a gluten free & mostly dairy,sugar free diet however I still suffer from depression & lack of motivation, drive, focus & Feel an overall overwhelm in life & just really am not sure what else to try that will help with these things when all my “numbers” are in the normal ranges. I’ve done years of counseling as well. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thank you

    • Hi David,

      You can definitely try if you’d like but this doesn’t work for most people. Lactose also causes inflammation in the gut with or without lactase for certain people which is where the problem stems from.

      • Dr Child’s, What are the alternatives? I’ve personally felt a change in my energy, focus and increased achy feelings. The company claims they didn’t change their formula since 10 years ago- I thought I was feeling horrid since my husband unexpectedly died…
        I was covered by my insurance for the med rider I took( just in case)- what do you suggest for the long haul and why? Thanks for your response to this matter,
        Robin Tendler

  3. I had mine increased recently. I can usually tell I am off because my swallowing seems like I have something in my throat. I usually take lactase if I have dairy so this was not good to hear they are making it with dairy. I do not use gluten. I will see if it goes away so far it hasn’t it is going on about three weeks.

  4. What do you know about starting a teenager on any of these meds? My 15 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, and we are trying to navigate varying opinions and treatment plans. We met with two different doctors—one who reluctantly agreed to try Nature Throid (and scoffed when I asked about compounding) and one who will only prescribe Synthroid or Levothyroxine. She has been experiencing significant hairloss for months despite a gluten- and dairy-free diet as well as a good selection of supplements.
    Her anxiety is heightened as well—possibly due to her thyroid or simply due to the fact that she is a teenage girl with large and growing bald patches. We are both at our breaking point and overwhelmed by the decisions we need to make about selecting a doctor and treatment plan/medication.

  5. What do you suggest for someone who does not have a thyroid due to RAI? I am on Armour thyroid and cytomel. But it is getting harder to lose weight. I am 60 years old and in menopause. When I had Graves I was always so skinny and have been battling my weight since having my thyroid removed. Biggest mistake of my life!!

  6. I was a very happy WP user…BEFORE THE BACKORDER. Before that, I went through all the good and bad changes , starting with Armour, then ERFA, found WP, then NP, and was so excited when WP was finally available, in 130mg, again, that I didn’t do my homework to see if was still working for people.
    I stocked up and put in the freezer because I am using up old stock of NP that is still part of the previous good batches.
    If the “only change” to WP is the inulin to lactose, why wouldn’t sublingual dosing bypass the issue? Anxious for some optimism!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Unless you are using a liquid formulation of thyroid medication you are most likely only absorbing a fraction of your medication when you try to absorb it sublingually. The rest is absorbed by the GI tract.

      • Lisa, how do you get a liquid formula of Naturethroid?

        I have noticed changes in my thyroid levels and I don’t feel well- I’m dizzy, achey with brain fog. The company claims they haven’t changed their formula in 10 years. I don’t get this – I would like to try the liquid, if pure. Did you notice a significant difference?

  7. Thank you so much for this information! I have been taking Nature Throid for a few years, but several months ago I started experiencing chronic diarrhea 4+ times/day. Through a process of elimination, I discovered it was caused by the medication. My naturopath halved my dosage to quell the symptoms, but I had to cut the tablets in half again to experience full relief.
    So interesting to have this new information to consider!

  8. I have taken Nature-Throid for two years. I am sensitive to dairy and stopped eating it six years ago. So this inactive ingredient concerns me. My blood pressure has been elevated. New PCP recently reduced dose due to TSH <1. I take 130mg daily in a split dose. Reduced dose has not helped blood pressure. I did not need blood pressure medication prior to taking Nature-Throid. Should I switch to Tirosint?

