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Tirosint-Sol: a new thyroid medication

Tirosint-Sol: A Brand New Thyroid Medication (Should you give it a try?)

Tirosint-Sol is a new thyroid medication which was recently released in the United States to treat hypothyroidism.  And it is now the ‘cleanest’ thyroid medication on the market today! There are a great many benefits to this medication (1) that I want to explore with you in this article.  I fear that the benefits of this new medication may …

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6 problems with natural desiccated thyroid hormone

6 Problems with Natural Desiccated Thyroid Hormone

Are you currently taking thyroid medication but not quite feeling like yourself? Perhaps you’ve heard about the thyroid medication NDT (natural desiccated thyroid) and you’re wondering if this medication can solve your problems.  Before you jump into using this medication let’s take an honest and in-depth look at the pros and cons.  This article will walk you through …

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does taking thyroid medication cause high blood pressure

Does Taking Thyroid Medication Cause High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)?

Thyroid hormone absolutely does impact both your blood pressure and heart rate.  But what are you supposed to do if you feel good on your thyroid medication but you still have high blood pressure? How can you manage high blood pressure on medications like Cytomel, liothyronine or Armour thyroid (which are actually amazing for thyroid patients)? If you …

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can thyroid problems cause eyebrow hair loss

Can Thyroid Problems Cause Eyebrow Hair Loss?

Does thyroid disease lead to eyebrow hair loss? The answer is definitely yes.  If you have thyroid problems (such as hypothyroidism) then chances are high that you might also be suffering from eyebrow hair loss.  One big issue with eyebrow hair loss is that this symptom can persist even though you are taking thyroid medication! With that in mind, …

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