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Testosterone Weight Loss Case Study 20 Pounds Lost with Testosterone + T3

Testosterone Weight Loss Case Study: 20 Pounds Lost with Testosterone + T3

Testosterone replacement therapy can help men (with low testosterone) build muscle mass, lose weight, and feel better overall.  Does that mean that every man should use testosterone?  Not really.  But it does mean that because of the potential benefits, it’s worth looking into if you are suffering from any of the symptoms that may be …

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thyroid symptoms in men

Thyroid Symptoms in Men: The Low T Low Thyroid Connection

Much of the conversation on this blog is dedicated to women and what happens when they have hypothyroidism or low thyroid function.  But what about men? Do men react the same way? Do they have the same symptoms? Is treatment the same? It turns out that the answer to each of these questions is ​”No”.  …

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