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The benefits of guggul extract

The Benefits of Guggul Extract on Thyroid Function, Weight Loss & More

Guggul extract is well known for its positive benefits and ability to treat various diseases in eastern medicine.  Having said that, it doesn’t get the attention that it deserves over in western medicine.  Guggul has been proven to provide powerful effects through clinical studies to promote weight loss, balance thyroid function, and much more.  Does …

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The Benefits of Sensoril on thyroid and adrenal function

The Benefits of Sensoril on Thyroid, Adrenals & Weight

Sensoril is a special formulation of a supplement known as Ashwagandha.  This supplement has been shown in scientific studies to help regulate thyroid function, improve and balance serum cortisol levels and even help with weight loss.  In order to get these benefits, you must be properly absorbing ashwagandha and getting a high enough concentration in …

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5 Studied and proven benefits of Relora

5 Studied & Proven Benefits of Relora + Who Should use It

Are you suffering from stress, insomnia, anxiety, or intense food cravings? If so then Relora may be an answer to your problems.  Relora is a set of 2 distinct herbal remedies that have proven efficacy in treating multiple conditions.  These effects extend beyond targeting stress and may help with weight loss as well.  Learn the …

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