Thyroid and Coronavirus Infection Risk: What you Need to Know

Thyroid and Coronavirus Infection Risk: What you Need to Know

Are Thyroid Patients at Higher Risk of Infection? 

There’s no doubt that by now you’ve been inundated with information regarding the coronavirus or COVID-19. 

Today we aren’t going to focus on the things you’ve heard 1000x by now but instead, we are going to talk about the virus and its effects on thyroid patients specifically. 

Does having thyroid disease impact your ability to either fight off this infection (with a favorable outcome)? 

And the answer is a definite yes to this question. 

Having thyroid problems absolutely does impact your ability to fight off this infection and is something that you as a thyroid patient should be aware of. 

And, by the way, this statement applies to people who have hypothyroidism, low thyroid function, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, those who are post thyroidectomy, and those who are post RAI

All of these conditions impact your thyroid function which will, therefore, impact your immune system which will impact your ability to fight off infections. 

But the connection between these two systems is not as straightforward as you might think. 


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Your Immune System with Thyroid Problems

As I mentioned, there is a strong connection between your immune system and your thyroid. 

In fact, this connection has been known for at least 20 years. 

But what’s interesting is that this connection is BIDIRECTIONAL. 

What does that mean?

It means that thyroid problems affect your immune system but it also means that immune problems affect your thyroid system. 

And the primary connection between these two systems it the hormone TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). 

You probably know TSH because it’s one of the markers that conventional doctors use to evaluate your thyroid function

But what you may not be aware of is the fact that TSH also plays a stimulatory function with your immune system (1). 

In addition, we also have information that shows that your immune system can actually PRODUCE TSH! 

This is one way, and perhaps the most important, that your thyroid and immune function are intertwined. 

Impaired Immune Function Increases your Risk of Infection

Why does it matter that your immune system and thyroid function are linked?

Because if you have a problem in one system that will ultimately affect the other. 

And when it comes to the novel coronavirus, we happen to care a lot about your immune status!

Impaired immune function will not only increase your risk of becoming infected when exposed to the virus it will also increase your risk of a negative outcome if you get it. 

This isn’t anything necessarily to be alarmed about or to freak out about, but it is something that you should be aware of. 

So with this in mind, I am going to discuss several steps that you can take to not only improve your thyroid function but also improve your immune system in the process. 

These steps will help naturally enhance your immunity, reduce your risk of becoming infected, and provide you with some tips to help reduce your viral load if you do become infected. 

Let’s jump in…

How to Think About Treating and Preventing Viral Infection

One of the biggest issues in dealing with the novel coronavirus is understanding how to think about it. 

Most people are sufficiently freaked out that their response is to attempt to completely avoid the virus by hunkering down and staying away from every living creature or thing. 

This is manifested as what we call social distancing. 

But, for the purposes of this article, we are going to avoid talking about social distancing because the chances are very high that ultimately you will end up being exposed to the virus. 

Social distancing, at least as it currently stands, is something that cannot last indefinitely and is unlikely to last until we have a vaccine. 

This means you will have to prepare to be exposed to the virus and take every step in your power to improve the outcome if/when this does occur. 

So the way that we are going to think about this is twofold:

#1. How can I ensure that if I am exposed to the virus I am in the most healthy state possible?

And #2. How can I reduce the impact that the virus has on my health to ensure that I can weather the storm (when it comes)?

Optimize your Immune system BEFORE you get infected (Immunity boosting therapies)

This first step is pretty self-explanatory. 

Our goal here is to optimize the immune system so that if you do come into contact with the virus you are reducing the severity of the infection. 

Having an immune system that is functioning at optimal capacity will help your body reduce the viral load which in part determines the severity of your illness (2). 

If your immune system is functioning well then this will help kill off the virus and reduce the chance of things like a cytokine storm or damage to your intestinal lining as a casualty of inflammation. 

One of the theorized mechanisms by which this virus causes so much damage is through an immune-mediated response which causes damage to the lungs and results in something called acute respiratory distress syndrome. 

How do you optimize your immune system BEFORE you get infected as a thyroid patient?

This is what I would do: 

#1. Optimize your Thyroid Levels. 

Your first focus should be on your thyroid hormone levels. 

