Third-Party Test Results For Dr. Westin Childs Supplements

Third-Party Test Results

We are changing how we report and display our third-party test results.

You can now find the third-party lab test results for the most recent lot of each of our products on this page.

This page will be continually updated with the newest lot.

You can locate the lot number of your supplement at the bottom of your bottle.

Thyroid Adrenal Reset Complex Lot #2308191

Thyro Biotic Lot #2308184

Thyro ADK Lot #0823008

Thyroid Glandular+ Lot #2308190

Essential T2 Lot #1023004

T3 Conversion Booster Lot #1023001

Leptin Resistance Rx Lot #1023002

GlucoSlow Fiber Lot #1023002

Thyroid Collagen Complex Lot #1123004

Berberine 500+ Lot #231020

Thyroid Daily Essentials Lot #1223002

Thyro Fuel+ Lot #1223001

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