    • Jan Hardin, I was taking Naturethroid and my body was slowly and steadily feeling the effects of the fillers. I had inflammation and facial puffiness, body aches and pains, exhausted, cold, depression, hair fall-out….I called the company and they denied any changes- then it was recalled. Now I don’t know where I can find a dr that understands thyroid and autoimmune conditions, so I can have the appropriate formula best suited for me. I’m covered by health coverage, and ideally, I would like a dr that takes my insurance.
      I was thinking of switching to Tirosint- it’s expensive and it’s only T4… My drug coverage will cover Armour after a frustrating appeal. I’m switching to Armour and I’m hoping not to have weight gain from it and/or other side effects, that through massive diet restrictions worked hard to counteract .
      Robin T

  9. Had been taking NT In a divided morning dose without a problem for some time. (I take a total of half of a 3/4 grain per day.) Got a refill in early May, and after a few weeks, started getting heart palps (‘missed’ beats, not faster) and anxiety before and after taking it for a couple of hours, and again in the eve. Am also on very small dose of estradiol and progest, but I’ve varied those and they have no effect on this. Pharmacist claims no change has been made to NT, that even though I have to cut the tablets up to get the right dose, the med us evenly distributed through the tablet. What to do? I am very uncomfortable. I’m a psychologist, so I know how to manage anxiety… thank you.

    • Veronika, I had the similar issues with the Naturethroid- they recalled their product. So you will now have to switch to another brand. We’re now among the many users forced to make a quick decision. Dr Child’s gives brilliant info on here, problem is, my dr doesn’t understand the differences. I need a great Naturpathic and integrative dr who takes my insurance- the cost of supplements alone are prohibitive. I was approved by my drug insurance for Armour thyroid
      Robin T

  10. I am taking naturethroid for about a year as well. I have experienced bloating more recently and trouble with weight loss.

  11. I have been taking nature throid for about 2-1/2 years and I have definitely noticed a difference over the last 6 mos. I have a lactose intolerance and avoid it at all cost. Soy too. The weight gain and inflammation are miserable.This is so frustrating. It’s so hard to find a good Dr too. I never seem to live where the functional medicine Drs practice or the ones I do follow no longer take patients.

  12. I started taking Nature Throid in 2015 and it worked well for me until early 2019. I was sick all of 2019 becuase I didn’t know what was wrong. Lots of gut issues, which I had never had before, fatigue, feeling ill. I switched to Armour recently and feel much better.

    It makes me very angry that I gave up a year of my life because a manufacturer, who probably knew they had a problem, didn’t own up to it.

    But I will let go of that and try to move on with my life. Thank you for sharing this information so that more people know about it.

    • Same thing happened to me Susan, in 2018. I was without insurance because we had moved from NY to Florida and I just figured it was stress. I was taking more and more Nature Throid and feeling more and more exhausted and achy. When I finally had my labs done, while on 4 grains of Nature Throid, my free t3 and free t4 were way below normal. And the really crappy part is, because I was uninsured and unemployed and didn’t have a new doctor yet, I had paid out of pocket to fill a 3 month supply, which was useless! A complete waste of money! I really think the manufacturer should be responsible, financially, for all of the losses!

      • Same situation. Do you now have a dr in Florida? I’m in both NY and visiting family in Florida. I’d like a dr who accepts insurance or who isn’t a fortune.

  13. Anything positive on NP Thyroid? The ingredients listed for NP are calcium stearate, dextrose (agglomerated) and mineral oil. Does goat’s butter or goat’s milk cause inflammation? I’ve been on NP Thyroid for awhile but haven’t reached an optimal level. How many weeks would you suggest is appropriate before making a dose adjustment? Does is really take 6 weeks? Thanks

  14. I have been using Naturethroid for years and recently upped my dose from 1 grain to 1.5 grains. I have energy, but my weight has been continually going up for the past couple of years even though I eat a healthy diet. I’m very frustrated and wish I knew what to do.

  15. I was on NT since 2016. Suddenly this March Tsh went to 6.82. I had not been feeling well since the fall of 2019. Stomach issues weight gain skin issues. Repeat test in May showed same. Endo switched me to WP at my request. Ii can’t afford Tirosint. The WP seems to be working better. Most of stomach issues ok now skin cleared up and actually have enough energy to go for a walk so have lost a bit of weight. Only been on it since June 1 but just had labs drawn and TSH dropped to 0.035. Monitoring things and will see how it goes.

