3 Step Natural Thyroid Support System: Boost Thyroid Conversion & More

3 Step Natural Thyroid Support System: Boost Thyroid Conversion & More

Supporting thyroid function may be one of the most important and rewarding things you choose to do. 


Because your thyroid controls multiple systems that all interact to create your subjective sense of energy and well being. 

These systems also control your metabolism, weight and energy levels. 

You can improve these systems by using the right type and dose of thyroid support supplements and by using a simple but effective 3 step approach.

Let's discuss this 3 step system and why it's so important: 


Why Supporting your Thyroid is Important

It's important to realize that your hormones are some of the most powerful molecules in all of biology.

Hormones are responsible for the amount of muscle mass on your body, your gender, how many calories you burn at rest and so much more.

Thyroid regulation and control

So it just makes sense that you would want these hormones to function at 100%, right?

This is the logic behind using supplements to help "support" your hormones.

Thyroid hormone happens to be one of the most important and powerful hormones in your body.

There's a reason that thyroid hormone is referred to as the "master hormone". 


Because thyroid hormone influences just about every cell in your body.

 Whether you realize it or not your thyroid is controlling some VERY important functions in your body including the following: 

The point is that you have at least 6 very important reasons to support your thyroid. 

But do you actually need thyroid support or is your thyroid "fine" on its own?

Some health "experts" would have you believe that your hormones are perfectly fine regulating themselves and that they don't need any assistance. 

But is this true?

It turns out that there are several scientific and documented factors that may be impairing your thyroid function and seem to disagree with this general sentiment.  

Let's go over just a few of these things that may be impairing your thyroid function on a daily basis:

  • Being overweight -> Being overweight by itself actually causes your thyroid to slow down. As little as an extra to 5 to 10 pounds of weight gain is enough to reduce peripheral thyroid conversion and lower total T3 levels. How common is weight gain in the US? Approximately 70% of adult males are obese! (7)
  • Contact with chemicals and endocrine disruptors -> Endocrine disruptors (also known as EDC's) are chemicals that you come into contact with on a daily basis. These chemicals have been found in plastic containers (drinking water), on receipts from stores and even on plastic kids toys. EDC's have been shown to reduce the effectiveness of hormones at the cellular level (8). When was the last time you touched a receipt or drank out of a plastic bottle? This happens regularly. 
  • Nutrient deficiencies like zinc or iron -> Even though we live in "nutrient replete" areas the rate of nutrient deficiencies approaches as much as 50% for certain nutrients like zinc (9). When you consider that zinc is involved in T4 to T3 conversion it's easy to see how small nutrient deficiencies may impact thyroid status in your entire body. 
  • Exposure to chronic stress -> Everyday stress takes a serious toll on multiple systems in your body and your thyroid is one of them (10). Chronic daily stress is enough to trigger inflammation, weight gain, and autoimmune disease. As many as 70-90% of hypothyroidism in the US may be related to the autoimmune disease Hashimoto's thyroiditis. 
  • Intestinal issues such as IBS, acid reflux or constipation -> Up to 20% of peripheral thyroid conversion occurs in your GI tract (11). Local inflammation caused by irritable bowel syndrome, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or chronic constipation can reduce this conversion and reduce thyroid function. 

Moral of the story?

There's a VERY high chance that you would benefit from using supplements and nutrients designed to improve the thyroid status of your entire body. 

But how do we go about doing this? 

Download my Free Resources:

Foods to Avoid if you have Thyroid Problems: 

I've found that these 10 foods cause the most problems for thyroid patients. Learn which foods you should absolutely be avoiding if you have thyroid disease of any type. 

The Complete List of Thyroid Lab Tests:

This list includes optimal ranges, normal ranges, and the complete list of tests you need to diagnose thyroid hypothyroidism correctly!

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3 Step Thyroid Support System

To really get an increase in thyroid hormone and conversion in the body you need to focus on 3 main areas:

1. Adrenal Function.

2. Inflammation.

3. Intestinal and Gut Health.

Most thyroid support supplements focus only on providing nutrients required for thyroid hormone production (which can be helpful) but this method falls short when you consider that most of the problems relating to thyroid function occur at the cellular level. 

This means that most people have enough T4 thyroid hormone production, but they have issues with peripheral conversion of T4 to T3 and with cellular resistance.

Your thyroid produces mostly T4 which you can consider as the inactive thyroid hormone.

T4 is only active when it becomes converted to the active thyroid hormone T3.

