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The complete list of menopause symptoms

The Complete List of Menopause Symptoms + How to Diagnose it

What do hot flashes, fatigue, weight gain, and decreased sex drive all have in common? They all may be the result of a condition known as menopause.  But these are not all of the symptoms associated with menopause.  Learn more about menopause symptoms including why they occur, which ones are most common, how to treat …

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how and when to use progesterone pills

How & When to Use Progesterone Pills (Prometrium)

Are you suffering from the symptoms of progesterone deficiency? Have you recently been prescribed progesterone pills? Are you wondering if you should use progesterone cream or progesterone pills? Learn everything you need to know about progesterone pills in this guide, including how and when to use progesterone, the differences between progesterone cream and progesterone pills, …

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4 step PCOS acne treatment guide: Fix your skin from the inside and out

4 Step PCOS Acne Treatment Guide: How to Fix Your Skin

If you suffer from PCOS you are probably intimately familiar with acne. But what causes acne in patients with PCOS? The answer might surprise you because it’s not one single thing. Acne in PCOS is multi-factorial, meaning it is often caused by more than one problem. This is important because it means in order to …

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The full list of estrogen dominance symptoms and 5 common causes

The Full List of Estrogen Dominance Symptoms & Causes of High Estrogen

You don’t have to be menopausal to experience the symptoms of estrogen dominance and you don’t necessarily even have to have high serum estrogen levels either.  Many women, though, may begin to experience issues relating to hormone imbalance as early as their late teens or early twenties.  If these imbalances are not addressed they can …

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Natural progesterone cream

How & When to Use Natural Progesterone Cream: The Complete Guide

Progesterone is an essential and critical hormone involved in many important processes in the female body.  Normal progesterone levels are required for fertility, mood, weight maintenance (1), balance estrogen levels, and much more.  One of the benefits of progesterone is, unlike other hormones, how available it is.  Progesterone USP (bio-identical progesterone) is available for purchase …

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Low progesterone symptoms checklist

Low Progesterone Symptoms Checklist + 8 Causes of Low Progesterone

Low progesterone is more common than you might think.  If you’ve been dealing with changes to your mood, weight gain, or irregularities in your menstrual cycle then you might have low progesterone without realizing it. Finding out if you have low progesterone is important because progesterone (along with estradiol/estrogen) helps maintain and keep in balance …

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does progesterone cause weight loss or weight gain?

Does Progesterone Cause Weight Gain or Weight Loss?

When you think of progesterone most of us are conditioned to think that it causes weight loss.  But the truth is that progesterone can cause both weight loss and weight gain, depending on the situation of who is using it. Not only that but how you take progesterone and at what dose may determine if …

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The complete list of high progesterone symptoms in women

The Complete List of High Progesterone Symptoms in Women

Dizziness, weight gain, water retention… These are just some high progesterone symptoms.  If you think you are experiencing issues with progesterone you need to make sure you understand what causes high progesterone, and also how to treat it.  Use this checklist to determine if you meet the criteria:  What Causes High Progesterone?  Believe it or …

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7 PCOS Supplements To Help Balance Estrogen & Progesterone

7 PCOS Supplements To Help Balance Estrogen & Progesterone

Why is PCOS so hard to treat?  One of the main reasons is that we tend to treat only the symptoms of PCOS and not the CAUSE. This philosophy extends to supplements as well: In order to treat your PCOS using supplements, you will need to target those supplements to your body and YOUR hormone …

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