This includes the TSH, free T3, and free T4

Your goal here should be to optimize your free T3 and free T4 such that they are not LOW and preferably in at least the mid-range. 

You should also optimize them such that you are no longer feeling the symptoms of hypothyroidism. 

When it comes to immune function, you should aim to not suppress your TSH down to unreadable levels

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The TSH does play a stimulatory role in your immune system so you want there to be some TSH left. 

Do your best to optimize your thyroid while NOT suppressing your TSH. 

This may include the use of thyroid medications but it can also be done with natural thyroid remedies, depending on the severity of your thyroid disease. 

#2. Make sure you are not zinc deficient. 

The next thing you want to do is make sure that you are not zinc deficient. 

Zinc serum tests are not capable of assessing this so you don’t need to worry about getting a test. 

The best way to assess for zinc deficiency is with a trial of zinc supplementation. 

And because zinc also helps improve thyroid function through thyroid conversion, it’s probably a good idea to go through a bottle of zinc supplements to make sure you are “topped” off. 

There’s very little downside to this method as long as you use a low dose. 

For those who aren’t aware, zinc plays an important role in regulating immune function and it is something that many thyroid patients are deficient in. 

#3. Optimize Vitamin D levels. 

Vitamin D, much like zinc, also helps to regulate immune function and vitamin D deficiency has been implicated in autoimmune disease. 

So, naturally, you would also want to ensure that your vitamin D levels are in the optimal range. 

For most people, this will include taking vitamin D3 supplements but I would also encourage you to get outside and get some sunlight (where appropriate). 

Natural sunlight provides the body with a natural source of vitamin D and is far better than using supplements. 

If you are unable to get outside due to various circumstances then make sure that you are supplementing with Vitamin D3, at least for the next 3-6 months! 

Use 1,000 to 5,000 IU daily with a supplement such as this

#4. Reduce Inflammation. 

The next thing you should do is ensure that you do not have any extra sources of inflammation in your body. 

Normally, you would want to find the cause of the inflammation in your body but given that we don’t have a huge amount of time you may get the most bang for your buck by taking anti-inflammatory supplements as well as consuming anti-inflammatory foods. 

This should help to cool down inflammation and improve immune function, at least temporarily, in the short term. 

Inflammation is something you want to avoid in general but it’s especially important if you are trying to fight off an infection. 

#5. Manage thyroid antibodies

Lastly, you will want to pay attention to your thyroid antibodies. 

The presence of thyroid antibodies indicates that you already have a problem with your immune system, otherwise they wouldn’t be there!

If you have thyroid antibodies then your immune system is certainly impaired which does put you at increased risk. 

I have a list of several therapies, including natural options that you can use at home, which can help reduce thyroid antibodies. 

Take a look at this list and be aggressive in the therapies that you choose to use! 

Reducing Viral Load if/when you are Infected

You’ve probably heard a lot already about how to improve your immune function but now we also need to talk about things you should do if you do become infected with the coronavirus. 

Again, the chances are quite high that you will ultimately come into contact with this virus at some point which is why you need to have some therapies in your back pocket that you can use to reduce your viral load. 

The severity of your illness will largely be determined by how much viral load is in your body. 

The higher your viral load (the more viral replications that occur inside of you) the higher your risk of complications secondary to the viral illness. 

So your strategies and therapies to TREAT the virus should focus on reducing that viral load. 

The good news is that there are several ways that you can do this and some are not as intuitive as you might think. 

And, by the way, these strategies ALSO work if you have any viral illness so I would remember them and consider using them the next time you get sick. 

These strategies are all designed to help keep you out of the hospital and away from a ventilator because the chance that you will ever get off a ventilator if you get on one is about 10-50% (depending on which study you are looking at). 

#1. Mechanical disruption of your mucus membranes. 

The coronavirus can live in your nasal passageways where it can both replicate and then be ejected during a sneeze to try and infect others. 

If you have the infection one of your main goals should be to eliminate these particles if at all possible!

Luckily, you can do just that with mechanical disruption of your nasal passageways or mucus membranes. 

This may sound complicated but it’s actually very easy. 