Converting T4 to T3 is referred to as peripheral conversion, and multiple steps are required for this process to occur smoothly.

So it makes much more sense to focus on the factors that limit this conversion and support those processes than it does to simply encourage more T4 thyroid hormone production.

#1. Support your Adrenals

The first step is to encourage adequate adrenal function in the body.

By adrenal function, I am referring to the production and regulation of the hormone cortisol.

Studies have shown that both cortisol and thyroid hormone are intricately linked (12).

When there is dysfunction in one there will always be some dysregulation in the other.

The main issue is that simply taking thyroid hormone or fixing thyroid hormone is usually not enough to completely reverse issues with cortisol production or cellular resistance.

cortisol metabolism and function

In this case, you would need to use certain supplements and nutrients designed to complement both cortisol AND thyroid hormone production.

This connection between cortisol and thyroid hormone is why so many patients with hypothyroidism suffer from fatigue and low energy.

To combat this problem you need to use a supplement designed to help support adrenal function with nutrients that also support thyroid function. 

This can be accomplished using adrenal adaptogens which help increase your tolerance to stressful situations while simultaneously 

How to Reset your Adrenals

Why I like it

Contains adrenal adaptogens (Rhodiola) designed to increase stress tolerance

Contains adrenal glandulars to provide increased energy almost immediately

Contains an anti-inflammatory blend of natural bioflavonoids

B complex vitamins (in methylated form) help naturally improve energy production

Who should use it: 

How to use it

  • For mild to moderate fatigue -> 2 capsules in the morning with food or on an empty stomach
  • For advanced and severe fatigue -> 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules at noon (with food or on an empty stomach)
  • Duration of therapy -> 6 months

Complete Ingredient List:

thyroid adrenal reset complex ingredient list
  • Vitamin C as ascorbic acid 175mg -> reduces inflammation
  • Riboflavin as riboflavin 5'-phosphate sodium 15mg -> increases energy production
  • Niacin as niacinamide 15mg -> improves mitochondrial energy production
  • Vitamin B6 as pyridoxal 5'-phosphate 10mg -> increases mitochondrial energy production
  • Pantothenic acid as d-calcium pantothenate 105mg -> provides energy
  • Magnesium as magnesium citrate 45mg -> reduces inflammation and regulates bowel movements
  • Zinc as zinc bisglycinate chelate 5mg -> improves peripheral thyroid conversion
  • Chromium as chromium nicotinate glycinate chelate 50mcg -> reduces inflammation
  • Potassium as potassium glycinate complex 2mg
  • Lemon bioflavonoid complex 225mg -> powerful anti-inflammatory agent
  • L-Tyrosine 175mg -> thyroid hormone precursor
  • Parotid from bovine 80mg -> boosts immune function
  • Thymus from bovine 70mg -> boosts immune function
  • Chlorella 50mg -> natural detox
  • Adrenal gland from bovine 25mg -> increases energy production
  • Rhodiola extract 25mg -> balances cortisol levels
  • Spleen from bovine 20mg -> boosts immune function
  • Grape seed extract 1mg -> reduces inflammation

#2. Reduce Inflammation & Balance Immune Function

The next most important aspect of supporting your thyroid is to reduce inflammation and normalize immune function in your body.

Reducing inflammation is critical for improving thyroid function because systemic inflammation reduces peripheral T4 to T3 conversion and therefore whole-body thyroid status. 

An inflammatory state also promotes hormone imbalances (13) such as leptin resistance, low T3 and increased production in inflammatory cytokines (TNF-alpha and interleukins). 

inflammation promotes thyroid dysfunction

Beyond inflammation, we also need to concern ourselves with balancing immune function. 


Studies have shown that the vast majority of cases of hypothyroidism in the united states may be caused by an autoimmune disease known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

This is both a good and a bad thing.

Bad in the sense that MOST physicians overlook thyroid antibodies and tend to ignore them.

But good in the sense that supporting your immune system allows a back-door approach to improving thyroid status in your body.

If you can reduce thyroid antibodies in your blood then you will be doing your body a favor as you preserve thyroid glandular tissue long term (14) (sustained and untreated Hashimoto's lead to permanent thyroid damage if not addressed).

So how do you go about reducing inflammation in your body?

One of the most powerful ways to do this is to supplement with a high-quality omega 3 fatty acid.

