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sustained release T3: should you use this thyroid medication_

Sustained Release T3 (SR T3): When to Compound Your T3

What is Sustained Release T3? You probably already know that T3 is the single most important thyroid hormone in your body.  If you’ve spent any time researching, then you probably ALSO know that you can take T3 as a medication and that most thyroid medications contain only T4.  But what you may not be aware …

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5 signs of end stage hashimoto's

5 Signs of End Stage Hashimoto’s (& What it means)

As someone who has Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, you should be very aware of a late-stage complication of that disease known as End Stage Hashimoto’s.  End-stage Hashimoto’s refers to the later stages of this disease in which there are complete atrophy and damage to the thyroid gland.  For all intents and purposes, you can consider end-stage Hashimoto’s …

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5 Things to do for your Thyroid this year to feel better

5 Things to do for your Thyroid in 2022 to Feel Better & Take Control

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Thyroid Management in 2022 Want to take control of your thyroid in 2022? If so, then this is the article for you.  I am going to discuss 5 things that I think are the most important for you to focus on if you have thyroid disease.  These 5 things pertain to you regardless of what …

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thyroid nodule treatments: natural and medical options

Thyroid Nodule Treatments: Natural & Medical Options

Is it possible to Naturally Treat Thyroid Nodules?  Do you have thyroid nodules? If so, you have probably wondered, at least at some point, how to treat or reduce the size of those nodules. And that’s exactly what we are going to be talking about today. Natural treatments for thyroid nodules and just thyroid nodule …

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natural remedies for hashimoto's thyroiditis

5 Natural Remedies for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Why Treat Hashimoto’s? Do you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis? If so, are you interested in learning how to manage your condition without the use of drugs or thyroid medication? It might surprise you that this is a possibility for some people who have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.  Today I am going to walk you through 5 natural treatment …

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8 types of Hashimoto's thyroiditis

8 Types of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (Including Causes and Triggers)

Why does Your Type of Hashimoto’s Matter? If you have Hashimoto’s then you probably understand the struggle associated with this autoimmune disease.  For those who are newly diagnosed, though, let me fill you in on some important details about Hashimoto’s.  The first thing that you should know is that Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease of …

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the problem with optimal thyroid lab tests

The Problem with Optimal Thyroid Lab Tests: Fact vs Fiction

Among thyroid enthusiasts, there is often a big push to help people understand the difference between optimal thyroid lab tests and normal thyroid lab tests.  This way of viewing thyroid lab tests has led to improved outcomes in many patients over the years.  But there’s one big problem: It’s not the right way to look …

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why your thyroid dose changes over time

You Can’t Stay on the Same Thyroid Medication Dose Forever

It might come as a surprise to hear that your dose of thyroid medication will probably need to be changed constantly throughout your life.  In other words, it’s very unlikely that you will be on a “stable” or “constant” dose of thyroid medication for the rest of your life.  In this article, we are going …

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5 reasons to consider CBD oil for hashimoto's (1)

5 reasons to Consider CBD oil for Hashimoto’s: Benefits, Safety & More

Can CBD oil (or CBD in other forms) help treat the autoimmune condition of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis? When you start to see places lik​​e Harvard (1) talking about the benefits of CBD oil you know there may be something to this compound.  This over-the-counter therapy may be considered in certain thyroid patients, especially those with Hashimoto’s who …

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5 Delicious Thyroid Friendly Whole Food Smoothie Recipes (Green + Dessert & More)

5 Delicious Thyroid Friendly Whole Food Smoothie Recipes (Green + Dessert & More)

I’m a huge fan of smoothie recipes for thyroid patients, even if weight loss is your goal.  If you’ve been staying away from smoothie recipes, or if you just want to learn more about how they might help, then check out these 5 whole-food smoothie recipes which contain additional helpful ingredients such as probiotics and …

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