One way to do this is with the use of neti pots

Neti pots are not only considered safe by major health associations but they are also considered to be very effective (3) (provided they are cleaned and used properly). 

Neti pots work well because they eject extra viral particles as you flush out your sinuses which reduces viral replication and viral load. 

If you are infected make sure to utilize this technique 2-3 times per day! 

#2. The use of mucolytics. 

Another important way to reduce viral load in your respiratory tract is with the use of substances called mucolytics. 

Mucolytics help to make your mucus more watery-like which allows your body to eliminate the mucus which often contains high amounts of viroids. 

The more mucus you expel the lower your viral count will be in your body. 

So mucolytics are a great way to reduce that viral load and actually reduce your ultimate risk. 

Mucolytics come in two varieties:

Over-the-counter medications and over-the-counter supplements. 

Use whichever jives best with your own personal preferences. 

If you want to go the route of over-the-counter medications then you can use guaifenesin

1,200mg taken every 12 hours should do the trick. 

Guaifenesin is very well tolerated and is relatively benign as far as medications go. 

You can buy it at any major grocery store and at places such as Costco. 

If you want to go the route of over-the-counter supplements then you will want to look into the following:

These are supplements that have multiple effects, one of which is to help your body expel mucus. 

NAC is probably the strongest and most well-researched but bromelain and quercetin are also very effective. 

If you do decide to use these supplements make sure you find a quality brand. 

#3. Reducing viral load in your mouth. 

The coronavirus (and other respiratory viruses) take up residence in your respiratory tract. 

Your mouth, nose, and lungs are all included in the respiratory tract and are all places where the virus can take up residence. 

One way to kill any viroid particles in your mouth is with the use of Listerine (4) (provided it contains alcohol). 

Alcohol denatures the viroid particles and swishing with Listerine at least once a day can reduce the viral load directly in your mouth. 

You want to reduce the viral load in your nasal passageways as well as your lungs (which are other topics we will talk about as well). 

#4. Heat. 

Heat has been shown to do two very important things:

#1. Ambient heat from the outside causes viroid particles to fall to the ground which reduces their spread through the air. 

And #2. Heat reduces viral replication which can reduce viral load (5). 

This is probably why our own bodies react with a fever to try and prevent viral replication (from the heat). 

This is also probably why disease severity is decreased in climates that are warmer. 

If possible, get outside in warm weather to expose your body to heat and to improve your vitamin D levels. 

#5. UVB exposure. 

Ultraviolet rays have been shown to kill viroid particles and this is another reason to get outside. 

How can you get exposure to UVB rays?


By going out in the sun. 

This is yet another reason why I recommend sunlight exposure. 

It will help you improve your body heat, improve your vitamin D levels, expose yourself to UVB rays, and it reduces the spread of viral particles from the heat directly. 

#6. Aerosolized Colloidal Silver

Another therapy that you may want to consider is the use of aerosolized colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is a natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral agent. 

It’s considered to have an excellent safety profile and it’s available over the counter. 

The only downside to colloidal silver is that it must be exposed to the virus/infection in order to be effective. 

That’s where aerosolization comes into play. 

You can aerosolize the colloidal silver particles with the use of ultrasonic cavitation and then inhale these particles. 

They will then travel down your lungs and can help kill the virus on contact once they are there. 

You can aerosolize these particles with the use of a diffuser which uses ultrasonic cavitation technology (not all diffuses use this though, so make sure yours does!). 

This is something that I do when my kids get regular colds and it works well. 

Final Thoughts

As a thyroid patient, you should be acutely away of the risk that you face if you remain undertreated or mistreated (as most thyroid patients are currently). 

This doesn’t mean that you need to be scared or frightened but it does mean that you should have an understanding of this potential risk. 

This article outlines several therapies that you can use (at home) to help you bolster your immune system and also help reduce your viral load (which reduces your risk of side effects from the coronavirus) should you get infected. 

Given that we probably will not see a vaccine for some time, and that we will not be able to stay locked up forever, there’s a high chance that you will be exposed to this virus at some point. 

Now I want to hear from you:

Were you aware of the connection between your thyroid and your immune system?

Are you using any of the strategies listed above to help improve your immune system BEFORE you get sick?