To boost the effectiveness of this supplement you can combine omega 3's with astaxanthin which has powerful anti-inflammatory effects all its own (15):

(You can safely combine krill oil with the other thyroid support supplements in this guide)

How to Supplement with Krill Oil + Astaxanthin

Why I like it

May help to reduce leptin resistance and lower leptin levels

Up to 50% of patients have insulin resistance + Blood sugar problems

Helps reduce systemic inflammation

Can be combined with exercise for even more weight loss

How to Use

  • Recommended dose ranges from 2,000mg to 6,000mg per day (depending on condition)
  • Start titration at 1,000mg per day and increase up to therapeutic dosage as recommended
  • Higher daily doses will be necessary for weight loss and treating insulin resistance
  • Duration of therapy should be consistent for at least 3 months (6+ months for insulin resistance + weight loss)
My Recommended Brand and Product:

Take up to 4 capsules daily as tolerated: 

#3. Heal your Gut

The last, and probably most important, part of supporting your thyroid is healing your gut. 

We already know that about 20% of thyroid conversion occurs in the gut, but so much more occurs there as well!

Your gastrointestinal health is also responsible for managing your mood, balancing neurotransmitter levels, absorbing nutrients/hormones and for regulating how many calories you are going to burn/absorb. 

Effects of cytomel on various tissues in the body

In fact, these are only a small fraction of the responsibilities that your gut has on your overall health, but they are still some of the most important. 

Your "gut health" is actually a nebulous and non-specific term, so when we talk about your gut we are really talking about the bacteria that live inside of it - the microbiome. 

These bacteria are the ones that do all of the heavy lifting which is why one of the best ways to support your gut is by taking probiotics (and prebiotics).

To actually heal your gut you need to be using high quality and ultra-potent probiotics. 

I've discussed the most important aspects of taking probiotics in this post, but we will go over a few below as well.

First: You need a probiotic which has multiple species and multiple strains of probiotics. 

Not all probiotic strains are created equal, some are much more effective than others (16).

Second: You need to make sure that your probiotic is in high enough concentration - AKA CFU's (colony forming units).

Most people will need at LEAST 100 billion CFU for best results, and if you are serious about supporting your thyroid you will need 300+ billion CFU's (17).

Third: You need to make sure that your probiotics are heat stable or that they are packaged correctly so that your probiotics survive until you can eat them! 

Probiotics that require refrigeration must be transported in the right conditions to ensure that the bacteria lives long enough to make it from the manufacturer to the store and then to your house. 

 How to use Probiotics to Support Thyroid Function

How to Use

  • 1 packet daily x15 days then 1 packet every other day x14 days (for 2 months). 
  • After 30-60 days you should consider switching to a daily probiotic regimen. 
My Recommended Brand and Product

Complete Ingredient List:

Gut bomb 350 billion ingredient list

Putting it all together

To get the best support for your thyroid you will want to combine all of these supplements. 

By doing so you will effectively be improving adrenal function, reducing systemic inflammation and improving your intestinal health.

Taking this approach is far superior to taking 1 supplement and will seriously help reduce the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

This combination of supplements will also be effective in helping with weight loss and increasing energy levels (both problems thyroid patients tend to suffer from as well).

Now I want to hear from you:

Have you tried using thyroid support supplements?

Did they work for you? Why or why not?

Leave your comments below!

References (Click to Expand)

3 step thyroid support system

Dr. Westin Childs

About Dr. Westin Childs

Hey! I'm Westin Childs D.O. (former Osteopathic Physician). I don't practice medicine anymore and instead specialize in helping people like YOU who have thyroid problems, hormone imbalances, and weight loss resistance. I love to write and share what I've learned over the years. I also happen to formulate the best supplements on the market (well, at least in my opinion!) and I'm proud to say that over 45,000+ people have used them over the last 4.5 years. You can read more about my own personal health journey and why I am so passionate about what I do here.

33 thoughts on “3 Step Natural Thyroid Support System: Boost Thyroid Conversion & More”

  1. I tried Rhodiola which made me feel amazing during the day. Full of energy and good mood but gave me terrible insomnia, couldn’t fall asleep at all. I had my cortisol tested with saliva test and my cortisol levels are out of range high during the day with highest in the morning after waking up but towards the evening it was in the range which explains why I have no problem falling asleep (apart when on rhodiola) but I wake up too early with ”wired” feeling every morning. Any idea why my cortisol is so high in the morning? Is it blood sugar problem? I have no stress in the morning so that’s not the problem. Thanks.

    • Hi KT,

      A number of issues can cause exactly what you are experiencing including classical adrenal fatigue. You’ll have to assess various factors like thyroid function, fasting glucose, autonomic nervous system function, etc. to figure out the problem.

