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how to take your thyroid medication correctly

How to Take Your Thyroid Medication Correctly (For BEST Results)

Most Thyroid Patients Take Their Thyroid Medication IncorrectlyI’ve been helping thyroid patients for years and this is an issue that is far more prevalent than it should be.  What am I talking about? I’m talking about how to take your thyroid medication.  I do understand why many thyroid patients get it wrong, though.  When you break down how to …

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how to make your thyroid medication more effective

How To Make Your Thyroid Medication More Effective

You Don’t Need Your Doctor to Improve Your ThyroidOk, here’s the deal thyroid patients: I know that many of you are frustrated and feel that you are at the mercy of your doctor for how you feel day to day.  But the truth is, you aren’t.  This may come as a shock to some of you while other …

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cyanocobalamin vs methylcobalamin: which is best?

Cyanocobalamin vs Methylcobalamin: Which Version is Best?

B12 Deficiency is Very CommonB12 deficiency is incredibly common among people of all age ranges.  And despite the fact that we fortify B12 in just about every type of energy drink or “energy” supplement imaginable, B12 deficiency still rears its head.  Why is that? It has to do with how difficult it is for the body to absorb …

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how to find a doctor to treat your thyroid

How to Find a Doctor to Treat Your Thyroid (Which is Best?)

The First Step? Find the Right Type of DoctorIf you have any thyroid condition then you know just how frustrating it can be trying to get your doctor to see eye to eye with you.  While doctors have undergone training to help people with various types of problems, it isn’t always the case that whatever doctor …

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nature-throid shortage - when will it be back in stock?

Nature-Throid Shortage – When Will it Be Back?

The Nature-Throid Shortage ExplainedAs a thyroid patient, you are probably accustomed to stock issues when it comes to thyroid medication.  In the last year alone we’ve seen several recalls for various brands of NDT which have negatively impacted the stock and availability of these medications.  These recalls and issues have trickled downstream to thyroid patients who are …

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can the thyroid gland grow back or regrow?

Can The Thyroid Gland Grow Back or Regrow?

Regrowing the Thyroid Gland – Is it Possible?One question that I get asked over and over has to do with whether or not the thyroid gland can grow back.  And I get it.  If you are someone taking thyroid medication you have probably asked yourself at some point if taking it will be a forever thing or …

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how to test for inflammation in your body

How to Test For Inflammation (Order These 3 Tests)

You need to start caring about inflammationInflammation is one of those things that we all know is bad but, even then, it’s not something that we always pay attention to.  Inflammation, in any of its forms, causes serious problems for your health.  It increases your risk of developing all kinds of diseases including serious diseases such as …

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