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The Connection Between Hypothyroidism and Depression (+Treatment)

Does thyroid disease cause depression?

Should taking thyroid medication, if you have thyroid disease, eliminate your depression?

What should you do if you are taking thyroid medication but still experiencing depressive symptoms?

In this post, we will discuss the connection between hypothyroidism and depression including how to approach treatment, which thyroid medications are best and other causes of depression which can cause confusion for patients and Doctors

Let's jump in: 

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What are Normal Estrogen Levels? Testing, Symptoms & More

What is considered a "normal estrogen level"? 

Did you know that weight gain can alter your estrogen levels? 

Or that having low progesterone may mimic the symptoms of high estrogen? 

Estrogen is an important hormone which fluctuates based on the day of the month and the age of the patient. 

Learn more about what constitutes normal estrogen levels in this guide including how to determine if your levels are normal and what to do about it

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How & When to Use Progesterone Pills (Prometrium): Pros & Cons & More

Are you suffering from the symptoms of progesterone deficiency?

Have you recently been prescribed progesterone pills?

Are you wondering if you should use progesterone cream or progesterone pills?

Learn everything you need to know about progesterone pills in this guide, including how and when to use progesterone, the differences between progesterone cream and progesterone pills, side effects associated with progesterone use and more

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Is Having A Suppressed TSH Dangerous? Learn the Pros & Cons

Is having a suppressed TSH dangerous to your body?

Will it cause bone loss or damage to your heart?

Can the negative side effects be mitigated or avoided with other interventions?

In this post, we will discuss the pros and cons of having a suppressed TSH including what potential negative side effects it can cause, how to avoid them and how you should dose your thyroid hormone.

Let's jump in: 

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Are Goitrogens Dangerous? How to Protect your Thyroid Gland

Do goitrogens really cause thyroid problems?

Do you really have to avoid healthy foods like broccoli if you have a thyroid problem?

All of these questions and more will be answered in this post. 

We will go over what a goitrogen is, why you probably don't have to worry about eating healthy foods which contain goitrogenic compounds, why you should worry more about environmental goitrogens and more in this guide

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A Beginner’s Guide to Thyroid Nodules: Causes, Treatment, Symptoms

Have you been recently diagnosed with a thyroid nodule?

Do you have a thyroid nodule and you are wondering what it means or how to treat it?

Are you looking for treatment options, including natural and conventional, for your thyroid nodule?

All of these and more will be discussed in this beginner's guide to thyroid nodules designed specifically for patients. 

Learn the basics of thyroid nodules including symptoms that may be associated with your nodule, how to diagnose and manage your nodule and more in this guide

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Warnings Signs & Symptoms of an Overactive Thyroid (+Treatments)

Are you experiencing weight loss, fatigue, irritability or hair loss?

These are all symptoms that you may have an overactive thyroid. 

Identifying an overactive thyroid is important because early detection can prevent long-term damage. 

Learn more about the signs and symptoms of an overactive thyroid, what causes this condition, how to treat it and more in this guide... 

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Thyroxine Hormone Guide: Function, Testing, Deficiency & More

Thyroxine is a major player in thyroid hormone balance in your body. 

But, why if this hormone is so important, do most physicians ignore this test (or simply fail to order it)?

Why do physicians focus solely on the TSH instead of free thyroid hormones?

Learn more about Thyroxine including how to test for deficiency, the importance of this hormone as it relates to thyroid conversion, how to supplement with medications if your levels are low and the side effects associated with its use:

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T3 and T4 Hormone Guide: What they Mean, Optimal Levels & More

T3 and T4 play a critical role in maintaining thyroid function. 

Perhaps more important is that they are often ignored by conventional physicians despite being easily available through routine blood testing. 

Learn the importance of T3 and T4 including how to interpret your lab values, how these hormones function in your body, and how to optimize treatment if you aren't feeling well on thyroid medication

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