  16. I have been experiencing problems with Naturethroid as well. WP worked for me for quite some time until there was an issue with supply. I switched from WP to Naturethroid and haven’t been able to recover. I’ve had Hashimotos for 20 years and for the majority of that time was on Levothyroxine then in 2014 switched to NDT on my own just because I wanted the more natural form of hormone replacement. Now looking back I don’t know that it was the best choice. My question is can you go back to synthetic hormone once you’ve been on NDT for so long? You mentioned you don’t recommend Naturethroid anymore… which brands do you recommend? Armour maybe? So curious to know…….also I wish you still took patients! 🙂 Thanks

  17. I had problems with NP (stomach burning) and switched to naturethroid. I haven’t noticed any issues that I can directly relate to naturethroid. But ugh! I don’t like those inactive ingredients. I’m seriously considering trying plain ol’ dessicated beef thyroid. Anyone else?

  18. i take 2 grains of Nutra-Throid a day. i did not know there was any lactose in it. i am lactose intolerant. it definitely could be a reason why i have inflammation since 2018 that has been unexplained. i know that i had a series of heavy duty antibiotics during that year as well, but i have been working to resolve intestinal issues since 2018. not alot of success or rather intermittent success…i did try the compounded formulation and i had a very serious allergic reaction to it. face and body swelled up! i have high sodium levels in my blood and have had since 2018 too. i dont know, but i am on the road to recovery and i keep myself motivated. thank you for this information!

  19. I took Naturethroid for many years. I felt wonderful. It then became impossible to get. I went to an Endocrinologist. In a year I had gained 50 pounds and felt terrible. I was also taking cytomel. Last month I returned to my favorite osteopathic doctor. I was thrilled when she told me Naturethroid was back. I took it two days and felt very sick. I then read the reviews and saw that several people said they were losing hair and had joint pains. I decided to return to Synthroid. I met a nurse practitioner at my doctors who said she could order compounded Naturethroid. Is this a solution?

  20. Apparently though in range my levels weren’t optimized so tried Naturethroid in a couple of dose ranges and never felt any different other than a bit of dizzy initially
    What should I do next?

  21. I am on NP 90 mg daily. Is NP the same problem? Seems lately I have lack of motivation, drive etc. Can’t understand why I feel this way.

  22. I have been taking NDT for a couple of years and my dosage was lowered once plus I was losing weight. In the last month (most recent refill) I have been more tired and gassy and definitely put back on the weight I worked so hard to lose. I’m scheduled to see my endo next month and that’s when I’ll get lab work done.

  23. Started taking Nature Thyroid over 5 years ago. It really helped a lot. Last year around April, I had to wait over 3 months to get a refill. Noticed my hair started to thin out. Last time I tried to get a refill, I was told that there had been a recall. Don’t know what’s going on, but am looking for something else.

  24. Thank you for explaining why WP did not work this time for me. So in 2018 when WP was no longer available my thyroid doctor made me a compound medication but just this June I decided to try WP again since it was back out…right away I gained 13 pounds, swelled, had issues with my intestines and was so fatigued with joint pain. My doctor increased my dose only to have more symptoms. So I finally went back to my compound medication. I didn’t understand why WP did not work for me this time when I had amazing results back in 2017. I am lactose intolerant with IBS so now this makes sense why my body rejected the medication!!!! Thank you for your research and dedication to helping us who suffer from thyroid disease. You are a blessing!!

  25. I have been on Nature-Thyroid since April 2016. It is the ONLY one that has worked for me, the other NDT’s sent me to hospital… I stopped drinking regular milk years ago, because it stop agreeing with my gut! This July I saw my Doctor & told him, for the 2nd year in a row, I CANNOT LOOSE WEIGHT….. I do not have an appetite AT ALL! I asked for blood work for, Leptin Resistance, insulin resistance, cortisol & he told me, he DID NOT KNOW HOW TO TREAT ME…… He did double my Nature Thyroid to 65mg.
    I started your program for T3 at the same time I started the double dose. You were out of the T3 conversion but the rest of the supplements are Amazing, my energy is unbelievable & mild waves of depression is gone. I still have hot flashes all day & night & they hit my body from head to toe ALL AT ONCE AND WILL NOT GO AWAY until I put an ice pack on my neck, oh I do not Sweat & never have.. if I could loose 30 pounds & stop having hot flashes, life would be fabulous‼️ I have been to 9 doctor since 2011. I’m out of options In the state of Fayetteville Arkansas, ,PLEASE CAN you help me????