Do you feel like your immune system is weakened from your thyroid condition?

Leave your comments or questions below! 






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  1. Thanks for this Dr Westin. I had wondered whether I was at a higher risk. I also wondered whether taking LDN might also reduce my chances of my immune system being compromised. I’ve taken LDN for years in conjunction with my thyroid meds for an auto immune condition and rarely get sick.

  2. First of all I have to thank you that you are doing great things for these days. You are mailing the information personally for us. You are like my personal doctor, at least I am feeling like this. Again thank you…

  3. I take effers thyroid. When I was taking 75 all at once in morning I was getting chest pain over my heart. I have gone down to 60 divided in two dose sublingual. I think maybe to low how can I talk to my dr to change it up again. I have been very ill and there’s no testing for covid where I live. Really strange virus like you feel better and then it knocks you on your ass. I just would like to beat this at home. I’ve been taking a lot of supplements and a mushroom immune one. I can’t find the zinc I’m used to. Thanks

  4. Thank you for posting this great article. I have Hashimoto’s and am very concerned about being exposed to the Coronavirus. I was aware of the link between thyroid and my immune system, but I’ve u fortunately learned the hard way.

    • Hi Star,

      That should read that ambient heat from the outside reduces the spread of viroid particles because they are less mobile in the air. They drop to the ground instead of flying around everywhere.

  5. Hello Doc,

    I had read something about the thyroid, tcells and the immune system so I asked my doctor if my thyroid condition would make me a higher risk if I get the corona virus and he said no. He never answers my questions about my blood work. He just says it’s okay. I am on 30mg of thyroid which I have taken for years. I am over weight and have high blood pressure. I was glad to find out from your article that at least I can try to do something to protect myself. I am still working at an essential worker in a homeless facility.

    • Hi Traci,

      It’s possible to not increase your risk if your thyroid is treated correctly but the chances are low that this is the case. But your doctor may be operating under this assumption which explains his/her answer, but I would guess that he/she is probably just misinformed.

    • Just FYI, there was 1 fatality reported case due to COVID-19 in my country last week (9th Apr). She had underlaying thyroid problem (not sure hypo/hyper) & was just 23 yo.


  6. My Endo cancelled my appointment due to his not seeing patients during this time. I have Grave Disease for 30 years and am on Synthroid. I had RAI twice 30 years ago. I am 54 in good health, work out and am not over weight or have any other underlying health issues. – that I or my doctors are aware of….my levels have been going down lately and I am in a period of a lower dosage of Synthroid. Do I need to be concerned?

  7. Thank you for sharing this info!! I would like to hear from those with Hashimoto’s who’ve recovered from the virus— especially those who may have higher serum ferritin levels, which concerns me about the possibility of cytokine storms.

  8. Hello Dr Childs,
    I have Graves Disease for 30 yrs and am thyroidectomized totally. I am on t4 plus t3 therapy. 3 yrs ago, i had an influenza with high fever for days. I had to double the t3 for the fever days, otherwise could not get up to drink or so. Was frightening. Was glad to have t3. I am concerned about the virus and thank you for your infos!

  9. I have celiac and Sjögren’s syndrome, and sub clinical low thyroid. I am on 40mg cytomel which has improved my tests results. Am I at a higher risk for viruses? I don’t suffer with any joint pain only dry mouth and dry eyes and heat sensitive. Thanks

  10. Hi Dr. Childs,
    I was wondering if there was an alternative for the Guaifenesin, as I am allergic to this med. I had a severe reaction to it about 18yrs ago including extream lethagy bright red rash over most of my body and then pealing of most all of my skin even between my fingers followed by swelling of my ankels which my Dr. gave me a round of steroids. It took me about 3 weeks to recover from 1 pill. So if you have an alternative I would be greatful!

  11. I did not know there was a connection between hypothyroid and the immune system. Thank you I will be more careful during this pandemic and go back to using the netipot.

  12. Since I’ve asked my doctor to add Cytomel to my levothyroxin, my TSH has been suppressed, which I thought was normal because of the amount of t3 I need to be optimal. But now you’re saying having suppressed tsh is not such a good thing….so how do I get my tsh to climb back up without decreasing the Cytomel that has put me in the optimal part of the range where I should be ???

