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thyroid medication dosage chart

Thyroid Medication Dosage & Conversion Chart (For All Thyroid Medications)

Are you taking one type of thyroid medication but considering switching to another? If so, then this is the article for you.  The truth is that while many thyroid medications contain similar ingredients the switching process is not as straightforward as you might think.  We are going to talk about switching from T4 only medications (levothyroxine & Synthroid) …

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Thyroid deiodinase: How D1, D2 and D3 impact thyroid function

Thyroid Deiodinase: How D1, D2 & D3 Enzymes Impact Thyroid Function

Thyroid deiodinase enzymes serve to manage thyroid hormone at every level of metabolism.  Even more important is the fact that these enzymes can become dysregulated by everyday common medical conditions.  Understanding the importance of these enzymes is critical to understanding how to further treatment, especially if you are taking thyroid medication such as levothyroxine or Synthroid.  This post …

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T4 basics: the test, the medication, the hormone

(Thyroid Beginner Series #3) T4 Basics: The Test, The Medication, The Hormone

This is video #3 in my thyroid beginner series and today it's all about T4. 

T4 is essential in understanding your thyroid because it's actually 3 different things in one. 

T4 is a prescription medication, a hormone which your body produces naturally and a test which you can order. 

Learn the differences, what they mean and how they can help you manage your thyroid: 

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T3 and T4 Thyroid hormone guide

T3 and T4 Hormone Guide: What they Mean, Optimal Levels & More

T3 and T4 play a critical role in maintaining thyroid function.  Perhaps more important is that they are often ignored by conventional physicians despite being easily available through routine blood testing.  Learn the importance of T3 and T4 including how to interpret your lab values, how these hormones function in your body, and how to optimize treatment …

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