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seronegative hashimoto's explained

Hashimoto’s With Negative Antibodies (Seronegative Hashimoto’s)

Yes, You Can Have Hashimoto’s Without Antibodies Hashimoto’s is the number 1 cause of hypothyroidism in the US and developed countries.  And while that statistic is interesting, there’s something much more interesting about Hashimoto’s… The fact that many people who have Hashimoto’s have no idea that they do.  And it’s not because Hashimoto’s is a …

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hashimoto's vs graves' disease: the main differences

Hashimoto’s vs Graves’ Disease: Differences & Similarities

Let me start off by saying that both Graves’ disease and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis are completely different disease states.  Despite there being a big difference between these two disease states there is a surprising amount of overlap between them as well.  This is why many patients probably get confused.  Perhaps the most simple way to think …

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iodine and Hashimotos? Is it safe to take this nutrient

Iodine & Hashimoto’s: Why It’s Not as Harmful As You Think

Will iodine flare up your Hashimoto’s and cause more damage to your thyroid gland or will it resolve your symptoms completely? Well… it depends on who you ask.  If you ask me, iodine is an amazing nutrient that is incredibly beneficial to thyroid patients including those WITH Hashimoto’s.  If you ask someone who has reacted …

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the 6 main causes of hashimoto's fatigue

How to Beat Hashimoto’s Fatigue & Get Your Energy Back

Low Energy, Fatigue, and Hashimoto’s: Do they Have to go Together?  As someone with Hashimoto’s, I probably don’t need to remind you how you feel from day to day.  It’s not uncommon for women (and men) with this condition to suffer from what some refer to as debilitating fatigue.  This is the type of fatigue …

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4 things doctors get wrong about Hashimoto's thyroiditis

4 Things Doctors Get Wrong About Hashimoto’s: Why You Don’t Feel Well

4 Things your Doctor will say about Hashimoto’s which are absolutely False Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the #1 cause of low thyroid in the United States.  And despite the fact that overwhelming numbers of patients suffer from Hashimoto’s, doctors are still mostly clueless when it comes to this condition.  Why are doctors so wrong when it …

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10 foods every patient with Hashimoto's thyroiditis should avoid

10 Foods to Avoid in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

One of the best things, and worst things, about Hashimoto’s, is that your diet has a powerful impact on how you are feeling.  But, as you will find, this is a double-edged sword.  Good in the sense that you HAVE control over how you are feeling (to some degree) but bad in the sense that …

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how to use testosterone to treat hashimoto's thyroiditis

Testosterone: My Secret Remedy for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

A Secret Therapy that you can use to treat Hashimoto’s Naturally As someone with Hashimoto’s, I probably don’t need to tell you that there aren’t many official medications or therapies available to treat your condition.  That’s why this topic is so exciting.  Testosterone is a sort of secret therapy that can be used to treat …

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how to treat hashimoto's thyroiditis without thyroid medication

Treating Hashimoto’s Without Medication: Here’s How

Treating Hashimoto’s without Thyroid Medication Every single day patients with Hashimoto’s reach out to me asking about natural therapies.  These questions all have one thing in common: They want to know if there is some alternative to thyroid medication or if it’s possible to completely avoid using it.  My answer is always something like this: …

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signs and symptoms of inflammation in Hashimoto's

6 Signs & Symptoms of Inflammation in Hashimoto’s

Inflammation Damages your Thyroid You should really think about Hashimoto’s disease as a disease of inflammation.  I know that it’s an autoimmune disease but what is an autoimmune disease if not a problem with your immune system? And because the immune system controls and regulates the inflammatory system, these systems are really one and the …

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