  26. I recently switched from NP thyroid to Nature Thyroid, my right middle finger instantly swelled and has remained so.
    I’ve used Armour – eye lashes fall out immediately
    Levothyroxine & liothyronine(sp) gave me intolerable leg pain and weight gain.
    I initially did well a few years ago with Nature Thyroid, lost weight felt great until I didn’t
    and switched to NP
    thinking it may be cleaner. Now what?


  27. Hi all!
    I’ve been in NT since 2018 with Amazing result until this last March. Tsh went up to 16 with no explanation. Gained 50 pounds in 6 weeks.
    No matter how many more grains I take my tsh won’t budge. My new Endo switched me to synthroid and cytomel 2x day. We’ll see what happens. I
    Originally Switched from levothyroxine in July
    18 and felt great for years until now. Praying this new combo works. I’m
    So thankful for your email bc I was mind blowing to me and exactly how I feel!! And I have dairy intolerance to top it.

  28. So what do you feel is the lesser evil? I don’t have a thyroid due to cancer, have been on all medications and recently changed to NP… is Armour any better?

  29. I am on NP thyro 120 mg. I had a complete thyrodectomy 8 years ago and was on synthroid which I couldn’t tolerate at all. I became very depressed, lost weight and hair fell out. I then went on Armour and it worked. However, I couldn’t get Armour so I switched to NP thyro. I have been fine on it. Is it the same as Nature throid or WP thyroid?

  30. I knew they did something to the formula. I’ve been struggling with my thyroid for 4-5 years. Getting my numbers optimized has been ridiculous. I had just had a baby October 2014 and so I thought maybe this was contributing to my fluctuating thyroid numbers and also because she has never slept through the night until recently. I do have hashimoto’s diagnosed about 15 years ago. Just the last year my numbers show me hypothyroid now as well. I’ve seriously been thinking about changing to a T4 medicine but I don’t like the choices. Right now I am taking 65 mg NatureThroid and 10 mcg of T3 liothyronine. Tirosent would be my choice but it is expensive if you can’t get it covered by insurance or medicaid. My older daughter 29 is taking tirosent and T3 and works well for her. It’s so disappointing that they keep messing with the thyroid meds and making them less effective. I’m ready to feel happy again. Tired of feeling drained and depressed.

  31. Went to a functional Dr specifically for thyroid balancing. She couldn’t make sense of my labs and referred me to an ENT. He removed me from my compounded T4 and T3 and insisted on generic Levo only. I’m also celiac. After 3 weeks, I’d gained weight and felt horrible, and called twice to tell him via his nurse, that I was having red hot cheeks, heart palpitations ect. and requested he return me to compounded. He refused because (get this….) ‘he’s not comfortable with it because he doesn’t know the ingredients ‘! Meanwhile, I’m suffering. It ended up being almost 3 months before I could switch back. My TSH climbed and I’m still at a 10 trying to bring it down w a new Dr using Tirosent and compounded T3. I’m not feeling any better on it. But I hVe other issues going on at the moment that need to resolve.

  32. i took WP eight years ago and had done well on it but needed to switch as it became unavailable through all local pharmacies. Switched to Naturthroid and was on that for the last five years until it seemed to stop working even after an increase adjustment. i gained weight and was fatigued almost always. i have other autoimmune issues and my doctor thought perhaps some of my auto immune flares particularly uveitis might be triggered by the animal product or a filler in the Naturthroid. Anyhow…switched to Tirosint recently and i think there has been an improvement of the autoimmune issues. i am taking 100 mg of Tirosint. Was taking 138 mg of Naturthroid. i sense that i am a little more hypothyroid without the T3 but so glad to be rid of the uveitis and AS achiness that i’ll wait to see how i do through at least the 90 day prescription. then maybe i can talk my Dr into a small amount of Cytomel… but considering how many times i’ve had him change my meds, i am a little reluctant. i’ve started some of your supplements and am hoping they help with weight issues. following your advise…eating less, exercising more. thank you for the info on the NP…surely the change in formulation probably caused what always worked for me to suddenly not work so well at all.