  13. Hello from Australia
    firstly thank you for this article and all that you do. My question is about TSH said it’s important to have good levels of TSH, but I take only T3 (to combat high reverse T3 and improve the ratio) and this has lead to decrease TSH levels (which I know is ok…usually)??

  14. Although I had never read or been told about the immune thyroid connection it does not surprise me. I was from a family that being sick was not acceptable, you must do your part. I have spent a lot of time “hiding” at work to avoid ppl knowing I am sick and totally fatigue. The worst was the years as a single parent with young children who get everything and then you get it only 5x worse. I have been lucky in the fact that school was fairly easy for me and I was able to work in a good profession. But I did learn how to hide like a chameleon , so no one knew when I was having a hard time. I have always read and research supplements , OTC and import products. Self experimentation has taken me down many roads . Wish there was a easy answer but I have not found one. Diet, armour, progesterone, b vitamins top my list. For illness I have to fight not to sleep consistently. Water, water, water helps more than anything. Most cold/flu OTC meds disagree with me but I have used the guaifenesin without side effects. I know a lot of ppl will say I am crazy but I purchase antibiotics from china and antibiotics for pets because I get sick easily and it quickly goes into something more, I keep them in my bin of meds for when I need them. My experience is I usually cannot get an medical appt, if I do get an appt it cost so much and they just do not want to treat. So for an afternoon I get to pay $150-$200 to hear come back next week if you still feel bad. It always leaves me so frustrated that I pray for the ability to have a good cry. Which is hard to even get my body/mind to allow that release. A good thing about this COVID-19 virus is that SO VERY MUCH info like what you have written has been given to the public, at least our society is finally accepting that we can help ourselves. Empowering us to learn.

  15. I had RAI Tx over 20 yrs ago. My meds have been stable for several years. I suspect I haven’t battled a flu for over 4 yrs. Similarly. I may have caught a cold occasionally that lasted a couple days as my body always seemed to “keep it at the surface” with a few sniffles and sneezes at worst. My research has lead me to practice many of the preventative mesures in this article. I will save a copy because I have needed to procure certain remedies such as the silver stuff. It’s very validating to read this. I count my blessings… D.

  16. Thank you for this wonderful information.

    I have hypothyroidism but not Hashimotos. My T3 and T4 are in normal range but my TSH is extremely low at .008. Can you please discuss the “natural thyroid remedies” you mentioned?

  17. Hi I have adrenal issues that I’m on 27mg split dose a day of hydrocortisone along with a compounded high T4 lower T3 capsule in the morning. I’m also on various hormone creams and 4.5mg LDN daily. I have hypochlorous acid which is supposed to be more effective than silver at killing the virus but I’m not sure how to take it in. Should it be used in a nebulizer?
    Also does 1 drop of lugols iodine a day help? I understand it can be helpful.
    I also take high doses of Vit C, D3-k2, zinc, lysine, olive leaf extract, R-Alpha LipoicAcid, Berberine, NAC, DGL Licorice and Quercitin.
    Have you seen any studies where lysine knocks down this virus?
    I have had RA since childhood likely misdiagnosed Lyme so I’m immune compromised and trying everything I can do build myself up.
    Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.

  18. Hello, so I had a total thyroidectomy in August 2019 due to thyroid cancer, does this make me high risk? I have not had optimal levels since and have had 3 different doses of Synthroid since my surgery.

    • Hi Kari,

      It has more to do with your thyroid status as opposed to your thyroid gland status. It’s possible for you to not have a thyroid and be fine, provided your thyroid hormone replacement medication is optimized.

  19. I really appreciate this information. I have had very low white blood cell count for years. I wonder if my hypothyroidism is the cause. After numerous bone marrow biopsies and other tests my hemotalogist stilldoesn’t know the cause.

