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Is google suppressing alternative thyroid information?

The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
The Dr. Westin Childs Podcast
Is google suppressing alternative thyroid information?

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Over the last year or so there have been several big changes to how Google serves information to users in their search results.

Two major changes between August 2018 (medic update) and June 3rd (broad core update) caused a massive drop in visibility of natural health oriented health websites.

It seems that these changes were made in the name of “safety” and “quality” but the end result has been a drop in visibility for these websites.

I’ve outlined much more information in the blog post listed below but in the video, I go over 4 major search results and how they have changed:

#1. The search term “reverse T3”
– The conventional mindset is that reverse T3 isn’t useful and that it shouldn’t be ordered. When you search for this term you get results back which suggest that it’s not helpful and only show one side of the story.

#2. The search term “how to cure hypothyroidism permanently”
– This result brings back information which is full of “conventional” medicine sources which do not do justice to the natural therapies available to thyroid patients.

#3. The search term “thyroid supplements”
– This query brings back results which suggest that taking thyroid supplements is actually harmful when most people who search for this term are actually interested in learning more about how they help.

#4. The search term “adrenal fatigue”
– Lastly, adrenal fatigue is not recognized by the conventional medical community and all of the results suggest that adrenal fatigue is a myth.

The results from these queries all bring back information which is critical of the more natural approach and more in favor of the conventional approach.

I am concerned that this sort of suppression of natural health websites may slow down innovation and encourage the existing dogma as it relates to thyroid management.

You can read the entire blog post here:

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