  2. This is great article!

    Thanks Dr Childs.

    It would be very helpful if you can write post about getting off thyroid medications. Especially, when body goes through liver detoxification/restoring gut bacteria and lowering Rt3 levels.

    thanks a ton.

  3. Hi,
    My rt3 was high so I went on t3 only it was horrible, did that for over two months now my free t3 is high.Why is this happening, I don’t seem to tolerate Thyroid meds well, I was on NDT before that snd felt horrible. I feel better off of them now but I know I need something. Originally put on levothyroxine as my first med and felt good but after a month I wanted to go natural so I switched to NDT. I’ve only been on Thyroid meds for a year. Why don’t I seem.ti tolerate, I’m.just now addressing my Adrenals after a cortisol test. Should I try levothyroxine again or tirosint and add t3 only in later or what is your opinion on thyrovanz?
    Btw my rt3 went down to 0.5 but my free t3 shot up on the t3 only and I could barely take 2.5 mcg a day at the end. Thank you so much

    • Hi Jennifer,

      It’s important to attempt to find the root cause of your problem before jumping into therapies. If your reverse T3 is high due to inflammation then taking excess T3 will only make your problem worse, it would instead be better to address inflammatory levels and naturally improve thyroid function that way. The first step is to undergo a comprehensive history and lab testing to find these root cause problems and then begin therapy as necessary from there.

  4. Dr. Childs,

    What brand of fish oil would you suggest as best if krill oil does not agree with a person? As it is type of shellfish and have experienced gout symptoms when last tried it-whereas actual fish oil itself worked fine. I know Dr. Mercola brands are great. My chiropractor uses Standard Process formulations . Nice to see you have some products you are now offering! You are amazing with thyroid knowledge . wish we could clone you here in New York state!

  5. I am currently on 60 mg Armout daily have been for almost 4 years usually feel ok even great in summer. Less so in late fall and winter and want to try Natur or westhroid one day if it will help me get to my more ideal weight or lose some weight. I realize that hormonal imbalances are also at play but don’t know to assess and balance them exactly. I have had success with using Maca and Kudzu and concentrated green tea along with a vast array of thyroid support supplements which along with the NDT do wonders compared to how dragging i had been for years prior but it is all out of pocket and hard to keep up each month. Wish I could get them all blended for daily use- all the supplements that I know do work for me. Oddly i switched a brand of iron and accidently took an iron supplement last month that had the herb Dong Quai hidden in it and it wreaked havoc on me! two days after I went off it I was alot better! That Angelica.Dong Quai can be wicked- I had insomnia and all sorts of side effects, but i do seem to need iron plus c but just by itself. and selenium zinc copper too etc It has been alot of trial and error to see what helps.

  6. Thank you. I started using ashwaghanda and rhodila ? (Spell check) and a B complex with a multivitamin. I also recently found that I have osteoarthritis in my shoulder that surprised me. Since taking these supplements, I have felt more energetic and relatively normal. The only question I have is, how much am I saposed to take? I find myself getting dizzy from time to time. Hypothyroid for about 3 yrs now. Levothyroxine. I’m only 43! Why do I feel so old?

    • Hi Joanna,

      Dosage depends on the type and strength of the supplement you are taking. I can only comment on the supplements I recommend because I am familiar with them.

  7. What would cause T3 to raise out of nowhere but yet TSH staying the same? I’m taking Thyrocare which is supposed to help support T4 to T3 conversion. Since taking it, reverse T3 jumped from 18 to 21. Ferritin was on the lower side but not terrible. I’ve been working on getting that level up. I’m not sure if the reverse T3 increase is related to the lower ferritin or something else. I started experiencing hair loss in the past few months. I can’t tell if that is from the thyroid or from the low ferritin or both. I blamed it on the low ferritin for a while but now I’m not sure. Could the Thyrocare be making it worse?

  8. So with the probiotic you say to take every day for 7 days, then every 3rd day for 8 days. What then? Do you continue to take every 3 days? Do you start over and take it every day for 7 days again? I was confused by those instructions.

    • Hi Liz,

      In high doses T3 can cause cardiac issues, the degree of damage and whether or not it is reversible depends on the dosage and length of time it has been used.