  33. My Naturpath recently switched me to NP Thyroid but had to increase the dosage to 75. I have not seen anything on NP Thyroid on your blogs, do you consider it a good alternative to Naturethroid?

  34. I am a new Thyroid meds user starting on Armour.
    Armour’s web site: The inactive ingredients are calcium stearate, dextrose, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium starch glycolate, and opadry white.
    Dr. Childs, Your intro to this article states “Thyroid medications such as Nature Throid and Armour thyroid used to be widely considered as some of the best thyroid medications on the market but now more and more people are having trouble with them. ” The lactose discussion is centered around Nature and WP. Did you have an article on Armour that I missed? Is Opadry white problematic (Opadry® II white contains polyvinyl alcohol, titanium dioxide, talc, polyethylene glycol 3350, and lecithin (soya)?

  35. Hello, I am currently on Armor thyroid medication 240mg capsules made at a compounding pharmacy. Do you recommend this treatment I’m on 42 and been battling to find the best treatment for over 8 years now.
    Thank you

  36. I am one of those people that took WP 5+ years ago and felt GREAT for about 2 years then it was off the market. When it returned, I was excited but I’ve never “great” again. It’s been a constant battle to NOT feel tired all the time. I fight thru it, go to work, exercise etc…but it’s ever looming. I am 64 yrs old; had part of my thyroid removed when I was 15 and the balance around the age of 40. The last 24+ years have been a challenge with the exception of the 2 good years before they reformulated the WP. I’m at a loss – I’ve changed drs. a couple of times too!

  37. Thank you for this article and information, I truly appreciate it. My endo had started me on Armour and tracking my basal body temp., which started going up while on the Armour. Then he switched me to Nature-Thyroid Jan. 2020 because the cost was lower than Armour, but I watched my basal body temp decrease over the following months (and NO weight loss). Plus, I didn’t feel as well on the Nature-Thyroid, so I asked to go back to the Armour and now my basal body temp is slowly making it’s way back up to an average of 97.5, which is a huge improvement over an avg. of 96.22. My Naturopathic doctor added progesterone cream to my medications, since my estrogen/progesterone levels were far out of balance, but man-oh-man am I ever tired, loopy, and feel drugged – so, I have cut back on the amount prescribed (I am only 10 days into this new routine), and will see if my body slowly adjusts or if I have to find another way, but the weight is now slowly coming off once again. Again, thank you so much for all of your education on this topic of hormones and Hashi’s.

  38. I too have noticed a super lack of energy and morning nausea frequently…EXCEPT, when I skip a day of taking my NATURE THYROID….I actually have good energy that day…No nausea for a couple of days and then back to the same routine and Nature thyroid used to work great for me, and my labs are good or so they say…..I do skip one day a week…Because, I like to feel good…But I do realize that it is important to take my meds too….so I will never go beyond that one day…I too am lactose intolerant, so I avoid dairy…

  39. I’ve been on Nature Throid for about 5 years now after being on Synthroid 4 years & always so sick when on Synthroid. I’ve been pretty steady on Nature Throid 97.5 for these last 5 years. Only had to adjust few times but 97.5 seems to be my dose that keeps me stabilized. I do not have a thyroid due to thyroid cancer 2x & it spread to lymphnodes. Nature Throid has allowed me to get my life back! Literally! I do struggle though with being able to manage mental & physical stressors. I can no longer handle case work on my job & had to step down to something simple. This change has gradually happened over last 7 years. I only walk for exercise & can no longer tolerate weight bearing or high intensity workouts. If I try these things I’ll be down for days & feel extremely fatigued & very weak. I had an ATCH plasma test to check pituitary, adrenal function & it was normal (this was performed due to borderline low cortisol blood tests early morning). I was told to try Tyrosint but it’s expensive even with private health insurance & I’m concerned my body & levels will get whacked out. When on Synthroid I’d have episodes of stroke level BP among other symptoms (I normally have lower BP).