  20. I have had Papillary Thyroid cancer with lymph node involvement so obviously I have had a Thyroidectomy and all the lymph nodes removed from the right side of my neck. I have been making a smoothie daily and I was wondering if kale which apparently is a goitregen. Do Goitregens matter if you have no Thyroid? I put Kale, spinach, carrots, wild blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, bananas, melons, peaches, wheat grass, tumeric, cinnamon, fresh ginger, coconut water and yogurt into my smoothie. I also take vitamin D3, 3000mg vitamin C, zinc w copper, magnesium, apple cider vinegar gummies to strengthen my immune
    System. My TSH is suppressed as a part of my ongoing treatment to ensure no thyroid cell growth. Am I doing this right?

  21. Dr. Childs,
    Is there a connection between intermittent asthma (allergies are triggering it) and hypothyroidism? Both of them are mild for me, the dr. said my hypothyroidism was borderline (TSH was 5 but t4 was 0.9) and I only get asthma attacks once or twice per year, usually in the Spring or Summer. What are my risks of dying from this virus? Will they add up? I’m 38 years old, everything else is normal for me.
    Are there any studies you could recommend? I’m a teacher so I’m at home and my husband is on non paid voluntary leave to avoid risks, but as you said we’ll have to go back to work eventually and this is frightening. Our 15 years old son used to have intermittent asthma as a child, is he still at risk? He hadn’t had an asthma attack in at least 3-4 years without using it taking any medicine. He is totally healthy otherwise.
    Thank you for any answer you can provide!

  22. Thank you Dr. Child. I am doing all your recommendations except taking guaienesin. I suspect people get into trouble when their immune system breaks down the walls of the virus causing an allergic reaction, “redman syndrome.” I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

    • Hi Mary,

      Redman syndrome is typically caused by taking antibiotics. Are you referring to some other condition? Guaifenesin just helps thin out your mucus and helps the body excrete viroid particles which is not the same as killing them, so it will not cause of the problems you’re concerned about.

  23. My husband has lupus & has taken
    Hydroxychloroquine for many years. Apparently this is being tested for a Rx for Covid-19. Does this mean he may have an immunity to the virus?

  24. I was initially presumed Hashitoxicosis in 2011, with a total thyroidectomy for presumed Graves’ disease in March 2017. Am currently on 175 levo only.

    Frustrated with UK doctors for their lack of understanding around anything to do with the thyroid, (one even said they’d never heard of RT3 leaving me to give a brief overview). So for that, I am extremely grateful for your website!

    My RT3 is 36ng/dL (UK range 10-24).
    My ratio is 8 (UK range 15.01-75).

    Despite my pleas for more careful management around this issue, I remain symptomatic and gaining weight, but left unsupported as my TSH is normal. I wasn’t even advised to take supplements following my op and found out recently my Vitamin D levels were completely off the scale too, giving rise to a whole host of other problems! However with advice from your website I am now taking a range of supplements and do feel slightly better, but still fat!!!

    UK advice surrounding Covid-19 also states there is no evidence to suggest those with thyroid disorders are more at risk, which I find astounding given the thyroid controls most bodily functions, so surely those with thyroid disorders already have a struggle?!

    For instance, I am currently battling hayfever symptoms, which have worsened since my thyroid op. I have had no sense of smell or taste now for 3wks due to excessive sneezing and blowing. Some say the lack of senses can be a symptom of Covid-19 but I have no other symptoms and am hopeful, as I was the same last year, that it is just one of the many downfalls of having no thyroid and the symptoms of anything else being greatly exaggerated, but again, there is no helpful advice or explanation from my GP.

    Keep up the good work, I find your info and explanations invaluable. I wish you were my GP!!!

  25. How many drops of colliodol silver do you diffuse? I have been diffusing oils for years but have never heard about adding silver. Thanks!

  26. I amd 62 and have Graves. Although I realize your article is directed to hypothyroidism, I continue to read these articles as often hyperthyroidism often evolves into hypothyroidism. I was diagnosed with Graves in May of 2019 and chose to keep my thyroid and therefore was placed on methimazole. By November my levels maintained in the normal range and my doctor took me off the medication. I am fortunate to have a wonderful doctor who has worked closely with me through this and invites self education and individual health care responsibility. With diligence, I have been able to stay in remission for about 5 months now. I strongly feel that this has been accomplished by a change in diet (I follow a mostly Mediterranean diet of fish, chicken, fruits and vegetables), supplements, exercise and relaxation/meditation (to reduce stress). These changes have helped build a stronger immune system and hopefully keep the hyperthyroidism at bay and reduce the emergence of hypothyroidism. Hopefully this will help keep me strong and healthy through this and future virus seasons.

