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anemia and hashimoto's: why you need to get tested

Anemia and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: Why You Need to Get Tested

Thyroid Dysfunction Increases Your Risk of Developing Anemia There are a few things that can throw a wrench into your treatment plans if you have a condition like Hashimoto’s.  One of those is anemia.  And, believe it or not, anemia is often something that is misdiagnosed or missed completely (1) by both thyroid patients and doctors.  Why?  …

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the truce cost of hypothyroidism

The True Cost of Hypothyroidism: Why You Need Treatment ASAP

Not Treating Your Thyroid is Costing You Big You might be thinking, “well, it’s a good thing that I’m treating my thyroid then!”.  But are you?  If you are undergoing treatment for your thyroid but still experiencing the symptoms of low thyroid then whatever you are doing isn’t working.  Unfortunately, the way doctors approach thyroid management often results in …

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does levothyroxine cause cancer?

Does Levothyroxine Cause Cancer? New Study Explained

Is it time to start freaking out because you are taking levothyroxine? Not quite! As you probably know, levothyroxine is the most commonly prescribed medication used to treat hypothyroidism, and millions of thyroid patients use it every single month.  Even though it’s probably not the best thyroid medication (and may not even be one that you are taking), the fact that …

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maca and your thyroid: helpful or harmful?

Maca and Your Thyroid: Harmful or Helpful?

Tired of relying 100% on your thyroid medication as a support system for your thyroid? If so, then it may be time to try some other more natural options.  One such option is that of nutrient-dense foods.  Specific foods contain high numbers of ingredients and botanicals that can not only impact your thyroid but other …

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thyroid supplement side effects: what to expect with thyroid support

Thyroid Supplement Side Effects: What to Expect

Why Thousands of Thyroid Patients Use Thyroid Support Supplements Look, I’m definitely a little bit biased here because I sell thyroid supplements (over 70,000+ thyroid patients have used them to date) but I always get a chuckle when I hear how conventional doctors talk about them.  On one hand, they will tell you that they don’t work, …

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