  40. Thank you for being the first doctor to legitimize my complaints about WP/Naturethroid!
    I switched over from Synthroid (which I tolerate very poorly)and compounded T3 to WP in APRIL 2017and after just 3 days, I began to feel like I haven’t since 17 years, before I had thyroid problems. I lost 30 lbs effortlessly, had so much energy, no sciatic issues, no acid reflux anymore…and in Aug. of 2018, my doctor told me WP was halted.. he switched me to Naturethroid and within 10 days, I was having major problems breathing. In retrospect, it is clear I am allergic to something in that product. It was my first thought, but multiple doctors said it couldn’t be! I was diagnosed as having asthma, given pumps, went through hell and back until one day, I did not take the NatureThyroid and that was the first day in 3 months I did not experience the frightening bronchospasms and periodic serious difficulty breathing! I went back on the next day, and it all started again. I tried that several times, always with the same results. I had to stop the NatureThyroid, went back on Synthroid, and gained 7 lbs in 5 days…and it didn’t stop there. I have now gained 25 lbs and struggle to maintain.
    In March of 1019, my doctor was able to get WP… but I had exactly the same difficulties as with Nathurethyroid, and I could feel it within 24 hours.

  41. Dr.Westin, thank you for explaining why we(my doctor and I) have been unable to get my numbers somewhat regulated! It has been about 4 or so years. For added fun, as if it was not bad enough to have hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, I received a letter in June 2020, explaining that the makers of Naturethroid inadvertently produced a super potent pill at 115%. (Yes, I kept the letter). I had been taking 2 gr a day for a month on the super potent pill!! And according to the letter, the company had known for a month before I received the letter! I went immediately for a test the next day to find out the damage. Here is the alarming results: Microsomal TPO Antibody Thyroglobulin Antibodies went from <10 to 133.1 (taking super potent pill)! The new testing now separate the Microsomal TPO from Thyroglobulin Antibodies. with that in mind, my Thyroglobulin Antibodies are now reporting at 8.0 H due to established reference range of <3.9 IU/mL. It dropped my T3 from 150 to 78. And T3 free non-dialysis from 4.0 to 2.2.
    Needless to say, today is my very first day on Tirosint-Sol. Looking forward to healing.

  42. I’m only on 2 grains of nature throid but endo will probably drop it down as they test still by tsh and if its suppressed the reduce my meds. I still get tired, I have joint aches and legs aches most of the time. I have hashimotos and have been on nature throid for the last 4 years. 2 grains is the highest I’ve been allowed to take. I don’t have much dairy but if I do I get too much nasal mucus but no other reactions. I tried one other ndt medication and that only had 3 fillers but to be honest I didn’t notice any difference.

  43. I have been taking thyroid meds since 2001. It took 3 years of hell before the doctors figured out that my thyroid was not working right. The blood test was within “normal range”. Then the “normal range” was changed and all of a sudden I had a thyroid disorder. It didn’t matter that I should multitude physical symptoms. I researched hard and ended knowing more about thyroid disorders than my doctors. Synthroid and Levoxyl did not work at all! My current doctor agreed to try natural meds. Armour did not work. Westhroid worked. I felt like a new person. Then there was a shortage and I couldn’t get it anymore. That was a horrible time. I felt like I was dying. We tried a compound and that didn’t work. Then we found Nature-throid. It was amazing. Then another shortage and we couldn’t get Nature-throid. Tried WP – felt like crap but I was alive. I was so happy when Nature-throid became available again. But it didn’t work the same. Plus it smelled and tasted different. So crazy how people’s quality of life really doesn’t mean anything to the FDA and big pharma. I’m sticking with Nature-throid, even though it doesn’t work quite the same as it used to, it still works better than the other alternatives. If there is something better, I would try it.