  27. Even though my recent TSH test was suppressed to .01, I am unable to lose weight. Your comment on suppressed TSH with possible bone loss vs weight gain resonated with me. I am currently on 1.5 grains of NP Thyroid. I was asked to take only 1 grain 2x per week. Then retest in 6 weeks. I also have a low resting heart rate 40-42. My current doctor does not test Free t3 or Free t4. Am I always going to be overweight or resign to eating below 1,000 calories a day?

  28. I have Graves Desease and had a total thyroidectomy 1994. Since then I always had a very low TSH, no mater what meds I used. For years I took Armour Thyroid, but since 4 years I take 80 mcg T3 per day, and feel very well. Of course now I have no T4 and still a very low TSH. Besides I have a Histamineintolerance since my childhood, and whithin the years, Asthma has developed. It seems, I don’t have good cards. Since 4 weeks, I am only at home and in the garden. It is very difficult for me, not to be scared.

  29. I know that zinc and vitamin C are both highly recommended supplements, especially at this time. My zinc is a little low, but my copper serum tests have been low, even with copper supplementation, for about 2 years. I have Hashimoto’s. I try not to over do the zinc and C, but am doing quite a heavy dose of C these days. I know the copper to zinc ratio is about 15:1 (zinc to copper). Knowing that I have been trying to get my copper up for awhile, what would you say are good amounts to supplement with zinc, copper and C? Since zinc will inhibit copper, why are so many supplements putting this 2 together?

  30. Dr. Childs,
    Is there a temperature indoors that would help reduce viroid particles. If so, I would like to increase the temperature along with my other disinfecting habits.

  31. Hi from Australia.

    I had thyroid papillary cancer last year and half of my thyroid removed with the rest removed early this year (now a full thyroidectomy)

    The doctors are keeping my TSH suppressed. I did not know about the TSH link to immune system. What should you do regarding the TSH if it’s being suppressed due to previous thyroid cancer?

    Thank you

  32. I have had hypothyroidism most of my life. My bloodwork shows I’ve been stable on my two thyroid medications (I do Cytomel and NatureThroid). It also shows I don’t have elevated Reverse T3 or antibodies. I honestly feel my good health became optimal eating a whole food, plant-based (yes, vegan) diet since 2015. I think eating a diversity of plants helps our gut microbiome. I’ve read 70-80% of our immune function is tied to our guts. Eating a diversity of plants also reduces inflammation. I find most supplements to be a reductionist approach. Also, the World Health Organization has debunked the Neti pot thing. I still do it, however.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes, and the American Medical Association has “debunked” the NDT and T3 thyroid medication thing 🙂 But I think we both know what would happen if you went off your NDT + T3 even with a whole food, plant based diet. Both medications and supplements are a reductionist approach but it doesn’t mean that they don’t work.

  33. I’d love more info on the diffuser option. I take ionic silver drops in water- can I use those in a diffuser? How much silver do we use? Do you inhale it directly, and how long for?
    Thanks for this article, it’s the most useful thing I’ve read on COVID-19.

  34. I have been on thyroid medication for years and they have not been able to stabilize it. I feel horrible everyday,body aches, dizzy,fatigue. I’m 92 pounds, can’t gain weight i can only eat like a bird everything makes me feel gassy, bloated or nauseous. I don’t know what to do anymore I’ve been to specialists everywhere and no one helps. Any advice would help thanks.

  35. Hi Dr. Childs, I realize this is an old post & may be a controversial question, but could you possibly make a blog post and/or share your thoughts on the covid vaccines? My whole family has various forms of thyroid disease and got the Pfizer one, but seems some of us thyroid patients are still on the fence about getting it…even my nurse practitioner didn’t recommend it, so not sure what to do. Curious to hear your professional thoughts on it. Thanks!

  36. Dr. Childs, many thanks for this…
    Yet at that date – April 2020 – a vaccine was not available. We are in 2021 amd several are available now. Question: will the vaccine impact negatively on a patient with Hashimoto? Thank you


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