  9. I had overactive thyroid was given radium iodine to make it underactive , been ok for the last five years once the level got sorted,but now for some reason I have put over a stone on in weight which I DONT LIKE AT ALL BECAUSE I USE TO BE OVERACTIVE I am not used to being fat, I DONT EAT ANY MORE IN FACT MY HUSBAND SAYS the amount I eat would not keep a rat alive ha ha, The doctor keeps cutting the thyroine down, as the results keep coming back thyroid is to high , very confused to me it does not make sence, Thankyou look forward to see what you can advice me with. Kind regards sn sanderson [mrs]

  10. Hi,
    I’ve got my thyroid removed totally six years ago because oft graves disease. Looking for a normal life since then, but still not found. I am in 125+25 t4 , second one at bedtime. Plus 5×5 t3 Every 5 hours. Lactose and glutine free for 2 years now. Still, my head feels heavy at noon and gets better only at evening time. Corstisol has been tested many times with varying results, mostly slightly too low.
    Do you know the exact relationship between TSH and ACTH? Is it possible that suppressed TSH Leads to suppressed ACTH for some reason and theresor to low cortsisol? These poor adrenals Seem to be a Problem oft those who take t3?
    Thanks in advance, Anja

    • Hi Anja,

      I don’t really see a problem in cortisol levels or ACTH in patients that I have on T3. It may be that you (and others) may be missing some portion of treatment.

  11. Can you please advise whether the Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex could be taken together with levothyroxine (Euthyrox)150 mg daily dose.

    Many thanks in advance.

    • Hi Violet,

      Yes, they can be taken together but should not be taken at the same time. It shouldn’t interfere with absorption but it’s better to be on the safe side.

  12. I have a Total T3 of 79 (bottom of range) but my Free T4 is 1.2 (mid-range). My TSH was 1.21. These are from 12/07/17. I am on 60 mg of Armour Thyroid. Because my TSH is normal, my doctor didn’t increase my Armour. I have a constant headache that doesn’t go away, I am cold and constipated, and i am sleepy despite getting 9 hours a night. I always end up needing a nap in the middle of the day. Is there any way I can help ease my symptoms while i wait to have new labs done? I have been diagnosed as hypothyroid. My last Glucose on 7/5/17 was 98.

  13. I’m trying your adrenal reset, the krill oil, and the probiotics but I also take methadone. Do you know if this medication affects the thyroid? Also, do you believe adrenal Fatigue is a myth? Thank you.

    • Hi Sandy,

      Yes, it does appear that long-term use of methadone may impact thyroid function: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3141082

      I believe that there is a condition which results in cellular resistance to cortisol which may cause some of the symptoms associated with adrenal fatigue, but I’m not convinced that this condition results in absolute changes to cortisol in each person.

  14. I’m suffering horribly with lipomas too many to count. I have Hoshimotos and Fibromyalgia. I’ve seen 3 Endo’s and my levels are off and than normal. They are missing something. They’re not digging deep enough it’s like they’re too lazy to bother. Being in Disability doesn’t allow me the fund’s for organic food’s or even groceries for the month let alone supplements that I need. I have so many pins on Natural Herb’s/Cures, but again Health Food Stores aren’t cheap. I’ve sat in on online pod casts with Dr’s Axe and Shook even Brownstein. They can treat me, but my 2 insurances won’t cover the costs. Their classes were so informative and they broke it all down for you. I’m lost. I can’t even begin to tell you the level of pain I’m in. I have a fatty liver, which I’m going to try and flush with organic raw ACV, raw organic honey, water and cinnamon sticks. It’s to help melt the belly fat also. I’ve done so much research my head is spinning. I enjoyed this information very much, but shouldn’t one be under the care of a doctor taking these supplements? Without an adiquit income I’m afraid there’s no hope for me. I live in Indiana and there is only 8 Endocrinologist’s within a good 100 mile radius. Thanks for sharing your information.

  15. I am on 100 Levo and 30 T3 per day, but I still can’t eat a normal amount of food without putting on weight. Yet my lab. results – say I am over-replacing T3, and my doctor is trying to get me to reduce this, which I am reluctant to do. Last time I reduced it to 20, for a couple of months, I got terrible indigestion, and put on weight. I am also taking Ashwagandha and vitamin supplements every day. My problems started when I got Rheumatoid arthritis, in 1995. My thyroid was attacked, and I had a terrible lump in my throat till I got put on Levo. As I struggled to control my weight, I was put on T3. The RA is controlled, but I have bad knees, and exercise regularly. Could the minor inflammation this causes be increasing my reverse T3? My SBG is high, but they refuse to test Reverse T3 where I live.


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