  44. Hi,
    Thank you for all your continued valuable information. I have been my own advocate since May 2019. No t4/t3 for 9 months. Everyone said I was fine. I felt beyond trashed. Had to quit working. Finally met a Dr. who put me on Nature Thyroid. Raised my numbers but did not feel better. They play the “ you’re in the range” card. I want optimum numbers. I’m 2.8 on FT3. I want 3.8. A few xtra points could make all the difference from what I understand. My FT4 is 1.0. I asked for compounded SR T3. Only gave me 5 mg. Waste of time. Did nothing. I checked my iodine out of curiosity. Came back zero iodine in my system as I suspected. No iodine causes all sorts of problems and especially your thyroid? Don’t know if I should bump up compound t3 to realistic mg or see if iodine will raise my t3?

  45. My Rx bottle just says
    “thyroid hormone 30 mg”
    “Desiccated thyroid 30 mg”.
    Can you tell me if this firm fall under the version in question? I am in Canada if that somehow makes a difference.

  46. I recently had a DNA test & the nutrition report included lactose markers to which I am homozygous for lactose intolerance.
    Now, I have been on natur-throid for 4 yrs+ & after losing 90 lbs at the start of my healing journey, I started gaining it back slowly – like 10 lbs in 4 yrs – not real big deal BUT my last refill I see coincides with a recent 15 lbs gain in 4 month! My labs look perfect?

  47. Thanks for sharing! I was started on Synthroid, after a diagnosis of hashimotos and hypothyroidism, at age 7. I am now 47. I never did well on t4 only, and my dose was always being tweaked with no benefits. I switched to Armour thyroid approximately 15 years ago and was doing ok, but definitely not great. My most debilitating thyroid symptoms are severe fatigue and muscle pain. I switched to nature throid, in 2017, I believe, and as my dose was slowly raised, my free t3 and free t4 continued to drop, which I really didn’t need lab tests to know, because I felt like I was walking through quick sand every day and the muscle pain was getting much worse. After discovering that MANY other thyroid patients were having the same problem, on the Stop the thyroid Madness website, I switched to NP thyroid. I never felt well on that either and was continuing to increase dose, while my free t3 stayed in the low normal range. About 3 months ago, I decided to try something, which seems quite risky to me, and I started on Thyro Gold. Which is an OTC NDT bovine product from grass fed New Zealand cows. I’m taking a very high dose and still continue to have significant fatigue and muscle pain, but I’m able to function. I have not been looking at my labs, but instead am adjusting my dosage based on basal body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, weight, etc. I was really beginning to get concerned about how these conventional pigs were being raised, how much GMO and glyphosate and other harmful pesticides are in their diets and what was that doing to my body? It’s frustrating, because the autoimmune attack on my thyroid has been going on for so long, essentially unchecked, that when I had an ultrasound done a few years ago, the tech asked if I had had my thyroid removed, because it was so shrunken, shriveled and small. Unfortunately, I’ve passed on this autoimmune disease to both of my children. My desire is to continue to experiment on myself , to find something that works well, so that I can help my, hopefully, not have to go through the endless suffering.
    I appreciate all of your work Dr. Childs. I think that it’s so important for people to educate themselves on this, way too prevalent, chronic condition, which can be debilitating if not addressed holistically. I believe that everyone who is suffering from a variety of symptoms can improve and feel better!

  48. I have been taking Nature Throid for several years which was a VAST improvement on Synthroid. I was doing very well.

    Suddenly at the beginning of June, I was struck with extreme dizziness and nausea. I was put through all the tests for heart and brain problems including MRI, echocardiograms, etc. Nothing found. The only thing I found that made any improvement was to completely stop taking Nature Throid for at least 5 days, with lingering dizziness. Blood tests show everything within normal ranges for T3, T4, TSH. If I resume taking Nature Throid, I am back to being dizzy and extremely nauseous within 30-45 minutes. I am stuck at this point, my Naturepath wants me to take WP or NP but since they haven’t figured out why I am suddenly getting that reaction, I am afraid of trying.

    • Hi Mary,

      You may be reacting to the inactive fillers/binders. It may be worth switching to a different formulation to see if that helps.


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