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signs and symptoms of inflammation in Hashimoto's

6 Signs & Symptoms of Inflammation in Hashimoto’s

Inflammation Damages your Thyroid You should really think about Hashimoto’s disease as a disease of inflammation.  I know that it’s an autoimmune disease but what is an autoimmune disease if not a problem with your immune system? And because the immune system controls and regulates the inflammatory system, these systems are really one and the …

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causes of high reverse t3

High Reverse T3: 6 Causes & How to Avoid them

If you are new to the world of thyroid problems then something like reverse T3 may be a bit of a conundrum for you.  I know it may seem confusing but we can break it down into very simple terms which will help you understand why this metabolite is so important to your thyroid health …

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Postpartum Thyroiditis Guide Recovery, Natural Treatment & More

Postpartum Thyroiditis Guide: Recovery, Natural Treatment & More

Up to 7.5% of all pregnant women may experience a thyroid condition known as postpartum thyroiditis.  Even more staggering is the fact that up to 25% of these women, who go through postpartum thyroiditis, will develop PERMANENT hypothyroidism as a result (1). This makes diagnosing and identifying this condition incredibly important.  This guide will teach …

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